I have a colleague who is a professional geologist, smart as a whip, decent human being, who firmly believes that covid would have been stopped in its tracks had everyone been vaccinated right away. He has a brother in law who is a microbiologist who concurs. My friend is boosted to the max. He is constantly sick and blames the unvaccinated for 1) preventing the virus from being initially controlled and 2) for mutating the virus into something that vaccines can't stop. It boggles my mind that an educated, intelligent person can't see what is happening. And there are lots of them out there.

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I think the old saying should be switched around: "never attribute to incompetence what you can attribute to malice"

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I love this piece and especially appreciate A Midwestern Doctor’s exposure of the propaganda techniques used dating back to Bernays (whom I referenced in my first essay, “A Primer for the Propagandized: Fear Is the Mind-Killer” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-primer-for-the-propagandized) and covered in greater detail in my Corona Investigative Committee presentation notes (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-mostly-peaceful-depopulation)).

“Scott Atlas provides an insider’s account of the horrendous mistakes made throughout the first year of the pandemic”

You know what I’m going to say, Pierre 😁

And on that note, I want to give you the biggest hug for tweeting out Tess Lawrie’s knee-buckling reading of my “Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice” poem TWICE 🤗

For those who missed this MUST-WATCH that has already been seen by millions and got “Mistakes Were NOT Made” trending on Twitter for three days in a row (thanks in part to you, Pierre), *please* watch this four-minute video and share as widely as possible so we can try to get it in front of every human being on the planet:

• “Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice (Video)” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem-57a)

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(1) The injections were NEVER created to stop Covid.

It was the reverse:

(2) Covid was created so they could launch the injection program.

The public health authorities were never "mistaken." No, they've been LYING TO US from the start over 3 years ago.

So, yes, it's time now to focus on the many career criminals and their crimes. Time to stop sugar coating crimes against humanity at W.H.O., DOD, FDA, NIH, NIAID, UNC Chapel Hill (Ralph Baric's lab), and CDC as mere "errors" and "corruption."

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And by the way, I've published five papers, so far -- all analytical work -- on the global warming story.

Here's a crux paper: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/feart.2019.00223/full

Climate models do not predict future climate. There's no reason to think -- and no evidence to support -- that our CO2 emissions can or will do anything to the climate (except green up Earth).

All the time-series data show that everything happening these days is well within natural variability, including droughts, fires, glaciers, and extreme weather events. It's all happened before, often worse.

I'm presently about to submit a paper on the integrity of the global air temperature record. As a long-time, well-published experimental chemist, I've done the work on the integrity of the data used to support the global warming scare. And I can say without doubt or equivocation that the field is full of incompetents, the lot of them.

Climate modelers are not competent to evaluate the physical reliability of their own models. Meteorological offices staffed with people who - remarkably -- do not understand thermometers.

All of you out there with children. Reassure them of their future. The younger of you can look forward to loving your children and grandchildren. There is *zero* evidence that Earth is in danger from CO2 emissions.

Green NGOs batten their income stream by shouting alarm. That's the whole of it.

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I will have to be dying before I ever set foot in a doctor's office/hospital again.

"I was a nurse for 34 years and always tried to act in the best interest of the patient. Sometimes that meant protecting them from a terrible doctor. But since I’ve retired 8 years ago, I don’t even recognize this medical establishment anymore. My 38 y/o daughter had Covid last Christmas, and although she was managing with some meds a telehealth doctor sent her the first few days, after a week she began to show signs of respiratory distress and on Christmas morning I had no choice but to take her to the ER. Once there, after an infusion of steroids and some oxygen she was 100% better and asking if she could go home on oral steroids and home O2. Of course, they recommended she be admitted for overnight observation which we agreed to if I could stay with her. The first night she was stable, we both got a little sleep and assumed we would go home in the morning. But then, the nurse comes in the room and says she is going to give her Remdesivir. My daughter told her she didn’t want that drug, hadn’t agreed to it or been told about it by the doctor and wanted to be discharged in the morning. The nurse asked her why she didn’t want it. My daughter told her because she had read it can cause kidney and liver problems. The nurse told her not to worry about it because they would draw labs and look for that. She asked me what I thought. I told her she had a right to refuse a drug and if she had a concern she should talk to the doctor about it. Now at this point, as a nurse, I would not have given a medication to a patient who had concerns about it. I would have either charted the patient refused, or called the doctor and had him discuss the reasons for giving it with the patient. You know, “informed consent”. But no, she gave it anyway. About 45 minutes after the drug ran in, my daughter’s oxygen levels began to dip down, which had been stable in the low 90s. So the nurse comes in and turns her oxygen up from 4 liters to 8 liters. A pretty big jump considering they hadn’t dropped that much. I told her it looked like she wouldn’t be leaving, and I felt like it was related to the med. At the shift change the next morning, the day shift nurse opened the door, points her finger at me and sternly said “You need to leave, she’s not allowed visitors”. To which I replied that I wasn’t going anywhere, I had been there all night, I was her advocate and she wanted me there. The nurse slammed the door, and my daughter and I looked at each other like WTH? The next thing you know 4 security guards bust the door open and threaten to call the police if I don’t get up and go with them immediately. I was stunned but kept my cool. I said, “Lets just calm down, I haven’t done anything, and you don’t have a right to come in here threatening me like this. Why are you asking me to leave?” I never could get an answer from anyone except ” the nurse said so. ” I had planned to go home and shower and clean up anyway that morning so I went ahead and left (they felt it necessary to perp walk me to my car). I won’t go into all the details but I’ll just say they had to get me out of there so they could start the murder of my daughter.But they had no idea who they were dealing with. First of all she was a college athlete and is tough as nails mentally and physically. Secondly, they were dealing with a mamma near who they had just pissed off who had some medical knowledge and wasn’t going to let them kill my baby. We kept constant contact by facetime, phone, and she gave me her info to get into her electronic chart so I was monitoring her lab results, doctors notes and everything going on with her from home. They were telling her she was getting worse, but clinically I wasn’t seeing that and she wasn’t feeling that. We started weaning her off the oxygen in the hospital without them knowing it because they refused to turn it down. I’m fact, they kept increasing it and told her she would probably need a vent the next day. This was after she had been off all oxygen for 3 hours and her oxygen level was 95%!. They were flat out lying to her face. The third day they came into to give her the Remdesivir she told the nurse she didn’t want it and if she gave it anyway she would be filing assault charges against her. The nurse turned around and left. Finally we decided she was going to tell the doctor the next morning she wanted to be discharged and if she refused she was leaving AMA. And that’s what she did. There are so many other things about this I could write a book, like how they withheld food and water until she kept bugging them over and over to get something, or the nurse who called security on me saying to her “too bad you didn’t get the vaccine, then your son wouldn’t have to grow up without a mother”. She has suffered PTSD from it, but thank heavens she’s still alive and my heart aches for all those families who had loved ones murdered in the hospitals from Faucis death protocol. We can never let this happen again and those who participated in it must be held accountable at some point."


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The system is totally broken and COVID confirmed this 100%!! How about cardiologists that currently give every person that visits a statin yet NEVER discusses diet! Where has the US gone with heart disease......let me see there is more heart disease than ever in history but they don’t care!! They just prescribe more statins..... real science is dead is the US medical system!! You are on your own and I do not remotely think that is going to change! We are in the business of making big pharma bigger to the point that they rule your entire life! Sounds crazy I know.... but just open your eyes!

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One of the biggest initial hoaxes cast upon the public came very early on, that being something called asymptomatic testing. I believe that the idea, perhaps mind-virus, they were trying to infect society with was the notion that most people were at some level actually sick but were asymptomatic. Or they didn't even know they were sick. Funny thing; we used to call asymptomatic people HEALTHY.

Had they tried pushing needless and indiscriminate testing on 'healthy' people, perhaps more would have started to become aware of the malfeasance that was going on. The word "asymptomatic" was not chosen by accident, in my opinion, and poured highly flammable fuel on the already growing firestorm of fear which was started by the likes of Biden, Birx, Fauci et al.

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I think you have to ask yourself why. They normally take their instructions from the deep state. Why do they want this information out now?

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if i were in charge, the media would be the first to be fitted hemp neckties - fuck them

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With all that happened, the lies, the intimidation, the loss of reputations, I saw small businesses lost. I saw the state, I live in Massachusetts, crush anyone that did not comply. A gym had their water and electricity turned off. Landlords did not recieve rent, yet their expenses were not forgiven. The Govenor actually went on television to be there when the gym was locked closed.

Through all of this the government kept spending like drunken gamblers. The teachers and clerks stayed home yet were paid. I only bring this up because the average person did not get support beyond an order to wear a mask, keep a distance and a questionable gene therapy injection. Some unemployment but the property taxes and the rest continued to accrue. I would love to know how many leins have been auctioned off to trusts that now charge credit card rates. How many homes will soon be forclosed on. The leviathan does not care ,and this dirty little secret continues. Some states take possession of the whole value beyond the tax amount due.

Finally the m-RNA is an abomination, big pharma laughed all the way to the bank, and the government didn't miss an opertunity.

What I want to see is atonement, but as usual I won't hold my breath.

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People were deliberately driven out of their minds by fear promulgated by our own government, so that they would take the vaccine.

The suppression of early treatment, the inabilty even with a prescription to get ivermectin or HCQ needs to be LITIGATED and the people responsible (AZAR and THAT OTHER GUY WHO BRAGGED ABOUT IT)..FDA needs to be CLASS ACTION LAWSUITED.

Then we can discuss the role of the media...and the Role of the DOD/FDA/DARPA/BARDA, etc.

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In early 2020, I read Inglesby, et al., (2006) "Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza" Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science 4(4), 366-375; https://doi.org/10.1089/bsp.2006.4.366 which I cannot recommend too highly. It provides the wisdom learned dealing with viral pandemics from the 1918 flu through to the 2003 SARS-CoV-1 outbreak.

The prime recommendation is to keep things as normal as possible during a pandemic, so as to not panic the public. Masks are considered of doubtful utility. Schools are recommended to stay open, no mass quarantine, no lockdowns, and no restrictions on travel. Only the sick are quarantined to home care, or hospitalization.

Reading that, it was immediately clear in early 2020 that everything the CDC was pushing was exactly wrong. The opposite of the hard-learned wisdom in Ingelsby, 2006. They could not have done a worse job if they had consciously set out to cause havoc.

And, given the training of CDC professionals, I can only surmise that they knew what should be done and then in fact did set out to do everything wrong. Panic the population, disrupt life, cause injury.

Well, they succeeded. But they shouldn't get away with it. No forgiveness. No amnesty. No putting it all behind us. These people caused mass death -- I'd say murder -- and mass major injury. They violated the Nuremberg Laws and their own Hippocratic Oath. They need to be held to account.

And where jail time is warranted, it ought to be meted out. And not some cushy federal white-collar crime, Ghislaine Maxwell-coddling Federal prison, either. Real prison. Real lock-up.

The whole business needs to be opened up to full view by all. No sequestering of documents or data for 75 years.

All those hospital administrators and doctors who forbade entering adverse events into VAERS should be called out and forced to testify under oath. All those who denied early treatment and forced intubation and Remdesivir -- brought up on charges of murder. All those Medical Board hacks that forbade effective early treatment of Covid on pain of losing a license to practice should be required to resign in shame (at the least).

And all those university presidents and provosts who mandated the jab -- negligent homicide for every death, conspiring to commit great bodily harm for every injury, violation of Nuremberg Law for every injection. A life of disgrace for the lot of them.

And all those reporters who blandly reported the party line, investigating nothing, sneering at "anti-vxxers," turning their backs on all the suffering and abuse, let them apologize on air, and be released to jobs they're suited for; I honestly don't know what jobs they'd be because being associated with those reporters would insult the people who now do those jobs.

Am I angry? Hell yes!

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Dr. Kory, recommend reading "The Fourth Turning" by Neil Howe and William Strauss, it gives a tremendously helpful road map for our idiocracy. Many (most?) of our institutions and bureaucracies are broken, corrupt or incompetent, and this book explains how, why and what to expect in the years to come.

Thanks as always for all you do for medical freedom!


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Mistakes were NOT made.

Willful ignorance, censorship and mass MURDER ... These are NOT "mistakes"!

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Too late for the stupid media to get on the bandwagon...unless, of course, it is taking them ALL to prison for 20 years each. Never trusting anything from the main street media again. They can never buy forgiveness nor make enough restitution for the horrible harm and murder they have caused.

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