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Let's Agree to Disagree

Elon Musk's Comments On Mechanical Ventilation Betrayed A Stunning Amount of Ignorance - Part 1

Mechanical Ventilation Was Not The Proximate Cause of Death In Early Covid - Part 3

Elon Musk's Comments On The Initial Use Of Mechanical Ventilation In the Covid Pandemic - Pt. 2

"Shedding" Part 7- Descriptions of Shedding Causing Illness After Sexual Intercourse

"Shedding" Part 9 - More and More Clinical Case Descriptions of Shedding Pour In

Don't Look a Grift Horse in the Mouth

"Shedding" Part 8 - A Deluge Of Clinical Shedding Anecdotes Pour In

"Shedding" Part 6 - Clinical Case Notes Describing Shedding Phenomena At The Leading Edge Clinic

"Shedding" Part 5 - Evidence of Shedding Causing Illness In Others

"Shedding" Part 7- Descriptions of Shedding Causing Illness After Sexual Intercourse

Shedding Part 4 - Evidence of Placental and Breast Milk Transmission of Covid mRNA Vaccine Components

Shedding Part 3 - Can You Absorb Lipid Nanoparticles From Being Exposed To a Vaccinated Person?

Shedding Part 2- The Bio-Distribution and Excretion of Covid mRNA Vaccine Components and Products

“Shedding” of Covid mRNA Vaccine Components and Products From The Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated - Part 1


Why Are We Flooded With Outrage Producing News Stories?

George Floyd's Death - Response to Comments

George Floyd Did Not Die Of a Fentanyl Overdose

Published Another Op-Ed Trying To Call Attention To The Exploding Rates Of Death Amongst Young, Working-Age Americans

Reports From The Front Lines Of The Vaccine Catastrophe - Part 5

Reports From The Front Lines Of The Vaccine Catastrophe - Part 4

Reports From the Front Lines of the Vaccine Catastrophe - Post 3

Reports From the Front Lines of the Vaccine Catastrophe - Part 3

Last minute opportunity!!! If you can come please do! 26 amazing speakers with 2 days of workshops

The Symptom Burden of Post-Covid Vaccine Injury Syndrome

The Suffering Of Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Syndrome Patients Within Our Current Medical System

Initial Consultation Note Of A Patient With Severe Covid Vaccine Injury Syndrome

The Catalog Of Vaccine Injuries Amongst U.S Congress Members and Politicians

I Published An Op-Ed Inspired By The Song "Rich Men North of Richmond"

The FDA Can Say (and Do) Anything It Wants

What Really Happened In Maui

The American Board of Internal Medicine's Longstanding War On Doctors Is Escalating

A survey of my religious community asked if our attitudes or views about govt had changed because of covid. This is what I wrote.

The May 2023 Society of Actuaries Report Reveals Disturbing Data On The Lethality Of the Covid Vaccines

I Published An Op-Ed in USA Today On The Excess Mortality In Young People Across The World

The ABIM Credentials and Certification Committee Decision To Revoke My Board Certification

Our Reply To the American Board Of Internal Medicine

Do The COVID Vaccines Affect Your Ability to Think?

What is the Cell Danger Response?

How To Create A Fake News Cycle

The COVID-19 Vaccines Could Never Prevent Transmission

I Published Another Op-Ed on "3 Commitments Biden's CDC Pick Must Make To Restore The Agency's Credibility"

Media Censorship Is Being Directed To Nearly Every Important Issue Facing Society - And Has Been For a Long, Long Time

What Wildfire Toxicity Can Teach Us About Covid-19 And Treating COPD

The Inside Scoop On My Favorite Writer on Substack

Another Op-Ed Attack At Fauci's Never-Ending Victory Tour

I Finally Published An Op-Ed "Across The Aisle."

RFK Jr. Will be Launching His Campaign Next Week With A Major Address in Boston

Hillingdon Hospital Nightmare #2

How the FDA Buried the Dangers of Antidepressants

I Was Asked For a Follow-Up Op-Ed From the Daily Caller. I Took The Gloves Off.

My Op-Ed On Three Of The Most Important Lessons From The U.S's Failed Pandemic Response

The Media Is Finally Beginning to Come Clean about COVID-19

The Hillington Hospital Nightmare of Dr. Paul Marik

More Thoughts On The Increase In Morphine and Midazolam Use in UK Care Homes in Early 2020.

A Contrarian Opinion Regarding The Massive Increase In The Use of Sedatives And Opiates In UK Nursing Homes In Early 2020

A Seussian Poem About The Plight Of A Vaccinated Man In Covid-"Morton Sues The Who"

The Premature Use Of Mechanical Ventilation In The First Wave Of The Covid Pandemic

The Case Against The FDA For Their Illegal Anti-Ivermectin Actions

We All Got Fooled Again

5 Covid Mistakes Biden's New Chief of Staff Must Admit

The Republican House Must Investigate the Government’s War on Doctors

Ivermectin Case To Be Heard By The Wisconsin Supreme Court Today