Dai-ichi life insurance company in Japan.

The fiscal year in Japan runs from April to March of the following year.

Vaccination in Japan is from mid-February 2021.

The lag between death and payment is said to be one to two months.

No major disaster like the 2010 Tohoku earthquake has occurred since then. I can't think of anything other than the side effects of inoculating 80% of the population.

I've checked the number of payments, so I'll report it.

Number of payments

First half of fiscal 2020 591,956

Second half of fiscal 2020 672,013

First half of FY2021 663,522

Second half of fiscal 2021 737,678

First half of fiscal 2022 1,246,427

Second half of fiscal 2022 1,257,689

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Bravae! Absolute tour de force by Pierre and Mary Beth!!

A suggestion related to this tidbit:

"worse mortality in ‘21 and ‘22, and was concentrated in some professions, including the government employees."

Govt employees have gold-plated HEALTH insurance, not merely cheapie death insurance. So, govt employees who were sickened or injured by the poison-shots would REMAIN employed while undergoing medical treatments and/or being shifted into "disabled" status. Private co's can (legally-ish) 'shitcan' workers who can no longer work (throw 'em off onto workers' comp, etc.); the govt not-so-much!

I'd add that, at a guess, govt employees would much more likely to submit to mandates, because they 'dare not get fired' and lose their bennies and eventual pension!! Private workers with a strong objection would likely quit or get fired because they haven't been in the 'bubble-wrap' that is govt employment. I base this in my background as an ex-Navy officer and ex-Boeing "job shopper" so I've worked with and watched MANY govt employees... And, yes, back in the 1990s, I tried to GET a govt job for the security and bennies! Missed it by THAT much! {wink}

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Medically it made no sense for me to get the vax. I'd already had the covid, and I recovered completely.

But I got the shot to protect my health. Because if I hadn't, I would have been unemployed and broke and homeless, and that would have been hazardous to my health.

In twenty-eight years of teaching, I never missed a day of work due to illness. Less than thirty days after my booster shot, I had a stroke.

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Myocarditis Is Rare.

It's So Rare That Everyone Has It At Once.


How Rare Is That?


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The SOA's response to the data reminds me of what happened after military whistleblower, Dr. Theresa Long, reported on all of the dramatic increases in many disorders after the mandates, reflected in the DMED data. In short order, the military went into damage-control mode. They stated that after looking at the database, they "realized" that there had been a glitch in the system for the previous 5-yrs of data - from 2016-2021 that nobody noticed & that the baseline numbers were actually higher, meaning that the dramatic increases that Dr. Long noted were not nearly as dramatic as they appeared to be. My question is: when is all of this gas-lighting going to end before those responsible for creating & promoting this lethal product are held accountable? The complicity across the spectrum has been breathtaking in both its depth & scope.

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A great article.

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Even the insurance actuaries are on the payroll for the campaign. It is like the emperor's new clothes! See the data...no we see no data! Infuriating. Well done and I enjoyed the anonymous explanation of the report. Thorough and clear.

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Aug 13, 2023·edited Aug 17, 2023

I've collected hundreds of studies conducted by thousands of doctors and medical scientists proving mRNA products are deadly, and worse for people under 60 than covid is.

Paradoxically, it's all the insurance data that proves this the most. Numbers don't lie, and the insurance industry lives and dies on raw numbers and actuarial data. Their very existence relies on accurate numbers and data.

While studies and doctor reports can be disputed (and are viciously attacked and falsely discredited by pro-mRNA elements (just as ivermectin and HCQ have been so falsely vilified), insurance data is irrefutable.

Who would have thought that a non-medical/vaccine industry would prove conclusively and irrefutably that mRNA products cause more disabilities, illnesss and deaths to people under 60 than covid does?

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Agreed. But if more people had located their backbones, stood as one and said NO WAY, according to THE LAW we will not allow you to do this, the mandates would have collapsed and they would still have got to keep their "bennies". And there would not be as many sick. In a way this a is a great moral and spiritual test of humanity. Others have postulated the the next evolutionary leap in humanity will be collective. When we finally realize we are better together. Just as in the primordial soup single cell organisms banded together. Perhaps this is what this is all about.

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Dr Kory

I sent you a similar analysis of excess mortality by European country as a function of vaccination doses per person. It shows the same trend w high statistical significance but even more pronounced vaccine injury throughout the entire 2022 period.

You might like the presentation I sent as it provides context for the 23 million total excess deaths to date since Covid - 7 million attributed to Covid and 16 million...well.

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I was recently wondering about the life insurance data; hoping for clear enough data ending (or banning) the use of this product. Apparently it does, yet here we are still under the grip of ....something inexplicable.

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"they" don't want to know

without linked data on the number and type of vaccines, too much is left to statistical inference which allows more confusion and ways to hide from what is happening

since Bobby Kennedy has exposed that there have no safety RCT for the vaccines in the childhood schedule (not sure it this holds for all vaccines), it is not a surprise that Big Pharma and the medical industry also do not want to know

various forces overplayed their hand in this "pandemic" and the house of cards is crumbling, but no one predict the tipping point when the "pandemic game" is totally discredited

the Ottoman Empire which lasted for 600 years, 300 years were in decline

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It's with 99% certainty that those pushing the mRNA injections (under the threat of get it or else) knew that they were 99% useless as far as being safe and effective. So why force injections upon the public? There can be no other answer but to cause great injury, which has given the medical system even more patients to profit from, and to murder humans.

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An excellent article. Thank you, Dr. Kory. Sharing.

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It looks to me like the only thing they care about is how to set insurance rates to save the industry's bottom line. But, saving people (their customers) from death and injury? well they punted on that.

Makes me wonder why we, their customers, should even bother with insurance other than the bare minimum required in this destructive economy. So many are having enough trouble just to put food on the table keeping a roof over the family's heads and buying enough fuel to drive to work (while they still have a job) and paying utilities.

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I put the 10 nicest places to live side by side with the 10 shittiest places to live in the US. Nice rich places excess mortality 6-8% Shitty places 13-15% excess mortality. Ok I'm not going to win awards for my methods, but I recall seeing that New Brunswick (Canada's Redneck central) excess deaths 70%. I mean wtf?!

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