She was a disaster as Health Secretary of North Carolina. I can not think of a worse pick for CDC director than her. People suffered and some businesses never recovered under her and Cooper's orders. Everyone who participated in ordering these lockdowns and business closures belongs in a prison cell for the rest of their lives so they can think about all of the damage they caused and the people they hurt.

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Jun 27, 2023·edited Jun 27, 2023

Thank you Dr Kory.

I was moved to tears seeing you give the most heartfelt plea to the USA Congress early on in the ‘shenanigans’ to be ‘allowed’ to use repurposed medications which you knew worked. I have never forgotten it and now I subscribe to your substack as I sense you are a doctor who has the integrity, intelligence and passion to carry on regardless of whatever they try to throw at you.

All it takes is just a few good men and women to fight this evil that is all around us. You are one of best.

May God bless and protect you Dr Kory and your family.

In the end, God always wins..

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Jun 27, 2023·edited Jun 27, 2023

Meet Rochelle Walensky's replacement at the CDC: Dr. Mandy Cohen, former public health dept director in North Carolina.

Here she is, Mandy Cohen in her own words, on video:


Quoting a commenter on Twitter regarding the video clip:

"New CDC Director Mandy Cohen recalls how she and her colleagues came up with COVID mandates during her time as NC Health Director. “She was like, are you gonna let them have professional football? And I was like, no. And she’s like, OK neither are we.” (Cohen discussing a telephone conversation with her counterpart in Massachusetts.)

As Megan Basham (Daily Wire) posted on Twitter re the same video clip:

"Turns out “following the science” is just two junior high girls checking in to see what the other is wearing to the party."

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I like your strategy. You are absolutely correct in taking a path that might enlighten more & more people!

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The CDC will never have credibility again.

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Another Useful Idiot. There is no cleaning up the toilette known as the CDC. Completely corrupt and useless and has been for decades. Close it down, Knock it down and start over in another state like Wyoming or some place where they still believe in God Family and Education.

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When will Fox News (or any other outlet) allow the REAL IMPORTANT truth to be spelled out? As in: THE mRNA VACCINES DID THE OPPOSITE OF SAVING LIVES.

All-cause mortality went UP post-vaccine in almost all mRNA vaccinated nations. Polls of American adults found that 28% know someone who died unexpectedly following vaccination, and such unexpected post-vaccine deaths were similarly common as COVID deaths themselves, in spite of COVID being around for a year longer than the vaccines. And most importantly, the gold-standard randomized clinical trials done by Pfizer and Moderna themselves showed "4 killed for every 3 saved" even at the height of the pandemic, and a 45% increase in cardiovascular deaths with mRNA vaccines compared to placebo.




When will they allow these truly IMPORTANT facts to be spelled out? I'm not holding my breath.

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Your "transformation" is much appreciated! I've watched you and Dr. Marik speak so many times with such passion, caring and expertise - often with tears in my eyes over what you've endured and endured with dignity and perseverance. Thank you for that even as Biden & others take "another step in the wrong direction." Government agencies have been so fully captured by Pharma for decades. It makes me wonder if "we the people" will ever be able to reverse this trend that moves ever closer to full blown tyranny.

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“(they weren’t mistakes)”

Thank you for continuing to say this, Pierre.

It has been a privilege to witness your journey of awakening to the fact that Mistakes Were NOT Made (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-one-poem-to). You have demonstrated admirable humility and bravery in your willingness to acknowledge what you previously did not see and then recalibrating your understanding of the world accordingly.

And I totally get your strategic approach to the messaging and have employed it in pieces like the following:

• “Letter to the Stanford Daily” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-stanford-daily)

In the case of that article, my goal was to use Stanford’s own “authoritative sources” to demonstrate their fallacious reasoning and life-endangering policies.

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What a crazy world we live in that you can’t openly say what is true. I guess it has probably been this way many times in the past as well. It just seems like a foreign concept to those of us growing up in America.

Thank you for doing your best to highlight what should happen if government was functioning as an entity for the people. Maybe more people will demand that from government at the next election. Maybe not. Perhaps the elections are as compromised as the medical system? Big pharma definitely controls the media so that’s enough to throw the elections without even tampering with the machines. I’m guessing a candidate that is not owned by big pharma (like Kennedy) has little chance of making it through the primaries. At least Kennedy is educating the public on just how deeply corrupted the government institutions are with each interview and speech.

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I wish I shared your optimism....How does one give guidance re cleaning up an "act" which is a criminal endeavor. However, an "act" lead by a venal, corrupt, heartless government operative who reads a script and has sold her soul for what I am not sure. With a CDC like this I know that we are all doomed when the WHO finally takes over healthcare as we "know it". It can get worse and probably will.

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We can rest assured that if the Biden administration could have found anybody worse for the job than Cohen, they would have.

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I'm glad they picked a true believer. Why? She's gonna make a mess because she avoids the truth in her delusion.

Wallensky was a mess but on some level she knew it's BS. That's why she could lie so easily and twist things.

This woman is just going to sound dumb.

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Increased Deaths Associated with Loneliness and Social Isolation

A meta analysis of 90 prospective studies and 2.2 million individuals https://mobeensyedmd.substack.com/p/increased-deaths-associated-with?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=767928&post_id=131298734&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

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Your approach is 100% correct. The captured agencies have too much at stake to reverse course unless "We the People" -- properly armed with EDUCATION -- make it so. Thank you for:

1. Realizing what you're up against and

2. Never giving up in spite of #1.

FLCCC has saved more lives than you will ever know. We don't need no schtinkin' CDC when we have FLCCC. If only everyone realized it. Certainly RFK Jr. does realize this, and so much more!

P.S. Never thought I'd vote for a Democrat for President, but if RFK Jr. wins the Democrat primary, I'll most certainly consider it. I've been watching his work through Children's Health Defense (https://childrenshealthdefense.org/) and The Defender Podcast (https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/rfkjr) and am convinced that he's the most honest, well-qualified, uncaptured man for the job.

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Thanks Dr. K. As a Brit. I'm amazed that lobbying is allowed in UK & USA. Used to called Bribery & Corruption back in the day.

Both agencies are now 100% discredited & not fit for purpose. CDC, USA. MHRA UK.

Their part in the evil of the scamdemic is beyond doubt. As such every single member of both agencies should be in Courts of Law. On trial for aiding & abetting GENOCIDE & Crimes Against Humanity.

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