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Another brilliant piece of the corrupt puzzle! People are waking up! A friend who was recently injured after her “booster” was told by doctors it could not possibly be a vaccine injury (breakthrough bleeding post-menopause, sky-high blood pressure when pre-vaccine it was low, etc.). A nurse practitioner, however, admitted otherwise. I shared FLCCC info. I will send her this. THANK YOU Dr.Kory❤️

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Yesterday I watched Paul Marik and you on “The HIghwire”. It broke my heart to see such wonderful humans having to go through so much just to try and help people and save lives. Never give up what you are doing! It is never easy being on the minority side but we all know it is the right place in this case to be. I think of the song the three men I admire most and think there are way more and they include you Dr. Kory and Tess Lawrie, Ryan Cole, Peter McCullough, Paul Marik, Robert Malone and so many more I have come to respect in the last two plus years. I am proud to say when I got Covid with never having had a vaccine I went to your site and got the loving attention and advise to easily weather it like any other flu. Because of you and Dr. McCullough I knew early treatment was important so since the beginning I have had Ivermectin on hand. I now am waiting for the weather to get better so I can proudly wear the sweatshirt I made with the poster that says Ivermectin was approved for human use in 1987 and that the people that discovered it won the Nobel Prize. Stay strong, we are all behind you!

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"What did you do during the COVID pandemic, daddy?"

"I retracted articles on ivermectin at my high impact journal that could have saved milllions of lives, because the foundation that was funding us ordered me to do so."

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The systems that govern over our lives have been corrupted and captured by people that do not have our best interests in mind. Regardless of efficacy, Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs of all time. If it had even a glimmer of hope - even a one in a million chance - people should have been allowed to try it. Especially during a pandemic. Because of its amazing safety profile taking IVM would have been no different than taking Vitamin C in terms of safety. Yeah don’t overdose, but they are both pretty damn safe when taken as directed.

Why should a government get a say in preventing me from taking something as harmless as vitamin C? And something that without a doubt showed at least a glimmer of hope - starting with the in vitro studies that go pretty much uncontested from what I can tell.

Government shouldn’t get a say in something as personal as me deciding to fight back against a potentially deadly disease with a virtually harmless and well tested product - and this to me is the smoking gun here - unless they had an alternative agenda outside of the actual well being of the citizens.

And don’t tell us it was governmental stupidity. No, this was calculated.

So let’s discuss solutions. Lets make action plans. We all should be, right? #extremeOwnership

The time for intellectual bravery is right now. Those of us who understand this need to stick together.

How? Let’s start with a thought experiment:


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Thank you Dr. Kory for shining Light on the Darkness. The liars and murderers can't deny the documented facts. They can hide and dodge, so long as the bought media is paid. One day the bad actors will be "thrown under the bus" by the Profiteers, who won't give doing that a second thought. Imagine their surprise when they are finally held accountable? I hope to live to see that day.

God bless you for your efforts. Just pre-ordered your book.

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'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.' - Benjamin Franklin

Here's Murphy's corollary to Mr. Franklin's observation: An ounce of prevention or a pound of cure is infinitely more valuable than an ivory tower research paper, no matter how right or wrong its authors may be. Those who claim that "it cannot be done" must yield to those who have already done it.

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Every time I think I can’t get more outraged, I learn some new disgusting revelation—Mexico City canceling their successful IVM program because of BigPharma-corrupted agencies and journals being one of the more egregious examples.

In her Zoom call with Andrew, Tess calculated that 500,000 people may unnecessarily die because of a six-week delay in accurately reporting the high efficacy of ivermectin. That was in early 2021, I believe. I wonder how many have actually been killed by denial of early treatment (not to mention being murdered by COVID protocols such as remdesivir and ventilation: https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-governor-ron-desantis) given how much longer that timeframe has been stretched.

We need to break the influence of high-impact journals by creating new journals that proudly demonstrate they have no conflicts of interest.

Colleen Huber, for example, is associated with “Primary Doctor Medical Journal” (https://pdmj.org/), described as “a peer-reviewed journal by physicians and scientists without commercial influence.” I cited several of their excellent studies on masks in this piece:

• “Letter to the Oregon Health Authority” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-oregon-health-authority)

Think about how effective the non-GMO movement was and how consumers now specifically look for the non-GMO label on food products. That’s what we need for journals—a no-conflict-of-interest certification/badge from an unbiased entity charged with evaluating journals for their integrity.

This could not only be used to expose the corruption of high-impact journals but also to point people toward research that has not been tampered with by corporate/governmental players.

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Thank you so much Dr. Kory for this, and for all you do to save humanity. I often share your articles, which are extremely well written.

I wanted to share with your readers this compilation https://truth613.substack.com/p/from-my-heart, which attempts to wake up everyone to the global agenda, even those people who think that the covid shots are beneficial. I hoped that by focusing on other aspects of the tyranny, they might come to realize that something is very wrong.

Tonight and Monday-Tuesday is the anniversary of the creation of mankind and a day of judgment for all humanity for the coming year, so it’s a very important time to pray to the One G-d, the Creator, to save us from the evil plans. https://truth613.substack.com/p/inspiration-for-the-new-year

May you and all of us be blessed with a good, sweet year! Shana tova!

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Dr. Kory thank you thank you for explanation of repurposed meds specifically Ivermectin and failure of these agencies to allow usage of it . Who , what , where and why…. Many deaths, many injuries…. These names need to be known to the public.

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The corruption is so vast I no longer trust the general medical community at all. I've switched to a naturopath doctor couple and the difference is amazing. My old GP pushed the Vax, and I laughed. When I asked the new doc's they said at first they did, but almost immediately they realized nope not safe. Another thing my old GP just said to quit taking acid pump inhibitors, but no suggestion on how to end the heartburn/acid reflux. My new doctors had me take DGL, and over time the problem went away.

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Under "§4 SocArXiv Preprint Server", where you post the image of "a more detailed and very powerful reply," the first image ends on 6, with a widow, but then the next image starts with 11, with an orphan, so it looks as though there's an image in between missing. Also, can you link to where one can find that more detailed and very powerful reply?

As for 'particular bad paper', I think the syntax is meant to read as "...this particular paper, which is bad,..." (ie., 'particular' isn't modifying 'bad' but 'paper'.)

Thank you for presenting your account and perspective on the censorship. We are living out that scene in Idiocracy where the makers of Brawndo have already purchased the FDA outright and the media-entertainment complex and use their total control to monopolize liquid consumption, such that the only association people make regarding "water" is that it's from the toilet ("You mean that horse paste? Gross! Unethical!") whereas Brawndo ("it's got the electrolytes plants crave" functions in exactly the same way as "safe and effective") is the only thing the culture uses for growing crops.

The ecological catastrophe shown in the movie already unfolds in our Life-imitates-Art world: we're seeing the damage Spike has been causing among humans, and we're seeing the benefits ivermectin can cause despite its mainstream exorcism, but we're not yet there at the beginning of a beginning (borrowing language from Zhuangzi, Chapter 2) to understanding how all that Spike expelling from humans and other infected animals, bacteria, and more accumulates in the environment. I saw that Jessica Rose discusses this on her Substack regarding the Zebrafish paper recently published (https://jessica5b3.substack.com/p/a-new-paper-shows-spike-toxicity), but this is also where one's mind goes when you consider all the other papers (such as the early paper showing Michigan, Pennsylvanian and other Northern Midwest deer were catching SARS-CoV-2 well in excess before the majorities of humans were —an observation that Ethical Skeptic adduces for his case that SARS-CoV-2 [or a progenitor form] was already in circulation far in advance of Main Narrative history, linking those deer to biosolid distributions for fertilizing and the aerosols arising from them).

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My initial thoughts about ivermectin was that pharma wouldn't want it being used because someone would notice the huge decline in cancer deaths it would cause. Blood born parasites cause many cancers. Kill the parasites, no more cancer. Search the NIH website for the words ivermectin and cancer sometime, but when sitting down.

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Thank you thank you for this article - since I have IPF and have been on IVM for 2 + years and have apparently

Slowed the progress of my projected deterioration and demise.

The article by Zaida is invigorating for being able to see the mechanisms of IVM and can see the opportunity of potential for treatment of IPF and certainly without the side effects of the two drugs Inwas offered and refused.

I intend to give this to my Pulmonologist very soon and looking at what potential benefit might come with a study with more frequent low dose or higher dose for IPF and similar pulmonary issues.

Once again thank you for what you have done over the past couple of years plus for Covid and to help bring these two papers to the forefront.

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Another brilliant piece by the group (Dr. Kory especially) who I have followed for the past 2+ years.

Tens of thousands of patients owe you their lives. Keep up the great work.

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