CVS is now a major part of Pharma marketing/advertising. Called to refill a simple antibiotic prescription. I had to endure minutes of a CVS recording promoting the new APPROVED Covid booster and 14, FOURTEEN, other vaccines available now!

Disgraceful, horrifying, shameful. Thank you for your great work, Dr Kory. Dr Angell is a treasure.

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Philanthropaths!!!! Thank you, Pierre 😄💗🙏

For those who don't know the source, here is my three-part series, "Anatomy of a Philanthropath":

• “Part 1: A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams)

• “Part 2: Downloadable Digital Dictatorships” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams-947)

• “Part 3: Yuval Noah Harari: Not the Man We Think He Is?” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams-3fd)

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Sep 16, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

May the silver lining in this Covid debacle be that Big Pharma and usurped entities are called out and made to answer for decades of controlling professional medical journals, manipulating health professionals and data, promoting dangerous meds of all kinds, and much more. Awareness is key for any positive change to begin to happen. Thank you, Dr. Kory, for adding to our awareness of unbelievable Big Pharma domination and influence. Wake up, America!

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Mind blowing , in depth writing Dr. Kory. Change the title to the ANALS of Internal Medicine.

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Dr. Kory, thanks for you tireless pursuit of accuracy in medical science. My question: If the major medical journals you mention cannot be trusted, where does an intelligent layman go to evaluate the efficacy of any medical procedure? Is there any group of "disinterested" specialists, spanning many disciplines, that one could consult to get an unbiased evaluation of the science? In another fraudulent field - "climate science" - there are a handful of reliable scientists I can trust. But medicine seems more complex and it's often a matter of life and death, so reliable sources in medicine seem even more important. Where does one go, for example, to get a fair evaluation of a new drug, device, or procedure? Thanks again.

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Thanks for your work. Ivermectin is not the only inexpensive and effective treatment getting bad press or false research trials.

MedPage Today has a "vit D didn't help CoV type article. https://www.medpagetoday.com/meetingcoverage/asbmr/100656

Low vitamin A may be why it doesn't help, in addition to the fact that it is needed in advance of an infection rather than helping after autoimmune issues already occurred.

"The role of VitD has been recognized in the prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 [324], [325]. At high doses, VitD has been shown to decrease the severity and provide therapeutic benefit in the treatment of COVID-19 [326]. However, VitD supplementation did not seem to be effective in hospitalized seriously ill COVID-19 patients [327], which we believe is due to the depleted retinol and subsequently dysregulated retinoid signaling mechanisms [315]. The lack of response to the supplementation of VitD in these severe COVID-19 patients may have well been due to the dysregulated retinoid signaling [327] because VitD exerts its effect through retinoid signaling mechanism [321]. In this sense, an optimum response would be accomplished when the proper signaling cascades through both of VitD and retinoids converge." https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0898656821002102?via%3Dihub#bb0085

This paper is something I am still reading as I just found it last night. It supports my work on CoV and passive exposure to jabbed self-care. Latest in a longer series about Retinoid Toxicity as an underlying cause of ME/CFS after EBV infection - I think it may be happening after CoV for some people too. https://denutrients.substack.com/p/round-two-retinoid-toxicity-and-cov

Vitamin A and D and thyroid function are all linked and magnesium is needed. Chimeric spike is likely reducing GI absorption of magnesium due to TRP channels being made dysfunctional at the ankyrin repeat domains.

Modern life is inflammatory - EMF/5G and glyphosate are likely risk factors too.

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When I watched Dr. Tess Lawrie's call with Dr. Andrew Hill I knew then and there that a cabal had formed and people were going to die needlessly. This confirms my worst fears.

On the bright side for the future I think this is eye opening to a larger group and will become widely known. Maybe then we can go back to the doctor patient relationship.

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i had natural rona last aug 1 , 2022, I took the FLCCC protocol including 21 mg IVM daily for 5d. I have rona again this week AND i M taking it again. The mass vax of otherwise healthy asymptomatic people is selecting for variants that may be more infectious and possibly more virulent. Since the boosters and vaxes have negative efficacy, this winter might be horrific! hopefully those with natural immunity will save the day... they wil be blamed though. Its important to try to let everyone know that the unvaxxed are the ones who are creating herd immunity

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Mind blowing gut wrenching information! Brutal.

Share I will. I’m sure some will shut down the minute they see the word Ivermectin.

Question, do you have time to sleep? Between your work and countless hours it took to write this EXCELLENT Bombs Away article I’m just wondering….

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I’m truly grateful for bringing to light so extensively and clearly the influence/manipulation Big Pharma has over scientific publications, medical schools, scientific institutions, hospitals just to name a few. Over the last 26 years I’ve been seen the increasing manipulation of scientific data published in medical journals. Sadly major medical journals cannot be trust.

I’m positively impressed with your dedication to uncover the truth. The compilation of information to write this article is not a small task.

There should be more doctors like you, who genuinely care for people’s health. Thank you!

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I’m beginning to wonder if Gates is just the frontman for the cabal …

Biotech idolatry: DOD-Pfizer contracts have replaced federal constitutions and laws

And the DOD-DOJ-HHS complex has replaced federal legislatures and courts.


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You never heard of the Babalola maneuver? (The use of incorrect communication for the effective suppression/rejection/delay of inconvenient science) It’s a classic. Well you heard of it now.

I can’t believe I read to the end of this one, but it was worth it! Thanks for your unwavering commitment to the cause.

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We have to have major reforms to fix this cancer in our previous esteemed medical literature. There is zero trust now. I am terrified of doctors now and hospitals.

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I posted a lengthy quote from Marcia Angell's New York Review of Books article back in July '21

Pandemic — The Next Big Thing — The Sting Revisited


a few lines: New York Review of Books JULY 15, 2004 ISSUE

"Even worse is the fact that there are very few drugs in the pipeline ready to take the place of blockbusters going off patent... Of the seventy-eight drugs approved by the FDA in 2002, only seventeen contained new active ingredients, and only seven of these were classified by the FDA as improvements over older drugs. The other seventy-one drugs approved that year were variations of old drugs or deemed no better than drugs already on the market. Furthermore, of those seven, not one came from a major US drug company...For the first time, in just a few short years, the gigantic pharmaceutical industry is finding itself in serious difficulty. It is facing, as one industry spokesman put it, “a perfect storm.” To be sure, profits are still beyond anything most other industries could hope for, but they have recently fallen, and for some companies they fell a lot. And that is what matters to investors...

"...Nevertheless, the industry keeps promising a bright new day. It bases its reassurances on the notion that the mapping of the human genome and the accompanying burst in genetic research will yield a cornucopia of important new drugs."

This is in 2004, BigPharma promising BigProfits as a result of its GENETIC RESEARCH.

On this evidence and more I based my accusation that the entire covid abomination has emerged like "The Thing" from financial necessity.



"Occam's Razor tells me that the SARS-CoV-2 "virus" is an semi-artificial entity that acts like a virus in how it infects, reproduces, and spreads, but in fact was intentionally invented and manufactured expressly to provide the situation in which mRNA injections could be foisted on as many billion humans as possible.

This was the plan to Save BigPharma from BigMeltdown. Follow the BigBucks, it's Déjà Vu all over again. (Yogi Berra)

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Great article and thank you for you brave efforts! I cancelled NY Times and no longer watch TV prpaganda news. Moving away from mainstream sources and supporting contributors on substack and rumble etc- is the only way to get away from the corruption.

I have a question. The surgisphere fake data was so blatant. Has any fraudster been pursued for justice?? If there are never consequences for the liars, it will continue. I do think calling them out on substack and your followers sharing is one way - but not enough! Tess Lawrie’s recording and sharing the zoom was impactful!

Thank you! Please do an audible version of your book. Busy people can listen in car or taking a walk.

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