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Thanks for this Dr Kory. I contracted the damn thing, as did many in this small rural community I live in, and while whatever-it-is may make little to no impression at population level, I believe it's too simplistic to simply write off the possibility of any pathological agent with novel characteristics whatsoever. The 'CoViD' stats are horribly confounded with fraudulent test results, but going purely on those with clinical signs and symptoms, there's enough evidence to state something out of the ordinary was circulating.

Personally, J J Couey's infectious clones hypothesis (ie. deliberate release(s) as opposed to a 'leak') strikes me as something with a lot to recommend it. It could account for the hotspots, as well as providing a possible route for integration of some novel (engineered?) characteristics within the quasi-species swarm that would appear to be implicated in normal seasonal respiratory virus morbidity. Hence many experienced nothing particularly serious, but also were able to note that something, even if indefinable, felt 'off' about it.

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It's amazing for me to bear witness to the rapid decline of overall health in the US (it's the same in most Western countries) in the last twenty years which is caused by a constellation of factors such as but not limited to; ageing population (many in living in squalid institutional settings), increased poverty, increased BMI, horrendous diet, sedentary liefestyle, more time indoors breathing toxic indoor air, addiction to electronic stimuli-EMF poisoning- cortisol roller-coasters, opiod addiction, massive uptake in pharmaceuticals, increased metals in the atmosphere, deteriorating water quality, mineral depletion of soil, massive increase in vaccination schedule (including increase in highly reactogenic combination vaccines), social anomie and on and on- add another couple of dozen items to the list.

Add one of the most cataclysmic events of non-stop public hysteria and social discolation in the history of the world into that mix with an already psychotic and biologically fragile population what in the world do you think is going to happen?

It would literally be a miracle of biology, in fact I'd say a biological impossibility given all of the above, if people weren't getting sick in droves and dying in ways doctors "hadn't seen before."

And here we are talking about some alleged invisible submicroscopic microbe supposedly floating through the air making everyone sick? This would laughable and make for a good cartoon if it weren't so serious.

People ascribing this convergent set of circumstances to some "novel pathogen" and coming up with esoteric theories as they try to make sense of the above is part and parcel of the collective madness.

Such discussions, particularly coming from physicians, is also absolute madness and should be kicked to the curb as fast as possible (as in yesterday) so that we can discuss the real problems that are causing these breakdowns.

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Still spreading your nonsense, Allen? It's been years, and you're still the disinfo agent...

You've compiled a great list of factors contributing to a sick population, but you've presented nothing that negates or even diminishes Dr. Kory's reasoning and conclusions. Please just STFU and stop wasting people's time.

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He didn't waste *my* time. Speak for yourself please.

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Fair enough; some people are entertained by inanity and specious logic. Enjoy it!

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I’m sure all of that’s true. But I’m not in the US. The rural lifestyle I lead - along with the rest of the community I live amongst - is far more traditional. We’re all capable of recognising a winter-respiratory-infection-with-a-difference when we get it. Especially when it goes through a community in a short space of time.

As I said above, what you see at population level may not be significant, but when you come down to individual cases of illness then sufferers - and their medical practitioners like Dr Kory - are able to make much finer and more specific diagnostic distinctions. Couey’s hypothesis works for me - until such time as I come across somethjng with better fit - so for now I’m going with that.

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where do you live?!

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YEAH! Yes yes yes!

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I second that comment!

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I found J J Couey's hypothesis convincing: mRNA replication fails at a statistically far too high a rate to allow a pathogen to propagate unchanged around the globe. Humans had to help replicate it (he hypothesizes a standard bacteria enabled DNA replication process) and release it in concentration where they wanted the outbreaks to occur. To me, that "squares the circle"

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Couey hardly believes in this notion any longer. When he does speak about it he uses qualifiers and speculative language.

And naturally nobody provides even a scant bit of evidence to support this preposterous theory.

It may fulfill some need people have to live in their hyperreality TV show but it has no basis in sound scientific methodology.

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JJ absolutely continues to posit that viral clones have the potential to create a genetic signal which could then be used to help create the illusion of a spreading RNA pathogen. Is it self-replicating?

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I, too, find JJ Couey's observations both striking and convincing. I do not understand, though, why he, with absolutely no clinical experience, ferociously maintains that Covid is simply a background respiratory virus already present in the environment. I hope he wil read this clinician's tour de force by Dr. Kory and drop that ridiculous and unnecessary part of his hypothesis. If he would do that, I think he would have the pandemic in the bag. Please see my post, here:


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You've been poisoned either from sprayed stuff in the air or from the water. This would not be the first or last time. The parasitic predatory class (the <1%) have been doing this to us on an ongoing basis, and they won't stop... ie constant geo-engineering. Research the work of this amazing woman: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BafjsDNUJzot/

Listen to Bryan Ardis and look up all the references he mentions,

Also read this.


You are welcome :)

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I'm aware of that possibility - at least from the air (have my own water supply). But it remains a possibility, not a definite. As I said, Couey's hypothesis seems strongest to me at the moment. Everyone has to evaluate prevailing hypotheses in the light of their own unique context and experience. We're talking about insanely complex systems. They're not amenable to simplistic broad-brush one-size-fits-all answers.

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It took quite a while for "Covid" or whatever-you'd-like-to-call-it to hit my Oregon area- the Rogue Valley, Medford, Ashland etc.

When it did hit us it was Christmas, 2021, & from the gene sequencing & our individual personal experiences, it was Delta, which was quite nasty.

I live on a mountain, 7 miles outside a small town of 20K.

Three of my friends caught "something." I came down with it after being with one of them, indoors, face to face for a couple of hours. She got sick the next day, two days later I went down with a "virus."

Fever, pain, low blood oxygen. Nearly delirious.

Day 6 my sense of smell went very, very weirdly "sideways" and then disappeared. The beast ended in a severe rash that burned like fire.

And, I developed "long covid." Not fun at all.

So, back to my friends. Two recovered without too much trouble.

One however who had multiple health issues & who didn't take care on themselves well, he would up in Hospital where he died; most likely from the drugs administered- Benadryl, Benzodiazapine & Morphine.

But- he would never have been IN that hospital if he had not been very sick for a long time.

Sars-cov-2 is real, in my personal opinion. I had it, still am sorting the consequences, and am not sure they're not going to keep coming.

It's on an HIV backbone from all I can tell, and the work of Charles Rixey, Kevin McCairn & Kevin McKernan needs to be paid special attention to.

That said I think more possibilities than one, (a virus,) are in play.....

EMR, Infectious Clones, Contact or Airborne Toxins or Pathogens, etc., - all should be considered.

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No, but my feeling, personally, is that the principle of Occam's razor will prevail, as always. I don't believe in "infectious clones" but I do in heavy duty toxins like dioxin for example.

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It’s your prerogative to believe or disbelieve whatever you like. Just don’t expect other people to accept it. (And yes, I’ve been round the houses with ‘no virus’ people enough times to know the claims and the way the thinking works.)

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Great work. These are serious people making serious arguments. 1.There was a thing. 2. It was made in a lab and got out (no proof yet of intentionality). Fauci and crime brothers knew right away what it was. 3.It was serious but ultimately over-hyped and over-diagnosed. 4. Hospital protocols killed more people than the natural progression of the disease. A lot more. Boston, NY, NJ, and a few other places aggressively employed the protocols (maybe because they are surrounded by PHARMA companies and they are dominated by vindictive liberals). Iatrogenic non-care killed hundreds of thousands of patients in the US alone. 5. Every variant was man-made and individually released to sell vaccines. This leads us to the potential for intentional initial release. If they spread the variants they probably spread the initial bioweapon. Omicron was a vaccine to make the PHARMA product look efficacious. The PHARMA product failed hard and early. It was poison. The powers knew it failed in early 2021. They kept the charade going.<The objective of the international DOD/PREP response (and probably release) was to introduce MRNA technology as a panacea for the world.> Psychological motivations were pride, greed, power, control, and prestige. We dissidents stopped them.

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And what about the fact that the Noble Laureate Dr kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test is on record (video) stating that the PCR test cannot be used for diagnosing any disease at all. PCR is a process not a test. And that it can be used to amplify the numbers of any molecule found in the human body at will. As we know the media daily reports on the number of infected persons was base entirely on the PCR tests....

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Yes. The PCR test was useless. Dr Kory's clinical diagnostic skills are exceptional. Nobody is arguing that the prevalence and severity were not exaggerated. I am fighting a licensure challenge on that asssertion right now. They exaggerated the prevalence and the risk for a myriad of reasons. Ultimately to transfer loot and to sell fake vaccines.

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I’m not challenging Dr Cory’s skills.

I’m confused by his views/ analysis that are based on an unproven assumption: the existence of a virus.

Perhaps it’s understandable since most MDs have been educated/indoctrinated in the pharma controlled universities and were never allowed to question the Germ hypothesis.

Please see the Terrain theory for alternative to Germ theory.

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Yes, by drinking wine on Christmas Day I weakened my Terrain & came down with Covid, as a result. But, I was exposed to it, and then got sick with it.

Simple. But the consequences are not!

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Terrain theory -- at least so far -- does not explain hundreds of observed biological interactions and processes with the same reasonableness as virology. Claiming that "Viruses don't exist" without offering some other plausible explanation for the progression AND TRANSMISSION of illness just doesn't cut it.

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Contagion (transmission) has never been clinically proven. There is nothing to explain. Please refer to Dr Mike Yeadon’s reference to a myriad of studies that failed to show transmission. They have never isolated a particle to show that ‘it’ exists and then is the causative agent for disease. Once you remove the imaginary ‘virus’ from the equation you will then be able to search for the true cause of disease.

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...as if anyone needs to "Prove" contagion. Or are you talking specifically about Covid-19? If so, the rapid appearence of thousands of cases of a specific syndrome in many different parts of the world is close enough for me to call it contagion.

You don't need to isolate everything to prove it exists, although it is a convenient tool. It is entirely possible that this antigen exists only in association with other specific conditions. You don't need to remove viruses from the equation to seek and present better explanations; just do it!

Things can be described in multiple ways; consider particle vs. wave theory -- both have validity describing the same situation from different perspectives.

IMHO, people are too busy trying to invalidate SARS-CoV-2 (and virology in general), and not busy enough looking for credible alternatives that do a BETTER job of explaining the myriad biological phenomena that we observe.

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So in the UK challenge trial (https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-022-01780-9), the experimenters placed a quantity of a substance into noses of volunteers. More than half developed symptoms of Covid infection verified by various tests; of interest is that nearly half nver became infected nor had any evidence of Covid antibodies.

On your point the infected did not result in infecting anybody else. That might be related to viral loads. We know that some of us "super spreaders" have managed to infect others - Korea choir.

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There is a plausible explanation, unless you missed it, 'Terrain', a much more perfect explanation of the former 'theory' of germs. I fail to see why trained physicians cling to this as their only explanation, its really sad.

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Hi Old School. The PCR test was far from useless... it was the means by which they "sold" the fake pandemic. Entirely intentional (and a creepy fact that Mullis "died" in October of 2019).

And, all this was not "ultimately" about selling fake vaccines, as you say. It was about the long-planned depopulation project/surveillance project. Excess deaths continue to skyrocket, fertility has been very compromised, and longer term adverse effects are expected. Disease X now, oh, sure.

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Opinions are mixed about the depopulation scheme. A wish is not an action. We do not have any evidence yet for command and control of such a crime, nor do we have evidence yet of an intentional release, although that is looking more likely. There is a lot of evidence that scientists and governments were enthralled with an emerging technology and wanted to use it. There is evidence that they should have known their countermeasure would not work. There is evidence governments saw harms from the countermeasure and did nothing and still do nothing. There is evidence of a cover-up.

The other potential motivations might be staving off economic collapse, more wealth transfer, and gaining control of the population via control measures implemented as a result of their plandemic.

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Forget the PCR test! That's just a red herring, imho. Yes it was used to terrify the public, label non-covid patients covid, and make millions.

But, people got sick. Really, really sick with something physicians had not dealt with before and which killed the elderly & those with co-morbidities.

Nice! The "useless eaters" and "life unworthy of life" for our Nazi rulers.

Convenient, yes? The Boomer Remover, as my daughter's generation named it..

Then the clot shot & DNA GMOing for all.

This is an out and out attack on the human species, our lives, our DNA & ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS.

And the weapons are real.

Viruses, Mycoplasmas, Bacterial, Chimeric, Parasitic etc., chemical, informational, psychological, financial, legal.

Time to get our game on!

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Yes! Love Kary. Hate that he passed (in late 2019). Interesting timing. And now new companies are fraudulently using pcr for all kinds of things- urine, skin, ILIs, etc!

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I’m confused by the first claim that “it was a thing”. According to a number of virologists (Stefan Lanka etc.) MDs (Dr Sam and Mark Bailey, Tom Cowan, Andy Kaufman etc.) researchers(Mike Stone etc.) Bio Statistician ( Christine Massey) and many others : 1. No scientific proof of the existence of any virus ever found. Particularly not for SARS Cov 2.

2. Virology is pseudoscience redolent with frauds.

3. FOIA requests sent to 220 government/universities/ public health institutions including CDC and FDA in 40 countries for any scientific study that shows the existence/isolation/purification of SARS Cov 2 were returned with “no such studies found”.

Can anyone please help to reconcile the above Non Existence of the Virus with the claims in Dr Cory’s post that are predicated on the assumption that the virus does exist?

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Life experience teaches us viruses, or something virtually identical to them with another name, exist.






Equine Encephalitis


West Nile

I've bred Throughbred Horses, German Shepherd Dogs, raised one daughter & been an aunt to 10 others. Came from a family of 7 kids, caught all my childhood diseases & watched them run through my siblings. Studied Homeopathy & TCM with some of the finest, and studied viruses & genetics in University.

The things exist. Now what we call Influenza may not be what we think it is all. And exosomes may often be what we call a virus. And electrical or energetic properties may trigger the detox we call influenza. Lots of possibilities exist.

But, if a rabid racoon bites your horse, he may well die of rabies, as one did in my barn up at Rockingham Park in the 1990s. That virus exists.

If your kid catches Chicken-pox from a classroom full of kids shedding it from the vaccines they took, you'll learn that one exists too.

On and on and on.

Just listen to the clinicians. They know something contagious, and airborne, came through their town and made some people very sick. And some of those people are still dealing with it.

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You need to look closely at Massey and the FOIA. There is a logical fallacy in there...a false argument. The questions she raised were answered by leaders. Kaufman also uses a fallacy to 'prove' viruses have never been proven to exist. isolation comes in many forms. All a distraction from the truth.

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Poisoning. A new breed of spreading ‘sickness’.

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Stop using a virus, real or fake, as an alibi for mass homicides in hospitals.

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Who's using it as an alibi? Most everyone reading this acknowledges excess deaths (through incompetence or malice) from hospital protocols. That has no bearing at all on the existence of a contagious agent. It's real, and anyone who experienced it will tell you so.

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Perfect history of our "pandemic," imho.

With one bit of info I'd like to add- it appears to me that the injections were "toxic by design," aimed at women's ovaries, by design, coded for the dangerous spike protien, by design, cancer causing, cardiovascular toxic, neurologically toxic & reproductive toxins, all by design.

When you really look at them I do not believe you can reach any other conclusions.

I do wonder if the "Moderna Leak" was accurate.

It made all the insanity, (withholding early treatments, then force vaxxing everyone who didn't need it, the young & the healthy,) make sense, if getting it into women's ovaries, and men's testes, those of reproductive age, was the goal all along.....

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Bravo. You are going where no one wants to go. Not Dr Kory, commenters on this stack or most of the health freedom movement, except in the darkest recesses of frightened minds. Mike Yeadon goes there, but he’s made of rare, tough stuff. It’s not even a heuristics cop-out to go there even though “by design” (a Yeadon phrase too) is a perfect and concise euphemism. Once seen through this prism, everything - and I mean everything, especially the last couple of centuries and the clandestine, organised forces throughout leading up to our present epoch - makes unsettling and brutally enlightened sense.

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Do you mean toxic by design and administered to harm? Or toxic by design and re-engineered to mitigate? Or designed one way and sold as something else? If #1 Who do you think gave those orders to harm? That person would be public enemy 1.

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It was a military operation from the start. Look to the DoD (doing the bidding of the elite eugenicists making it all happen).

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It's the a) bio-distribution studies from Japan- the lipid nano particles cross every cell membrane in the human body, and are themselves toxic;

b) all the various modRNA injections have pseudouridine that doesn't break down, so the instructions can last a long time, making Spike Protien continually.

c) and they all code for the highly toxic Spike Protien itself, forcing your cells into making it. This sets up a situation where the Spike damages your blood vessels, leading to clots, strokes, & heart attacks.

Additionally there are the problems with the similarity to syncitin 1, (sp) needed to maintain a pregnancy, which could cause the body to make antibodies which might attack this required substance, the p53 cancer issue, and a list of others.

It seems impossible that those who developed this product were unaware of it's dangers.

We have 2 million injuries in VAERS with a likely underreporting factor of 41, yet these injections continue.

And lots & lots of deaths, a 40% increase in mortality in the young, healthy, insured working class, yet the roll out continued.

It's obviously an attack on our species, if you ask me. Of course the people giving them & promoting them are fully brainwashed. In most cases, anyway.

I had to face the fact that the childhood vaccine schedule caused terrific damage to lots of children, yet they kept at that too.

Think about war. Humans killing millions of other people, generally for no good reason, if you ask me. Who plans those?

It's the same type that planned this, imho. Cannon fodder just carries out their orders, that's all.

And until they wake up, it will continue.

War, Debt & Disease.

All are big money. And provide endless opportunities for increased control.

And yes, those who planned this ARE public enemy #1, the enemy of Humanity in fact.

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Yes, undoubtedly. I was asking about the who not the what. I just finished listening to Kim Iverson's latest interview with Whitney Webb. When asked about whom she believes make up the power elite (my term), she said she sees them as a cartel that emanates from an alliance between intelligence and organized crime that has placed their people throughout large corporations. I can imagine both Pfizer and Moderna having their people in employ. Consequently, if Whitney is correct and I believe she is, these actors could be the source of any intentional poisoning that may have been ordered and implemented.

But as I write this, nobody has demonstrated command and control for intentional poisoning. Sasha has demonstrated the poor manufacturing processes. Last week a Moderna plant in Norwood, MA was cited for poor quality control procedures for their COVID 19 products. We have Mellissa at Pfizer talk about what she saw at her plant in Kansas. Mr. Yeadon explains the lethal potential in these products as you did, but he stops short of telling us how (and why) they did the deed. Someone somewhere in the command structure would have had to show malintent.

I think the other explanation is the DARPA mad scientists and their accomplices at the PHARMA crime factories thought the were exploiting the technology to make an effective countermeasure, and they "hope" this will be a military-grade product that can be tailored for any measure that comes along on the battlefield. They also "hope" they have created products that can stop civilian viruses. I would try these people for 2nd Degree Murder or something along those lines for hoping instead or knowing. My prediction is we will start to see some folks at the Director level at Moderna come forward soon to tell us what they know.

Ms. Webb has the organizational charts for the cartel. I will be writing about an action plan to reclaim our lives from them today.

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It does get out into the "weeds" a bit when you attempt to expose the "man behind the curtain," in my personal opinion.

I've been looking at this all my life, on some level, and have come to the conclusion that something, or someone, doesn't like humanity much.

If you really look at most wars they were manipulated into existence through false flags, & other intentional acts with decades of planning behind the scenes.

Ditto this "plandemic." And all the decades of organization to strip off American's Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights, & to create the New World Order that functionally took over the response in vitually all Nations.

Look what happened to the handful that stood up, especially Mugafuli in Tanzania. Read Matthew Crawford on the fate of African & other black leaders who stood against the Cabal during "Covid." They died. Many.

Behind the curtain lies people who have planned the de-population of our planet, it seems to me. Many have previously spoken or written about & their words are ominous. Personally, I don't believe the sudden destruction & disappearance of the "Georgia Guidestones" is a random event. When you have pressed "Go" on your wicked plan to sterilize or murder most of the world's inhabitants, you might wish to leave the monument to your intentions standing out in broad daylight for the victims to contemplate, lol!

Back to the perps- 99.99& of the people carrying this agenda out have no concept of what they are participating in. This is why our educational system was destroyed, imho, back in the 1970s & 80s with "social promotion" and an inevitable slide into lower & lower standards of knowledge, why rote memorization & compartmentilization also became the hallmarks of much of it, and the mind-numbing idiocy of video games, pornography & social media was promoted to replace education, curiosity, independence & integrity, again, just in my opinion, watching this slow roll catastrophe overtake the USA of my youth.

Back to the perps- I believe if you follow them back in time a bit, it goes to the Cub of Rome, the Council of 300, Rockefellers, etc., with the modern version containing the Bilderburgs & the WEF, now the WHO & the UN as well. At least the upper tier leadership. Aspects of our own Government is in it up to their necks, as are these unholy forces that Whitney Webb refers to- the horrible mating of the Mob & the CIA plus other nasties of like kind, worldwide.

Getting into these halls of power and unplugging them is our job, imho, but it can be accomplished once the People wake up to their existence, on some level.

In a direct conversation with Catherine Austin Fitts I asked her who Mr. Global is, and she did not have the answer. I think that is very telling. If anyone would know, she would, imho. But she also said, in reference to our Freedoms & winning them back- "Theses battles are won in 2 places, the courts of law and the courts of public opinion. And they are not won in the courts of law UNTIL they are won in the courts of public opinion!"

My guess is she is right. So again, it goes back to waking people up. It appears to me Europe is ahead of us there, and by a lot. I just do what I can, on line, and in person, through the organizations I'm connected with, to help that process along.

Luckily many previously "sound asleep" individuals are now bolt awake, stunned by the events if the past 4 years. I pray we, and the "dream team" Bret Wienstien spoke of in his Tucker interview, is enough!

Good exchanging thoughts with you, and I hope you reach many, many people with the information you are working on!



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Thank you. I wonder if it is not dislike for humanity but the mistaken desire that man can manage humanity and make a lot of money from that management. When I look back at the Rockefeller origins and Eugenics, these were people that believed they were smart enough to manage the race to perfection. It seems that medicine and education, and public health, and virtually everything moved in that direction - from acceptance of ourselves to perfection of ourselves. Just a thought.

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Sorry for the typos, I cannot edit on Substack lately!

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We have had proof it was released intentionally for many months- more than a year now.

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We have proof GOF was being done in Wuhan and elsewhere but no proof of intentional release yet as far as I have seen. Can you show me the proof you have seen?

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I can only give you a shortened version tonight because I'm finishing up my second book on Covid . Do you believe SARS-2 was manipulated in a lab and was in the works for years before it appeared in Wuhan? The HHS had to partner with the DOD and create a separate entity to allow an EUA to be granted for a "vaccine". That can't be done in a month. Event 201 occurred a few months before the virus was officially declared on the loose" by China. Then we discover it had been popping up all over the world but no one noticed. Months previous to Event 201. Gates bought into BioNTech in September. Did he risk $55million on the chance of a lab leak? Do you think the enormous planning involved in all this was risked on a random lab leak. ? I was the first person to prove it couldn't have gotten into the human population by natural zoonotic spillover (on February 20, 2020). Do you think Collins, Fauci et al would have let their reputations be ruined by covering up a random lab leak?

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Makes sense. Was this a case of firemen starting a fire so they could extinguish it?

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Something like that if you consider the "vaccine" an extinguisher devoid of water. I was also the first person to prove the vaccine wasn't blocking transmission. I used Israeli data and did it on January 15, 2021 before the general medical and data analysts communities caught on. They said "nobody could have figured it out that fast. So did Dr. Bhattacharya when we did our 24 hours together. But they didn't use calculus, subtract out the placebo effect, and worse of all ignored immunity-in-place, a term I coined early on to account for the huge # of pts who were protected before the virus was assembled. They thought when someone with IIP was injected , they didn't transmit because of the injection, not realizing it was because of the IIP. So they overestimated the power of the vaccine to block transmission. I hope you'll get my book and help me get the word out.. In it, I name names, and prove my "16 Firsts, and 4 Onlys" (ex I was the first to derive the correct IFR at .1%. -Experts had it 40x too high at 4%-, what I just explained was one, etc.)

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Jan 9Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

This fascinating debate might be billed as King Epidemiology vs. King Clinician. The debate reveals the strengths and limitations of both approaches to perceiving the truth. The clinical experience can not be argued away with statistics, in my view. Arguing on what happened based on the behavior and possible motivations of the protagonists is a dangerous and unreliable way of thinking. There was a serious something, probably a virus, probably the SARS-COV-2 virus that escaped the lab in Wuhan. Whether the release was deliberate or not is still not proven, but I favor the not deliberate reason because (and I realize I'm partially contradicting myself here) the panicked response of authorities both in China, by Dazsack, and the whole COVID cartel, suggest they were caught off guard by the release. Arguing against this if Fauci's 2017 declaration that there would be a "surprise challenge in the area of infectious diseases" to the Trump Administration.

Here's the kicker; the virus was completely non-virulent for children and young people. It was only slightly virulent for people over 20 and less than 70. It was only moderately virulent for those over 70 with multiple comorbidities.

The "millions" of COVID-19 deaths that the authorities were mostly people without infections with SARS COV-2. They were those who were falsely diagnosed with COVID-19 by the inflationary scams implemented by our government and their public health minions.

Many of those in the over 70 age group with co-morbidities who died would have recovered had they been given proper nutrition, proper supportive care and appropriate early treatment with drugs such as IV steroids, HCQ, IVM, Vitamin D, Azithromycin and others.

The likely infectious fatality rate with appropriate treatment and diagnosis would likely have been comparable to what it was with SARS COV-1. In other words, miniscule.

In this sense, the epidemiologists have reached the right conclusion, but with the wrong argument. The data suggests that there was no pandemic, but to the extent there was a pandemic it was a pandemic of corruption, under-treatment, and mis-treatment. It was in this sense an iatrogenocide, as some have called it.

Even with the terrible harms from the COVID-19 virus, there was a peculiar drop off of influenza, and the net result was that death and disability statistics showed very little effect from the iatrogenocide, even with the amped up and immoral fudging of diagnoses and severe harms to a select vulnerable population.

The real pandemic as, McCullough has argued, began with the COVID-19 vaccine. This was where clinical experience matched the epidemiological experience best. This was the far greater pandemic and it too was an iatrogenocide, as the vaccine was constructed in such as way, as Yeadon has pointed out, to maximize the possibility of harm by injectionoof mRNA coding for the known-to-be-toxic spike protein.

Overall, a brilliant exposition of both points of view!! This is what I call science!!

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99% of people falsely certified as having ‘died from covid’ actually died from their preexisting conditions being exacerbated by mass medical malpractice and ‘public health’ despotism, the other 1% simply died of old age.

From the CDC itself 7/16/21:

“Of the 540,667 hospitalized coronavirus patients included in the study, 80,174 died during the observation period (March 2020 to March 2021).

A whopping 99.1% of the patients who died had at least one pre-existing condition, with just 740 having no prior condition on record. Most patients who "died from COVID" had multiple pre-existing conditions, with just 2.6% suffering from only one condition, compared to 32.3% who had two to five preexisting conditions, 39.1% who had six to ten, and 25.1% who have more than ten pre-existing conditions.”

Translation: No one has ‘died from covid’ as “Covid” is nothing more than a fraudulent PCR result plus a nebulous clinical re-branding of cold, “flu” and many other disease conditions.

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I agree with you, Allen, that most people who died with COVID likely did not actually die from COVID, but I think that the presence of a pre-existing condition while having the highly unreliably positive PCR test does not ipso facto prove that if one died while in hospital under such circumstances it could NOT possibly have been from COVID. It simply means that the likelihood that many or most of those who died with the COVID label actually had deaths that we're more complicated than what has been represented. It could have been from their underlying premorbid conditions, some combination of premorbid conditions and COVID, iatrogenic factors, and possibly even COVID itself. The point is we don't know because the government deliberately made no effort to parse out these different possibilities. The authorities said we knew, but they clearly lied. The truth is that a great many, probably a large majority of COVID deaths were not "just from COVID" .

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I'm guessing you are familiar with the CDC March 24, 2020 reclassification document for coding of "Covid" deaths.

If not I'll send it your way. That week was crucial. Same week as Cares Act- unilateral DNR policy shift and a few other items. None of this is coincidental.

The manufactured perception that there was a global medical emergency, beginning in March 2020, was an artifact of mass media manipulation, behavioral conditioning techniques and social engineering.

Fake photos of people falling dead- fake images of coffins piling up- fake doctors claiming hospitals were overflowing- fake tests to produce a fake disease- fake scenes outside hospitals staged by PR firms- fake media parrots lying through their teeth every night- fake trials of a toxic bioweapon- fake everything.

The Virus™ is superfluous, just like the Swine Flu scamdemic of 2009. All they needed to do was create the perception of a pandemic/mass panic with staged Hollywood productions, doomsday models, and the fraudulent PCR test to manufacture the cases/falsely attributed as “Covid deaths.”

Seems like most of "Team Reality" (many who have established cottage industries from the phony pandemic) isn't capable of or interested in facing up to what actually happened in the hospitals in Spring 2020 which illustrates conclusively that there was no unique viral pathogen and no pandemic.

People were not being impacted by germs and microbes in any way that was different from every season- they were being murdered and data was being cooked. This renders all talk of 'bioweapons", "lab leaks", "China virus" and so forth meaningless.

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I am unfamiliar with the Cares Act- unilateral DNR policy shift. Could you expand on that?

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They murdered many elderly, disabled, cognitively challenged people this way. Many of these people had no advocates and/or were not allowed to have in-person advocates as third party witnesses were disallowed.

In the US on March 27, 2020 the mechanism for how DNR's would be executed was altered allowing for doctors to unilaterally make that decision. Similar DNR orders were utilized in other countries.

March 27, 2020 is the same day Public Law No: 116-136 the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act went into effect. That is not by accident.

One component in that act provided protection for doctors and nurses and hospital admin for the ensuing changes in protocols of which DNR decisions was one.

They sold it as such:

"The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is challenging health care systems worldwide and raising important ethical issues, especially regarding the potential need for rationing health care in the context of scarce resources and crisis capacity. Even if capacity to provide care is sufficient, one priority should be addressing goals of care in the setting of acute life-threatening illness, especially for patients with chronic, life-limiting disease."

"Provision of nonbeneficial or unwanted high-intensity care may put other patients, family members, and health care workers at higher risk of transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Now is the time to implement advance care planning to ensure patients do not receive care they would not want if they become too severely ill to make their own decisions."

"In extreme situations in which CPR cannot possibly be effective, clinicians in some health care settings may unilaterally decide to write a DNR order. This latter approach is not uniformly accepted and, prior to COVID-19, it rarely had a role. During this pandemic, however, in extreme situations such as a patient with severe underlying chronic illness and acute cardiopulmonary failure who is getting worse despite maximal therapy, there may be a role for a unilateral DNR to reduce the risk of medically futile CPR to patients, families, and health care workers."




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They did the same in the UK: DNRed just about everybody who was not young and fit, and even the fit above a certainty age! All the NHS are medical criminals - I never trusted them or the system (protocol driven, no space or desire to think about a case just follow the protocols and cover their ass) before but now, I fully despise them.

Ppl with family members with disability got power of attorney and we geared up and practiced and prepared what to do in case they get hospitalised for any reason (all non jabbed, non compliant ppl who understand law vs right and that mandate is not law).

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If it was "was only slightly virulent for people over 20 and less than 70" why did over 1/4 of all the covid-attributed deaths in 25 to 54 years olds in the USA occur in NYC, despite only 3% of that age group living in the USA?

What the heck happened?

Why the heck isn't anyone investigating?

Does the stark difference between what happened in NYC (the prime narrative-driver worldwide, together with N Italy) not bother anyone?

How can this be said to have the same cause?


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Good questions. We need to investigate the lack of investigation. I suspect we know the answer: the authorities wish to bury the truth. The variability in who was affected where smells terrible. We may never know the reasons, but they should be analyzed and eventually will be. This whole mess is a gold mine for investigative journalists and historians, who will mine it for decades.

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Can it be both: both novel & pathogenic aerosolized and cleverly dispersed to create hot spots adjacent to non-hot spots?

Frankly, at the rate the US is descending into whatever label you want to apply that characterizes this country, I have no belief we have 5 years let alone decades to investigate, that remotely resembles our previous decades. I am not even sure we will make it intact through 2024.

Beyond that everything is cheery.

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Great comment

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As an FLCCC member from the start, I was well-acquainted with Covid's clinical presentation as serious and unique. Dr. Rancourt's epidemiological analyses seem rigorous and well-done, but I couldn't square their conclusions with the clinical. I'm convinced these two views fit together somehow into one coherent pattern, but after reading Dr. Kory's post, I'm no closer to understanding how...

I think this is a critically important question, and am very glad to see it tackled here. I'd love to see more.

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Jan 13·edited Jan 13

For my own sanity about what is truth and what isn't. It is clear that hospitals were and maybe still are killing fields, but that is all I am certain in this present discussion/debate. I have enormous respect for Mike Yeadon and Dr. Kory and I don't simply want to vote on which do you believe.

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Thank you for making a very strong case for the presence of an infectious/contagious agent, Dr. Kory. Had I not experienced Delta myself, I could probably be swayed into the "No virus" camp -- but after observing the (very unique) progression of symptoms in my own body, there is no way I can tolerate claims that "It was just flu."

You did not disappoint. Thank you for your clinical professionalism and dedication, and for your determined pursuit of truth.

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I am wondering whether there really was a drop off of influenza. How did clinicians arrive at that conclusion: 1) If there is a test, did they test for it; 2) was influenza mischaracterized as Covid; or, 3) was influenza absorbed under the symptom umbrella of Covid?

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Right. I've seen a study (sorry, lost the reference) that makes the case that there may not have been a real drop of influenza as in many countries there was a near total stop of testing for influenza (not all countries, which allowed for analysis). In many countries, if people felt sick they just tested for Covid.

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Exactly. Our CDC did not track flu the year when covid was first going around. They stated as much on their website in Flu View. Some say the cov-2 absorbed flu. I disagree. I think: testing is not absolute and highly variable in diagnosing infections and testing was not done consistently for flu, and not tracked by CDC. i asked ppl in my area if they were testing for flu, and yes, they were and I quote from a hospital worker: "there is plety of flu".

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Do you know early on hospitals were murdering people to push the covid lie, they still are killing people to push the bioweapon injections. There was no new virus, it was all a lie.

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Jan 9Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

There was a new virus (bioweapon) AND they killed people with iatrogenic care.

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🎯agree Old School Counselor. That Bioweapon cause miscarriages, placental abruptions , anomalies and stillbirths too.

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And now our surveillance system in the jabbed are immunocompromised causing cancer and autoimmune diseases and dermatologic conditions .

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Can you provide concrete evidence for this?

"There was a new virus (bioweapon)"

Please cite exact locations where the bioweapon was used and how it was used and when it was used. Please cite method of delivery.

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Thank you- I saw that last week along with the other nurse featured at CHD in the same sitting.

They don't really get into the Spring 2020 events.

One thing that is documented but not spoken about is that remedsivir was used as an experimental drug early in Spring 2020 in Boston Sinai hospital (e.g. and other places) as part of "Covid protocols." Was it also used in Mt. siani NYC (part of the same system) at that time. Maybe Pierre could answer to that as he was at Mt. Sinai hospital.

Another item that does not get mentioned is that EMT's in NYC Spring 2020 were specifically ordered NOT to give treatment for emergency patients they were picking up on calls. This too is documented.

All of this and so much more gets lost in the smoke and mirrors when people are distracted by alleged invisible submicroscopic particles.

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A pandemic of those who were denied early treatment.

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Wrong. The deaths were created by hospitals.

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Virus in Latin means poison (original meaning) so absolutely a weapon released

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No tho my my mom did. I will change translation later

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Gratias tibi ago. Loquerisne latine?

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No comprende. I no longer believe in viruses. All have been sourced to military or poor sanitation. Had chicken pox, measles & mumps as a kid. NEVER took a vaccine as an adult and thankfully only a couple as a kid. I only ran into problems when given pharmaceuticals.

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(Do you speak Latin?).

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All infectious RNA viruses are new. They mutate rapidly. And yes, I saw Dr. Mike Yeadon's claim they aren't infectious.

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Not around the world...they mutate to become less infectious as they go around.

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More infectious, but less lethal. Still nearly as new, perhaps more so if you consider those new mutations.

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You apparently never had Covid. Those who have will tell you you're wrong.

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You mean the rebranded flu.

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No, I mean SARS-CoV-2. If you have never had it, you are in NO position to judge, particularly given Dr. Kory's detailed explanations and considerable clinical experience.

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Writes Dr. Yeadon: “There was no hint of increased illness or death (as measured by all cause mortality) in USA (state big state) until after WHO called a pandemic … Separately, I’ve looked & looked and I’m unable to find in the literature good evidence of contagion in influenza like illnesses broadly”

That’s not what my copious research shows. In America, cases of ILI in 2019-2020 were “severe” and “widespread” - and commenced far earlier than the previous “flu seasons” where the CDC reports flu data. This includes the historic or terrible flu season of 2017-2018, which was only acute for about 5 or 6 weeks (not 23 weeks like 2019-2020).


Also, “anecdotal evidence” of people who suspect they might have had “early Covid” - and who cite convincing reasons they believe this - are voluminous in Reader Comments I’ve saved and will soon publish.

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Jan 9·edited Jan 9Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

I'm not saying that everyone who thinks they might have had an early case of Covid was actually sick from Covid. But if just 10 or 20 or 30 percent of these obviously "sick" people DID have Covid before late February 2020, that's a huge number and would change the entire thinking on the IFR and CFR for this illness.

I don't know why we dismiss such testimonials, especially when millions of people have the same thought or suspicion. It's similar to how the authorities and experts dismiss the millions of people who think they've experienced adverse events from the vaccines (or had loved ones or friends who perhaps died because they got these shots). That is, the eye-opening NUMBER of such anecdotes should matter .... in real science or real journalism.

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I know several people in my small circle of family/friends that came down with a very bad “flu” in the winter of 2019/2020, before Covid supposedly arrived here. My brother said he almost felt like he was gonna die. In retrospect many of them think it might have been Covid that they had...

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Look everyone, we appear to have forgotten that the foundation of the scientific method is observation. This is what great clinicians & diagnosticians do!

As a Throughbred Breeder for 25+ years I can tell you that theories are useless if they will not work in the field or explain & treat the problem, no matter how great they sound to your ears, or how pretty they look on paper!

The doctors who took those that got really, really ill, when thus bug came through their area, in waves, they are telling you clearly all the ways this thing was different from other infectious disease or known clinical conditions they had treated before.

Why the theorists cannot listen is beyond me.

I and thousands, probably millions, caught it in my home, being face to face with someone, who also came down with it too. My husband never got sick, but I'm sure has immunity as he was certainly exposed.

When your immune system does it's job properly, you'll never even know, you'll just build immunity.

Listen to the frontline doctors. This wasn't a fantasy. It just was utilized as the greatest weapon against the population of Earth in human history.

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To clarify, I found no evidence of any spike in all-cause deaths in the pre-Covid months - so there wasn't any evidence of "increased deaths" from so-called "early Covid." However, this just proves my point (and, I think, Dr. Yeadon's point) that this virus was NOT "deadly."

IMO, it was a very contagious virus - probably "novel" and probably produced in a lab - but it wasn't "deadly." Thus, there was no need for lockdowns or "vaccines" as this virus didn't pose any increased mortality risk. There was no real "health emergency."

Also, public health officials must have known about this spike in ILI cases and connected some dots and had the thought that this virus might have already been spreading around the world well before China made its announcement to the WHO on Dec. 31, 2019. Per my hypothesis, key officials CONCEALED all the copious evidence of "early spread." They also refused to investigate likely/possible early cases outside of China.

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How come no increase in NYC hospital system across all indices in early 2020?

So people were just sitting around in their houses getting "kind of sick", or the virus was dormant and then Boom! the virus bomb went off and deaths in NYC exploded (for only 11 weeks and then right down to baseline for rest of year) despite near record lows in ED visits, ICU usage, in-patient etc...

You really have to believe the wildest things to believe the "novel pathogen" story.

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I'm located 40 mins from NYC, and have many friends therebouts.... Most people have told me that they were SICK WITH WHAT THEY CALLED OR WERE TOLD WAS THE FLU.. IN THE WINTER OF 2019... After they virus became headline news.. these people began to realize they had already gotten Covid-19 (19...hence 2019) but recovered.. So yes the initial spread was not particularly deadly.. but something happened in 2020..

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As I've written, the key to the operation was that pandemic producers had to show a big spike in "Covid deaths." This spike in deaths actually didn't occur in China (which reported fewer than 200 Covid deaths by the end of January 2020). The big spike in deaths happened in northern Italy in late February/or early March. The outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship was also very important to establishing the "deadly" virus narrative.

Of course, all the "Covid deaths" happened AFTER the mass panic and the change in the medical protocols. I keep arguing the virus didn't change a lick. Also, the PCR test was super important. This test wasn't widely administered until AFTER the lockdowns. I also keep arguing that if millions of people had been getting the same PCR tests in February or January 2020, we would have had even more "cases" in those months. The problem would have been there wouldn't have been a corresponding spike in all-cause deaths in those months.

... So the pandemic producers intentionally delayed the roll-out of the PCR test.

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Diamond Princess proved the opposite, IFR wasn't that bad even with a population of vulnerable, elderly people.

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My friend’s 99 y.o. grandma was on that ship. She didn’t get Covid.

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If you get a chance, check out my story on the outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier (and also The Charles deGaulle French aircraft carrier and the USS Kidd destroyer).

All 3 ships had bad "outbreaks" but, significantly, antibody tests were administered to crew members of each ship. These AB results showed that 41 to 63 percent of crew members had had a prior infection. Only one sailor, 41, allegedly died from Covid.

So in the worst-possible spread environments in a cohort of more than 7,000 sailors, there was just one (maybe) Covid death.

Take-away: Among middle aged and younger (healthy) sailors, Covid posed virtually zero mortality risk. I don't know why the outbreaks on these ships - and the later antibody tests - didn't get more media attention. Then again: I do understand why this was/is the case. These findings didn't fit the requisite fear/deadly virus narrative.

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This is true. It wasn't all that lethal until the Covid Protocols rolled out.

But still, some strains, some places were bad, for some individuals. Listen to Dr. Kory when he says early on he lost 3 doctors to it, who were treating the sick! That should tell you something.

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For those interested in my theory on why the pandemic had to be delayed, here's a piece where I try to support my hypothesis ...


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It might have been a "novel" pathogen ... it just wasn't a "deadly" novel pathogen. One could count the number of people who were "sick" in the fall and winter of 2019-2020 and then compare this number to previous flu seasons. At one point, even the CDC said from 37.5 million to 63 million Americans had an ILI in the "flu season" of 2019-2020. The median from this estimate was 47.5 million "sick" Americans - which would be far more sick Americans than any previous flu season. Of course, the CDC later revised those estimates to 35 million sick people ... which I think was another effort to conceal evidence of "early spread."

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Can you cite valid evidence of any "pathogen", ever? The CDC hasn't been able to, but maybe you can?

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I can cite evidence of a ton of people all getting sick at the same time with the same symptoms. Or everyone in my house getting sick at the same time with the same symptoms. Or half the people in my wife's high school English class missing school on the same day because they had the same symptoms.

I already cited evidence of tens of millions of people going to the doctor with the same symptoms over a period of a few months in the winter of 2019-2020.

5-G outbreaks, I guess.

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So I guess the answer is no, you can't cite any valid evidence of any "pathogen", since you didn't.

No kidding people sometimes get same symptoms at same time. And sometimes they don't. And sometimes ppl get sick w/o being around anyone else who was sick.

People getting same symptoms at same time is not proof that a "pathogen" was spreading. Please just stop and think about this, logically. Can you not think of any other explanations? It shouldn't be that hard.

FYI: no one on the planet has a sample of the alleged "virus" (or any other "virus"), and no one has even found the alleged "genome" intact. They're all made up, literally, on computers.

Take a look at the 1st "SARS-COV-2" publication and see for yourself the pseudoscience upon which this scam got started.



Are you ware of the 1918 Rosenau study? Or the many failed attempts to demonstrate disease contagion or transmission? If not, it's an easy read and should be eye-opening to anyone with an open mind.



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Exactly! Can you?!

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What is the role of the Wuhan lab in the overall narrative? ILIs are predominant in most flu seasons, but it was the high CTs PCRs which allowed the novel lab leak SARS-CoV-2 narrative to run rampant.

Since most of us want to get at the truth, what is the truth as you see it. What is the elevator pitch for what we've been dealing? Pretend you are speaking with Ron Desantis or Tucker Carlson.

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Michael, I don't know the answer to your question about the role of the Wuhan lab to the narratives that followed, but I do know this is a great unanswered question.

I'm most adamant that, for some reason, the start date of the alleged Covid pandemic HAD to be delayed for months ... because I think I know millions of people were already being infected by this virus by the fall of 2019 (basically, evidence of "early spread" HAD to be concealed).

My guess is that "virus spread" or any escape event might have happened at another lab, perhaps in America? Thus, the effort to keep everyone focussed only on the WIV and a bogus start date of virus spread (December 2019). This prevented any real virus-origin sleuths from investigating other scenarios (and likely "suspects.").

I know America's authorities and leaders are lying and concealing the truth about early spread, but China's probably are too.

Here's my long article on why I think the real start date of virus spread had to be delayed. If nothing else, it's original analysis.


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Jan 13·edited Jan 13

Bill, this write-up is great, but will need to read again and the cutting room floor Part 3. A paper was published last August whose title I cannot remember, but I can remember a colorful graphic and stair-stepping data which pointed that sequential variants differed genetically in ways that would be hard to find in natural evolution of a virus. Maybe you remember that paper. It might have had Japanese authors??

And then there's Omicron which showed up I think in Botswana in three unnamed diplomats and that was the end of that story. Omicron did not have parents, no grand parents, no great great grand parents, nothing in the phylogeny tree.

Does this sort of fit in the pre-planning, wait for the right time and take a what appears to be an easy to genetically engineered coronavirus, that Dazak, Ralph Barric, Fauci, Moderna, DARPA, DOD, etc. part of the unofficial, uninvestigated, blame China and not the US narrative that no one in Congress wants to consider.

Just to add was the speed in which Fauci assembled the cover-up fits in to the narrative.

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Evidence of disease contagion?

Valid evidence of any "virus"?

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Jan 10·edited Jan 11

You're playing stupid, and only those who were not infected will grant you the slightest credence. Confirmed group infections were all over the place, and don't warrant repeating. If you want to deny the existence of viruses, that's your choice -- but please explain to us what kind of toxin(s) or other agent produced the consistent progression of symptoms described by Dr. Kory, and the reason for it's/their spread to those in proximity, often in different locations.

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Lol so you have no evidence either, just like the CDC.

How on earth would I know why perfect strangers got sick, when I know absolutely ziltch about how they'd been living? What a ridiculous question. "Virus did it, unless you can prove otherwise" is not logic or scientific, especially when none have ever been shown to exist.

No "infections" were "confirmed". The tests are un-validated, fraudulent and meaningless. How can you not know this yet? PCR, even in base case scenario, only provided indirect evidence of target sequences. Not an illness, not an infection, not any amount of "virus", not even a genome. Just a tiny sequenced claimed (based on zero valid evidence) to be a "marker" for "the virus". And the "cases" were determined based on these meaningless tests.

You assume "spread". Like I said, where is the evidence? CDC has none for "viruses" or "spread". People getting sick in proximity to each other is not evidence of "spread", you are simply assuming a mechanism based on conditioning.


Actually tons of people agree with me, more and more every day because they actually looked into the evidence for "viruses" and contagion and saw how lame it is. Which is why Kory is forced to confront the issue.

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I have first-hand, reliable evidence, as does Dr. Kory. You haven't paid attention; the evidence is called "Symptoms." You can choose to ignore them, but they have been used for diagnosis (with great positive effect) for centuries.

I know all about the weaknesses of PCR tests, and made no reference to them, whatsoever. The confirmation comes in the form of repeatable symptoms and disease progression, often among growing clusters of people. An increasing number of sick people in a particular community constitutes "Spread," and all your protestations do nothing to change that.

I am not assuming anything. Until a better theory is presented, I'm attributing Covid-19 sickness to the presence of a virus -- a mechanism that has done pretty well over the last 60 years or so at explaining many of the maladies that beset humanity. Nobody here has claimed that virology holds all the answers, but until you can present a more credible explanation for what we see, you're just blowing smoke, and it matters not one iota how many people agree with you.

Dr. Kory is not forced to comment at all; he graciously CHOOSES to explain why Covid-19 appears to be a real and unique illness. If you were more observant, you would have noticed that his emphasis is on THE ILLNESS, and not the specific causative agent. In light of your failure to present anything constructive to the conversation, it would be helpful to other readers if you would simply be quiet.

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"Confirmed cases" were based on lab tests, not symptoms, and lol symptoms are not evidence of a "virus" or of "spread", even when in clusters.

You confuse effects and a presumed cause.

W.H.O. Case Definitions: lab test but no symptoms required:


"Confirmed case = 1 PCR test", Public Health Ontario, March 2020:


CDC 2020: "Confirmed - Meets confirmatory laboratory evidence."


CDC now: "Confirmed - Meets confirmatory laboratory evidence."


I haven't "ignored" anything. Kory cited 3 papers for me on another thread and they were all rubbish: https://pierrekorymedicalmusings.com/p/debate-was-covid-19-a-pandemic-caused/comment/46968837

You can attribute symptoms to a "virus" all you want. And you can attribute presents under a tree, cookie crumbs and footsteps in the snow to Santa. But you have zero valid evidence to back it up.

And no the "mechanism" / assumption /pseudoscience has not done well, it's led to horrific immeasurable carnage for >100 years, including everything "covid" related of the last 4 years, horrific animal torture experiments, deadly treatments, quackcines, masking, toxic sanitizers, neglect/avoidance of the sick, unnecessary fear, social disruption, etc, etc.

Lol refuting blatant pseudoscience is not "blowing smoke". Blowing smoke is perpetuating the unfounded narrative.

All you virus-pushers have is insults and baseless claims. Ever actually read a "virus isolation/sequencing" paper? If you'd put some energy into actually investigating the "virus" publications you could quickly see the fraud, made up "genomes" and all.

Kory was forced to comment b/c soooo many people have no caught onto the fraud, and he and his "virus" colleagues are being challenged by more and more people all the time. And this article is full of "virus" references, including in the title. He's trying to keep the "virus" narrative alive when it is quickly dying.

"I completely agree that in many cases Covid would be hard to confidently differentiate from other respiratory viruses"

"Patients often presenting with high ferritin levels indicating severe activation of macrophages (also uncommon, but can be seen with other viruses"

"typically anosmia and ageusia are transient while ill with a virus...."

"High rates of ME/CFS (myalgic encephalitis/chronic fatigue syndrome a.k.a Long Covid) compared to what has been described with other viruses...."

" Know that none of the other common respiratory viruses we see (flu, RSV, rhino, regular corona) transmit by aerosol..."

"Also, none of those viruses studied have been associated with significant aerosol transmission like Covid has...."

"I apologize that I did not have the time to find published literature “proving” under experimental conditions the contagiousness of respiratory viruses. I have treated hundreds of Covid patients..." (covid = coronaVIRUS disease)

"and why the virus spread the way it did...."

Sorry you can't handle your hero being challenged, but I will not be quiet for you. What a thing for you to say. Are you only for freedom and questioning and challenging as long as it doesn't challenge your own beliefs?

"in light of your failure to present anything constructive" -

Lol, I have a website full of official evidence/confessions from 220 institutions in 40 countries showing that no one even has a sample of "the virus" to study... and that's just the "SARS-COV-2" FOI responses. Links here:


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I also suspect that people don't have enough Vitamin D.

I am also suspect that influenza was non existent before the wires for electricity were put up.

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I think in broad strokes, you may be correct, Duchess. Influenza & electromagnetic poisoning, or influencing, may be almost identical.

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This is an excellent contribution to the conversation, so thank you for actually engaging in what probably seem like silly assertions to you. When you share your expertise to a non-specialist audience, it benefits everyone willing to learn and be persuaded. I hope it will make it back to Dr Yeadon especially since I do believe he has valuable insights as well.

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thank you for this, you are spot on.

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Yes! Dr. Yeadon is someone I have admired throughout this disaster for all people & his calling the Governmental actions out as intentionally harmful resonated with me very much, as I could come to no otger conclusion myself, looking at the evidence.

But, when he fell into the "no viruses, ever," black hole my heart fell too.

How will we ever deal with the Bio-weapons sociopaths if half the medical freedom community believes that viruses are mythological?!

Dear Lord, saints preserve us!!

Just when you think we can work together to head in one direction, here half of the troops go off into the wilderness, lay down all their weapons, and start singing

Na, na, na, na, na, na, no virus in meeee!

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Totally agree.

This type of engagement is critical, to enable valuable knowledge exchange and understanding, for the benefit of all.

Why people seem to be polarised in exclusive camps, rather than actively engaged in sharing critical information, to enable honest analysis and synthesis, towards integrated conclusions, is a mystery to me.

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You would not happen to be from Australia?

Just asking.

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Lol did you notice he can't cite even a paper showing the "genome" being found intact?

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It seems to me that isn’t relevant to characterizing a disease from a clinical perspective.

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He is defending the "virus" story, which requires a "genome" and more.

Tons of "covid" cases had zero symptoms of any kind. "The disease you have to get tested for to find out if you have it!" Yet to hear Kory talk about it you'd get quite a different impression. He's out of touch with reality or disingenuous. All you needed was 1 meaningless positive PCR result to get diagnosed. The test that doesn't test for a "virus"!

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There are plenty of viruses ppl can carry that exhibit no symptoms. Not at all abnormal for a virus. Kory is talking about clinical presentation, that is, ppl admitted to hospital with a subset of symptoms. I think Kory is absolutely IN reality being a clinician.

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Again, he is defending the fake "virus" story, which requires a "genome" and more.

And again, all you needed to get diagnosed was 1 meaningless positive PCR result. The test that doesn't test for a "virus"! Diagnoses were not based on symptoms, and no symptoms can provide evidence of a "virus".

You're making claims that you cannot support with a shred of scientific evidence. If I'm wrong, cite a valid scientific study showing a "virus". Should be easy for you if they actually exist.

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I think Dr. Kory answers all these issues you have here. A 'fake' virus story? my god, where have you been??

We all understand the issues with the PCR test.

Diagnosis WAS based upon symptoms (but clearly the corrupt CDC was using a poor quality test with high amplifications in order to create more infections) and like Dr. Kory stated, especially in the later stages of disease since this virus is quite different in its presentation later on as compared to early stages.

The genome HAS been detected and placed on the family tree. This is how the database works AND how we know variants.

I think the last comment is kinda funny actually. I don't have to PROVE anything. It's already been done. So right back atcha.....do you have science to the contrary or are you basing your assessment on the fact you ignore decades of science? The only thing I see for this "no virus" hooey are people screaming 'show me the proof" while literally ppl are showing them the proof. You are gaslighting.

Jeremy Hammond did a great series of articles on virus isolation.

Start here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7662242/

Then go here:https://www.jeremyrhammond.com/articles/collections/virus/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=The%20Dogma%20of%20Virus%20Denialism&utm_campaign=The%20Dogma%20of%20Virus%20Denialism&vgo_ee=MtOcTJ1vvdhTSwOfzU5xrEzkASpiHornD%2Fz2wZTd1jg%3D

AND there is gain of function, ppl getting SICK and what about herpes viruses? Are cold sores caused by EMFs? Aliens? Gods of war? What?? Mono and EBV, chicken pox, POLIO, my god girl. But back to gain of function.....a WHOLE INDUSTRY revolves around chimera. gah.

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Agree with you about data fraud using case definitions. Disagree with your assessment of the post.

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Spot on!

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Jan 9Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

Many false dichotomies in their argument.

1)there can be a novel pathogen spreading that causes disease with limited or only comorbid mortality.

I don’t know anyone who died from COVID but I know many that were knocked out for 2 weeks and had a slow recovery after.

To call all these folks psychosomatic is Fauci level gas lighting.

Pandemics require mortality. But they make a leap from no death = no virus despite mountains of sequence evidence, PCR evidence and antigen evidence that a virus was circulating. How novel? I also doubt the December 2019 leak date but there is some evidence of it leaking earlier.

The virus circulated. It’s exact contribution to disease May not trigger pandemic definitions with a sober analysis but it doesn’t follow that no virus exists or that all physicians confused it for bacteria or the flu.

Chris Mason has nice work performing whole transcriptome sequencing on over 600 patients and the COVID patient have C19 RNA as the highest copy transcript in the sample. Higher than human transcripts. They are 3% coinfections with other viruses. Other mystery viruses or bacteria didn’t emerge.

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We weren't sold a story about a "pathogen spreading that causes disease with limited or only comorbid mortality".

The story is of a huge, massive, unprecedented mortality event affecting young and old, healthy and unhealthy alike in NYC as a warning about "what happens if this is not taken seriously".

It (this mortality event) commenced overnight, lasted 11 weeks, and the suddenly disappeared entirely, again virtually overnight.

An average of a 9/11 event's worth of deaths happened on average every week for 11 weeks.

How does a "pathogen spreading that causes disease with limited or only comorbid mortality" do that?

And more to the point, why is nobody interested to find out?

It is absolutely nothing like anything which happened elsewhere in the USA.

If it happened - we need to know how and why so many people died - especially the young.

If it didn't - why are we being told it did?

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So what?

Where did I defend what you were sold? This is a non sequitur.

They will do this again if you don’t face the evidence of what occured.

There is undeniable evidence that a C19 sequence was co-associated with the patients Kory was treating. Wether it causes mortality directly, indirectly or a hair that breaks the camels back is irrelevant. They can detect it in a decentralized manner all over the world and this Is very convincing. They will repeat this trick in the future.

The more you put your head in the sand about that, The more easily you’ll be fleeced again when they repeat it. They merely need to point at an endemic virus you don’t know about, turn on the PCR pipeline synchronously, create panic and they will have a very convincing story that it’s happening again.

You present your case as if this alternative hypothesis can’t exist.

You present a case that denies what many people personally experienced (malaise) and suggest everyone had a psychosomatic breakdown.

It goes nowhere because it arrogantly leaps to conclusions without considering alternative hypothesis while conveniently ignoring all the diagnostic and clinical data that runs counter to your model.

Two things can be true at the same time. The virus was less severe as they claimed but it did spread like a common cold before they told you about it. All they have to do is turn the lights on and blame everything on that.

They could have done that his with OC43.

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You said this:

“They merely need to point at an endemic virus you don’t know about, turn on the PCR pipeline synchronously, create panic and they will have a very convincing story that it’s happening again.”

I agree. I think the difference is that I think this IS what has happened with possibly something locally going on to explain the hotspots.

Have you ruled out the possibility that this is what has actually happened, and if so on what basis?

Or are we in actual agreement?

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Perhaps. But. dont agree with the suggestion that Kory was treating a bunch of Psychosomatic cases and their is no virus. Saw too many cases where this bounced across 5 people in a quarantined household to another. All of which would PCR and Antigen test positive for the virus as the symptoms hopped person to person and these tests were negative before and after symptoms subsided. So the aspects of the argument that attempt to deny the infectiousness, illness, or transmissibility should be viewed independently of the WHOs mortality driven definition of a 'pandemic'. People dont have to die for something to cause chaos. In fact bioweapons by design don't kill. They maim as maiming is far more expensive than death. I saw a lot of people maimed by C19 but far more from their solution (the vax). We likely agree on the fact that their Panic caused more harm than the virus in terms of lockdown impact on the poor.

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INFECTIOUS non replicating CLONES. Dr. Baric and the NIH hold the patents.

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clones of what exactly?

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There are two patents for Sars 2. Both are for non replicating infectious clones...they make shitloads and can make shitloads in a lab...and then they a released. We are not sure if in the air, water, on vegetables in the supermarket...that is the current question...but if you (inhale, drink, touch...unknown at this point) the infectious clones, you will come down with Covid....but it does not replicate in the body...so you cannot pass it on.Dr. Lee Merritt was the first one to observe that the "outbreak" in NYC travelled along route 80...and we suspect in the subways.

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Patents are easy to get- they don't mean that that thing exists in the real world.

What outbreak in NYC?

I've yet to see any evidence for this.

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Something that is nonreplicating is not "SARS-COV-2", and not a "virus".

Clones of what exactly? Something has to exist before you can clone it.

What exactly was released? When? Where? How do you know? When where "covid" tests validated for detecting these "clones"? Or are you repeating Jay Couey's evidence-free "hypothesis"?

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Jan 9·edited Jan 9

I have to laugh... because I was just debating in my mind my comments on the last FLCCC wed webinar in response to the guests comments on Dr. VanBoshe... "he's a veterinarian"... As if this particular branch of medicine had no place or knowledge about the SARSCO2 virus. I just opened this post and will read it carefully... as the opinion of the FLCCC and Dr. Kory matter to me because I follow their advice in this matter. I follow their advice above other people solely because they were TREATING PATIENTS WHO WERE SICK... ON THE FRONT LINE.. IN THE BEGINNING... and held life and death in their decisions. PERIOD... all others to me are just TALK...BLA..BLA...BLA... PEOPLE ARE DEAD, SICK, INJURED AND SUFFERING RIGHT NOW.... whose doing what.. whose saying what... whose ACTUALLY HELPINGD THE PEOPLE... THATS WHAT I CARE ABOUT.

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I know, you are right, me too. Yet it seems important to know what happened because, if we go with the hypothesis that it was a DOD bioweapon, and we look at what is happening with the WHO and the IFR, they could do it again in exactly the same way (these people are the diametric opposite of creative). It may be that generalizations hide the effects of localized phenomenon, which may have been different in each location which was a hot zone. Here in Detroit, all anecdotal evidence points to aerosolized transmission (dancers, singers, people on buses), demographics (Pakistanis, black people in particular) show particular genetic propensities. Lots of poverty, cheap food, perhaps without high enough selenium (selenium deficiency causes coronaviruses to mutate to virulence), wicked air pollution. I just don't see huge numbers of people, even enveloped in terror propaganda, not recognizing that they just had the flu. Hospital protocols were horrific, true, with terrorized and overworked nurses especially. Might be a novel pathogen that mutates to virulence with particular single nucleotide polymorphisms. All I know, anecdotally, is that it wasn't just fear. AND my neighbor, who drove for a funeral home prior to the pandemic, was instructed to take unclaimed bodies to a National Guard tent to be guarded. He asked the Guardsmen why they were guarding the bodies, and the Guardsmen said they didn't know. Now maybe that's just militarized bureaucracy gone hyperbolic in the pandemic, but also maybe not. If it was a bioweapon, and you were a murderous eugenical plotter, wouldn't you make sure no one could generalize by having very different events happen in different places? In the same way that pharma documentedly never distributed hot lots of earlier vaccines to the same geographic area to cover death and damage up? I do think we need to know effing exactly what happened, but Goliath (as Bret Weinstein calls it) wants to throw monkey wrenches into that investigation.

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I grew up in a suburb of Detroit. They have very high rates of residents with varying degrees of the skin pigment melanin, which is a natural sunscreen. I have read several times that nobody died in hospital with a blood serum Vit D level over 40. The more melanin one has, combined with time spent in northern climates and heavy clothing, exists on the same continuum with the levels of Vit D in the blood. Less sun exposure, less Vit D. The poor also may not have resources to ensure their vitamin intake. Worldwide, more than 75% are low on D, and that includes counting tropical areas where it should be non-existent. I would love to see a survey of levels in Detroit contrasted with age, race, sex matched controls from FL or AZ.

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Add the new “demand” to completely lather oneself with sunscreen! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Good point re the treatment.

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Jan 9·edited Jan 9Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

Good post, Pierre.

Your clinical observations match those colleagues and I have seen.

It’s one thing to say all-cause mortality (ACM) did not increase until after shots, mask mandates, and lockdowns rolled out. I accept Denis Rancourt’s findings on this. These interventions are harmful.

But it’s a leap to say there was no pathogenic virus.

(Whether a virus is novel (new) might depend on how long it was sitting in a lab before infecting an animal, and the public is not allowed to know this for SARS-CoV-2.)

Evidence indicates the virus was engineered. One way to make a brand new synthetic virus is to insert into receptive host cells a nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) designed on a computer (or in a Petri dish) and encoding all requisite proteins (membrane, envelope, spike, polymerases, etc.), and those cells can start producing the virus.

Thus, the argument, “The Covid viral RNA sequence was designed on a computer, so the virus does not exist,” is flawed.

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Actually the leap has been made through the history of virology, when claiming "viruses" were shown to exist based on circular reasoning and retarded experiments, often with no controls whatsoever, and never with a valid independent variable. It should be so easy to cite a valid study if I'm wrong, but notice that Kory can't even show "the genome" being found intact or a study demonstrating contagion.

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Patented by Ralph Baric and NIH. They are called non replicating infectious clones....I know people got sick...some with flu, but some with an engineered (NOT NOVEL, 20percent of the population had antibodies to this corona backbone they used) but something engineered...like a non replicating infectious clones. We know the patent numbers, What we have to figure out is how they distributed them.

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In 2018, my elderly father had the cough which subsided and a few days later became a low oxygen condition. No pneumonia could be found. He went to the hospital and got better within 3 days due to oxygen and steroids. No vents thank God as they are useless for this condition. He could breathe, just not absorb oxygen which made him get weak very fast.

After the event, I was scratching my head what happened. It turns out that year was a little heavy for many and he got a flu shot that year. I've always been critical of flu shots as a coworker almost died from one a decade ago.

Make of it what you will... Also after the lockdowns started, many could not even see their normal doctors... Which can lead to sicknesses building up and not being treated!

But statistically, 2020 was pretty weak and I was following total death counts until December, where they looked on track to be like previous years. The average age of death being a bit above life expectancy lead me to believe it was normal deaths of age being hyped up.

In January, they added like 300k deaths and then finalized the 2020 counts as around 300k higher than 2019... 🤡

After the 💉 s came out, the story changed as Rancourt found. Total deaths increased.

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Whether flu shots make people prone to low oxygen when they get an ILI is worthy of study. Has it been? I had no such thing when I had SARS-CoV-2, and thought people reporting such things were either hallucinating, or, perhaps had low oximeter readings because of spike-induced thrombosis.

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Sorry Pierre. This was an EUA countermeasure operation by the DOD who funded Baric and then Wuhan GOF research via Fraud-Xi and Daszack. Who do you think owns the jab bioweapon patents? Hint, it's not Pfizer or Moderna. They're a front, nothing more.

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I do not disagree and do not believe I said anything to contradict what you wrote above. I was just focused on the "no novel pathogen" argument.

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I've seen the word "novel" misused a lot. Is a GOF virus novel? Is an engineered SP coupled to an LNP delivery system (as some theorize) novel? In the end it doesn't matter. This was a military OP to get an experimental genetic therapy into as many arm as possible because of multiple bad agendas by multiple bad actors.

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The No Virus/Yes Virus debate is critically important to settle.

Our very existence depends on it.

If the No Virus argument is true and can be established in the minds of large numbers then:

1. by definition pandemics do not exist.

(WHO Pandemic treaty, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, social distancing, masks )

2. any vaccines are foolish, dangerous or harmful. (bio weapons injections to unsuspecting populations, childhood vaccinations schedule with its enormously damaging effects and No benefits)

3. large parts of the theory and practice of the allopathic medicine would be revealed to be ranging from useless to dangerous to harmful.

4. Public health care that is based on allopathic medicine is economically bankrupting our society and rendering us permanently sick and enslaved to the medical industrial complex and the bio security state. ( there is no money to be made on healthy people )

5. the stupendously oppressive and destructive transfer and concentration of wealth that has been carried out for well over a century could finally be stopped perhaps.

The No Virus argument is a direct threat to the vested interests.

The No Virus camp has issued a standing invitation for a public debate. So far non of the Yes Virus camp are willing to debate. Perhaps the much respected Dr Kory would be willing to answer the challenge?

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Well said. And those ancient, clandestine vested interests will stop at nothing to keep their interests vested. Including covertly and overtly co-opting, hoodwinking or forcing otherwise well-intentioned but blindsided subject matter experts to inadvertently and often sympathetically uphold epic lies. Most don’t have what it takes to look up from their bread, circuses and navel gazing to contemplate that they might be living through this generation’s own macabre historical denouement.

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Jan 9·edited Jan 9

Analysis has been done on multiple adjacent states in the US as relates to the "viral spread" of the supposed "highly transmissible novel virus." What was noted was that certain states had zero excess in Spring 2020 while a neighboring state may have had some temporary "spike."

The disparity illustrated without question that there was no viral event and no spread. The difference between these states was noted in radically different public health policies and mandates.

Further it is noted that even in these states which had a "spike" this excess occurred in tightly circumscribed areas- hospitals and nursing homes located in urban centers. For example there was excess in certain NYC hospitals and nursing homes BUT NOT in suburban NY or beyond. Someone want to explain that? Same story in every single so-called "hotspot."

Same story in N Italy.

BEYOND THAT these excess deaths came from people who were mainly residing in institutionalized settings- the fragile elderly and the mentally disabled. The "virus" did not impact middle class or wealthy people. Nothing like this in epidemiological history and counter to all biological science.

BEYOND THAT none of this excess kicked in until the WHO officially declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. Anyone here really believes a "suddenly-super-spreading, deadlier-than-flu virus" waited for a government decree to create excess death.

To ascribe this convergent set of circumstances to a viral event strains credulity. What can do this is a coordinated campaign by powerful interests.

As far as any pandemic there was none whatsoever- the data on this is irrefutable. Those who repeat this lie do a great disservice to everyone by reinforcing this lie. Not only does the "pandemic" narrative serve to cover up the fact that it was mass murder directly attributable to policies mandated by identifiable individuals but it serves as a smokescreen for the entire "Covid" operation that is steamrolling people's lives.

We have not been and are not facing what RFK Jr has termed “a mismanaged pandemic,” a stance supported by most “health freedom” celebrities. What we are dealing with is fraud, tyranny and mass murder.

Reifying the Big Lie that there ever was a "pandemic" caused by a "unique viral pathogen" in 2020 provides cover for those who designed and executed this operation.

This needs to be confronted head on in the "health freedom movement" as those with the biggest audiences by and large reinforce the "pandemic" narrative and create fertile ground for justifying all sorts of "emergency measures."

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Telling that he has nothing to reply.... :( ergo, going down the drain like Mal-one, Nass, Kirsch and all the new celebrities that bath together in a jacuzzi and post their selfies for us to know who team gatekeepers are. After all, all is out in the open yet still few are discerning.

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Jan 11·edited Jan 11

Amazing to witness all of this.

Asking for evidence and hard data is considered off-limits when it comes to these supposed alt-heroes yet they demand the same (rightly so) of criminals like Fauci. They don't seem to be able to recognize their hypocrisy.

Can you imagine if you hired a private investigator to look into either why people were getting sick in your community or why people were dying in large numbers in a short time frame in hospitals and this investigator ignored possibilities of poisoned water, bad food, nuclear waste, EMF poisoning, etc. in the former scenario and ignored the possiblities of medical malpractice, toxic drugs etc. in the latter scenario and instead focused on looking into invisible submicroscopic particles as the cause.

Any sensible person or group would fire that investigator right away. But here we are. Crazyland.

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Allen, I appreciate the effort you are making to get us to "think". How can that not be good? My question: How would Dr. Kory and others practice medicine if they saw everything as you do? They would still "treat what they see".

I'm sure that Dr. Kory, Dr. Marik and others no longer see the medical paradigm they were instilled, as Safe and Effective. Science the same.

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I wonder if Pierre Kory is aware of the eua? And the countermeasure wording associated with the dod procuring the “vaccine”

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I absolutely do, Sasha Latypova is a friend of mine and I have lectured on the same stage multiple times, her work in this area has been excellent and eye-opening

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You beat me to it.

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That’s not inconsistent with what he laid out above.

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Exactly. His argument was against the no virus at all theory.

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And did you notice that he didn't manage to cite even 1 paper where the alleged "genome" was found intact? His reasoning for "the virus" is akin to saying that footsteps in the snow, cookie crumbs, presents under the tree etc are evidence of Santa. So scientific!

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Or more specifically, no-covid theory. I don’t think his observations even require that the disease be caused by a virus, simply that it is a transmissible disease.

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This was already refuted by controlled experiments. Please see commits to this effect. Transmissibility is an unsupported subjective assumption.

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Do the supposedly definitive controlled experiments explain the observable patterns of “anecdotal” evidence?

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You beleive in the yawn virus? Or women staying together cyling togethe?

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Jan 9Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

COVID-19 is like that one friend who always manages to stir up a storm in a teacup. The virus itself is not that harmful, but the way it was handled by the media and governments around the world turned it into a global sensation.

You know what they say, "no publicity is bad publicity." In this case, the fear and panic spread by the media and the policies that were put in place to control the spread of the virus, made COVID-19 the star of the show.

It's like the virus was a nobody, but with the help of the media and the government, it became a global celebrity.

The media is like a gossip magazine, always looking for the next big story. And God, did they find one in COVID-19!

They reported every little detail about the virus, from the number of cases to the number of deaths. And let's not forget the fear-mongering headlines that made it seem like the end of the world was near.

But the media wasn't the only one to blame. Governments around the world also played a role in turning COVID-19 into a global phenomenon.

They implemented strict policies and lockdown measures to control the spread of the virus, but all they did was create more fear and panic.

COVID-19 may not have been created by a harmful pathogen, but by the policies, fear, and propaganda that were put in place to control it.

It's like the virus was a small fire that was turned into a raging inferno by the media and the government. And let's not forget, it's always the small things that make the biggest impact.

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As a family doc I appreciate your in depth analysis. And you write it in such a way that non-physicians can grasp it also. Keep up the good work.

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Jan 9·edited Jan 9

The lack of recognizable epidemiological spread of whatever made people sick in hotspots like NYC is, to me, the most critical problem. Whether it was a virus, bacteria, chemical agent or whatever, if it didn't spread then it wasn't an epidemic. If it caused mortality in specific spots, geographically isolated spots, that is very, very suspect especially when we have things like the ecohealth proposal that intimated they would study aerosol spread of whatever substances they were cooking up.

I've come to suspect that much of the terrorism that we were told was such a threat originated with the US government itself. The biodefense agenda rose in tandem with the war on terrorism. Does it rely on the same perpetration of the threat it pretends to be addressing?

RFK, in his most recent book, provides evidence that previous pandemic scares like avian flu were faked for profit. To most effectively fake pandemics, real corpses would be useful in generating the requisite panic that leads to garbage like Operation Warp Speed (and lockdowns and election fraud.) Whatever the precise means, a 'sane' bioattack against your own country would be self-limiting. The early deaths attributed to covid-19 appear in a self-limiting, non epidemiological pattern.

What are the chances that a real, contagious virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan and spread around the globe but was only deadly in isolated hotspots? The facts seem to fit a deliberate release and not or not only in Wuhan.

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Yes, Barics' patent on non replicating INFECTIOUS CLONES...released in the hot spots to scare the bejesus out of the population.



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But you believe there was some sort of pathogen.

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Maybe. I was sick in Jan 2020 with an x-ray showing a 'bubble in my lung,' but I don't live in a major metro area, just a place fairly well exposed to intl tourism. I had never felt out of breath like that before and I could actually feel something was wrong in my lung.

My best guess is to follow the 'viral clone' theory: they can make cloned virus in the lab but their artificial sequence rapidly weakens due to mutations once it is spreading in people.

Later they reformulated and re-released and we got omicron, which perhaps was more stable and spreadable but less dangerous.

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Jan 9Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

Your experience fits many others. Somebody made something bad and it hurt a lot of people. Recent research that I saw on Igor's Stack today showed the "Original Covid" caused increased susceptibility to Diabetes AND the "vaccine" did the same. It is all bad.

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I think the "novel pathogen" concept kinda dies pretty quickly when the very name of this "novel" pathogen is SARS 2.0 as in SARS-CoV-TWO. Especially when it's heritage traces back to the same lab at UNCCH that created SARS 1.0.

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Exactly what Dr David Martin has long maintained! And his meticulous research and evidence has never been refuted!

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Martin has admitted repeatedly that no "virus" has ever been shown to exist. See his interview with Alec Zeck where he whined like a baby b/c Alec insisted on getting a clear answer from him.


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Yes! Please show me the virus, any virus!( if you can)

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Jan 9Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

Thank you. I so enjoyed this! Love your synopsis and rebuttals. Excellent. While published papers are important I think even the smartest ppl are limited in their view as we 'wait for the science". We simply cannot exclude real world observation and replace with published scientific findings exclusively. Science can and is just as flawed. At any rate, if your mom did publish a paper, I would certainly read it.

Just in my small area of the world (NH USA), I can attest the virus is real and it is certainly like no other in my experience. It presented differently and the heterogeneity was extraordinary. I was infected several times each with varying degrees of severity (all mild) but never have I felt a virus try so hard to get into my body. I felt such weird sensations like it was trying to "find a way in" (mostly in the lung area with floating pains). Also I have never had kidney pain with a respiratory virus. Goes systemic VERY easily. Herbal protocols worked wonders and kept my family and me healthy through this. Definitely NOT a typical virus which IMO points to GOF!

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And I find it HIGHLY concerning Yeadon is claiming respiratory virus have no science to back up their transmissibility. SERIOUSLY!? Hint: someone is sick and you spend a day with them. Then in 3 to 4 days you are sick with similar symptoms. There. Is he edging his way into the no virus theory?

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They don't. It has been tried for years, even with the 1918 flu, they actually spread mucous and stuff to other peoples mouths and nose, and couldn't get them infected.

Please. Keep an open mind and go LOOK. Go see what Yeadon is saying...you cannot use google, use rumble bitchute and banned.video.

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