The biggest thing I hope everyone can take from this post is not to have it be about me, but rather be about the broader points I raised in the interview. To overcome the disaster we are in, we all need to grow together into the best people we can be...and for one reason or another the reason I was put here was to encourage that to happen.

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And this is the reason I appreciate and love to read your Substack. Not only do I learn about many fascinating topics, but I always find myself in a deeply contemplative place of awareness of the world around us.

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Another encouraging sign from the popularity of AMD's Substack is that almost all of his dispatches are in-depth and pretty lengthy ... But people still read them. This tells me the world is not yet full of people who can only read "McNugget"-sized articles.

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If I had to only write short posts I would probably just not bother. It is a real struggle for me to use Twitter.

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It's a reason I really like The Highwire with Del Bigtree. His format allows for deeper conversations not mindless sound bites. I usually watch the whole thing almost weekly. Thank you for all you do to spread truth and try to unite us again as a people. You are so right that we can't give in to a us against them mentality because we are destroying ourselves by doing that. Politics is being used by the elite and powerful as a weapon against us while they have no loyalty to either party, only to manipulate us.

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I would estimate there are about at least 30 Substack newsletters that are "moving the needle" on taboo Covid topics. That's what I know about; there must be a lot more than don't get enough attention (or haven't yet).

Per some recent back-of-the-envelope projections, I calculated that if only 1-in-200 adults in the world support their favorite Substack authors, these authors should be able to make enough revenue to keep doing what they are doing.

Recently, my big posting thrust has been to highlight and thank this "silent minority" that is making this platform possible. These are people who have "skin in the game" and understand this is an existential battle for the future of our world.

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One of the most impressive Covid documents I’ve read to date got me to thinking about the tsunami of unexposed Covid scandals. By my count, there are at least 10 … and they are all massive.


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Your compassionate, inquisitive, and conscientious spirit comes through in your writing and this thoughtful interview, AMD. You are following in the tradition of my favorite medical writer and one of my most treasured (and missed) human beings, Oliver Sacks (whom my husband and I call “The Cherub”).

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I'm happy to do that dissident interview whenever it works for you. Due to my work schedule, there may be a few days delay on my end, but excluding that, happy to any time.

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I appreciate that and am very much looking forward to it! Meredith Miller’s DD (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/dissident-dialogues-meredith-miller) has taken months because we’ve basically cowritten a book together 😆 I have another one I need to jump on once that’s finished but will be in touch as soon as I am able to start yours :-)

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So many books--and acts in his life--to like about Oliver Sacks!

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Indeed! My favorite is “A Leg to Stand On” as it is his most personal, and, I later learned from Lawrence Weschler’s “And How Are You, Dr. Sacks?”, his most challenging.

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The personal voice, as with AMD. O. S. always reminded me of Dickens, too.

Musicophilia ... was one that recently made me smile.

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I have read (or to be more accurate listened to) a lot of OS's books.

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I am a big fan too. Weschler's book was also a great read, it really added another dimension to Sacks and his writings.

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May 22, 2023·edited May 22, 2023

I appreciate your measured tone, and your efforts to educate people on the history of medicine. These past three years have been a series of red pills for me. I am by nature skeptical, but I never imagined it was as bad as it is.

In my view, we are at an inflection point, and I'm deeply disturbed by a shift in narrative regarding the mRNA "vaccine" platform that I've observed in the people who describe themselves as members of the opposition or the medical freedom movement (MFM).

Yes, the pharmaceutical companies are out of control; but, in the case of the C19 injections, they were sub-contractors for the US DoD. Brooke Jackson's qui tam case was dismissed on these grounds. Pfizer was just fulfilling the terms of its contract with the DoD. The clinical trials that we've all read about were not required and were, for all intents and purposes, kabuki theater.

Through a series of changes in law over decades, the Congress ceded its power and authority to unelected bureaucrats in the Executive Branch. Our government very soon might cede our national sovereignty to the WHO, and most Americans are oblivious.

We cannot solve problems we refuse to face.

They just keep going...

Despite the failure.

Despite the deaths.

Despite the VAERS data.

Despite the turbo cancers and heart attacks and strokes.

Despite Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Despite the myocarditis in newborns.

They just keep going...

The NIH (!?!) is starting human trials of a universal flu "vaccine".


An mRNA "vaccine" for HIV?


We cannot change the past.

We must pay attention to the present.

We must anticipate the future.

Yes, the C19 "vaccines" are dangerous. They hurt many people. They killed people. And we have no idea what the long-term health consequences will be for those who took the jabs.

My 68-year-old uncle was diagnosed with glioblastoma.

My 71-year-old uncle has prostrate cancer.

My 81-year-old aunt has rapid onset dementia.

Three siblings with terminal diagnoses in one year.

My sister-in-law's childhood friend died of leiomyosarcoma a few days ago.

She started bleeding after the second jab.

They thought it was fibroids.

It wasn't fibroids.

There's much focus on the dangers of the spike protein in the opposition, but it is not the only problem with the jabs.

What about lipid nanoparticles?

What about PEG?

What about pseudouridinated mRNA?

What about traveling throughout the body and accumulating in the organs?

What about crossing the blood-brain barrier?

What about crossing the placenta?

And, as far as I can tell, these problems have not been solved.

But they just keep going...

Co-opting our cells to make viral proteins in an uncontrolled manner for an unknown period of time is insane. Does the toxicity of the spike protein produced make the C19 "vaccines" more dangerous? Yes. But the spike protein is only one of many mechanisms of harm.

I've heard two prominent members of the MFM speak out against the mRNA "vaccine" technology directly. One of them published a very curious interpretation of a paper by Tess Lawrie on his Substack a while back. I read the paper, It didn't say what this person said it said. In fact, it said the opposite. I just looked through the article list and could not find it. Perhaps I missed it. Perhaps he took it down. There was a lot of pushback in the comments.

Very few people in the MFM are willing to reject mRNA "vaccine" technology unconditionally.


It is dangerous and unnecessary.

Has Rick Bright gotten his "entity of excitement" after all?

Silence in the face of legitimate questions causes mistrust.



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Great comment. I used the term bifurcation point, but inflection point is much better terminology and I'll use it going forward!

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Both work for me, but a bifurcation point is something I would normally associate with chaos theory, whereas a point of inflection is something I'd lump in with plots of polynomials & suchlike.

Given the way the world has behaved over the past 3 years, I'd say things have been more like a chaotic rather than a smooth function.

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I have to disagree. This is not chaos. IMO, a choice has been made (note my use of the passive voice). I'm not within the club, so I cannot say whether it's a bifurcation or an inflection point. AMD is within the club, it appears. He would know. I'm more inclined to call it a bifurcation because it feels like a rupture not a nuanced change of tone about a controversial subject.

There were some in the so-called medical freedom movement (MFM) who spoke out clearly and directly about the dangers of the mRNA vaxx technology, independent of the known dangers of the spike protein. I listed them in my first comment.

These MFM "thought leaders" are curiously silent now, which I find troubling.

The NIH is starting human trials at Duke of their brand new mRNA-flavored universal flu "vaccine" (something Rick Bright and Fauci were alluding to in those C-Span clips at the Milken Institute in...drum roll, please...2019).

There are literally crickets about this on the CHD website.

The monster keeps rolling.

And the "thought leaders" are silent.

The mRNA "vaccine" technology is dangerous and unnecessary.

The monster wants to covert the entire childhood schedule to mRNA.


And why are the MFM "thought leaders" silent?

I have theory.

I think they're all afraid of one particular person.

There's a quote attributed to German Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak.

Not to act is to act.”

It fits the moment.

Of course, if you don't believe in God, then I guess you're good.

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Who are the MFM ‘Thought leaders’ to whom you refer? Who is the ‘one particular person’?

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I've heard Peter McCullough and Ryan Cole both say categorically(in different interviews) that turning our cells into bioreactors to create viral proteins is a bad idea. McCullough (to whom I was referring above) posted an article a few weeks ago that, imo, misrepresented the paper by Tess Lawrie (Jessica Rose was also involved in that paper). I couldn't find the article on his substack when I was writing my initial comment. Either McCullough removed the article or I missed it. I like Dr. McCullough. I think he's a good man, so it surprised me.

The mRNA "vaccine" technology platform is dangerous and unnecessary. It has many potential mechanisms of harm beyond of the toxic spike protein.

I suspect one person is shutting down criticism of the tech platform. If you've been paying attention, you know who I'm talking about.

Books...substack articles...reports from the latest confab in the wine country...personal narratives that no one asked for...vote for Bobby...we love freedom films...

But not one clear statement against the mRNA "vaccine" technology, even though the NIH is starting human trials of the brand new extra special mRNA-flavored universal flu "vaccine".

They are cowards.

And Rick Bright got his entity of excitement after all.

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Those who have murder in mind know no bounds.

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I think the mystery is terrific. Allows some latitude. On growing together, that is what I am finding so uplifting about Kennedy running for president, like he might be one of the few people in the country to get us all rowing in the same direction, to restore science, medicine and all things government to something sane and like the best of older eras. And then from there begin to restore diplomacy and our reputation in the world. The death of clown world can't come too soon.

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I feel very much the same way. I also think he is the only person alive who has the ability to rebuild our institutions correctly, and it is really important for the political system to recognize the existential necessity of this happening.

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Kennedy-Gabbard 2024!


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Agreed. It is now or never it seems. And I say this as a former federal employee within HHS with some insights to share. HHS was broken when I left in 2009. The timing is right for radical trimming and restructuring, including the hiring practices and review committees for grants and contracts. There is too much cronyism and coziness within select echo chambers including inside the review committees that decide who gets awards "competitively." Competitive reviews can also be interfered with by executive branch in many shocking ways.

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I sympathise with your PoV, but I have lost faith in every British (I'm English), American & global institution for which I ever had any respect.

When things are this badly broken it is far better to scrap them completely & start again. Rebuilding corrupted organisations staffed by people of questionable integrity is only going to deliver the same thing, at best only superficially different. I have huge respect for RFK, but can he really do that?

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My read is that there will be a great deal of trimming, breaking apart, and eliminating of bureaucracy, including some entire departments, divisions and so forth. What is left can be rebuilt. What has legislative roadblocks to removal can be repurposed and recommissioned to more appropriate activities. Congress could be moved to cooperate to remove some existing functions depending on who is voted in and out. RKFJr has talked a lot about what he can eliminate or change with a stroke of a pen. Much of the overreach of the last decade can be rolled back quickly within executive branch. All those contracts for domestically aimed propaganda can be terminated. What is clear is RFKJr is not afraid to do it. That is the biggest impediment to change.

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I do hope you're right - there's no doubt that he is a brave man. Perhaps it'll be third time lucky for the Kennedys and so the rest of us.

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Can anybody really do that? While you speak of scrapping and starting over which I like in theory, I don't know that that is any more possible than trying to fix the existing agencies. The powers against us are huge forces that aren't going to want either of those choices and is actively going for even more power, of the entire world, as we speak. They aren't backing down.

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For people with the right motives as leaders of the various agencies there is all manner of latitude that can be exercised. On this matter I know what I am talking about. I've seen a lot. One of Trump's failures was a serious lack of inside knowledge about how executive branch operated, how to intercept all the small ways it can do end runs around road blocks or how to leverage its many opportunities for leeway given the rules and guidelines.

As we learned from the scamdemic all manner of laws, regulations, oversight mechanisms and traditions were completely and brazenly steamrolled over without any consequence. RFKJr through all his in depth work suing federal agencies knows a lot about how they function or dysfunction. The right leader with the right appointees can accomplish a lot. They just can't be captured, compromised or out for their own careers. This last part the most important. Just as we have a potential great leader this is not the time to be nihilistic about the future.

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Agreed. It is an extreme move and I can't see it happening, although it does need to be done. I can dream that a PM with the drive, vision and awareness would ever summon a succession of ' Sir Humphreys', fire them, revoke all access and privileges before shutting down their departments. It won't happen, which means I fear a decay into civil war. Unlike history, it will be a global civil war with similar resistance groups fighting their respective governments. Ironically, the WHO power grab might unite those of us with similar views in the face of a common enemy. The one thing history tells us is that, whilst wars are easy to start, you never really know how they're going to end.

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Great interview.

"...the fundamental nature of the human mind has not changed all that much since the dawn of history"...


Unless people realize that we all inherently suffer exactly the same flaws and weaknesses of prior generations (especially including those cultures that committed the worst atrocities) the bad parts of history will likely repeat, or rhyme.

The solution:

>"grow together into the best people we can be"

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And you are doing a splendid job! Thank you for your efforts. I so enjoy your substack articles.

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Sir. Please put your substack link on your rumble videos. So important to let more folk see & be exposed to your profound & erudite wisdom.

The WildBiker comment on the revolution video is me!

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That is a good idea I did not think of.

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Thanks again for your insight AMD. I’ve subscribed to a few too many Substack that I regret. For the last year everything you’ve written that I’ve read free has resonated with me. I’ve really enjoyed the water series. I plan to subscribe soon.

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As mentioned previously, your original post about Zeta Potential has made a big difference in my health! I deeply appreciate all you are doing to help people, including me!

With lots of gratitude, thoughts, and prayers.

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Please let me know what its done for you!

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Comment deleted
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Ah got it. So happy it did that for you and helped you that much. Your case is the ideal one, but when the Zeta potential issues are worse we have to do more than just what you did.

That was actually a big part of why I made the last part of the series semi private. It's very important for me to protect the legacy of the company's founder.

Were you ever able to read the last part? Given what you've been through, I think you would really want to:


Also, would it be possible for you to delete your last comment?

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May 26, 2023·edited May 26, 2023

Thanks so much for your reply and kind words, as well as the link you shared!! I am looking forward to reading the post because up until now, I read only the first in the series due to battling post-COVID double-vision issues that have put a limit on how much I can read during a day or week. Thankfully, Dr Kory's recommendation of cranial osteopathy has helped tremendously and I am slowly getting back to reading more often. (More sessions are needed to increase improvement.)

(Previous comment has been deleted. Thank you!!)

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Yes you are all so humble.... Pfft.

Unfortunately people need to be lead and you are doing a good job. You remind me of the orca that is teaching other orcas to smash yachts.

Nature , the world's balance ,god or whatever it's called will sort this mess out through its messengers.

Something is off when orcas are pissed off with humans.....


Free will is an intentional lie to weaken our connections with the world and each other

You are fated to believe in the lie of free will. That's ok. Gollum had his part to play in the end.

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Do orcas do that? I would love to see a video of it.

I believe free will is possible, but a lot of things conspire to pull us away from it.

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I think they are finally so PO'ed with human hubris that they are giving us some of out own medicine. The frequencies of boats and other such marine stuff is so detrimental to them.

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This is actually a very deep issue. Many neuroscientists, including the no-free-will bunch, Sapolsky and Dennett, say we have "free won't," meaning we can choose not to do something, but otherwise our behavior is governed by complex forces. Many Jungians and of course the Greeks, think there is fate, like Oedipus being destined to kill his father and marry his mother. Iain McGilchrist thinks there is tendency, that there is a tendency for our lives to unfold in a particular way depending on our goals. Then there's the whole religious trajectory of mankind being given free will, which supposedly explains evil. All these explanations, however, depend on us being able to perceive the nature of the cosmos and reality itself, which we desperately want to, especially in our mapmaking survival driven brain left hemispheres, and in all humility, I think we can strive for this, and can't help ourselves from striving towards it, but, like the Navajo spirit thread, the loose thread left in the rug, we need to recognize our limitation and leave an opening in the pattern. Marcelo Gleiser of ICE at Dartmouth calls it an "island of knowledge" And it was the world that depended on the pity of Bilbo:

Frodo: 'It's a pity Bilbo didn't kill Gollum when he had the chance.'

Gandalf: 'Pity? It's a pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play in it, for good or evil, before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many.' Frodo: 'I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.'

Gandalf: 'So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides that of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, in which case you were also meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

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And the unsung masters and now quantum physics is beginning to expand is that intent and goals as well as residual presence and energies are part of manifesting the spirit, our awareness etc into the material. This knowledge has been curtailed or lost for millenium.

On a side note, I am aware now that most of my internal dialogue is not my own. I speak to myself with a corrupted language that was manifested or deliberately changed by nafarious human chess players. My familial lessons are socially conditioned and my world mostly lies to be filtered out.

I listen very carefully to what 'i' tell myself these days. It seems that new scientific revelations about heart and the gut intelligence have some merit. Once I have thoroughly healed these from the decades of body poisoning that we have been subjected to, I might get a clearer picture.

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Gollum toyed with the ring of invisibility for far too long. He blew it.

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We serve the same master.


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Up until this post by Doc Kory, I would cringe every time a writer or speaker would use the pronoun "them" or "their" for a single person. Argh! The woke virus has ruined our language!

But then in this post, these pronouns are being used to hide the gender of AMD. And I love it!

Now, as one of AMD's subscribers who also urged "them" to add a paid subscribing option, I will say that I'm 70/30 confident that AMD is a "she" rather than a "he".

Why? Whenever AMD publishes a new article, I leave it in my inbox until I have a full hour to drink it all in. Whenever I forward her articles to colleagues, I warn: "Best to read this over the weekend when you have time."

How does that push me to call AMD a "she"? After 60 years on this planet, I've noticed that the median "she" is more conscientious, thorough, and driven by morals than the median "he".

It's why when I travel internationally, I always choose the line with the "he", rather than the "she". "He" says "How was your trip?" "Fine, move along". "She", on the other hand, always wants to know a lot more. :)

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Thank you! It’s doctors like you that inspire doctors like me to continue to challenge the system! After a 10 month battle I am taking the New Zealand medical council to court for banning me prescribing ivermectin for vaccine injuries, to ask for the evidence of ‘serious harm’ that they still have not legally provided. My medical indemnity lawyers are FINALLY are on my side and believe if it works like I say then ethically we are obliged to fight, and force the council to admit in public what they’re doing. Without you there encouraging with your illustrated words, since the beginning I would not have the courage. Thank you. Let us pray for justice.

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Love AMD! Terrific articles, very informative.

Love you, too, Dr. Kory. You're a medical hero in my book.

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Great idea for a story - interview a smart and principled person who is making a difference! This story also lightly touches on an issue that is going to be hugely significant going forward - namely, how many committed and contrarian Substack writers are going to be able to sustain their newsletter "businesses."

AMD - as a doctor - probably has more disposable income and doesn't need to really make money from this venture. However, most contrarian Substack scribes are not in this fortunate group. This makes me think that the unsung heroes of Substack are the very small percentage of readers who ARE supporting these vital writers with a "paid" subscription.

To take on the "gatekeepers of the news," we need for Substack to continue to reach more readers and for the best of the Substack writers to get at least a minimal level of income sufficient to keep them doing what they are doing.

I recently published my first "fund-raiser" appeal and tried to make the point that Substack is perhaps the easiest solution to change some dangerous and dubious narratives. So those who can support these newsletters financially constitute a very-important "silent minority" in what's really a battle for the truth.


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A lot of people I know who spoke out against the vaccines lost a lot of their social support and primary income and got forced into things like Substack to make ends meet.

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Book banning is another way the authorized narratives become the authorized narratives and are protected.

For example, I doubt there was a memo sent out to independent book sellers telling them to not stock The Real Anthony Fauci (or any "contrarian" Covid books). There was no need for such a memo - the book sellers just "knew" they weren't supposed to carry books like this.

The same applies to book reviewers at all the newspapers and magazines who never wrote a review about a book that still managed to sell more than one million copies. The editors and book reviewers "got" this on their own.

That is, "The Current Thing" is a powerful thing. With our New Normal, no organized "conspiracies" are needed to produce conspiracy results.

Here's a piece on book banning of important books the book-buying public doesn't get the chance to buy ... at places that (allegedly) sell important books.


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Ditto. One of many heroes who unwaveringly followed their conscience and have stood bravely throughout. Feeling grateful.

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May 22, 2023·edited May 22, 2023

I challenge all my medical providers on BS. I have fired several to their faces. Loved reading your commentary. The FLCCC saved my life from long COVID. I am finished with half assed medical care! I have a litany of bad medical care that nearly cost me my life on several occasions.

If someone accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist, I know I have hit a nerve, am correct in my thinking and they can think whatever. I have watched as friends and family have been disabled or died from lack of early treatment for COVID-19 or hospital protocols. And clot shot injuries and deaths, do not get me started. Sad to say many who would not listen to me about getting the shots and the boosters are either dead or disabled.

It is refreshing and validating to think that we may one day return to “gum shoe medicine”. I am 78, a retired nurse and MSW psychotherapist. This week I am seeing an orthopedist whom I respect tremendously, very skilled and intelligent. Dr. Jernigan has been my doctor for 25 years. Last year he left the medical mill to open an independent practice. He is very busy, no lack of patients and I cannot wait for my consultation with him this week.

Keep up the good work, Dr. Kory. You are my hero! I hope it is in my lifetime that medical care will be back in the hands of good doctors like you. And, the numbskull doctors will be left in the dust.

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What treatment helped your long Covid? My friend who is disabled from MS has gotten worse recently from Covid but can’t afford doctors not on his insurance. Any comments about what helped greatly appreciated.

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I have been treated by the FLCCC. An ICU, pulmonologist has been my doctor for three years. He saved my life. The website is covid19care.com. Dr. Kory also mentioned his website for treatment in his commentary. I take Ivermectin twice a week, nattokinase keeps the spike protein from attaching to the cells in the body and the spike protein dies. NAC has helped me tremendously with neurological problems from the coronavirus. Go to the website and click on their protocols for long COVID. Everything is listed there and the doses. Fluvoxamine has helped me also. I am 78 so I take a small dose every day and it helps the anxiety and depression caused by the coronavirus.

The doctor I have virtual sessions with is Miguel Antonatos MD. He cannot Rx. Ivermectin, but I order mine online. If your friend lives near Tennessee Ivermectin is sold over the counter there without a Rx. My visits with Dr. Antonatos are reasonable. He does order occasional labs from Quest labs, but they are not exorbitant in cost and they do have a payment plan to pay out of pocket. I have insurance, but it does not cover all my labs. The FLCCC doctor that would treat your friend would use a specific treatment plan and labs specific to the treatment plan for your friend.

Please encourage him to contact the FLCCC for a virtual session consultation. I empathize with your friend and it does sound like he needs treatment. All things considered, perhaps he can figure out a way to get the help he needs. I was miserable and I have my life back after treatment.

I take 5,000 units of Vitamin D3 plus Vitamin K2 mk7 everyday and find it most helpful as I have celiac disease, an autoimmune disease. Healthy gut microbiome is very important too especially if you have an autoimmune disease. I get my probiotics from Thorne lab, a lab I trust, online.

I hope your friend will be able to get the treatment he needs for his COVID. I encourage him again to go to the websites and ask about treatment possibilities and cost. Help is out there. Main stream doctors will be costly and I found them, not to be knowledgeable or helpful at all in treating COVID. They just don ‘t get it! And worse yet, they do not believe in Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID-19.

That is what the FLCCC is all about. Good luck!

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I can also attest to the FLCCC protocol helping both myself and my partner with our SARS-CoV-2 infection. I am in my 40s and my partner is in his 50s and we took preventative supplements (as in australia you could not get an Rx for ivermectin). I have an autoimmune disease (from a vaccine at 13 yrs old) which became reignited (or is it long covid?!? no one can say) after the SARS-CoV-2 infection (we had delta variant apparently), after years of dormancy (due to strict diet and lifestyle practices on my part).

using the FLCCC protocol and nebulised H2O2 had us recovered in 10 days... friends who had 3 and more jabs caught omicron and went to hospital. we spent a week in bed.

thank you to Dr Kory and AMD for all their work and writings: i have become a huge fan over the last 3 years

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Extremely grateful for this information. We will definitely look into following up.

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May 23, 2023·edited May 23, 2023

Much gratitude! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Very interesting. He also has celiac!

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because we could not access ivermectin in australia I took the FLCCC advice and tried Nigella Sativa/black seed oil and it did help with my “long covid”. I was still suffering vertigo, tinnitus, brain-fog, muscle aches, headaches, nausea, night sweats and very disturbed sleep for months after. after a couple of weeks on the black seed oil (plus taking higher doses of NAC, D, liposomal C and quercetin) those symptoms resolved.

the next time i got covid (around 18 months later) i took all of these again, in high doses, and was fine in 3 days.

also www.mercola.com has useful info.

and if you can pick up some of Judy Milovits books (although they aren’t treatment orientated specifically and more about how our medical systems have become corrupted) - I did find her research on XMRV’s and auto-immune diseases (especially vaccine induced ones) very enlightening and she does provide tips and strategies that have helped many people suffering with these diseases.

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Thank you for the information on Judy Milovits books. I will read them. One can never be too informed. I am 78 and I am thankful to still have a clear mind. I suffered with long COVID cognitive issues before the FLCCC treatment, and worried for the worse. Medical care is in the toilet in the US albeit for the courageous doctors in the FLCCC who risked everything to save lives. Dr. Mercola’s information is useful too.

There are a few good doctors left, but we have to ferret out the bad ones. I have fired a half dozen doctors, to their faces, for incompetence. They pushed the clot shots to make money and kill and maim people. We have a very corrupt medical system in the US. Follow the money, “Pig” Pharma and the leftist, Marxist politicians. I nearly died from a flu shot in 2016. It was a reaction to PEG, it is in the clot shots and vaccines as a preservative. Now they are adding it medications. Researching PEG was an eye opener.

Communist propaganda in the US to get the clot shots was like nothing I have ever seen. And now “they “ are going after our children and infants to shoot them up. Genocide, they do not need the ovens of Nazi Germany, they have the COVID shots to lead people to their deaths. Vaccine injuries are far worse than the COVID infection. Excess deaths following the shots is unbelievable, people are using massive denial about this. It is like a mass psychosis. The vaxxed and boosted in particular have their heads in the sand.

To give you an example, prior to getting treatment through FLCCC. I was advised to go to Johns Hopkins Hospital (long esteemed treatment center) to their Long COVID clinic. First requirement, you have to get vaxxed and boosted. This would be a death sentence. No one who has had the coronavirus should ever be vaxxed and boosted. This is a proven medical fact.

Do you think you can get early treatment for COVID today in the US? NO, it is still being suppressed. I know doctors who Rx. Early treatment for COVID who are being prosecuted for trying to save lives, being fired from their jobs, losing their medical licenses. Like nothing I have ever witnessed in my 78 years!

Hoping that the symptoms you continue to suffer with will get better. I suffered with these symptoms too for two years, as well as erratic blood pressure and heart issues. I take Ivermectin twice a week to ward off infection from the variants and it is working. With treatment, I am almost back to normal. Low dose Naltrexone a Rx., nattokinase, for micro clotting issues and probiotics to get the gut biome normalized have also been beneficial for me. Good luck with your ongoing quest to regain your health.

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That comment about writing being an emotional catharsis describes my writing perfectly.

I make no bones about it, and nor am I ashamed of it.

I still greatly struggle to comprehend the depth and scale of the madness and manipulation that went on during the whole covid clown show. I needed some way to release that in order to cling on to the last gossamer threads of my sanity.

I never denied that covid could be very dangerous for the unlucky few. And the odds got much worse the older one got. But we just did a coordinated marble mislaying on a global scale.

Coupled with the scary censorship, the baffling vehemence against trying other remedies that really seemed to help, and the persecution of those who didn't share the 'official' perspective, it seemed at times like there were some really dark and powerful forces arrayed against humanity.

Reading the work of other writers who similarly expressed their frustrations on the page I didn't feel quite so crazy!

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Well, we have each other, now.

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Should have done this a couple years ago and that is to thank you for helping save lives. We utilized and shared your protocols with friends, families, neighbors -- whoever would listen. Lives were saved even those on the brink of deciding to be intubated -- but not on our watch.

Hospitals lied. People died. The medical field will never recover.

Thank you, Dr. Kory for being there!

Signed up for AMD! Very exciting!

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What fun it will be to read this exchange between two of *my* favorite doctor-writers!

Pierre, I know you are also friends with Sucharit Bhakdi and are likely aware of his upcoming trial on May 23. I launched an #IStandWithSucharit campaign and provided graphics people can use for this purpose. They can be downloaded at the end of this article, which also includes an uplifting message Sucharit sent me the day of its publication:

• “Profiles in Courage: Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/profiles-in-courage-prof-dr-sucharit)

People can also put burning candles in their window the evening of May 22 (details in the action items at the end, including signs people can print up) to express solidarity with Sucharit.

It would mean a great deal to Sucharit (and me :-) if you and your readers could help spread the word about these actions people can take to support Sucharit. Here is my initial tweet about it if anyone would like to RT:


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Thank you for sharing this information - an excellent summary and timeline in this profile in courage. I was not aware that Dr. Bhakdi had been charged and that the trial is May 23.

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Thank you for your kind words, E. Peter, as well as for your appreciation of dear Sucharit.

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Thank. You. What a collaborative effort to boost each other up! I commend each and everyone of you doctors that have maintained your critical thinking and ethics in the light of that horrible plight ‘they’ plunged upon us. May we be stronger and wiser as they say it’s coming again. (but I for one cannot afford paid subscriptions I hope some content will remain free so that we the people can forward it on and educate others).

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May 22, 2023·edited May 22, 2023

I agree. The articles have been so incredible. The message is needed now more than ever.

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Dr. Kory

I'm looking forward to reading your book. To be honest, I thought AMD was you, writing an additional, anonymous Substack. Well, AMD gave me a book recommendation here that will help my health, so whoever he or she is, I'm grateful.

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Thank you! Completely understand the confusion.

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I'm glad that neither of you use the paywall to deny freedom of speech on your respective substacks.

Thank you.

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I've tried really hard to keep negativity off mine so it hasn't been necessary for me to do that.

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AMD is truly a treasure. As are you, Pierre.

I have pledged to be a paid subscriber to AMD.

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I just became a paid subscriber to AMD, thanks Dr Kory.

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As a Canadian, it was wonderful to see and hear you, Dr Kory, at the CELLS DON'T LIE talk put on by Bright Light News - you are correct when you said something to the effect that Canadians don't seem to have doctor love . From my perspective , this certainly rang true since I would go to my GP to find out what NOT to do based on her suggestions, and have not had any regular contact with allopathic medicine since 2017 and am healthier than most geriatrics my age . Since discovering AMD, I immediately felt a great a connection to her written words - things like empathy , integrity , and thoughtfulness ; it seems as if I am being educated in the best of ways to think critically about data . While reading an old book called Three Simple Steps by Trevor Blake , he writes about Einstein's life and his contributions to society along with his vilification re public relation campaigns orchestrated from Washington as well as being condemned by his scientific peers as a lunatic. I am looking forward to the day when people who have been able to think critically, since the start of this pandemic , outside the hive mentality, can have open discussions and debates about what is best for our own health choices.

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Thanks loads, Linelle. I’m going to follow your ideas. Check out Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung, Canadian Patriot Review. I think you’ll be interested.

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Thank you Anne.- always interested in other avenues to explore . I am currently taking my time working through the National Citizens Inquiry and am amazed by what people don't know has happened .

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Unfortunately, most people don't take time to read for information. Very dangerous decision these days.

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Dr Kory,

I keep forgetting to ask if you knew UndercoverDC did an article about you. They are fighting the good fight. I started following Tracy Beanz when she blogged on YouTube and she has grown and has excellent reporters now. The title says Gates, but they talk about you.


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Are non-paid subscribers allowed to post here? Problem is, I want to subscribe to you but things are getting tighter. I will forever be grateful for the access I’ve had to this point. If it were 2 dollars, I could get you, AMD, Malone, Makis, a few others, AND still some funds left over to support The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and the Democracy Fund - two of only 3 in all of Canada defending our rights, and solely reliant on measly donations - as well as our terribly under-funded independent media. Without these organizations, we would be lost. In this war, the need is so great.

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Pat, I couldn’t agree more. I am in Ontario - we live at the behest of totalitarian tyrants at every level, from fed., provential, on down. The latest is something like if you didn’t interpret “a recommendation” as “an order”, too bad. You’re going to lose your license. I have not read anything about how those court cases are working out though.

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AMD is one of dozens of great substackers. Pierre have you looked into the rumours IVM causes infertility? I can imagine Merck tweaking it but seems like some mad reverse psycholoogy osy op to me....

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As I can't send comments to AMD without paying, I encourage anyone to read a book, A Discussion of the Method by Billy Koen.

Keon is a mechanical engineer was working on AI a long time ago and developed a solution based upon heuristics. The theme of the book is ALL is heuristic.

Max Planck, the grandfather of quantum mechanics suggested something similar in that science can't solve the fundamental mystery of nature because we are part of the mystery we are trying to solve.

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That is only for the most recent; does not apply to 99% of the ones I put up. I couldn't figure out a way to be able to let people leave comments on that one.

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Thank you doctor. You've been a beacon of light for many who've been disenfranchised by this "thing".

Love you and your work. Very much.

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