“...Most physicians believed... because, you know, it was a viral pneumonia... The fact that there was no live virus in the hospital phase of the disease showed this to be a tragic error borne of ignorance...”

“Error” is an exceptional event that disrupts the course of the routine. Once it happens, the routine should be stopped to find out the cause, examine its nature, and make corrections necessary to ensure error-free flow of the routine. That’s common sense. That’s also the standard way of handling errors in every imaginable field of human activities, from computer programming to air traffic control to manufacturing electrical components and more, much much more. All over the world, in all businesses, in all areas, there is no room for “ignorance” causing more than one error. If you allow a second error, you will lose business, pay huge damages and compensation, and suffer huge financial losses in the defective manufacturing process.

Why should medicine be any different?

When one patient dies on your ward, on your watch, with your signature - you must immediately stop all running processes related to the deceased and their circumstances. It’s common sense. And criminal liability. You must immediately examine all factors down to the smallest detail. If you don’t do this and you blindly fly into more deaths, it’s gross negligence and outrageous betrayal of your profession.

If you skip this step, or force “but we follow all proper guidance” on your mind, you are not fit for any profession related to human health.

The ventilatorgate simply exposed the underlying acceptance of non-thinking throughout the healthcare environment worldwide. There is no going back to “trust” after this. What’s worse is that we are observing the continuous aggravation of neglect in medicine despite the persistent fourth year of a medical disaster of the scale that has never happened before.


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I wouldn’t say Elon was wrong. It wasn’t necessarily the machines but the medical judgement to put people on the machines vs. other treatment options.

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Dr. Kory, what about the fact that the totality of gold-standard RCT evidence literally shows that mRNA vaccines DO NOT save lives overall, but ivermectin DOES save lives? In fact, it is only OBSERVATIONAL studies that would support the claim that mRNA vaccines save lives, due to "healthy vaccine user bias" and other serious flaws in these observational studies.

In the Pfizer and Moderna RCTs combined:

COVID deaths: 2 vaccine vs. 5 placebo (-60%)

non-COVID deaths: 29 vaccine vs. 25 placebo (+16%)

cardiovascular deaths: 16 vaccine vs. 11 placebo (+45%)

Overall: 4 more non-COVID deaths, 3 less COVID deaths

Pfizer: https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2110345/suppl_file/nejmoa2110345_appendix.pdf – Table S4

Moderna: https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2113017/suppl_file/nejmoa2113017_appendix.pdf – Table S26

Summary paper: https://www.cell.com/iscience/fulltext/S2589-0042(23)00810-6

Layperson summary of the clinical trial mortality results here: https://dailysceptic.org/2022/04/09/covid-vaccines-increase-risk-of-heart-related-deaths-by-up-to-50-lancet-analysis-of-trial-data-finds/. Of course their writing style is slightly sensationalist, but what matters is the actual numbers from the clinical trials, and their numbers are correct.

Now let's look at the totality of RCT evidence on ivermectin (there are 18 published RCTs reporting mortality, totaling >7000 COVID patients):

Overall: 67 deaths in ivermectin groups vs. 102 deaths in control groups, out of about ~3600 each. This amounts to about 1 in 3 COVID deaths prevented by ivermectin. Of course we know that this is almost certainly a tremendous underestimate of ivermectin's effectiveness against COVID death, due to the way many of the RCTs were designed (often designed-to-fail), but still, the fact that ivermectin saves lives is crystal clear from the totality of RCT evidence.


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I am so grateful for your work. Being on the side of truth will serve you (and people like me)well! God bless you!

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I wrote the piece below in my blog on April 22nd 2020.

"There is also apparent growing puzzlement over the non-respiratory aspects of Covid-19, including renal and cardiac failure. (see https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/928929?nlid=135090_864&src=WNL_mdplsfeat_200421_mscpedit_rheu&uac=308617HG&spon=27&impID=2355197&faf=1). But if the mechanism for severe “everything failure” is a cytokine storm it should not be at all surprising – indeed it is exactly what you would expect. The effect is supposed to have been the cause of the rapid downhill path of patients with “Spanish Flu” in 1918, not that such things could be found back then, as there was no immunology, but the descriptions are remarkably like those today in Covid-19. I have personally seen a cytokine storm as a side-effect of medication (sulfasalazine in rheumatoid arthritis) and it presented exactly the signs described in the article. So were those of the Northwick Park drug trial where an experimental drug, TG-1412, designed to stimulate white blood cells, did so all too dramatically. My patient recovered, but her kidneys were not far off complete failure, and the X-ray appearance of her lungs was horrific. And if indeed this is the mechanism of acute deterioration then shutting off the cytokine pathway should work. Interleukin-6 is part of that pathway. We shut it down in rheumatoid arthritis with a drug called tocilizumab.

Strangely I was contacted by a newspaper for an instant comment at the time of the Northwick Park episode and believe I was the first to postulate the cytokine storm theory. It may be that those who suffer a storm with some stimulus have had their immune system altered by something – perhaps a previous infection. It would certainly explain why some suffer a storm and some don’t. There’s a good exposition of this at https://www.outsourcing-pharma.com/Article/2007/01/29/Northwick-trial-tragedy-scientists-reveal-how-cytokine-storm-started.

It remains to be seen if tocilizumab turns out to be the Holy Grail of Covid-19 management. The more time passes the more it does look as though the devastating downhill course seen in some patients is a cytokine phenomenon and so blocking that should shut off the damage, allowing clinicians to provide appropriate support (I do wonder whether high dose steroids might be appropriate; my series of one recovered on that). Initial reports are encouraging but there have been many false dawns. If toclizumab does work one could offer it to anyone developing serious respiratory symptoms, as it appears that these precede a storm; those who are asymptomatic, one might presume, have not had their immune system wound up ready to uncoil like a spring. And if it does work it may obviate the need for strict lockdowns; it won’t matter so much if some have a severe illness if there is a treatment.

I used a lot of steroids, more than many rheumatologists, but also wearing my rehabilitation hat when patients with multiple sclerosis came in moribund with an infection. It took us a while, but we worked out that many of them had acute adrenal insufficiency and could not mount an effective steroid response to the insult of infection. I would be interested to learn whether Covid-19 patients show the appropriate investigation results to confirm that they too may have this as an additional reason for failure to recover. Could steroids do any harm? I doubt it. Might be worth a trial (blind, of course!)."

A couple of weeks later I sent a draft treatment protocol to the UK government and its advisers - a protocol which was in essence devised by Pierre Kory and Paul Malik - explaining why steroids and interleukin inhibitors were the right treatment. I was completely ignored, to the extent that a trial of steroids was set up, to prove, in my opinion, what was already well-known. You will note I did suggest a trial, but I found stuff subsequently that obviated the need for it.

Subsequently I learned that emails from outside sources were consigned, unread, to junk folders. I had however written longhand and posted it. It remains unacknowledged to this day.

Currently the UK is in the middle of the beginning of the Hallett Inquiry, which is examining what went wrong. I have submitted my evidence, which so far has been... ignored!

When folk look back in 50 years time I wonder what they will make of the Galileo's and Copernicus's of today - Marik, Kory, Heneghan, Jefferson, Gupta (and Bamji).

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I had three immediate family members on ventilators from oct 2020 to Aug 2021 with a total vent time of 2 1/2 months and total hospitalization time of 5 months (1 brother and 2 dads, all with pre-existing lung damage and/or OSA). Two were on hcq, saline/albuterol/pred nebs and oral pred at home prior and then pred inpatient (they refused to use ivm at all, of course, and nebs until they were on closed-circuit ventilation). What finally turned the course around for each one was the staff finally giving in to my repeated requests to extend the antibacterial coverage to include anaerobes. Once the metronidazole was added to the nebs, pred, Rocephin, chest percussion etc.., they began expectorating thick grey goo and within 24 hours were improving dramatically. One with prior fungal exposure was also finally started on an antifungal as well.

In retrospect, I would’ve also considered some nebulized lasix, much like we used in hospice and palliative care, although I doubt I could’ve gotten the staff to do it. No physicians would speak to me during all that hospital time, making their underlings call instead. As a former hospitalist and then inpatient/outpatient palliative care and hospice medical director, I was completely stunned by the absence of professional courtesy and compassion in these “absentee” hospitalist and critical care docs. Despite overt neglect and even the suspect oversedation-related respiratory failure in my brother with Down’s Syndrome, all three survived and eventually left the hospital without supplemental oxygen (albeit all required significant PT/OT post-discharge). I am certain none would have survived had they not come from “medical” families and we would have had three covid funerals instead. Because of the MATH+ protocol and the work of you and your colleagues, many of us in the trenches were able to save lives during this horrible 3, nearly 4 years. We didn’t lose a single patient and have the “scars to prove it”. Thank you so much for being a voice of reason and sanity in the chaos and “fog of war”. Several people I love are alive because of you.

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We have a pandemic of a“lies, deception, and indifference.” Whatever causes it in this tick tock society, it continues. People here dying so young still of turbo cancers, died suddenly, and the storyline continues. Using ivermectin has saved many, along with steroids, but what about nanotechnology, hydrogel, and self assembly? Is this next on the list of blood borne killers? Could this be happening? Is there anyone looking into this? Will this be the next Covid 19 pandemic, or is it already? All is for not if this is true. Would like your expert opinion on this one Dr. Kory. Thank you for all you do for all of us, you are truly a beacon of light and love in this world.

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Influenza means the "influence" of the stars, why it's ultimately an electrical illness, tied to sunspots and /or EMF:


Thank you Dr. Kory for your endless pursuit of truth and passion in helping to heal others with every tool we've been taught is "wrong."

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Thank you, Dr. Kory, for your perseverance and dedication to caring for patients as well as informing us of what we need know. Thank God you and Dr. Marik stood up for what you believed in.

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thank you for your tireless advocacy Dr Kory. people like you and Dr Marik are like a needle in a haystack.

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Pierre, to what extent do you think remdesivir worsened the condition of hospitalized Covid patients? Clearly denial of effective drugs increased mortality of these patients, but can you try to describe how ( or if) remdesivir was actually making them sicker because of renal or liver toxicity?

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Could we leave Elon alone and agree the ventilators were of little use. Plenty of people died while on them during the plandemic.

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Elon Musk is on the CCPs payroll.

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Dr. Kory--Great Article and sets the record straight. You should be a doctor and apply it to health care. I would have said practice medicine, but you are way past that.

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I read a story about the original SARS-1 (just called SARS at the time) epidemic of 2003-2004. A paper published in about 2004 or 2005 compared two hospitals in Hong Kong. One of them ran out of mechanical ventilators, and that hospital had decreased mortality compared to the hospital that had enough ventilators to keep putting patients on them.

Of course, it could be that both hospitals were using ventilators prematurely (as in SARS-CoV-2 in 2020) and the hospital that ran out of ventilators was accidentally saved from making any more mistakes. That would be consistent with the observations by Dr. Kory above.

But it struck me that the CDC has a department that reviews the medical literature and makes "best practices" recommendations to hospitals nationwide, and they should have learned from SARS-1 and the paper I mentioned that ventilators are a last resort, and published appropriate best practices recommendations. It is not the job of every intensivist in the country to read every obscure journal in the world, duplicating each others' efforts, but it is the job of the CDC. We did not need to rediscover this fact the hard way. But the same statement applies to the pharmacological lessons we should have learned from SARS-1.

Sorry that I don't have a link to the 2004-2005 article.

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Am not a doctor. Michael Yeadon has suggested that ventilation is not to be determined routinely. It appears it was without question in many “Cases”. Why even test with the erroneous PCR? Why even Vax with the failed false premise product? Many I know personally were scared to DEATH. The pandemic of fear we all know by now. What is being called Covid in the first place? Either we get off this train or we pass on the worst nightmare to our children.

Please give Gigaohmbiological.com an open mind and tell me what you think. JJ Couey. This country needs major drug rehabilitation. Synthetic infection clones? Transfection is not immunization. Putting a poison in your body to fight the next Scariant. Count how many drug commercials in one hour the ne t time you can stand to watch a whole program while being programmed. Snake oils for how many years, decades?

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