The biggest thing I hope everyone can take from this post is not to have it be about me, but rather be about the broader points I raised in the interview. To overcome the disaster we are in, we all need to grow together into the best people we can be...and for one reason or another the reason I was put here was to encourage that to happen.

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Love AMD! Terrific articles, very informative.

Love you, too, Dr. Kory. You're a medical hero in my book.

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May 22·edited May 22

I challenge all my medical providers on BS. I have fired several to their faces. Loved reading your commentary. The FLCCC saved my life from long COVID. I am finished with half assed medical care! I have a litany of bad medical care that nearly cost me my life on several occasions.

If someone accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist, I know I have hit a nerve, am correct in my thinking and they can think whatever. I have watched as friends and family have been disabled or died from lack of early treatment for COVID-19 or hospital protocols. And clot shot injuries and deaths, do not get me started. Sad to say many who would not listen to me about getting the shots and the boosters are either dead or disabled.

It is refreshing and validating to think that we may one day return to “gum shoe medicine”. I am 78, a retired nurse and MSW psychotherapist. This week I am seeing an orthopedist whom I respect tremendously, very skilled and intelligent. Dr. Jernigan has been my doctor for 25 years. Last year he left the medical mill to open an independent practice. He is very busy, no lack of patients and I cannot wait for my consultation with him this week.

Keep up the good work, Dr. Kory. You are my hero! I hope it is in my lifetime that medical care will be back in the hands of good doctors like you. And, the numbskull doctors will be left in the dust.

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That comment about writing being an emotional catharsis describes my writing perfectly.

I make no bones about it, and nor am I ashamed of it.

I still greatly struggle to comprehend the depth and scale of the madness and manipulation that went on during the whole covid clown show. I needed some way to release that in order to cling on to the last gossamer threads of my sanity.

I never denied that covid could be very dangerous for the unlucky few. And the odds got much worse the older one got. But we just did a coordinated marble mislaying on a global scale.

Coupled with the scary censorship, the baffling vehemence against trying other remedies that really seemed to help, and the persecution of those who didn't share the 'official' perspective, it seemed at times like there were some really dark and powerful forces arrayed against humanity.

Reading the work of other writers who similarly expressed their frustrations on the page I didn't feel quite so crazy!

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Should have done this a couple years ago and that is to thank you for helping save lives. We utilized and shared your protocols with friends, families, neighbors -- whoever would listen. Lives were saved even those on the brink of deciding to be intubated -- but not on our watch.

Hospitals lied. People died. The medical field will never recover.

Thank you, Dr. Kory for being there!

Signed up for AMD! Very exciting!

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What fun it will be to read this exchange between two of *my* favorite doctor-writers!

Pierre, I know you are also friends with Sucharit Bhakdi and are likely aware of his upcoming trial on May 23. I launched an #IStandWithSucharit campaign and provided graphics people can use for this purpose. They can be downloaded at the end of this article, which also includes an uplifting message Sucharit sent me the day of its publication:

• “Profiles in Courage: Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/profiles-in-courage-prof-dr-sucharit)

People can also put burning candles in their window the evening of May 22 (details in the action items at the end, including signs people can print up) to express solidarity with Sucharit.

It would mean a great deal to Sucharit (and me :-) if you and your readers could help spread the word about these actions people can take to support Sucharit. Here is my initial tweet about it if anyone would like to RT:


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Thank. You. What a collaborative effort to boost each other up! I commend each and everyone of you doctors that have maintained your critical thinking and ethics in the light of that horrible plight ‘they’ plunged upon us. May we be stronger and wiser as they say it’s coming again. (but I for one cannot afford paid subscriptions I hope some content will remain free so that we the people can forward it on and educate others).

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Dr. Kory

I'm looking forward to reading your book. To be honest, I thought AMD was you, writing an additional, anonymous Substack. Well, AMD gave me a book recommendation here that will help my health, so whoever he or she is, I'm grateful.

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I'm glad that neither of you use the paywall to deny freedom of speech on your respective substacks.

Thank you.

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AMD is truly a treasure. As are you, Pierre.

I have pledged to be a paid subscriber to AMD.

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I just became a paid subscriber to AMD, thanks Dr Kory.

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As a Canadian, it was wonderful to see and hear you, Dr Kory, at the CELLS DON'T LIE talk put on by Bright Light News - you are correct when you said something to the effect that Canadians don't seem to have doctor love . From my perspective , this certainly rang true since I would go to my GP to find out what NOT to do based on her suggestions, and have not had any regular contact with allopathic medicine since 2017 and am healthier than most geriatrics my age . Since discovering AMD, I immediately felt a great a connection to her written words - things like empathy , integrity , and thoughtfulness ; it seems as if I am being educated in the best of ways to think critically about data . While reading an old book called Three Simple Steps by Trevor Blake , he writes about Einstein's life and his contributions to society along with his vilification re public relation campaigns orchestrated from Washington as well as being condemned by his scientific peers as a lunatic. I am looking forward to the day when people who have been able to think critically, since the start of this pandemic , outside the hive mentality, can have open discussions and debates about what is best for our own health choices.

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Dr Kory,

I keep forgetting to ask if you knew UndercoverDC did an article about you. They are fighting the good fight. I started following Tracy Beanz when she blogged on YouTube and she has grown and has excellent reporters now. The title says Gates, but they talk about you.


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Are non-paid subscribers allowed to post here? Problem is, I want to subscribe to you but things are getting tighter. I will forever be grateful for the access I’ve had to this point. If it were 2 dollars, I could get you, AMD, Malone, Makis, a few others, AND still some funds left over to support The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and the Democracy Fund - two of only 3 in all of Canada defending our rights, and solely reliant on measly donations - as well as our terribly under-funded independent media. Without these organizations, we would be lost. In this war, the need is so great.

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AMD is one of dozens of great substackers. Pierre have you looked into the rumours IVM causes infertility? I can imagine Merck tweaking it but seems like some mad reverse psycholoogy osy op to me....

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As I can't send comments to AMD without paying, I encourage anyone to read a book, A Discussion of the Method by Billy Koen.

Keon is a mechanical engineer was working on AI a long time ago and developed a solution based upon heuristics. The theme of the book is ALL is heuristic.

Max Planck, the grandfather of quantum mechanics suggested something similar in that science can't solve the fundamental mystery of nature because we are part of the mystery we are trying to solve.

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