I think there must be widely different factual truths that people will have experienced on the topic of ventilators - depending on the hospital where the patient or doctor was.

Tragically there seems to be no question that there were hospitals that were routinely blowing people’s lungs out with ventilators set very high. There’s so much testimony about that, plus testimony about misuse of the sedatives. Think about Nurse Erin’s testimony from Elmwood Hospital. Also, here in NY, one of the world epicenters for covid deaths, I’m right near Maimonides hospital, from where many, many horror stories emanated. I know that a man in our community walked in on his own two feet on the Sabbath in his festive clothing, and hours later was in a body bag. What is that, if not murder by ventilator or sedatives? Something horrible was going on there, no question. The whole community came to realize that Maimonides was NOT a safe place for a covid patient, as an inordinate number were never making it out. There were even stories of people being unplugged from ventilators on Saturdays, when many staff were off. It was a death trap. I believe that a huge death count was purposely created in NYC in order to hype worldwide fear. I can connect you to people here who can testify about what was going on, if you want to investigate.

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Dr. Cory, I vividly recall following you bemusedly in the winter and spring of 2021, when you naively thought that your research will finally allow Ivermectin to be accepted and adopted, until you finally saw that the reality was deeper and darker. I am now witnessing the same naivete from you with respect to ventilators. Yes, it's true that lack of proper treatment, rather than ventilators, is what caused the death -- ASSUMING that ventilators were being used properly, which they were NOT. They were being foisted on patients who were still more than capable of breathing on their own, if only they were given supplemental oxygen via a nasal canula. And what's worse, patients were given very heavy sedatives to justify the continued use of ventilators, which is what led to their decline and death. To sum it up, there were many patients who would have recovered even without proper treatments, if not for ventilators. You need to get past your naivete on this one.

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Elon is not a good guy, he has money because of tax payers and pretty much theft. He is a product of the CIA, he has a forked tongue. Go read Ed Dowd's substack on him, its really good and in-depth.

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I can’t afford to support your Substack but I did buy ( read and loved) your book. I had Delta in Aug of '21 but I'd been following the FLCC and Dr. Mobeen Said since May of 2020

My symptoms were brutal. 103° fever, oxy 87, purple toes, asomnia, fatigue as if rún over by a steam roller. Very little coughing or lung issues but diaharrea as if I had disentery. Nó one spoke about the killer diaharrea. Dr. Miguel Antonatos from the FLCC saved my life. He prescribed Fluvoxamine and Ivermectin right away but it took 12 days for my Ivermectin to arrive. Ivermectin turned me around like the miracle medicine that it is. I refused to go to the hospital here in Minnesota. They drank the CDC Koolaid. May I say that you, Dr. Merick and all those who asked questions and put their reputations on the líne to save lives are always in my grateful heart. I refused to get the "vax" and as an actor I lost jobs. I was shunned by my theater community and mocked by my family. Thank you for letting me read your Substack. I share it with those who I think will listen. Love and respect. Colleen Barrett

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The point is, once hospitals stupidly bled red ink by ending many sources of revenue awaiting the tsunami of covid patients that largely never happened, they were government incentivized with a 20% reward for every covid case they treated.

Factor the nonsense of using PCR testing for definitive diagnosis and the table is set to mistreat all respiratory viruses with covid protocols.

How many people were denied antibiotics for untested bacterial pneumonia and treated with Remdesivir instead?

When they worsened they got the ventilator which only made matters worse via oxidative stress. The vents were akin to picking at a scab and expecting it to heal.

The death was then a money making covid death added to the statistics which were then used to scare the shit out of everyone.

When people questioned where the flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia went during covid? Fauci said those age-old maladies were successfully attenuated by lockdowns, distancing and masking.

Funny how those same protocols had little to no effect on eliminating covid deaths which they claim in the millions.

Odder still, the 600,000 unhygienic unvaccinated homeless living outdoors in tents are still with us. As are the unvaccinated migrants and the Amish.

Funny old world izzinit?

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Elon cares little for the oxygen of this planet, or its inhabitants. Why else would he build a system of radiating satellites to control us, and then send his friends to Mars?


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My husband and I as well as another couple all got the Delta variant in Aug 2021. Both men got hit more severely than the women and required medical intervention. One man needed nebulizer treatments at home but no oxygen (getting home nebs ordered was a nightmare). The other gentlemen, I will call him Jeff, got sick quickly and was admitted to the hospital and received the 'standard' care (isolation, remdesivir, and oxygen).

After two weeks in the hospital Jeff wasn't getting better so the doctor suggested to him that he go on a vent 'to give his lungs a rest' (mind you he was able to talk on the phone and his sats were tolerable). Within 24 hours he rapidly deteriorated and at that point they said he needed ECMO and would need to be flown to the Cities. Long story short he developed kidney failure and then sepsis and passed two weeks after ECMO was started. I am likely forgetting some details as it has been over two years.

The three of us besides Jeff all took Ivermectin horse paste, many vitamins, aspirin and all recovered. Jeff was denied Ivermectin at the hospital and since he was allowed no visitors, nobody could get it to him.

I never heard of putting someone on a vent to 'give their lungs a rest' when they are able to talk and eat. Just thought I would share this story.

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I now understand why I actually didn't feel that badly with hypoxia when I had COVID-19 (Delta variant):

"...'happy hypoxia', i.e. the state of requiring high amounts of supplemental oxygen yet without exhibiting a significant increase in the work of breathing."

Your COURAGEOUS, SACRIFICIAL, DILIGENT efforts the past 3 1/2 years helped save INNUMERABLE lives...including six of my family members and mine.


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Hospitals,the doctors the nurses all knew that putting patients on ventilators would kill them.they flooded their Lungs.then put died of covid on the death certificates, to claim their bonuses.

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You should call up Elon yourself. In addition to being brilliant, he readily listens and admits when he is wrong. He will even go public about being wrong. And as famous as you are becoming, he is much more famous and can be counted on to get the word out.

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Dr musk should have consulted Dr gates for the real scoop. These billionaire turds are a joke.

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The problem with ventilator use was that it is the wrong choice when the fundamental problem was vascular. Covid caused vascular endotheliitis. This is what caused the extensive clotting. This caused low O2 sat due to reduced flow into the lungs. Adding positive pressure ventilation made the problem worse. (Nothing flows up a pressure gradient.) This is why 85% of those placed on mechanical positive pressure ventilation, died. When switched to high flow O2 by nasal cannula, 85% survived. The deaths from mechanical ventilation were iatrogenic

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I saw huge problems with ventilators. I know many who died from these. The hospital I work in killed so many. I feel like I’ve been through a war. Doctors stood behind ‘protocol’ and did nothing to really help. We nurses were so fed up. Most of us lost all respect for our hospital and doctors.

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Dr. Kory, would you disagree with the notion that in the FIRST wave in Spring 2020, the catastrophic, tragic, and record high number of deaths in places like New York, UK, etc. was largely due to BOTH 1) the lack of effective treatments AND 2) the inappropriate use of ventilators (excessive and harmful settings, or outright unwarranted use) and the excessive and dangerous use of sedatives- which was deadly for patients already in a fragile state with severely compromised respiratory status to begin with? While in SUBSEQUENT waves after early 2020, the inappropriate use of ventilators and sedatives sharply declined as you mentioned (though was still prevalent to a significant degree and absolutely still contributed to COVID deaths), such that from mid-2020 onwards, it was predominantly the lack of effective treatments that killed patients.

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What bothers me is not your partial defense of ventilation but the assumption that all these patients were sick or died from so-called Covid.

I highly recommend Mike Stone's ViroLIEgy Newsletter, his blog "What is Covid-19?" (https://mikestone.substack.com/p/what-is-covid-190).

He writes: “Covid-19” truly is nothing but a positive PCR result. That's it. This is why a “new disease” called “Covid-19” can be found mostly in the asymptomatic, i.e. healthy people, who are not suffering from any disease whatsoever. This is why the symptoms belonging to "Covid” can range from none to the common cold, to Kawasaki disease, to frost bite, and all the way to death. This is why the CDC was able to add six “new” symptoms to “Covid” in April 2020, over four months after the common symptoms of pneumonia were first identified in patients in China, upon the introduction of mass testing. When one is labelled as a “Covid” case based upon a fraudulent test, any symptoms that they may or may not experience as well as any underlying health conditions that they may have had, become absorbed into the “Covid” umbrella. However, this amalgamation of unrelated symptoms joined together by way of PCR does not make “Covid” a new disease. It never was. It is simply the brand name for the positive PCR result, a result that is admittedly inaccurate when disease prevalence, which requires cases to be diagnosed clinically, is low. As “Covid” cannot be diagnosed clinically based upon specific signs and symptoms, there is no way to get an accurate disease prevalence rate in order to determine the accuracy of the PCR result. Thus, PCR is used to generate cases in order to calculate disease prevalence so that its results can be claimed as accurate. However, PCR cannot be used to create cases in order to determine its own accuracy. This is outright fraud, and it is the very reason why there was never any “viral pandemic.” It has always been, and will continue to be, a testing pandemic until enough people become aware of the truth and stop testing for a “new disease” that never existed in the first place.

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You don't have to know much about intubation to know that 9 out of 10 of those on ventilators during the so called pandemic in New York died.

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