The gold-standard randomized clinical trials done by Pfizer and Moderna themselves had a 45% increase in cardiovascular-related deaths with mRNA vaccination compared to placebo, and a net result of "4 killed for every 3 saved" even at the height of the pandemic and at peak vaccine effectiveness.



Plus, there are the Rasmussen polls revealing that 28% of American adults (and 33% of Democrats) have personally witnessed an unexpected death that they believe was caused by the vaccine specifically. Since these poll respondents would have had direct, detailed, personal knowledge about the deaths that they witnessed, the information from these polls is extremely valuable.



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Thank you for the citations

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I hope you don't mind if I repost your comment in my Substack, I hope to get the word out and this is a good post with source links. The post will be live the morning of Aug 17 8am EST. I think you click on my username here to go to my substack. Thanks!

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Aug 13, 2023·edited Aug 13, 2023

Of course I don't mind, in fact I 100% encourage getting the word out about the most salient evidence. I believe it is not just an important service to humanity, but actually a NECESSARY thing to do at this point. It is terrible that people are STILL playing the "we really don't know" game by ignoring the damning evidence, and exploiting the fact that it is impossible to have "certainty" or "absolute proof". For a life-and-death matter like this with millions harmed (deaths + grieving family members + injuries), it is a moral imperative to acknowledge the evidence indicating the MOST LIKELY cause of the deaths + injuries, and fully investigate those deaths + injuries and their patterns in an HONEST, THOROUGH, and PUBLIC manner.

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Please stop using the word ‘vaccine’!

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Excellently constructed article for the main stream.

Just getting people to think!

Could there be another explanation for excess deaths.

Had been calling for an investigation since Jan 22.

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"USA" Today slipped in a video by Nada Hassanein, "Medical Inequities Reporter" (🤡,😂). I watched, thinking it was part of the article. It's to "make people think" that "medical inequity" is a legit suspicion; BONUS: Non-Cancellable & PC! "This has been going on a very long time"; i.e. nothing new, "white privilege", capitalism etc. Plus a link to "Climate change: Extreme heat is killing more people - and the worst is yet to come" (😱). Two "legit" suspicions planted. Who needs more?

So there it is. "USA" Today sabotaged the article to keep folks from thinking "vaccine". No comment section to discuss that F'ery or raise covid "vaccines" as a likely cause. Might be worth writing to letters@usatoday.com. Probly a waste of time, i.e. they won't print it.

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Absolutely correct as usual. Amazing what comes from the mind of a genuine medical professional. You and Prof Paul Marik were amongst the first of the few to realise Ivermectin treated covid. 3 years later the FDA finally agrees.

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I personally hope the FDA's "too little too late" concession will finally open the legal flood gates for families of the deceased who were denied Ivermectin by their doctors and their hospitals.

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They have sovereign immunity

Nothing will happen except a massive fine/petty wrist slap and more Vs in the pipeline foisted on the herd for turd immunity

They are too big to fail

Same with fighser and many involved

It’s taken many decades to set things in place for this to happen

The only constant is massively rapid change

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God has been a witness to every back room deal, every conspiratorial whisper. His patience is not to be construed as weakness. He is just.

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My understanding is that fraud trumps indemnity, and there are plenty of people working hard to expose the fraud. Time alone will tell if they will be successful, at least in part . . . .

Here's just one sample of what is coming:

> https://drtrozzi.org/2023/03/03/dr-david-martin-phd-mass-murder-charges-coming-soon/

Here's more from David Martin, for those who are interested:

> https://workflowy.com/s/beyond-covid-19/SoQPdY75WJteLUYx#/5c2428dc9364

(Page may take a few moments to load)

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OMG! This is appalling, Dee Dee! I'll be reviewing and adding a link to your article into my "red pill" library: BeyondC19.org

Will let you know when the link is available.

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No charges are likely to stick other than those resulting in fines and payouts

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You're probably right. I will be hoping for more . . . .

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I must have missed this admission by the FDA. Can you point me to a source?

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The question will pharmacist fill the prescription? I had no problem getting a prescription from my doctor, but the Fred Meyer in Oregon would not fill it and the pharmacy board backed up the pharmacist as acting within the purview of their license. That was the case pretty much everywhere.

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In our area, independent compound pharmacies filled the prescriptions for I.

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I would like to see that as well. My buddy acknowledges it so something big happened that I missed.

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In twenty-eight years of teaching I never missed a day of work due to illness.

Less than thirty days after my booster shot (which I took on pain of losing my livelihood if I didn't) I had a stroke.

That was a year and a half ago. Neither VAERS nor Moderna have followed up on the adverse event reports I filed.

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Hope you're on your way to a full recovery!

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So sorry to hear this Patrick. Hope the FLCCC protocols are helping. Your story is so clear and so graphic surely it must penetrate even those indoctrinated minds where data and graphs can't seem to penetrate. I hope you are spreading it far and wide.

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Mrs carol

That is like saying a Muslim will entertain Jewish beliefs

The indoctrination foisted on the world has left it’s mark on many and a new awareness to many

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Aug 12, 2023·edited Aug 17, 2023

Nuremberg isn't enough. A government-run show-trial, as the original Nuremberg was, likely wouldn't at all hold accountable those at the top, those most responsible for the mass-murder. Yes, some Nazis were hung, and some spent many years in prison (if they truly did and weren't secretly "transferred" to the U.S. to work for the U.S. government under Operation Paperclip---over a thousand of them), far too many of them ended up becoming U.S. citizens, and many others went on living their lives, planning for the "Fourth Reich", in South America (there is even evidence Hitler was among the latter, and that it wasn't him who died in the Berlin bunker).

Look at how practically everyone, from the U.S. government to their neo-Nazi propaganda-arm, the MSM, is presently covering up that the "Covid 'vaccines'" debacle was, and continues to be, a genocide, a mass-murder of epic proportions (but they are quite-successfully preventing most people from knowing that). Do you think that if they felt compelled to put on a "neo-Nuremberg", a contemporary show-trial, to supposedly hold all those responsible for this present "eugenicide" accountable, they would truly do so? Heck, those in charge of it might be some of those who also have that blood on their hands, involvement in responsibility for the very genocide they're "investigating", just as there were those high-up on the 9/11 Commission who were deep state insiders who made sure that much of the 9/11 evidence never saw the light of day, particularly that proving controlled demolition.

Short of "We the People" of the world taking our countries and governments back, and then a government-recognized, independent citizen-inquiry with subpoena power, and power to hand out sentences, holding a "neo-Nuremberg", our seeing any True Justice in this present "(Ashke)Nazi"/Zionist attack on the entire world, is wishful thinking. Our governments aren't going to be allowed to be taken back (for one thing, it would take a literal civil war that we wouldn't stand a chance in against the firepower of the government---they've made sure of that). And there's likely never going to be a "neo-Nuremberg" even contemplated, let alone allowed to take place.

The West is now completely captured. Most of the citizenry of the Western countries are completely bowing down to the darkness and evil that have pretty-much taken over entirely. As soon as the citizenry began massing-together and showing any serious "threat" of possibly being successful in taking their governments back, all of the overwhelming force of Western and allied forces would be brought to bear against them, and they would all be mowed down or imprisoned without trial in black sites, experimented on or murdered in custody, never to be heard from again. That is how powerful this "Fourth Reich" tyranny is. We wouldn't stand a chance against it. Any massing of the number of people necessary to apparently "have a chance", would likely be dealt with, and crushed completely, long before they ever got to the point of critical mass.

God is our only hope in this time of universal deceit. The corporate-fascist revolution is now taking place, and they are a behemoth that has prepared for practically every contingency, including the chances of mass-revolt, and is completely-prepared to take whatever action(s) they deem necessary to quell any possibility of success in overthrowing them. Short of the power of God coming to bear against these Godless mobsters and monsters, we're only going to see, and suffer, the misery of Orwell's "1984". Palestine is an experiment and example for how to successfully mass-open-air-imprison almost the entire population of those who survive the "vaccines". I "hate" to say it, but we will be a much more manageable number then---if we don't stop globalism in its tracks, before it's too late, if it isn't already too late.

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Outstanding comment. I agree completely with everything you said. Put on the whole armor of God. This evil is beyond our human control. 🙏🙏🙏

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The father of one of my daughters friends dropped dead at home last week, he’d recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour out of the blue.

He decided he didn’t want to spend his life in hospital so came home to live as normal as possible.

By his own choice he had a dnr put on his notes for if and when the time come.

I’m reality he died from a combination of his brain tumour, catching pneumonia which put a strain on his heart to give up.

Of course in the autopsy it was noted he had CovId when he died, it didn’t kill him, had little to do with what finished him off but they just can’t give up the ghost on testing people so they can carry on with their little ruse.

I mean literally why is a single person being tested for something we’re told we have to live with.

They cannot stop themselves with the fear factor so pointless testing keeps those numbers up.

A few weeks ago my oldest, best friend lost her mother to lung cancer, pneumonia got her really.

While she lay there they came into her room to perform a CovId test, my friend told them there was no way they were doing one and to leave her alone.

Between them her and her oldest brother guarded their mother’s bed night and day to stop them doing a pointless test including taking her blood pressure while she laid there dying.

The question we all should be asking is, if CovId is endemic and not a thing then why the hell are they desperately looking for it.

All this constant testing is to justify all the crap they did for something and nothing that wasn’t even a risk for the majority.

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Despicable. Perform a c0vld test? Well, then, why not a flu test, and an RSV test, and well, an entire respiratory viral panel?

Because they must still be getting 💰💰💰 for c0vld. 👿

Evil. Good for her family to stand guard. What a shame.

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Each test and unnecessary procedure is a cash point. They were using that poor woman as a hospital ATM really. Sickening. Hint of Covid by useless probing is money in the hand--lots of it.

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The tests are nasal vaccines. Like they use on cattle and sheep. They will infect you one way or another. Beware.

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Comment deleted
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Ok bioweapons

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Because an election is fast approaching, perhaps?

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This is so sick! Surprised they didn’t throw a vent on her for more money. This is also to creep up the numbers for the last ditch effort for a fall second phase scare. They will wring out the last drops from Covid then move on to Disease X.

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I suspect that if her family were not averse they would have. Need that test before the Remdesivir and vent.

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Surprised that you got this published in USA Today, since they surely knew who you are. Your reputation must not be that bad, and the evidence of increased deaths is getting harder to ignore. There is a new anti-woke trend catching on, and part of that trend is questioning COVID policies & COVID shots. USA Today is trying to stay current.

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Finally it’s starting to happen! Guarded excitement.. Thank you Dr Kory for taking the cautious approach.

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Cognitive dissonance and denial are strong. But as the Matrix breaks down more, people will have to Wake Up as their lives and freedoms will depend on it.

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I just keep hoping they will wake up before it is too late . . . .

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I heard you speak at the Expert Panel Meeting convened by Senator Ron Johnson and I wrote about the event on my blog on Medium. Within hours, my Medium account was canceled.

Keep telling the truth.

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Thanks for the heads up, Patrick, on your experience with Medium. Criminal.

If you are interested, you might be able to find your article in the Internet Archive:

> https://web.archive.org/

And here are some other publishing alternatives:

> https://workflowy.com/s/beyond-covid-19/SoQPdY75WJteLUYx#/10e0fa8e4ae5

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Keep at it Pierre!

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I texted the article link to family.

If “vaccine” had been mentioned it would not have been published.

I stunned that it was.

Thank you

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Aug 12, 2023·edited Aug 12, 2023

I sent it to my state and local electeds in Boston and Massachusetts, but I also shared it to my local neighborhood Google groups that a lot of the politicians read. They're always posting to my neighborhood groups about how they're still testing our wastewater for covid, so I thought, why not send the excess death article? I was waiting for something mainstream like this, because if it comes from any source my neighbor's consider alternative, they'll turn their nose up at it. I've still shared information from Bobby's CHD and independent analysis of VAERS data with my neighborhood groups but the USA Today one was a big win in my opinion. They don't view that paper as spreading "conspiracy theory. " Thank you Dr. Kory!! 👏👏👏👏

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Right on, PJ! Here in Boston, MA - a major epicenter of Covid madness - we need all the help we can get!

And yeah, Dr. Kory ROCKS!

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That because it’s from climate change 😅not v

Climate =C=3



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It was an excellent piece IMO. The funny thing is that as I shared it with family members who are slowly opening their eyes to the sheer amount of corruption that occurred with the "pandemic". I received a response of "So what is it? The vaccine? Why don't they say it?". Waking up the propagandized populace is not easy and I thank you for your service and continuing to be the lightning rod for truth of what really happened!

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Keep writing!

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Love your work Pierre. This article in USA Today made "The List", a selection of excess deaths & illness mystery articles I have collected, articles eager to discuss all-&-any possible explanation except of course, the obVious.

But when I have shared the USA Today link, I have made a point of showing that the authors are vaccine sceptics & that they have deliberately left the magic "V" word out of the article in order to get it published. Which I kinda worked out all on my own but which you have just confirmed for me.

Anyway. Thanks for your due diligence.

Anyone interested in my writing, please subscribe. It's subversive, & it's free.

The USA Today article has been added to the bottom of this in replies - https://alternativenarrative.substack.com/p/dont-mention-the-vaccines

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Of course they left the magic "V" out. It's the Lord Voldemort of our reality. He who cannot be named.

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Hahahaha Harry Potter. Made my day that did Hahahaha.


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The story has this ridiculous statement in it

"Climate change:Extreme heat is killing more people – and the worst is yet to come"

This is how tricky they are with their propaganda/messaging...

That statement is not part of the article, it is an ad link to another article 

But clearly it is placed in a way to make the reader want to connect this mysterious excess death to climate change, which we knew was going to be the ultimate bizarre unprovable explanation that would be shoved down our throats. 

Lying to this extent is self-destructive and non-sustainable.

Any real practioner of medical arts understands one thing: unless you find and address the root cause of a problem, the outcome will be poor at best and most likely disastrous.

If the root cause is vaccine injury and we focus on climate change the morbidity and mortality will continue to rise, exponentially. 

Is that the goal? Who knows. Whats done is done, now we sit back and watch the show.

And if you don't like horror flicks and are easily haunted by nightmares, it might be better not to watch... Because this is going to be worse than anything Hollywood ever conjured up. 

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There is clearly an attempt to make climate change the latest bogey man.

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Delta omicron is an anagram for media control

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I saw that and thought exactly the same thing.

Evil deceivers. Because it LOOKS like part of the article, too.

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Right. And how many of us full aware if his message still paused at the cognitive dissonance reading the link wondering what it was doing there.

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the media is sadly and wickedly brilliant in their continuing to be the useful idiots for big pharma.

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Absolutely. You summarize it very well.

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Tell the really smart ones

CoñO2 aka CO2 only constitutes 0.04% of the atmospheric gases

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It's not meant to be sustainable. Why go to all the trouble of killing people directly when you can have them pay to be killed (slowly or quickly) all while attention is diverted to some pointless boogie man? There is no further goal of improvement for the average man. They already feel they've let that go too far and intend to bring us under their boot more thoroughly.

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There is a controlled opposition around Malone covering up the whole transhumanist agenda that is now radiating our blood, self assembling technology evidenced by countless labs and microscopists. Karen Kingston got poisoned again, her friends threatened and persecuted. The cowardice of the freedom doctor movement or the active denial of biosynthetic technology and the whole 3 trillion dollar market for it, is the most cruel cover up of a global crime in human history. Dr. Ana Mihalcea brought all the evidence and we are very awake to the fact that most won't touch the truth and delude us with spike stories of non existent strains of sars cov 2 that was never virulent. Graphene oxide, aluminum, strontium & barium, quantum cellular automata, spintronics - I remember you said you do not know enough about it but when no one breaks the ice- humanity will go down with stage 4 fast growth cancer and heart attacks due to graphene oxide and engineered nanoparticles everywhere. Karen Kingston, Dominique Guillet (Xochis Substack), Dr. Ana Mihalcea, Karen Kingston (Enemy no.1 of the Transhumanists).... these are the bravest humans. Ivermectin? It is all full of carbon nanotubes, multi- and single walled now, spiked with technologly as "mira al microscopo" evidenced. You know this is real.

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You might like my Open Letter to Health Freedom Advocates. It collects information that shows in great detail what you mention here, and proposes that by showing dramatic photos of extensive damage to human blood, Health Freedom Advocates can move large numbers of people to push to ban the LNP mRNA platform, for starters (injections being the most toxic of the exposures). https://ernestdlieberman.substack.com/p/health-alarm-an-open-letter-to-health.

In short:

1. By looking at her patients' blood, in darkfield microscopy, Dr. Ana Mihalcea, MD and PhD, haș found and published very dramatic photos of quantum dots collecting in "bubbles" that produce polymeric fibers (such as from PEG in Pfizer's vax) of the kind morticians are finding.

1a. She also presented evidence that this process converts the Fe2+ in red blood cells into Fe3+, robbing them of the ability to carry oxygen. This makes the blood look like sludge, which she shows.

1b. Quantum dots are nanoparticles composed of heavy metals that act like semiconductors due to quantum mechanical effects. They can be structured to do specific things, and they emit various colors of light as they are stimulated by EMFs.

2. Many researchers internationally have found graphene compounds in the C19 vax vials using micro-Raman spectroscopy, the standard method for looking for graphene compounds. Ryan Cole didn't use this method and so failed to find graphene oxide in them; not proving GO was absent from the C19 vaxxes.

3. Heavy metals and graphene compounds are toxic in themselves, of course, but Dr. Mihalcea haș also presented evidence that the quantum dots and graphene compounds absorb energy from the ever-growing use and power of EMFs, activating them to do the damage to the blood she is seeing and pictures of which she is publishing.

4. Dr. David Nixon presents equally dramatic photos of what grow in C19 vax samples over time. They look exactly like microchips with wires connecting them. And they fail to grow when the sample is kept in a Faraday cage, which shields the sample from EMFs. Clearly, these structures can only come from very advanced nanoparticle technologies getting energy from EMFs.

5. Dr. Mihalcea haș found and presents photos showing that IV EDTA plus nutritional supplements has cleared damaged blood of sludge, fibers, microclotting, Rouleaux, and more, indicating that the toxic heavy metals are key parts of what is damaging human blood.

6. I present a long list of nutritional supplements and other ways to detoxify and protect blood, useful either to help prevent or minimize the damage to blood, or to protect blood after it has been cleared. This is based on my 50 years' trial and error study and practice of nutrition to cope with how the Swine Flu shot of 1976 ravaged, and continues to attack, my body (by greatly exciting my immune system so it does all sorts of damage--probably similar to what C19 vaxxes are also doing.)

6a. As some people are much less nutritionally endowed with these natural detoxifiers, they are likely to be the ones who are falling first, especially people who got a lot of C19 shots, and the continuing push for LNP mRNA vaccines, especially in children, and the spread of EMFs, portend worse and worse to come.

6b. For "unvaccinated" people are also showing damaged blood, as Drs. Mihalcea and Welbergen of the UK show. Extensive shedding of nanoparticles is indicated.

7. To recapitulate: I propose that by showing damage to human blood and linking it to the LNPs (QDs, Graphene compounds, PEG and similar polymers) that are in vaxxes and other medical and dental injections (demonstrated by Dr. Mihalcea and Dr. David Nixon), Health Freedom Advocates can move large numbers of people to push to ban the LNP mRNA platform. Otherwise, the present people falling ill and dying are like "canaries in the coal mine" showing what can/will happen to the rest of us.

Good Health to You!

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Where can I see the list from #6? Please and thank you 😊

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Has Ryan Cole ever commented on his Methodology vs the Raman Spectroscopy???? I would love to know this. If he has not, I am very, very surprised. He may not have the equipment but he could go and see it for himself with those who do.

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You can’t find something you’re not looking for.

Don’t know how to find.

Don’t wanna find it.

Don’t wanna hear it.

I think 🤔 I’ve see a statue with 3 monkeys 🙊 🙉 🙈 on it similar to this situation

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I am also very, very concerned about the biosynthetic ingredients and technologies and have seen the works of Mihalcea, Nixon and LaQuinta Columna. I believe there were others in Brazil and Italy who found similar results. I wholeheartedly agree that this has been a neglected and suppressed area of research.

HOWEVER, rather than criticize the clinicians who saved lives and put their own lives/reputations and livelihoods at risk, there needs to be a vanguard of the PhD/MD-Phd scientists (not only doctors) to bring the full provenance of their research together and present it with a clear, understandable message to the general public. The fragmentation of leadership in these endeavors is disheartening. Kory, McCullough, Marek, Ryan Cole et al have had the honesty to stick to their respective areas of expertise and for that I am deeply grateful.

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I agree with not demonizing heroic doctors who take a different approach. I take--and took in my Substack post--the approach best exemplified by the substantive but friendly disagreement between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr on how to understand the quantified, wave/particle nature of elementary particles that they were seeing.

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Cole is actively denying the computation on NaCl / Salt crystals (he is not even lying when he consciously choses to detract from the transhumanist elements), McCullough likewise - Malone owns his own nanoparticle factories. The immunisation against dangerous viruses is the biggest lie in western medicine (Bhakdi, ex leader of a virology institute in germany)

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Nice honest quote .

It’s anecdotal though

It’s just his opinion though ! Right?🤔

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Do check out Robert Malone's response to Karen Kinston's claims.


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Aug 13, 2023·edited Aug 13, 2023

I was considering to buy a month just to comment- but soon Malone will hopefully be exposed and global courts will bring down these enemies of life, his lies about his business with Domane, the Transhumanist "Elite", that he tries to cover up for with his despicable attack on the lovely Breggins ... the truth will set us free and we are watching if ANY of the so called "freedom doctors" will reveal the biosynthetic technology, before anesthetics kill us all- NO word about all of this from neither Malone, McCullough, Cole, Flemming nor even Kory .... at this point, this is morally wrong and we have to expose the true crime and not the fake stories about non existent spikes, which are engineered nanoparticles and deliberately deployed. There was dsDNA in DNA crystals in the shots, no element of life, namely no phosphor nor nitrogen. The "mRNA" story is another psyop.... People have been bought with money and or sex/ and if that did not work- they were threatened. Those with integrity like Karen Kingston are rendered schizophrenic by one of the core perpetrators of this crime .....

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Come on Bufus!!

5th gen information wrfare has to have its agents

Your just too darn smart!!

Go watch ball sports and CNN and honey boo boo and fall back into the rut of mediocrity

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🐴 ♫ "The Equestrian Statue" ♫ by Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (1967) 🐴


(3 min)

"♫ There once was a very famous man

On his 🐴 famous horse 🐴 he'd ride through the land ♫

♫ The people used to see him everywhere

When he died, they put a statue in the square ♫



♫ Here comes 🐴 the Equestrian Statue 🐴

Prancing up and down the square ♫

♫ Little old ladies stop 'n' say

"Well, I declare!" ♫ ... "

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Wow sir !!🤣

How could you say such??😳

This is crazy talk? Quackery!!🫢🤭

I wish that you were joking 🫣

Most don’t have the time or the acumen to constantly read journals in 2D materials science, wetware ,HG, LQNDS, QNDs, n tubes, ribbons , polymer science Quantum mechanics, particle physics,crystalography, biochemistry,molecular biology,advanced microscopy techniques, adv chromatography analytics, Piezoelectrics, spintronics, n tech in all its iterations.

Constantly reading

Berkeley UC

Asian scientist

MIT materials research institute



Chinese academia

Graphene flagship

Nature nano


Yada yada

Most don’t have what it takes to understand the nano nematic mechanics, chemistry and physics involved

Even dr Anna and dr Nixon are throttling the release of the biodigital convergence of humans

Neither will release my findings and dr Anna banned my commenting privileges for 100 years

This speaks volumes 👆

I’ve been many laps ahead of them all the whole time via highly analytical skills and equipment and unknown slide mounting techniques

I’m under the impression that many authors here are steering public sentiment and herd discussions via SS

From what I see

I’m certain we won’t need phones or wallets if we get through the convergence

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Dr Kory, I believe the reason is that this is the biggest medical holocaust in history. In fact, this is more deaths globally than the Nazi Holocaust.

To acknowledge that the Covid shots caused it would cause an earthquake in the medical-government complex. The prosecutions could be endless. The nefarious power’s won’t let that happen.

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Agreed Ely. The perps have utilized a perfect covering mechanism of screening and protection (circling the wagons) by using the compliance megaphones of government, medical institutions, doctor cartels, pharmacies, media, research-educational complex, the Military, etc. Its a near perfect crime but God-willing someday the cracks in this seeming inpregnible Jericho-like fortress is going to come down.

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I share your sentiment.

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Check again

More than all modern wars combined

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We may never know the exact figure, but the Holocaust is a good figure, since Nuremberg and its code was the standard that was violated with Covid. The Nuremberg trial was the precedent and most were sentenced to death or life in prison. What is any different with the Covid mob? They used injections instead of gas chambers.

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Masterfully written about the elephant in the room without ever mentioning the elephant.

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