Keep up the Good Fight! You are a Gift from GOD 🙏

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Considering Peter Hotez is rumored to be in the running to take Faux-Xi’s place, expect the even-worse on steroids

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Feb 1Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

"COVID19" was a bad political hoax, Pierre. You of all people know. And in health terms, not the worst FLU in recent history.

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Feb 1Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

None of this was a vaxxident. It was planned long ago to usher a medical based dictatorship.

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I agree with all your points. But I predict no one in the US government will ever admit to these mistakes. The government has proven it's incapable of such acknowledgments. It's also proven to be anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights freedoms and anti-rule of law. Much of the government - and the entire Biden admin - are tools and puppets of globalists, who are behind this falsely inflated "pandemic," its deadly "vaccines" and falsely discrediting doctors like you as well as successful treatments like ivermectin, HCQ and Vitamin D. Covid and its toxins are a powerful political and financial weapon, and the government and globalists aren't about to give these up.

I commend you for your courage and integrity in speaking the truth in the face of severe attacks and threats to your career.

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I'm a 71yr old male. COPD/Emphysema. You'd be hard pressed to find a worst candidate to get COVID. I can't thank the FLCCC, and ESPECIALLY Dr. Kory for his indefatigable fight to speak the TRUTH about Ivermectin and HCQ. I had COVID and I used one of the FLCCC provided MD's and its Early Treatment Protocol. Beat it with no problem. Some cough left, but, hey, still here. Now getting ready for my band's 2023 Season. Did I forget to mention I'm a drummer? If I had followed the "wait until you can't breathe and go to the ER" advice, I'd be 6ft under. Cheers!

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Feb 2Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

No one admits mistakes as it could jeopardize 1) their future career at Pfizer; 2) this is the US of Pfizer so admitting mistakes is treason; 3)narcissists never say sorry.

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Graciously worded by a true professional and leader. Thank you Dr. Kory.

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Great article Dr. Kory. It doesn't matter if it doesn't convince naysayers. You have used your gifts for good. That is all we have control of. Well done faithful servant!

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I love you, Pierre, and I know you have the absolutely best intentions and likely would not have gotten this op-ed published with more direct language, but I would be remiss if I didn’t stress that #MistakesWereNOTMade:

• “Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem)

As the lies collapse, the MSM and perpetrators are unrolling the “mistakes were made” self-exculpatory language to elude justice, and we must not permit them to get away with their intentional infliction of totalitarianism and murderous protocols.

In no logical world are these globally parroted/implemented/enforced 180-degree reversals of a century’s worth of public health policy (see https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-mostly-peaceful-depopulation) “accidents,” “blunders,” ”bungles,” or “mistakes.”

I also know you understand this and are having to walk a fine line as you attempt to awaken the public to truths so dark they would likely recoil if you name them for what they are. You and others taking a more moderate approach are important voices for turning the tide, and I think our approaches complement one another. I have no compunction about yanking back the curtain on crimes against humanity and presenting the stark, abhorrent reality for those who are brave enough to confront it.

On another note, if you have noticed an influx in new subscriptions lately, it may be because I issued a Robinhood challenge to my readers to transfer their support from Alex to you in this blurb after my latest post :-)

• “Alex Berenson Proves Himself a Man of Principal—Not Principle” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/i/91947777/alex-berenson-proves-himself-a-man-of-principalnot-principle)

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Thank you, Dr. Kory, for standing up for truth. I deeply admire your ethics and your leadership in this battle for an ethical medical establishment, the hippocratic oath, and the Nuremburg Code.

I'm very suspicious of that May 11 date. There's an important upcoming meeting of the WHO in May. The text of what will be voted on is still kept secret, but leaks of a draft say that a simple majority vote of the member nations will be sufficient to give up sovereignty of all member nations (including the USA) with respect to medical mandates from the WHO in the event that the WHO declares a health emergency, as it did with Covid early in 2020. There are a huge number of member nations that are very poor, and many if not most of them are being bribed with offers of financial aid.

We need for congress to rescind our membership in the WHO. I think Biden's willingness to end his declared state of emergency in May (more than 90 days from his last extension) is suspiciously timed with the planned new clout of the WHO. This is not good news!

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No dice, Dr. Kory! Are you kidding? If they admit as many as the first two bullet points (Add the fifth one, too!), that would make my dream come true—Dr. Fauci and Co. (Which is a big company, including Alfred Burla and others from Big Pharma) would go to jail… So no, no chance of that happening! I have been screaming for over two years now, along doctors like you , that Fauci and Co., are mass murderers, because they kept pushing faulty vaccines and suppressed any dissent, they forbade the use of cheap, effective medications like Ivermectïn and Hydroxycloroquine, the entire protocols… So many lives could have been saved… There has to be a Nuremberg-style tribunal for them!!! So… no… forget it, especially if the successor is that fat beaver, Hotez!🤬

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They'll never admit to their wrongdoings. Never.

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There are two more things for him to admit:

1. Ban these Experimental Gene Therapy injections.

2. Repeal the 1986 Law giving Total Indemnity to the Drug Pushers for vaccine injuries.

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The WHO influence needs to be cut off at the pass NOW. The May 11 date is, imho, intended to let Biden seal the deal of “off-shoring” US overreaching public policy onto WHO. What this admin is doing is unconstitutional. As CJ Hopkins wrote—this has been one massive psy-op. The pharma & regulatory mafia will admit nothing that opens them to criminal liability.

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Only 5 mistakes? The culling plan is broader than medicine, we should be more worried about digital dollar and deliberate food poisoning (I'll soon post about that), then the digi-tatorship will be unavoidable and we won't escape prison planet earth:



When there’s no money trail/profits, what else than freemasonry could explain precise coordination in 100+ countries (government agencies, politicians, judges, corporations, media, military, police, secret services)?:

• Why did the freemason President of France and freemason Fauci fund gain-of-function in Wuhan, supposedly being China THE enemy?

• Unlike previous PLANdemics, it wasn't about selling billion$ of snake oil to governments, but about shoving it through your veins. This was most obvious with child and pregnancy haccination.

• Considering they control almost all listed corporations, they lost trillions with the lockdowns (they don’t care, they forge money).

The PLANdemic wasn’t about the rich getting richer but about a global power grab. Only freemasonry can explain infiltration and coordination of all positions of power, especially, where there was no money trail. Why else do they need to be a secret society?

The more you study, the more smoke you can find from the smoking gun, not gun, cannons. Conspiracy-skeptics and cabal-deniers can't explain why those powers are spending billions in de-carbonisation, injected Bluetooth nano-routers, 5G, chemtrails, toxics, war-on-meat, gender ideology, paedophilia, robot-philia, human rights for the non-human persons (animals, AI robots), etc. Even if they admit the de-population progrom, they can’t explain the push for in-vitro fertilization, which contradicts depopulation.

If they just took time to read, they’d find it is proven beyond any doubt that the satanic digi-tatoship wants to murder 95% of mankind while there's no democracy when all parties are under freemasonic orders and pockets (n.b. democrats and RINOs).

A school mate confessed: “Your argument looks all right but if I go that way, I won’t be able to enjoy life.” Some are unwilling to enter the rabbit's hole because they know that they won’t find wonderland at the other end, just nightmare-land, THE end of our world. Just as Cypher in Matrix movie, they’d rather forget all of it and live the good life (good lie) rather than join the resistance in a painful David-Goliath war “doomed to be lost”, as if being in denial would prevent their own extermination: better be a happy self-uninformed skeptic, than a responsible realist.

By failing to acknowledge THE plan and its huge Achilles’ heal (or clay feet), instead of fighting for a sure victory, they become collaborators of the enemy. Tolerating global genocide means being accomplice to murder.

People like James O'Keefe (projectveritas.com), Robert Malone are just truthers, not fighters. Suing for the common good is the next level: RFK, Bigtree, Pierre Kory, Steve Kirsch, etc. Yet, they explain everything in terms of massive corruption for the sake of profits, rejecting the possibility of a global conspiracy.

Worse, some do recognize there’s a cabal, but point to “reptilian aliens”, thus defeating the purpose of truthing (scientifically proven: no aliens in the universe).

Mercola, Corey, Stew, Corbett, Jones… are the few exceptions recognizing the global coup, yet even fewer, like Westen (lifesitenews.com) or ex illuminati Ronald Bernard, point at the real problem: freemasonry.

The freedom movement does half the wake-up job: leaving everyone half asleep, lethargic. It’s like warning the sheep something’s wrong, while still walking towards the slaughterhouse, but not telling them that the road leads to the meat-house, and worse, not telling them there’s an escape route.

We fail to lead effective freedom action, i.e. the fundamental changes needed to stop the rigged system of slavery and death. We are heading straight to the next PLANdemics (1000 P3 labs and 67 P4 labs are working full time... thousands of scientists creating new gain-of-function Frankensteins).

Some fighters are even accused of being controlled opposition to numb us down. Most assume that they are doing the people’s job and therefore do nothing: a classic false flag operation.

In order to have controlled opposition, the person must appear to provide the correct anti-narrative, at least in certain issues, like Berenson (masks, lockdowns, COVID lab-origin, vaccine injuries). The actor has to make the followers believe he is fighting for them, so they can relax.

Under such definition, anyone not suing government and Big Pharma could be a suspect of false flag (Berenson sues for himself, not the common good).

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