Re “Shedding studies were not done because, even though the vaccines are gene-therapies, they legally fell under the legal definition of a “countermeasure” in a public health emergency.”

What exactly was the ‘public health emergency’?

There never was a ‘public health emergency’. It was a ‘PHEIC’ aka fake.

This fiasco has been a deliberately manufactured crisis to facilitate a massive vaccine market and control of the people.

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So, basically, we're all screwed as was told by Naomi Wolf when she spoke at Hillsdale College and through this article. Doesn't matter that we don't let vaxed people in our homes, we can breathe in their vaxed exhalation when in the grocery store or out in public. How lovely. Sounds like a true bioweapon to me.

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"Dr. Shobha Swaminathan, an associate professor of medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, . . ."

I think that it's important to remember that Rutgers is intimately connected ($) to the Covid vaccine project and still has a vax mandate in place.

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On a different subject...why can’t they create a test to see if you actually have the bio weapon? After all, Dr. McCullough stated that 1/3 received a placebo, 1/3 receive a portion of it creating adverse, and 1/3 having the really bad bioweapon? Just a thought. ❤️

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So for those of us who smartly did NOT get any jab are still at high risk of dying suddenly just by living our lives?

This is so evil and never ending!!

AND, for a health care worker still being pressured to get the death shots or not have a job! Sick!

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I have this scientifically documented via microscopy and many cbc blood and especially iron FE panels for increased iron loads I experienced.

Iron is a common component in the LNPs

I documented my iron load being at 89!!

46!is the high normal range threshold.

I almost doubled that at 89

Anyway I took 10k mg of sodium ascorbate for 6 weeks and it went back to normal

The sodium ascorbate(at high doses)

bonds with the iron covalently to form ferro ascorbate that will now come out of both the tissues and blood via chelation

My blood was perfect micrographs until sept 2022.

Now it’s hard to get nice perfect o neg micrographs

Don’t get me started on the anomalies/artifacts now found in bodily fluids

I have time lapse microscopy of the wetwares whole nematic nano self assembly process showing the PCBs/circuits forming and the HG spreading to encapsulate the PCBs after they form

I pasted many plausible publications on this science in your last articles comments

This is called LNP PEG shedding in genomics transfection science 🧬

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I mentioned this in the comments to Part 1, but I’ll mention it again here. Now Kevin McKernan, Phillip J Buckhaults and others have discovered the large amounts of plasmid DNA remaining in the transfection products from the manufacturing process, there’s another potential shedding route. That of plasmid DNA being taken up by our own bacteria and yeasts and shed with them. And that potentially means replication-competent DNA ...

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Firstly, I can’t thank you and your colleagues enough for your passion and determination. Where would we be? Thank you.

Just a quick message about my experiences... I’m not vaxxed and live on a mountain in Tuscany. My family, children, sister, mother and possibly my grandchildren (it’s not discussed) are all vaxxed. When I visit them I experience the same symptoms I had in March 2020 when I had covid. Hard painful lower throat and chest that only shifts after I return home. The difference is I don’t feel ill and can ‘ride’ it until I get home. I’ve just spent a more extended time with family and also had muscle aches. I’ve been searching for information and so relieved to read this. I’m taking vit c,d and magnesium, fasting and grow my own food. Thank you again. Barbara x

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Did you know that CU in Boulder, CO did a study and reportedly found shedding from the vaccine.

Supposedly, they were very happy about that finding because then children/people would be exposed without having to take the shot.(?)

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Pierre, just a heads-up that the Part 1 link at the beginning of the article goes to a private page.

While we're on the topic of housekeeping, I wanted to make sure you saw this piece, which was inspired by a conversation sparked by one of your posts:

• "What Caused David Miranda’s Death?" (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/what-caused-david-mirandas-death)

Also, you may appreciate this video Visceral Adventure created for my “Anatomy of a Philanthropath” poem:

• “Anatomy of a Philanthropath: Poem (Video)” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-video)

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"They" are the virus. WE are the cure.

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Does anyone know if shedding can occur from the adenovirus vaccines or is it only from the mRNA ones?

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🙏🙏🎩🎩 Excellent piece Dr K, keep it coming. People really need to understand the full extent of what has occurred to humanity as a whole.

Re the nanopathology, which is really what we are dealing with, I would suggest you look at Antoinetta Gatti's work. She's a lovely Italian lady, at the leading edge on nanopathology. If you haven't already stumbled across her work, it will fit some pieces together and 🤞🤞, trigger some out the box thinking for solutions to address this for humanity.🤔🤔🙏🙏🤗

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A disturbing review of a nasty issue.

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Nov 3, 2023·edited Nov 3, 2023




There is only one purpose in this field.

Take it from Jonás Salk(poliomyelitis savior😂)on his book’s titled World Population And Human Behaviors

Or his most definitive work entitled Survival of the WISEST

He calls for absolute population reduction and discusses how to via Maxine science

Everyone is slowly finding out the science they have been blindly following is Malthusian eugenics


Go get ya booosta

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I went through 18 months of pneumonia, sky high infection inflammation markers leading to multiple hospital stays ending with inflammation markers of over 500(sepsis) they should be under 6. All due to covid vaccine shedding.

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