I I as prescribed Zoloft after I told my doctor I felt anxious due to stressful events in my life and it was affecting me physically. I just wanted to feel better and wasn’t aware of the dangers. I’d hardly ever taken a drug before that. After completing a 4 question survey I got the prescription. The only follow up was every six months or so I had to see the doctor to get a refill. Same questionnaire, which was really vague and anyone wanting drugs would know how to answer it. Zoloft stopped the anxiety but drained every bit of color from my life. After several years I stopped taking it, mostly because I felt such apathy I didn’t want to bother finding a doctor to re-prescribe it. (I’d moved to a different state in the meantime.).

That was the best thing I ever did for myself. It took more than a year but the brain fog gradually left. I had been taking a very low dose, but the effects were profound. I later read of adult snd teen suicides due to this drug. I never felt that way but I can see how this drug might send someone there.

The medical profession doesn’t do enough to screen people who have situational anxiety and find drug-free alternatives.

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It's disheartening to see how regulatory capture has influenced the FDA's approach to SSRIs & COVID-19 vaccines. We need transparency & accountability from those safeguarding our health. In the midst of this, alternative treatments like ivermectin have faced hurdles. Check ivermectin4sale.uk for more info & let's advocate for a balanced approach to medicine! 💊👩‍⚕️🙌

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I’m in CA (medical mafioso state). The principle of our high school reported me to Child Protective Services for refusing to allow my daughter to be put on an SSRI. She said she is mandated to report me for medical neglect.

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Well done! As long as the medicine man is ignorant and avoids testing for nutrient deficiencies, we will continue to go down the wrong road in medicine! Bush was instrumental in getting a $30 million research grant to discredit estrogen for treating osteoporosis. It was called the women’s health initiative which was designed to push Lilly’s chemo drug for osteoporosis. There is a book called confessions of an RX drug pusher by Gwen Olsen that. Tells the story of her niece who was on SSRI’s and kills her self. She was a pharmaceutical sales rep that was pushing those drugs, and she regrets it!

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It is not just SSRIs. Estrogens are horrid, cancer, breast cancer, jaw degeneration, and GERD to the point of puking, leading to pre-cancerous Barrett's Esophagus, the next thing you know you have a ruined GI tract and are taking Nexium at 40 Mg a day. Foreto is black-boxed for Bone Cancer. Women die in horrible pain due to them. FRK Jr just a few days ago had an article on it.

Then you have Statins, Crestor made itself #1 via TV ads, #2 is Lipitor, and #3 Whelchol all have horrid side effects.

Congress takes bribes to pass legislation in favor of changing parameters to put you in a new category. You see your doc and they are pleased with your weight, in six months when you go again you are now Obese, even though you haven't gained a half pound. That was done under the Obama administration.

Robert Yoho's Butchered by Healthcare, Government, and Big Pharma is a must-read book, Kindle is just $5.00. It may save your life.

How did we as a nation become so Fat I recommend you watch History's Channel Foods that Built America. The last episode was Frozen Food, which is NO more than Fast Food. Avoid the Snack and Frozen Isles as if they are the Black Plague.

Baby formula and food are over the Toxic limit in Heavy Metals which grows by the year. Ask yourself Why your Newborn needs Nexium?

I wrote on that last year, the comment section has more links as I find them. WHERE IS OUR BABY FORMULA, WHY DOES BABY FOOD HAVE HEAVY METALS, LIKE LEAD IN THEM, STILL ON THE STORE SHELVES.


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Thank you for all you do. It appears that as long as there are big bucks to be made by Big Harma, humanity will be harmed and sacrificed. Sadly, most people refuse to believe this corruption is anything but a "conspiracy theory" and therefore choose to be harmed. It's blind apathy.

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Thanks for sharing this. My wife has been using SSRI's for decades. Her reasons for starting them have long since been resolved, but I think her continued use has ruined her mentally and physically. I wish there was a published and proven path toward discontinuation. Does anyone know of such a thing?

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I have had experience with these psychotropic drugs. I took prozac for about 10 years after my divorce as I was depressed. Finally I decided there was no need to be on it and came off it.Then about 10 years ago my gynecologist put me back on one drug after another to try and stop severe hot flashes in conjunction with an over the counter natural pill from Europe. It would work for about 6 months and then we would have to change to a different anti depressant. Finally my primary doctor changed my medication not telling me that what she was putting me on was not an anti depressant and not telling me that I had to wean myself off that anti depressant. Well gees I wonder why? About 6 weeks later I was crashing and suicidal. I was forcefully admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 72 hours and the psychiatrists put me on Zoloft. This happened about 5 years ago a year or so after my husband Bart died. He said I was suffering from unresolved grief. Finally last year I talked with another doctor about coming off Zoloft as I didnt like how it was making me feel. I felt as though I was only half alive and had no emotions at all. I took my last dose on Aug 31st last year. I feel so much better now. I had not cried for years, but I do now. It is coming up on 7 years since Bart died and I am now able to grieve him. I will never take any of these drugs again. Big Pharma is evil to the core. The only thing they care about is money.

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Let me tell you a brief story of Canadian socialized medicine. We moved to the US from Canda just before the turn of the milennium. My wife had a lump in her breast. And her closest friend in Ottawa also had one around the same time.

Now, here is a tale of two cities/healthcare:

From the time they found my wife's lump, biopsied, assayed and gave a clean bill of health (thankfully!) it was about 28 hrs; our friend, in contrast *** they took THREE FREAKING MONTHS to get the clean bill of health back.

Now, imagine both were malignant. HOW in Heaven's name is waiting 3 months "compassionate??" And what if it were malignant, and spreading everywhere in that three months? And what about the added costs to the system for the three months of metastasis?

Truth is, as Bastiat wrote, socialist is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else. Has never worked, and never will

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In fact, United States' life expectancy has plummeted from Number 3 in 1960 https://crr.bc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/IB_17-22.pdf to Number 46 today https://www.worldometers.info/demographics/life-expectancy/. How much is big pharma involved with this? Well, Dr. Barbara Starfield, MD’s article on iatrogenic disease, US Healthcare Third Leading Cause of Death is a start point. https://ahrp.org/us-healthcare-third-leading-cause-of-death_barbara-starfield-md/ Fake news? Sorry, try another cliché -this was originally in JAMA. See also 05/05/2023: Medical error are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US at https://www.wgbh.org/news/2016/05/05/boston-public-radio-podcast/dr-don-berwick-medical-error-third-leading-cause-death-us and 05/03/2016: Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US at https://www.bmj.com/content/353/bmj.i2139.full. The highly regarded substacker El Gato Malo also discusses iatrogenic realities here.

Ironically, Starfield may herself have died from a medical error. https://nutritionfacts.org/2017/09/21/how-doctors-responded-to-being-named-a-leading-killer/ Has everyone forgotten Ignaz Semmelweis, who was drummed out the medical business in the 1800s for insisting his doctors wash their hands between procedures, and died in ignominy? (Perhaps they had him use Calumel for his health after he left. Calumel… aka mercury! In fact, Lewis and Clark had state of the art medicine with them on their trip west, taking “Rush’s Thunderbolts” – mercury laden laxatives. They know this because archeologists traced their route by looking at their latrines, laced with mercury. https://www.nps.gov/articles/000/historic-latrines-help-archeologists-retrace-the-lewis-and-clark-trail.htm

We do have wonderful docs, like Midwestern; also, if I get in a car accident, I definitely want a good ER doc. But after that, most of us now are using a combo all allopathic and other modalities. And if you use Canadian healthcare, like I did for half my adult life, well.... bonne chance. Truth is, is is subpar care, and it is NOT FREE. Ever hear of "taxes?" And check out the cost per hour to park! Brain surgery would be cheaper than 4 hours of parking. At Ottawa's Riverside Hospital, I used to park many blocks away, then walk. Then, to gouge patients, they put up no parking signs all over, even up to perhaps a mile away.

And might I add, if you are stuck with a lousy insurance plan, DEFINITELY look into Heath Sharing Plans. I actually got BETTER care for 1/3 of the price, literally. We used Liberty Health Share, but there are others like Medishare, Samaritans, etc. Most of the have zero drug usage, zero smoking, limited alchohol, and a lot require church attendance. They also don't pay the "rack rate" for services, e.g., that $75 for the nurse to give you an aspirin, they negotiate down. We literally were paying $1,000/month on COBRA when I left to consult, and that dropped to about $350 - for MUCH better service and care. Why people don't look into this is beyond me.

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From my 40 years experience, I would say I have seen a few people who had significant issues occurring quickly with an SSRI, but that’s why we FOLLOW OUR PATIENTS! It is inexcusable to prescribe ANYTHING and not monitor. The discontinuation syndrome is quite real, which is why fluoxetine is preferable. It basically does an auto taper due to the half life of the primary drug (~3 days) and 7-10+ for nor-fluoxetine which is also active. Citalopram has been the absolute worst.

Prior to SSRIs, tricyclics were used but have such high rates of sedation, constipation, & the like that compliance was not good. The drugs are also toxic in that 10x effective dose is roughly the LD50 => most docs tended to under dose them. I remember a study that showed suicide rates her HIGHER when the drugs were underdosed.

Precipitation of an agitated depression or hypo manic state can happen, I have seen patients literally have one dose & stay up talking all night. But again, I have always “caught” this & responded. Never had any problems BECAUSE I monitored patients.

These drugs have been WIDELY overused. People have issues in life, and they have been led to believe they need a pill. It’s the same frustration when dealing with parents of kids who just KNOW their kid needs an antibiotic.

It’s also tough when people refuse to consider lifestyle changes. 30 years ago I wrote a Wellness column for a hospital newsletter, but even there I could generate little interest in exercise, for example. Trying to get outpatients to workout, change to a healthier diet, utilize sleep hygiene, and the like is largely an exercise in frustration.

In the psych drug arena, far more aggressive marketing has been the “atypical antipsychotics” which have been MARKETED into “preferred first line” for people struggling with Bipolar Disorder. Type II diabetes is a very real side effect.

Finally I would add this: beware that there has been a lot of sensationalizing SSRIs by the “Church” of Scientology. They of course can cure any mind problem (and teach you to levitate if you progress far enough)! The reality of these issues is that they are multi factorial. Having watched someone very dear to me struggle with OCD, who had 90%+ symptom resolution on fluoxetine and no significant side effects (in 20+ years), I have a true respect for what these agents can do.

We cannot simply talk to patients for 5 minutes, write a prescription for 3 months, and have no follow-up. Any adolescent receiving psych meds needs parents or other caregivers ACTIVELY involved so that everybody is up to speed & communicating about what’s going on. And if you have ever seen someone with severe postpartum depression come back to life after a week or two of these agents, you appreciate having this tool.

Also - the PATIENT is ALWAYS an active part of treatment decisions. No mandatory jabs or SSRIs. I tell everybody that we are embarking on a research study N=1 subject! People are individuals, so we weigh the pros & cons, assess progress & complications, and the patient has the final decision on whether we continue or make a course correction.

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Incredible. I called Vanderbilt university hospital today, to speak with somebody in infectious disease, regarding a patient. The outgoing message, from the hospital, was all about 'getting your booster.' I’d rather see witch doctor.

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If you want to read a more in depth account of the deleterious effects of drugs like Prozac, Dr. Peter Breggin was onto Big Pharma and the the harms of psychiatric medications look no further then Dr. Breggin and Ginger Breggin’s book Talking Back to Prozac copyright 1994. ( it was not easy to find but well worth the effort. It is just another gross illustration of the cooperative evils btn. The FDA and Big Pharma. DR. Breggin is a psychiatrist that has been calling out the harms of psychiatric meds. How come history keeps repeating itself and no one especially our so called leaders does a darn thing about it. The fact multiply and divide and yet nothing changes. Big Pharma and the FDA continue to play out the same scenarios over and over again, different day, different year different medications but it always points back to greed and power, our health be damned. They want us sick and dependent on medications for our entire life. Dr. Breggin has been a warrior back then and now. Their other book, The Global Predators We are the pray is another illustration of the excellant research and connecting the dots that seem obvious yet most people are oblivious. Is it because as Dr. Toby Rogers says, “we are all brain injured due to vaccinations.” Clearly some more then others. I am very grateful to the courage, intellect and warrior like energy the Breggin’s have illustrated over the years will little support or progress against the behemoths Big Pharma and the FDA. Please pray for Dr. Breggin he is in his late 80’s and is fighting COVID. When his time comes we will have lost a great man for his efforts to live my example and honor his Hippocratic Oath.

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We are Human. We cannot be reduced to a series of biochemical reactions. Yet, this is the antidote to All Ills. The reason they have not worked is because we are so much more complicated. Beyond biochemistry. My Dad was a Biochemistry PhD, his best friend over a lifetime was an alchemical Theoretic Physics PhD, and poet. Blessed to be sitting in on the conversations of these two as a child. Dad's best friend challenged me to think beyond the Normal. I didn't realize it until now, it was a gift.

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This is a very IMPORTANT Article. God Bless all of you who published and are an essential part of this outstandingly truthful information, that is now FINALLY coming forward. All my love and support to each and every one of you ツ

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Chantex smoking deterrent drug.my cousin taking this drug, shot himself in the head and died

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