In my opinion, every hospital today is Hillingdon Hospital.

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Dear Dr. this is my mother's and my nightmare that may also be of interest:

UPDATE: What Happens When An Elderly Woman Rejects The COVID "Vaccine" From A Prominent NYC Doctor?


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Thanks. Good Read. I once had a similar experience, but I was indeed performing above my pay grade. As a Board Certified Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic working at a small hospital in Respiratory Therapy, I administered an IC stick of 500ml Epinephrine to a coding pt the two elderly MD's in the ER wouldn't touch. Pt was successfully recovered. Didn't get hollered at. Fired on "non related" issue three days later.

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Thank God for the good doctor's and they are all forever heros . I remember Dr. Stone's interview a few years back on a weekly FLCCC video. She is a hero .

Meanwhile, ultra evil politicians and medical authorities globally have highjacked all doctors and the good old days of medicine - letting doctors be doctors - putting intimidation, fear of dismissal, punishment and life ruin instructing them to be robots of killing and following orders from a Darth Vader WEF club bent in deportation and slavery.

We are at war. God Bless you Dr. Kory, Dr. Stone, Dr. Marik.and all you FLCCC freedom foghters .

Meanwhile here in BC Canada, Bill 36 is now fully legal and will outright destroy all doctors freedoms, informed consent and any semblance of a hippocratic oath. You will follow the government orders OR ELSE .

Canada now is a totalitarian country of great darkness ahead and soon Remdesivir, Midazolam and Dimorphine will be the universal treatment for all disease.

It is amazing how compliant patients are, when the first thing they do is sedate them . Similar to our insane Trudeau led suicide program compete with TV commercials - MAiD (medical assisted in death) they tell Canadians " it's a good death" .

That is not medicine - that is mass murder .

Blessings to all Freedom fighters .

Canadian Veteran

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“Sadly, they looked nothing like the Australian firefighters calendar.”

Had to pick myself off the floor laughing at that part of the horrid hillingdon hospital experience!!

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It's not just the NHS that is not working as it should. It seems that if you report a problem related to the Covid vaccine you come across a similarly inefficient nightmare.

"A personal story

At the beginning of January 2021 a friend’s father was one of the early recipients of a covid vaccine in the UK. He was 90-years-old but, for his age, in reasonable health. He died less than 24 hours later. My suggestion of a possible link to the vaccination was treated with total incredulity by the family. In Jewish tradition he was buried the day after his death and, of course, no post mortem was ever considered. The vaccination was never mentioned again and it was assumed by all that his death was natural and inevitable.

Since then, I have lost several friends at relatively young ages from cancer and heart attacks. All were fully vaccinated. Two of the cancer victims had been in remission before the vaccinations. Again, not a single family member considered any possibility of a link to the vaccination and none of these cases were reported to the UK Yellow Card system for possible vaccine adverse reactions.

However, I know of one extremely serious and traumatic adverse reaction that followed shortly after the second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine in April 2021 that was reported to the Yellow Card system. Here is the vaccination card with the batch numbers:

It is one I reported myself as it happened to a very close family member and the effects of this have been life-changing to the victim as well as myself.

I found the Yellow Card system extremely difficult to navigate and it did not allow me to input highly relevant specific information. It seemed designed not to collect such data. I suspect that many people attempting to navigate the system will have given up and not finalised and submitted their report. I have never received any confirmation or follow-up to my report. Furthermore, my GP and specialists involved in the case were dismissive of my claim of a vaccine link'. Prof Norman Fenton


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My mother was in a nursing home. After the 1st vaccine that every resident had to get in February of 2021, she tested positive the next day after tge Pfizer vax. Zero symptoms. They would only give her the rapid test and I raised holy h*** that I wanted her to at least have the PCR before they stuck her in the covid ward. They admitted she was already there in the covid unit with 7 other sick patients. I raised such a stink that finally on day 6 they gave her the PCR test and she tested negative. But they refused to remove her from the covid ward and they left a 95 year old woman in it for 5 more days, 11 days total. That was her last vaccine. A few months later I discovered the Flccc.net protocol. I put myself, my 78 year old husband, my 95 year old mother and her 67 year old sitter on the prevention protocal. From that point on all of us stayed healthy and no one got covid. During the next outbreak over 224 residents and workers got covid at her facility. My mother and her sitter stayed just fine. The nursing home did not pressure me when they began giving boosters. At least they asked and I declined. It ended up that over 30% of the workers never had the vaccine because they saw the horrible side effects 1st hand.

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Haha! I was at Hillingdon hospital in the 80s - the rumour was that a surgeon had amputated a patient's healthy leg instead of the infected one, so the risk management procedure put in place for amputations was to put a big cross in felt tip pen on the leg where you'd do the do.

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The permanent marker was a discussion here in the 1980's as well. Perhaps that story was the beginning? One can only hope.

B.T.W. Dr. Kory's Clinic is wonderful. I have had my appointment and that went incredibly well. Easy and complete conversation about history, symptoms and concerns. I already have the prescribed medications and feel much more secure about self care at the direction of a professional. Win! Win!

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Bureaucracy, which begins with the intent to stop bad things from happening, usually ends up preventing good things from happening. It's a sad fact of human history.

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Thank you for sharing space with those in the field that have always operated as Drs should. We know the hospitals and a fair share of those that work in them are broken. We know the "noble" profession has been captured and put to prostitute for pharma-medico-industrial complex. And anyone who is not aware of this or only just joining the party, well sorry to harsh your buzz, its been bad for a long time.

But please keep highlighting those working within the system, despite the system, that are continuing to help those who need it.🙏🙏🤗

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If that experience were scripted into a TV show, people would think it to be too ludicrous to be believable. (Although truth now-a-days is often stranger than fiction)

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Just pre ordered your book Dr. Kory, I would love to see this skyrocket. And I agree, every hospital is Hillingdon. I am so looking forward and grateful, for the new health care system the FLCCC leadership is providing.

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Thank you, Dr. Kory ... You are much appreciated.

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Good "fill in" with evidence that the "profession" of medicine worldwide is now an unprofessional bureaucracy which puts healing patients low on its list of priorities.

BTW: Kory's Medical Musings more and more strikes me as a segue to a Dr. Kory commercial.

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Yikes. Stay safe - assume ALL hospitals are like the Hillingdon 😆

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