I like RFK, Jr. He's a good man; I love his book.

However, there's a major problem and that's his support for CO2 catastrophic warming, which is a completely false theory that he won't budge from.

If you think Covid was an emergency that required extraordinary measures for three weeks to flatten the curve, wait until you see the climate emergency that requires three years to flatten the curve.

Hold RFK, Jr's feet to the fire on this one, and maybe it's time for all of us to get educated on what a dangerous and insidious theory CO2 catastrophe is, and how we can wipe out government corruption but still be left with the ideology that underlies the entire Great Reset: the theory of CO2 catastrophe. Dictatorial powers will be necessary to stop this emergency to end all emergencies, won't they? Will RFK, Jr just be a pawn set up for the final move, which is a world of monitoring and managing, out of necessity, for the greater good of saving the planet?

I don't ask him to renounce this theory; I want him to see that it makes no sense, that it's unscientific groupthink, and that just like Covid "science," it required massive censorship to survive. But, he will not see this, as he's already shown. This is a huge red flag.

I've pounded the table on this for some time: the theory of CO2 catastrophe is the monster waiting in the wings. It underlies the entire Great Reset ideology.

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I agree 100%. The "renewables" industry (there is nothing renewable about wind and solar by the way) is another example of regulatory capture. Virtually anything marketed as "green" flies thru the regulatory process. And, talk about environmental destruction - how many people here have actually looked at the end to end process of producing wind turbines and solar panels, and examined their life span. Per Mark Mills (if you don't know who he is, look him up), roughluy 10 times the amount of raw materials are needed for wind and solar compared to fossil fuels per unit of energy produced. If you think the COVID lockdowns and policies were overbearing, you have not seen anything yet if the the Inflation Acceleration Act is fully implemented.

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Documentary on wind power: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2021/09/26/new-documentary-reveals-how-corrupt-and-destructive-green-energies-are-this-is-a-broken-system/

I believe what's really happening in our atmosphere is that pressure controls atmospheric temperature and dominates over radiative effects.

So to understand this mechanism, which is expressed in the lapse rate formulas, it doesn't matter what pressure or temperature or humidity system moves in at a given location, the pressure relationships described in the lapse rates and represented visually by skew-T diagrams hold. There's no distortion of these lapse rate profiles except for minor, temporary disturbances, and the Connollys have shown, using balloon data, that these pressure/temperature relationships are extremely consistent. There's no distortion of the pressure/temperature profiles, even though in theory there should be (by CO2.) CO2 is literally doing nothing: pressure effects dominate over radiative effects. That's why there still might be snow on high mountains even in summer.

This is a very brief summary of what I believe is really going on with atmospheric temperature. But aside from that, numerous scientists have pointed out the flaws in the theory of CO2 catastrophe and have been censored (i.e., relegated to "misinformation" websites, much as rebel Covid scientists have been.)

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Thanks for the link. I follow WUWT along with other sites and have watched those documentaries as well as others. As for co2 and climate change - it's an even bigger hoax than COVID. CO2 is a gas of life - it is plant food and without it, everything on this planet dies. That it has been labeled as a pollutant is an even more egregious lie than the vaccines are safe and effective, and IVM is simply horse medicine. Anyway, you and I could go back and forth for hours and could likely learn even more from each other. For anyone else reading this who may believe that we can replace fossil fuels with weather dependent, intermittent/variable and unreliable energy sources, ask yourself how wind turbines and solar panels will be produced without using fossil fuels since they can't produce sufficient energy to power the machinery used in their production - from the mining and processing of raw materials, transport of said materials, the energy intensive manufacturing process, site prep, onsite assembly, life cycle maintenance, and ultimate decommissioning. And, the life span of wind turbines is supposed to be 20 years, but they frequently fail in under 15 years, solar panels may have a useful life of 25 years - thermal plants using coal, gas or nuclear last decades and produce clean, reliable, and affordable energy and are far less environmentally destructive than so called renewables.

To get an idea, read https://manhattan.institute/article/mines-minerals-and-green-energy-a-reality-check

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For me NET ZERO = no humans / no plants

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Wasn't this what the documentary, "Planet of the Humans," all about? We aren't going to save the planet with renewables; the real problem is too many people.

Do I detect a pattern emerging?

Climate change justifies culling the population, doesn't it? Furthermore, the mindset that dictatorial powers are necessary (to save the planet, etc.) is contagious, isn't it? What do you suppose all the vaccine proponents who want vaccine mandates think of global warming? My guess is that each and every one of them buys into global catastrophe.

If dictatorial powers are necessary, then where does this slippery slope end? Answer: it doesn't.

This is who RFK, Jr really is: https://www.cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/craig-bannister/rfk-jr-climate-skeptics-should-be-hague-all-other-war-criminals

Remember: totalitarianism begins with censorship.

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Thank you for the documentary link.

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Good point. Some people think that if you burn a tree in your wood stove you are polluting with CO2. Trouble with that line of thinking is that if you leave the dead tree on the forest floor it will release CO2 into the air anyhow, just over a longer time as it decomposes.

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Agree 100%!!! The COVID pandemic was just a test run for them. If the UN succeeds in giving the WHO international emergency powers, then their so called ‘climate change’ would be the next ‘pandemic’ and will unleash their true tyrannical evil intentions. When this happens, which side of ‘justice and freedom’ will RFK Jr be?

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Yep, and for that matter, where would Trump be? Recommending another killer "beautiful vaccine" he is still pushing to this very day?

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Apr 13, 2023·edited Apr 13, 2023

No saviors … I believe in the power of the common people fighting back. But I do agree that RFK jr’s campaign and debates will be the key to finally bringing the corruption of the pandemic to the public eye and bring to light the ongoing fight that the FLCCC and many courageous others have been engaging in…

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We must be very, very careful. Yes, RFK, Jr could expose everything and then we'd all cheer and think we're winning. But then the monster waiting in the wings could be unleashed, and RFK, Jr is all about feeding the monster.

The monster is, of course, catastrophic CO2 warming. We'd be out of the frying pan and into the fire, and I don't mean from global warming.

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Of course other people are seeing what we're seeing.

I've followed the climate debate for years. I daresay that many in the medical freedom movement might be unaware of the depths of the debate, and how much the real science has been censored (where have we heard that story before?)

They figured out long ago that they could sell us anything if it's "SCIENCE!!!"

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I agree. No saviors. We have to save ourselves with God's help. I don't even trust the "he's the real deal." I don't believe anyone is the answer anymore.

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The plandemic is merely the latest and largest of test runs running all the way back to the 1840s in the US. We ignored TB in the 1930s; it mostly killed the poor. Ignored purposely infecting Tuskegee soldiers with syphilis; so what, only black folk.

Then delay & denial of cancer treatments in 1950s & 60s created even more profitable perpetual patients.

1970s & 80's Lyme & other tick-borne diseases exploded, but continued to be undiagnosed and misdiagnosed as other neurodegenerative diseases - MS, Parkinson's, ALS, Alzheimer's, etc. Again, delay and denial of treatment insured a new, ever growing cadre of profitable perpetual patients.

The '70s and '80s also saw the first cases of HIV/AIDS. It's been well documented what Fauci & others in US government alphabet agencies did to ensure profitable long-term hospitalizations preceding millions of deaths.

And isn't it curious that SARS-CoV-2 - spike proteins whether entering the body via infection or injection kill and disable was created by Ralph Baric in his UNC Chapel Hill lab and tweaked further when outsourced to Shi Zhengli and her dastardly crew at the Wuhan Institute?

They really set us up to blame China, when it was a collaboration of mad scientists from around the world from the get-go. Zhengli even spent several years at UNC Chapel Hill lab on a scientific visa prior to Baric's 2015 article in NATURE.

When responsible scientists raised a ruckus, Obama signed a moratorium on Gain of Function research, but Fauci convinced Obama to exempt UNC Chapel Hill until US patents were updated and awarded.

And nobody talks about the $28 BILLION we shipped to Wuhan when we offshore it for the final tweak.

SARS-CoV-2 research, development, tweaking and US patents were all paid for by DOD's DARPA & DTRA. YOUR tax dollars and mine.

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Correction: the men in the Tuskegee experiment were not soldiers, they were citizens, and they were not purposely infected with syphilis. They got it the old fashioned way. The crime was that they were not treated, even when treatment was available, to see how the disease progressed. The truth is bad enough, no need to embellish it.

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Thanks for correction & constructive criticism. Not embellishment. Simply a faulty memory & I keep mixing them up with the Tuskegee Airmen.

Fought for their country then came home and got shit on. Reprehensible.

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100% Correct Jim regarding Kennedy's massive blind spot re the climate bs.

As in our earliest biology classes! We breathe air in. We utilise the oxygen. We exhale CO2 out. Plant breath air in. They utilise the CO2. They exhale O2 out!

Here's an excellent exposure of how they cherry picked climate information to suit their evil agenda,


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An excellent video, Andy. Thanks!

I've been following the climate debate for years and it looks like you have, too. What people in the MFM might not understand is that as bad as official Covid science is, CO2 science is actually worse. Your video link is a short summary of how it's all make-believe science, and is highly recommended.

Is RFK Jr aware of this? No, he isn't and the reason he isn't is that he refuses to listen to climate "misinformation." He's a climate fanatic, his mind is made up, and he'll listen to nothing that contradicts The Great Narrative.

Wait, didn't Klaus Schwab write something about "the great narrative"???

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That’s what I fear too… that many are so focused on the battle of Covid while THEY have moved on to rage their war on so many other fronts… agriculture/climate change/5G etc. We are always 2 steps behind them without seeing the whole picture of their end game… their Agenda!

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Tony Heller has provided a wealth of info about how data has been manipulated to promote the lies surrounding everything climate. Donna Laframboise, an actual investigative journalist, has written extensively about the corruption of the IPCC. There is a lot of info out there, but you will find precious little in the MSM where few, if any, real investigative journalists exist anymore.

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Which is why if he ends up being a serious contender, a threat to the Democrat party's preference on who runs the presidency, they will surely try to assassinate him. They've already killed 2 Kennedy's and while you might think doing another would be risky the media will market it as being the Kennedy bad luck and not a conspiracy.

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My twin sister & I attended The Children’s Health Defense in Knoxville, to say the least it was life changing. Robert Kennedy does the right things for the right reasons. His actions speak louder than words. I am a conservative & Jesus follower. I am moved by his convictions ❤️🤍💙. I am praying.

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I am registered Independent, lean Conservative. I am very interested in Robert Kennedy’s run for President. I love what I have heard so far, am waiting to read more about his platform. I wish I could attend his rally but will certainly be watching. Praying for him. Hoping he doesn’t get Bernie Saundered by the Democrats - like Trump, his own party threatens him

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I wish I could be there. I’m originally from Boston and love RFK Jr. He is the first person I’ve been excited to vote for in my lifetime. Voting has always been such a chore of trying to pick the lesser of two evils. I definitely don’t feel that way about him. #TeamKennedy 👊🏼

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I love what RFK has done for the last 3 years and I also donate to the CHD, but I cannot get behind someone who isn’t pro-life because I believe that all lives matter. The pre-born need just as much protection as those who are born.

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Amen!!! Absolutely top priority for me too!!!💕

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Amen, Amen! Top priority for me too! 🙏

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Amen! Absolutely a requirement for me as well.

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Thanks Dr. Kory and AMD.... RFK Jr. Is immensely valuable with the war on the vaccine psyops. I hope RFK Jr addresses 💰Biden Inc. /💰 Zelensky Inc. Also, wars and rumors of wars with all these various countries . God help us 🙏☮️

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Connections to the London School of Economics and its Fabian roots as well Bro.


The founders were all eugenicists.

Fabian Societies logo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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Comment deleted
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You have family in high up places.

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He and Trump would be an amazing ticket. Even if they are on opposing sides it will be good for America. Of course in my biased and amazingly whimsical world, partly fantasy, it would better if they were on the same ticket.

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TheWitness, I agree with you completely. Trump and RFK, jr on the same ticket would be a formidable opponent to whomever is running against them. But I do not think RFK jr. will run Independent, not sure if Trump would either.

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Again, just speculating. What if he runs as a Democrat? The DNC Machine will not allow that as he is considered an outsider, but many long time Democrats will be all in. It's a big problem if you are in the Democrat establishment or the Deep State. On one hand, they could reject him, and then he finds himself either as a VP or as a member of Trumps cabinet (something he tried to do at the beginning of COVID but was talked out of), or he goes Independent. Then, if the RNC rejects Trump, the two of them partner. Well it's not likely as Trump is already on the record saying that our broken system will not allow third party candidates.

My ultimate Ticket would be Trump, RFK Jr., Tulsi Gabbard, Keri Lake and a few others whose names your would recognize, and of course Rand Paul, though he won't be on the cabinet, he will continue to be in Trumps inner circle. However, for Attorney General, we would need someone who is a bulldog and will use the Supreme Courts recent ruling on Civil Servants and their "At Will Status" to truly Drain the Swamp. I don't know who that candidate would be, and I imagine Trump would like to leave that one for the medias speculation, but I'm sure he/she will be a firebrand.

It's just a dream, but I do hope it comes true.

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I wouldn't mind seeing RFK Jr as attorney general if he runs and loses.

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I am praying for his safety first, and secondly that he will articulate the present state of the country and world that the US in entangled in, in a way that he can garner support from all colours of the political spectrum, but also to have real solutions that can work in the sight of many. I am excited about this call to duty!

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I worry about his safety too

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RFK Jr is 100 percent correct about the overreach of and collusion between the government and Big Pharma's destruction of American health through forced vaccinations with unproven toxins, and I support his efforts there.

On the other hand, he has become a tool of the marxist attempt to control the entire planet through propagation of false climate scares and CO2 fears. Those lies will lead to the destruction of American freedoms and the downfall of the U.S. economy.

Until RFK Jr realizes the falsehoods of "climate change" and its detrimental impact on America and the entire world, he is as useless a candidate as the rest of the Democrat pack of lunatics.

A lifelong Democrat, he has not rejected any of the other dangerous ideas the Left supports, such as abortion as contraception, open borders, teaching racism as if it is anti-racism, gender identity, reparations, etc.

Trump 2024.

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Spend money on the vaccine injured

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Amen! I am passionate about helping the vaccine injured and those around me are probably sick of hearing me talk about it. Too bad. 😊

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But they won't.

Tuskegee happened because we ignored government, medical, scientific, academic and corporate corruption, collusion, profiteering and racketeering.

Cancer happened because we ignored Tuskegee. HIV/AIDS happened because we ignored cancer. LongLyme and other tick borne diseases happened because we ignored HIV/AIDS. SARS-CoV-2 happened because we ignored LongLyme/TBDs.


Bio-weapons SARS-CoV-2 is a blessing in disguise to me. The accidental release from Wuhan has murdered and disabled even wealthy and comfortably middle class folks.

And the deadly and disabling SHOTS AND BOOSTERS MISCHARACTERIZED AS VACCINES have brought us to the point that every single US resident knows at least one person who died or became disabled if they survived shots or boosters.

A pretty extreme lefty, I've gotten to know and work shoulder to shoulder with everyone from disaffected Democrats to die hard MAGAs and found we have much more in common than we do in disagreement.

Though mainstream media won't cover protests in France, the Netherlands, China, all over Africa and South America and Australia, I believe we've reached the tipping point.

We snowflakes here in the US need to join forces with our brothers and sisters from MAGA to Communists.

We outnumber the elites, people. We don't even necessarily have to fight with guns unless it becomes necessary

We can commit to stellar & stealthy execution of property damage and monkey wrenching the machinery of commerce and death if we all work together.

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Never forget Henrietta Lacks 😢

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Sounds to me like the Medical Freedom Movement needs to get up to speed on the climate debate, and understand that yes, RFK, Jr is firmly behind the theory of climate catastrophe.

I've written about this here: https://jimreagen.substack.com/p/global-warming Scientist John Christy has an important graph, which I show, which was buried and obscured in the IPCC report. This is what's been going on. In another essay I explain in some detail another misleading graph that scientist Steve Koonin pointed out. https://jimreagen.substack.com/p/dismantling-the-monster-1

Lastly, read the comment that RFK, Jr pinned to the top in the comments section: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/marine-extinction-greenhouse-gas-emissions-cd/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=3df57295-760b-4041-a244-b155a3f30ac9

RFK, Jr is a true believer. This is a problem.

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Yeah, people, go and vote for the episod nr. 2 and for the climate change activist, is all you need now, to support the Green church and its activists. A 3 years plandemic theatre wasn't enough to wake you up. Sleep well and dream of "save the planet, kill yourself", because is coming.

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Life and respect for life is at the heart of issues we face. I must know if he will be a pro life President

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When you say ‘life,’ are you referring to just Human life or the life of this planet?

Because I, for one, definitely do not believe that it’s okay to destroy everything that’s natural and substitute it with man-made imitations and control the climate to stop it from changing to ensure human survival. We are not the final product of evolution.

Therefore, I do not believe that RFK jr is the answer. The war against their so-called climate change will be much worse than the battle of Covid.

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Food for thought. I intend to support his candidacy only so we can do away with the most dangerous vaccines that have caused the meteoric rise of chronic diseases in children over the last 40 years.

I feel like the biggest moron east of the Mississippi for vaccinating my now 34-year-old son even though I was aghast at how many more vaccinations were required in order for him to attend school.

When he was in high school or college the HPV vaccines were coming out and that's when I drew the line.

I not only spoke to the parents of all his friends, but made sure to vehemently oppose it on all my social media and email lists (yeah, I'm an oldster).

Further, as a disabled LongLyme/TBD survivor, I almost died from a flu shot in 2014.

Since then, I don't even vaccinate my dog except for rabies, because it's required to register her with the town.

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Thank you for sharing your story Terri…and this is the very reason why we are probably all here as we are grateful to people like Dr Kory for their fight… but just think…

If they are able to do all this at the drop of a hat, with limited powers and planning, and with no remorse, just think what the will do with unrestricted global powers to advance their well planned Agenda in the name of Climate Change?

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Absolutely a must. He is Catholic but that seems to matter less and less for those in the Democratic Party.

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I don't think he will. And as long as there are professed Pro-life folks who nevertheless support the death penalty we're not going to come to a meeting of the minds.

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Apples and oranges. Abortion is the deliberate murder of innocent life. Death Penalty is a penalty for heinous crimes.

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If he follows the democrat party platform he absolutely will be pro abortion. Except for JFK and RFK sr, I believe every Kennedy is very pro abortion. Just look at Uncle Ted's voting record.

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I’m so exited that RFK is running for president. First time voting democrat! I wish I could go to opening campaign as I am from the Boston area.

Dr. Kory, thank you for all you do. Thanks to all your work, CHD and the frontline doctors, I’ve finally been able to get husband to agree to not only no covid vaccine but no more other shots or boosters in the future. I had to negotiate and concede on other issues but this is my biggest issue and consider it life saving for my beautiful son. Thank you!

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Also, I’d love to help with campaign on some capacity

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1 in 3 children die from abortion. Do not vote for this horrific culture of dehumanizing children. Trafficking their organs and tissues. Traumatizing women.

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At this point, I would ask folks who have the opportunity to vote in primaries to vote for RFK in the primaries but withhold your commitment to vote for him in the general election until other questions are settled.

Sorry, but after the Bernie Sanders fiasco, I can no longer trust anyone who runs on the Democratic ticket.

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I like RFK and he grabbed my full attention with his speech on the bio labs, bio weapons, intelligence agencies and the creation of Covid. I am still pissed at Trump for supporting the vaccines and for ignoring the social media censorship done under 230 protections. I do not want to jump from one tyrannical power grab (with Covid), to another (climate change), so I have hesitations about RFKs stance on the CO2 nonsense. What I want is someone who will rip these gov agencies apart, fire everyone involved in them and expose the truth about the corruption. I want an end to the attack on free speech on social media. That takes courage and honesty, and whoever comes forward with the willingness to ruthlessly address these issues will get my vote.

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Agreed, sister. Dems & GOP 2 wings of the same vulture. Screw political brand. Support anyone who consistently demonstrates competence, intelligence, balls & integrity of any political stripe.

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I have one other comment and it is that power is constant even in ancient times. Read the dialog in Plato's Phaedo and see what they did before the time of Christ to a truth teller. This will convince you of the value of humanity as beings worthy of being! Unlike the royalists who look at us as beasts to be exploited by greed, class superiority and war for empire that has not stopped in all these centuries. The American system was supposed to end this but alas it was subverted by the British Empire by stealth. You see, we won the battles, but they won the war. Not familiar with the facts? Read Matt Ehret, the Canadian Patriot book series and find just what the truth is that has been hidden from us all. Read Lyndon Larouche as well. Another brilliant truth teller who was imprisoned to try and shut him up. Don't know who he was? I am not surprised but you know who Jullien Assange is right? This is what happens to the truth tellers, they are murdered or imprisoned, not elected President.

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I do have to say I’m a bit concerned for RFKs well-being. But maybe, just maybe, he can advert danger long enough to bring broad awareness to all the corruption??? Maybe?

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If we do not stop thinking in terms of just our country and start thinking on a global scale. Why do you suppose that we outsourced all of our manufacturing and destroyed the jobs of millions of working people? Both parties did this and they used the same excuse, competition and it was a lie! It was the beginning of the end. Now the covid scam has destroyed millions of small and medium businesses, a plan in order to bring about the global one world government! It is working perfectly. POTUS does not have the power that you think it does. The power behind these stooges is the power that is never seen, and this is by design. Think bigger, think critically, think outside the box before we all end up in a box. Every political office is an opportunity to get rich. Obama fooled everyone, and still has popular support. He got fabulously wealthy in office, and he did nothing of any import, nothing at all and yet the sheep still think he is some kind of hero who tried to fight the machine when he is part of the machine. Political theatre is all it is.

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I hear you. It is a sad reality indeed. Maybe I was too quick to allow that glimmer of hope. But it smoulders none the less. I have faith in humanity, recognizing the powers of greed and corruption are immense. It seems more and more likely to me these days that humans and civilizations have been here before. Patterns of destruction and rebirth... Many of us are already trapped, hands tied by uncertainty and responsibilities. I’m a mom of two, my priority is raising my children. More than happy to be part of a movement against the machine, no energy to start one. For now, all I feel I can do is teach my kids early to be weary of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Gov and reject digit ID and CBDCs for as long as possible. I’ll encourage them to be entrepreneurs and learn resiliency, hopefully set them up in a society of like minded people where we live modestly, grow some of our own food and avoid allopathic medicine. Maybe, just maybe, we will whether the storm. We might even thrive.

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There's a Turkish saying to the effect that the trees voted for the axe because his handle was made of wood and they thought he was one of them.

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Terri, I am not sure who this reference was directed to. Or what it is exactly supposed to be a reference of, sorry, Jack. Ps. Please explain.

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Can't see my comment. Been having phone issues. Let me run by Verizon., & I'll get back to you.

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Jack you sound like you were all in on Obama and now have buyer's remorse. Thinking of our country first is a good place to start since we rule the world. Do not tell Trump or the democrats that the POTUS does not have the power that he thinks he has because Trump is determined to get back in office kick ass and take names and they are scared to death. Indeed they are absolutely terrified of him and so is China and Russia and the rest of the world. Trump is acting like he would be the leader of the free world returned with a vengance or something, imagine that ?

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I am sorry, I was not all in on Obama as he was just another tool of empire. As for Mr. Trump, well I will ask you just what it was that he did to have so many enthralled with him? What exactly did he do in terms of draining the swamp. Do you not realize that if they do not want anyone in office, they will not be in office. The phrase kick ass and take names is one we used in the military, are you a former combat veteran? I ask because we used this all the time during Viet Nam! It is and was a stupid thing to say just as the other one was, it was yours is not to reason why, yours' is but to do or die. Both mindless but they worked on stupid young men like me. When I realized just what that meant, do not question ever just do as you are told, sacrifice yourself for colorful ribbons and shiny medals. If you think the rulers of the planet are scared to death, then you are not familiar with the reality of the world. Do yourself a favor and read just two books! First The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire; Its Origins, Evolution, and Antihuman Outlook, by Robert Ingraham, and the second is Murder by injection. Just these two will give you an indication of just what reality is as opposed to what you think it is. I will say again that POTUS is a puppet and does not have the power you think. Trump being a leader of the free world is a fantasy because there is no free world.

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Good Morning Jack

Glad you were up

With regard to Trump he face off against the corrupt media like no other candidate that I have ever seen and called them on their BS. Who else did that?

With regard to the swamp has anyone else say Busch or Nixon or Cheney or Busch II ever properly identified the bureaucracy that has ruled the country by fiat since the days of the JFK assassination?

Of course I realize that they want to control the office of the POTUS that is why it is a swamp. Either we will fight for the country or surrender it.

I am not a combat veteran. Thank you for your service and patriotism. My great grandfather was a slave and we have numerous war veterans and heroes on both sides. One who fought with Theodore Roosevelt as a roughrider and buffalo soldier in the Spanish American war. I do vote and I am willing to engage.

I do not think anything I am just observing their conduct as the conspirators are acting terrified by making up laws and creating crimes where there were none and fomenting an air of distrust and suspicion.

I am probably not as old as you and I certainly did not fight in any formal military engagements but I did train the military surgeons on how to operate on gunshot wounds in the 1980’s and 90’s in Urban Los Angeles hospitals that saw more automatic gunfire than the Vietnam conflict.

Murder by injection, I just read a few pages of. This book although well intended economically for the writer is amateurish by my standards. The writer is not intimately knowledgeable about the practice of medicine and has not taken care of a single patient. The writer is not a physician and being a disgruntled journalist is not really a virtue. Medical history is important but does not supplant actual scientific knowledge and other than his mostly uninformed opinion the author offers no scientific evidence to support his opinions.

He suggest that vaccines are bad. He has no scientific proof and has no academic standing to offer any. He does not describe any mechanisms of action any embryological, neurological, hematological or immunological basis for his distrust per se but quotes the works of others and has no first hand scientific facts.

I have on the other hand read over 10,000 articles on viruses and vaccines going back to 2008 after my daughter became afflicted with autism. I come from a family of 8 physicians and surgeons. I am a surgeon and read with a knowing and intense interest in the subject matter.

I have persuaded my daughter not to go into medicine for reasons that would require another page. You are experiencing the corporate tyranny in America and the fascist relationships between government and corporations. You have probably figured that out though.

Vaccines have been bullshit FOREVER. However, we were taught in medical school that they saved lives and so on. Complete and utter nonsense. So that author cannot educate me as I have forgotten more that he ever learned or will learn. People thoght I was crazy when I told them about vaccines. They thought I was nuts. I am well educated and speak my mind TO ANYONE. I enrolled in law school just to have my voice heard.

To give you an analogy. A person who never visited or fought in Vietnam could not begin to illuminate for you or any other frontline veteran of that war the problems, issues and challenges you encountered as a survivor of that ill fated war. That would be laughable and you would laugh, out loud. You are a proud soldier and you should be. That war lasted from 1955-1975 and the US direct involvement was about 8 years officially but our involvement was probably a lot longer and you would know that. I only know the stuff I read on the web. I was too young to go.

Well I have been a surgeon for over 30 years. I come from a long line. I began my interest in medicine in 8th grade. So a person writing a book like that can only be considered a lightweight, at best. I am laughing out loud.

He does not know anything and could never catch up in lifetime. Any expericence he has had is anecdotal and not supported by any literature.There are just too many experiences that are supported by the literature and some not in a book and could never be relived. With respect to medicine I know your reality waaaay better than you do and certainly waaay better than he does.

Trump may never be president again. However he made the world sit up and take America serious again. Our only way forward maybe as Jefferson suggested. The refreshing of the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots. We certainly have no shortage of tyranny and tyrants. Question is soldier do we have enough patriots and the will to be America again? Again thank you for your service.

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Sorry you lost my attention with these statements. You apparently do not know history or reality for that matter so let's just leave it alone, ok? We can agree to disagree, Jack.

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Sorry but with the yuan replacing the dollar as the only acceptable currency to purchase oil, the US is no longer a superpower.

Other countries look at the laziness and stupidity of the average US citizen and are horrified by how easily duped & brainwashed we are.

Our political candidates are so bad I haven't voted for more than one or two candidates on an entire ballot since Obama was elected to his second term.

I either leave the circles blank or do write-ins.

I believe it's important that registered voters show up to the polls even if there is no one worth voting for and we submit a completely blank ballot.

Plus, it comes up the works and makes local state and federal boards of elections number crunch repeatedly to figure out the discrepancies.

Since our voting machines are so easily hacked now, I advise folks to vote by affidavit ballots which are paper.

Either way, be sure to shoot a pic of your ballot before it is submitted so they can't fudge the exit polls.

It's technically against the law in New York but I do it anyway. G'head, call the cops and let them write me a desk appearance ticket, LOL.

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There is truth to us losing our status as a superpower no doubt.

Patrick Henry if I recall correctly pointed out that freedom requires control of the purse and the sword. The loss of control of the purse creates a serious impediment to our being a superpower

The presence of nuclear arms and the most powerful military in the world argues persuasively that we are still a superpower.

You last voted for Obama correct? I had hoped he would be better but he represented a broken promise and a failed opportunity on the grandest of all stages. I did not vote for Mr Obama because his ideology is a failed one. He and Bill Clinton will be credited with bringing debauchery and depravity into the hearts and minds of Americans.

The lefts clear agenda is playing out before us.

I believe Trump is worth voting for. I believe the previous election was stolen and the theft of elections will continue until it is exposed and thwarted .

The same people who told you that the virus was naturally occurring and that the vaccine was safe and effective told you the electrons were free and fair. All BS from people who engage in BS regularly. These are the same people who tout childhood vaccines as safe and effective. ALL BS

Difference is now more people know it because after buying into it they were maimed and injured by the vaccines.

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I am concerned and praying for President Trump. He has had 16 assassination attempts. He was asked to run for President by the US Military ( White Hats) to take down all of this corruption and he is.

Have you read all of His Executive Orders? Do you know anything about Military Law?

The Democrats are destroying American. They want to start WW3. They lied to you about Ukraine.

Zelensky is an actor.

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I agree, I’m concerned for Trump as well. I’m not an American so I don’t follow too closely but I am very concerned about what is happening there with your current party. It’s bad here in Canada with the Liberals. At this point though, I personally have lost faith in all politics. I do have to say I like how bold Trump is, especially in this video: https://youtube.com/shorts/s_Pr73C7Qjc?feature=share

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Dems & GOP are two wings of the same vulture. Both parties are beholden to wall street, big oil, big insurance, big pharma, big agriculture & both the prison & military industrial complexes.

Stupid US residents of both parties hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two evils and races from school boards, to villages, towns, counties States and federal districts throughout the country.

Voters should leave both major parties and register as an unaffiliated voter in states that don't force people to register to vote in a major or minor party.

Voters also need to learn you don't have to vote in every race. If there's not a candidate of sufficient intelligence, integrity and competence, don't pull the lever or fill in the circle. Leave that particular race blank or write in a candidate of your choice.

There are years I've gone to the polls and only voted for two or three candidates. In some years, I voted for no one, either didn't pull any levers or fill in any circles or did all write-ins.

I'm leaning toward agreeing with some of the younger activists who have just stopped voting completely.

While I agree we need to move away from most commerce, sick care, government agencies, poverty pimp "non-profits" & other NGOs and build parallel systems, I'm on the fence about whether to just stop participating in a rigged electoral political system.

I've been pretty disgusted since given the illusion of choice between $hillary Clinton & the Orange Moron. Felt like you may as well ask me if I prefer ass rape by power drill or red hot poker.

Felt the same way about the Sleepy Joe v 45 cycle.

Had a glimmer of hope and a couple of days of respect for Trump when he was talking about hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. But he let Fauci and the rest of his cabinet bully and confuse him on Covid and several other issues.

While I'm encouraging folks eligible to vote in primaries to vote for RFK, I'm asking that no one commit to him in the general election until we see who the other major and minor parties put up and have some robust debates and dialogues.

I'm reminded of the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times".

On the one hand it's maddening on the other laughable.

Life is a free show. Simply observing is entertaining as hell.

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You certainly are entitled to your opinion as am I.

First of all, I will always vote and no one tells me who to vote for.

Second: We have different philosophical views, etc. I also don’t call people names, like stupid or orange moron. Or your vulgar sentence ‘ ass rape’, etc.

I also don’t consider life as a free show. I worked hard and now I serve others. If I don’t like something , I make the change. I don’t complain.

I also like politics and follow what is happening globally. I also like history.

No man or woman is perfect. ( including you or me). To criticize is easy. To understand a person you need to walk in their shoes.

I also noticed that you don’t know many things.


President Trump was asked to run for President by the Military. The US has been in Military Occupation since 2016. The ‘ Real Trump’ has been in a secure Military Complex since 2019. He is the Commander In Chief of 1 Million Federalized National Guards.

There are several ‘ Double Trump’s for security reasons. There are thousands of sealed indictments and arrests being made behind the scenes.

You were correct that Trump talked about HC & Ivermectin. ( Those are two of the ingredients in his vaccine). On Truth Social it states the ingredients of Trump’s vaccine and Biden’s mandated vaccine. I suggest going on that site and following some people. You will learn a lot of information.

One of Trump’s children has a vaccine injury ( long before Covid).

I am grateful for the Global Militaries who risk their lives for us.

Your comment - ‘ Entertaining as hell’.

I wish no man to go to hell. It is not entertaining.

Have a nice evening!

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Wow, I have to say that this is a lot of unproven information. Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain is one of my favorites when it comes to truth telling. I think his quote is apropos here! " It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Global militaries, really, grateful. What exactly have they done for you? Are you familiar with what a Manchurian candidate is? You put an operative inside an organization who makes statements that appear to be just what you want to hear, not realizing they are actually undermining for the powers that plan to enslave you. COENTELPRO sound familiar? Tell me what the greatest military in the world did over the last fifty years that has you so enthralled! I have some reading for you and a red pill as well.

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My favourite truth teller is the Holy God.

I am very red pilled!

I am also not going to argue with anyone including you

So here is some information that you can read:

Article 11 of the Constitution.

Law of War Manual 2015/2016.

Military Justice Act 2016.

Federal Continuity Directives 1 & 2 Stafford Act

National Emergencies Act

First & Second War Powers Act

Executive Orders 13823, 13825,13848,13912, 13919, 13963

10 US Code 47, 1209, 12304, 12406

That should take you awhile.

Then download a flight tracker app and track some military planes. They are up globally and they all aren’t doing training. Then tap on the plane and look at their call signs and the type of planes.

I am not sure what you have against the Military but as you are pretending to be such a red pilled, keyboard hero, some of them have died for your/ our freedoms.

So, you say they are ‘ unproven’??? Do you know how many sealed Indictments there are? Do you know who expanded GITMO? Do you know anything about the Starlink Satellites? Have you read anything about the DUMBS? ( Deep Underground Military Bases)?

Do you know when the Military Tribunals will be?

Do you know that Ukraine never applied to be a sovereign national after the 2014 Obama/Soros Coup? Do you know that Putin is President of Ukraine? How many countries does President Trump have alliances with?

So WOW Jack, you have been CHECKMATED!

End of Conversation.

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Meh, not a MAGA, and can't verify or dismiss your claim.

I have nicknames for everybody. Actually stole ORANGE from one of my older brothers. Don't recall whether invented or appropriated $hillaryClinton. But it's accurate.

Nobody's telling you how to vote, sister. Believe I wrote " I'm encouraging people...".

I like sharing RFK Jrs book.

I'm on eastern Long Island in NY. How 'bout you. Depending on where you are we could meet for coffee, discussion & debate.

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Absolutely correct. That's why I've been encouraging those who are able to vote for him in the primaries to do so. He will then have a platform to expose US Gov't, scientific, medical, legal, academic, and media corruption, collusion, profiteering and racketeering.

But it's too early to go all in for RFK. There are many other questions to be asked and dialogues to be had before anyone commits to voting for him in the general election.

I was a straw candidate for the Dems back in my younger days. Ran the numbers & was assured I'd lose but given free rein to raise unpopular issues. Got scared when Newsday endorsed me. Think they saw a Suffolk Life article that quoted me saying a government program in effect at the time was "an obscene bastardization of original intent". LOL, had a knack for speaking in sound bites back then. Called up the operative who recruited me, cursing, "God damn it Joe, I'm a single mother with a kid in elementary school! You and Dominic told me this couldn't happen". Turns out our local daily was pretty lefty at the time and just wanted to tweak the incumbent, the moron daughter of a former Town supervisor who had no business in the New York State Assembly. It's funny now, but I was scared & furious at the prospect of actually having to serve a term in Albany. Thank God it never turned into some Manchurian Candidate fluke!

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