Pierre Kory, you say: “Suddenly physicians were forced to choose between offering their best advice or losing their ability to practice medicine.”

So are you saying many doctors ‘practicing medicine’ are not offering their best advice? That their patients are being misinformed?

If this is the case, and it certainly seems like it with the global Covid debacle, the medical profession is in the biggest ethical crisis in its history.

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When crimes go unpunished Justice fails to exist.

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Here's my recent email to Anthony Fauci...

David Morens, Jeffery Taubenberger and Anthony Fauci, you admit influenza and SARS-CoV-2 vaccine products are rubbish in your article Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenzaviruses, and other respiratory viruses. Cell Host & Microbe 31, 11 January 2023.

You say: "As of 2022, after more than 60 years of experience with influenza vaccines, very little improvement in vaccine prevention of infection has been noted. As pointed out decades ago, and still true today, the rates of effectiveness of our best approved influenza vaccines would be inadequate for licensure for most other vaccine-preventable diseases."

Really?!?!?! So what is this, just out and out fraud?

And now we've been inflicted with the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine racket, products you admit "elicit incomplete and short-lived protection against evolving virus variants that escape population immunity"...but you also say "the rapid development and deployment of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines has saved innumerable lives and helped to achieve early partial pandemic control".

Based upon what evidence do you make that fanciful claim for efficacy?!

How have you gotten away with this utter bullshit for so long?

Because the scientific and medical establishment is captured by the lucrative Church of Vaccination, and incapable of calling out the gross exploitation of mass populations of people with defective and unnecessary products!

How many billions of people, including children, have been misled into having these unnecessary and worse than useless medical interventions?

How many billions of dollars have been squandered on the influenza and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines scam?

And these unnecessary and worse than useless products have been mandated in many instances, mandated medical interventions trashing the legal and ethical obligation for voluntary informed consent. And the medical 'profession' went along with this travesty.

The imposition of these medical interventions, and the resulting medical, economic and social damage, is the biggest crime in history, and it's time for the perpetrators to be brought to account.


Elizabeth Hart

Independent researcher investigating vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy


Original email to Fauci et al accessible via this link: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2023/04/the-biggest-crime-in-history.the-influenza-and-sars-cov-2-vaccine-scam.pdf

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Fauci’s narcissistic behavior, moulded over the years , within the deep government bureaucracy, has contributed to the maiming and deaths of millions around the world. I can’t believe he can look at himself in the mirror every day. He , along with others , belong in prison .

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"Arrogant" is too kind a word for Fraudulent Fauci. Remember when he sat before Senator Rand Paul and said "Quite frankly senator you don't know what you are talking about" as he lied about not funding gain-of-function? Then he arrogantly and angrily said, "If anybody is lying here, senator it is you. He is able to display this kind of arrogance because the powers that be have covered his "runt" ass so many times over over the decades. Now he professes down is up and up is down just like he professed yours Dr. Kory and others' truth as fiction and his fiction as truth. George Orwell is rolling over in his grave. Will we ever get any justice where this little runt Fauci is concerned?

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Fauci lied, people died. I am a hospital RN, worked the frontlines, saw a few sick flu like cases called Covid pre V,

Our hospital was virtually empty.

Big thermal detectors rolled out that took facial pics, I took the job "front door temp checker" at 2 inner city hospitals, saw NO elevated temps or sniffles for months summer/fall 2020.

Once the V's began, the person receiving the shot got sick with a resp illness that spread. Many also died suddenly and had serious side effects. Everyone was told, "not related"!

The C patients were isolated from family, placed on experimental protocols and forced to die alone. This was a killing campaign. I observed it and so did my coworkers. What happened was so wrong, many of my coworkers have blood clots, myocarditis and autoimmune diease, all because of the "Good Samaritan" lie campaign. There was more brainwashing than C, which had no distinct symptoms. And now the front man is making rounds to appease/convince what really happened did not happen exactly like "that" to continue the lies?


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Fauci should have been dragged before The Hague at least 30 years ago .When it was a legitimate entity for the commission of Crimes Against Humanity.

His corrupt, calamitous, sadistic 40+ year history rivals that of Mengele, including his acolytes and sponsors. Reagan gets a slight pass for not having known better.W Bush,Cheney,Mueller,Obama,Hillary,Biden,Gergen,Gates,Bloomberg,Redfield,Kadlec,Grady,Redfield,Birx,Bright,Judith Miller,Nuland Milley,Pence,Mitch,Bourla,Bancel,Avril Haines,Larry Fink are but a handful of US colluders who should never see life outside prison bars

Above all, I blame Trump for his terrible judgment, failure to research his appointees, heed the advice of those qualified to offer it ,and accepting no responsibility for enacting the EUA. He calls everybody else incompetent/ losers/ dumb, etc. But this is on him.He was warned. Flynn, Rudy,Zelenko,Hatfill,Rush,Levitt,Ionnides,RFK Jr, Jim Kallstrom,Oswui,Smith,Battacharaya,Montagnier,Atlas,Ebright,Mikovits,Jeffry Tucker,Kevin Shipp,Kuldorff,Shiva,Rob O’Neill,Gaffney,Ace Lyons,Tata,Jim Hanson,Dave Reaboi,Mikovits,Tony Shaffer,Ben Carson,Nan Hayward,Charles Ortleb,John Solomon… these were not novices, but well aware of Fauci’s history of horror, criminality, cover ups and failing upwards. Yet he chose to ignore them. How the hell was he unaware of Event 201, the WEF “Great Reset” or ANY of Fauci’s scandals? I’m a civilian with no government ties, a retired interior designer and artist, have voted D and R and can recall EVERY Fauci scandal and player… but Trump was unaware? The “ Stable Genius” who would “ Drain The Swamp”?

He’s still boasting about his magnificent handling of Covid. His once in a century achievement “ miracle vaccines” Operation Warp Speed, ventilators, travel bans, Remdiscivir, lockdowns, PCR testing, masks and the “ hundreds of thousands, likely millions of lives I saved” and still blaming the entirety on China. The brilliant move taking Woodward’s call and not just spilling the beans, hyping it to the max and confessing not telling the public. Yeah, great judgment. His stupid daily conferences , making everything worse, especially by sounding so buffoonish, it fed the media more material.

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I thought I might nearly become apoplectic whilst out and about driving today, as the NPR news spin this afternoon has now started yet ANOTHER cycle of attack on ivermectin, using the "horse dewormer" half-truth and the "not approved for this type of use" (against COVID) crap in regards to this drug. It's always half-truth, half-lie, all-nasty attacking of a cheap drug that in fact would've kept people out of hospital beds, which is the sloganeering "they" kept after us with from the Department of Defense 5G propaganda war, but in reality had zero intention of actually achieving.

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Your dedication to exposing the vaccine lies and dedication to helping those who were harmed is admirable. Thank you and I look forward to your book.

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Faucci has blatantly lied to Americans over and over while proclaiming to be the face of science… indeed he is a narcissist, but how can so many people have swallowed all that nonsense. It was all so plain but many chose to close their eyes. Like the Holocaust, there are dangerous leaders out there, and he is definitely one of them.

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You and your team of devoted to public health scientists and doctors are to be commended. Congratulations! 🎊🎈

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"Pandemic" is the wrong word for a disease with the fatality of a bad flu. It is the description used by the criminals behind this psyop.

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“European countries like Switzerland, normally held up by American academics as worthy of emulation, are advising their citizens against the vaccine.” I don’t think this is strictly correct. Dr. Binder also rejected that interpretation in his interview with Dr. Drew. The recommendation was changed (which is significant) but not specifically recommending against. I appreciate that may be semantics but I think all of us concerned about the vaccines need to be careful to get everything right so we don’t give people lines of attack. Michael

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I admire and support you and your work so much!!! Please keep going! We need you!💕

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I am “patiently” waiting for “The Book”..........so excited for you, Dr. Kory, and those around you. Perhaps some folks who cannot hear

nor read BRAILLE, will be “able” to READ. Be BLESSED❣️

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Narcissist is actually to kind of a word when describing Fauci! He will go down as one of the biggest medical and government criminals in US history.

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