Reading thru this was heart breaking, the pain and suffering caused by the bioweapon injections are beyond anything Ive ever seen. Im happy you can help them with some of their health issues, what makes me so angry is, none of this had to happen and I blame everyone from politicians right down to media, they all lied to install fear and look at where they are today. Im so thankful I knew not to take those jabs or wear a mask. As a 71 year old I should dead from "covid", in their estimate, truth is, I haven't had so much as the sniffles in over three years. I take all the right vitamins daily which helps to keep me strong and healthy. Thank you Dr Kory.

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If “Impairment of Tasks” is one of the side effects of the vaccine, it might actually be one of the most undiagnosed maladies in medical history. Since the end of the lockdowns, I have personally witnessed a large number of incidents of driver’s’ disregard for basic traffic laws, including cars blowing thru very red lights, either going straight or whilst making turns, weaving insanely thru heavy traffic, using turn lane only lanes as passing lanes and more. I attributed it to people just being stupid, but perhaps there is more to it?

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Dear Covid Vaccinated,

In The Next Life

You Want To Pay Better Attention.


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Sep 16, 2023Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

Brilliant Dr Kory, I pray I’m able to print this full article out for data and resources so I can organize it better when my brain is functioning. You are a big part in the exposure and paradigm shift of the worlds medical models, research, politics, and monopolies of all of our policing agencies that were meant to protect us. You will find the support systems that you need to publish your findings mentioned in your article above along with your future findings, DATA, and Resources on all you discoveries and correlations on Covid/viruses, Long-Haul, spike and mRna inguries options for detection, symptoms, treatment, preventative measures and education for the future. I really enjoyed your expanded correlations and dat w ME/CFS and chronic auto immune responses, and the way you have broken down the majority of the symptoms in depth. You truly are one of our hero's, and so glad you and Dr Marik are taking better care of yourself. Praying for the safety, health, and happiness of your family, colleagues, and friends. Thank you so much for sharing and answering peoples questions when you can.❤️

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"The absurdity of the situation is that the vast majority of funds have been devoted to observational studies of patients symptoms."

This is not Clown World: if the injections were intended to harm, spending large sums to track the harms is called "battle damage assessment," a form of intelligence gathering about the effect of deployed weapons on their targets.

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More than anything, it is like a war, with pharma and its captured entities making war on us. Thank god for you Dr. Kory, and bless you. Where would the world possibly be without you? (I'll keep giving what I can to Fish Out of Water so people can afford your clinic)

"Frodo: 'I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.'

Gandalf: 'So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides that of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, in which case you were also meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

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I wonder if you have noticed the parallels with chronic Lyme's many symptoms, which I suspect was the beta test.

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shit i forgot to call you! great article :) what are your thoughts on HLH? Jess

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I was exposed up close to Covid many times and seemed immune. I had had all these symptoms years ago (disabled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ultimately determined to be caused by mold exposure.) I was the healthiest I had ever been before I was pushed to do a vax. I did a single Pfizer shot, immediately began to feel like I did back when I was sick, and a few months later was diagnosed with an unusual aggressive cancer. I met so many women who had the same thing happen (all got Pfizer), and still most people don't realize that the spike protein breaks cancer suppressor genes. I am well now, but under close supervision because the cancer likes to metastasize. I don't think it will, because I think it was a fluke I got it in the first place due to that vax.

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glad to hear your daughter is doing well. in the 70s, when the flu shot came out and had all those side effects, that vaccine was immediately pulled off the markets. then systematically, the vaccine makers were given immunity by our government. essentially, our government allowed for unneeded harm and deaths due to profits.

I argue that the covid polices killed millions. I didn't touch on the vaccine. However, I would argue that these symptoms you mention here are all part of what I would argue as the menticidal action at play:

How covid policies killed millions


Sept 11, 2001 and Menticide


One of the favorite quotes I heard recently was, "mistakes were not made. this was intentional." my question is, to all readers: what are we going to do about it? ps - presidential voting is not the answer:

who are the bad guys and are we feeding into their system?


why we need to stop voting in presidential elections


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The shots damage because of the platform: the lipids and peg 80 (in the non mRNA polysorbate 80).

Both mRNA and non mRNA shots have clotting issues that did not happen with COVID (unless you got toxic rundeathisnear and a vent).

Clotting is a function of the platform, not the "spike". They clog up key elimination organs like the liver and kidneys.

This leads to micro clotting all over, with the back log of metabolic byproducts and dead cells that aren't being eliminated fast enough, due to the organs being clogged. This also is the primary reason why there's myocarditis from the shots, bloodflow issues starve the heart muscles. If it was the spike, why didn't COVID cause myocarditis??

That's why drugs and herbs that boost the liver and kidneys are the key to helping these patients.

Spike is detected from cell death and is a result of disease, not the cause.

Same goes for cancer and others. Allopathic medicine is not concerned with finding the cause, because they get rewarded for treating the result of sickness.

Polio: DDT and other pesticides are the cause. But hey, they focused on the virus which is the result.... sigh same with other diseases, but not as dramatic.

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You are a treasure, Dr Kory. Can’t thank you and AMD enough for your perseverance, intelligence, and integrity. I never caught Covid and didn’t take the vaccine. As a retired hospital pharmacist, I was not exposed to a mandate nor did I trust the mechanism of action of the vaccination. However, since retiring to southern Arizona, I managed to contract valley fever. It’s a fungus in the desert southwest soil, coccidioides, that is the infectious agent. My symptoms were somewhat similar to what you describe early in your article. I found a naturopath who has a successful record of treating valley fever. His protocol included IV vitamin C and IV hydrogen peroxide. He got me started taking AHCC medicinal mushrooms, lactoferrin (from whey), and zinc orally. I responded positively during the first week of treatment but will need several months of treatment. Keep up the good work!

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For those clinging to the establishment's picture of Drs. Kory, Marik, Malone, and many others as wingnuts, I encourage you to review their respective writings and videos starting in early 2020 on covid 19.

They all learned and progressed in understanding as events unfolded while our government, anchored ever more firmly in official agency edicts, has increasingly attacked them.

It's been disgusting...and scary to watch.

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God bless you. Your relentless pursuit of treatments for those with Covid 19 when the majority of the medical community stayed silent, and continuing to figure out how to help all those injured , shows there are doctors who do remember their Hippocratic Oath. I actually saw Dr.Najjar lecture at a conference at Columbia I believe about 5 years ago.

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Long Covid symptoms (fatigue, exhaustion after excercise, and brain fog) along with forgetting words, where you put things, and the short term memory loss, all sound to me like Chronic Lyme...which I had...and still have although better than before.

Dr. Kory, if you find a treatment, especially for the fatigue, can you let us know if it might work for Chronic Lyme, which is pretty much like that other thing, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I think they all might be linked.

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Manchild, you are ready for the full story, these are top notch assertions. Technological progress has in fact been hidden from us and science fiction authors have been employed to lie about their foreshadowing, which is merely predictive programming of a master race ideology in all monotheistic facets of the bamboozlement - here is the link: https://francesleader.substack.com/p/sabrina-wallace-explains-bio-sensors

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