The fact that the most severely ill and disabled patients are people who, pre-spikeshot, were in excellent health (exercising regularly [often good athletes], eating well, energetic, optimistic...) is a huge signal that the post-spikeshot syndrome is autoimmune disease.

Looking back to HPV vaccines...The number of known molecular matches between HPV Type 16 and human body proteins was in the high 20's. One researcher later said that autoimmunity was inevitable and everyone involved in developing the vaccine knew that.

A physician working at a special Danish clinic set up for HPV vax victims stated that 75% of the clinic's patients had been fine athletes, often regional champions in their sports, before getting the HPV vaccine.

Athletes have strong, vigorous bodies. They have strong, vigorous immune systems. It is not an advantage to have a strong, vigorous immune system when a vaccine (or so-called vaccine) provokes your immune system to attack your own body.

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As a heme/onc doc, it's been alarming to see so many COVID vaccinated young patients with very aggressive, widely metastatic cancers. These cancers metastasize to unusual places and are refractory to therapy that usually works, and the outcome is often heartbreaking. I've also seen an uptick in patients newly diagnosed with several different types of cancers simultaneously, which was previously a pretty rare phenomenon. Not to mention the unusual clots, myeloproliferative neoplasms, HLH, and other strange hematologic complications post vaccine. Occasionally I'll get a referral for a post COVID vaccine patient with typical long haul symptoms who happens to have an abnormal CBC, and it's heartbreaking to hear how they have been suffering without any clear diagnosis or solution for months/years. So glad that your clinic can help these folks, and I will send them your way.

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Dr. Kory, I hope you are in contact with the End ME/CFS Project, The Open Medicine Foundation - the project modeled after the Human Genome Project, started by Ron Davis, director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center - to find a biomarker, diagnostic tools, and effective treatments. Davis' son is bedridden with severe ME/CFS. The project includes study of long COVID. omf . ngo

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Pierre, I’ve started 3 letters to you, to be enclosed in a great card I found. Just couldn’t get the words right until I read this “stack.”

You and Paul risked all. Not one of the tyrants of doom risked anything. They twerk naked with the devil. You and Paul waltz with humanity.

From that very first time I met you, Paul, Kelly Bumann & Kate Vengrove in Charleston, I knew it was that rare moment in the maelstrom of lies, I had the privilege to sit among the light-bearers of truth.

Don’t ever sell yourself short. Never. A trot down covid lane…

A friend of a Facebook friend posted a most disturbing story last year. It was a stab at writing a suicide note. This woman is a Phd pharmacist who in spite of being diabetic with weight issues was “vaccine” mandated. She is the sole support of her family and her now vax compromised immune system resulted in having covid 8 times. Unable to work, in serious medical and financial distress, she had lost all hope. I received her phone number, called, she could barely speak. Her lungs were “shot.” I begged her to contact your office. She did, & that first long conversation with Scott Marsland lifted her spirits. There are details I must omit for her privacy & mine. What happened with great care at your end after she got covid for the 9th time was nothing short of miraculous. Your research and work with lung stem cell treatments was suggested. Funds were raised, she drove with her son & disabled mother about 1500 miles to begin treatments. She is alive. She is bursting with joy. A new job is a dream. She’s exercising, losing weight, laughing, helping others in her work.

I will never grasp how you & Paul were able to deal with the madness you faced—losing patients who could have been saved by you. In spite of the devil’s lair trying every lie to destroy your exemplary medical careers, you & Paul prevailed. Reading “The War On Ivermectin” brought me back to the NY I once loved, and also the war against every infectious disease physician who 20+ years ago were targeted like you for treating systemic Lyme disease. I was the patient of gifted physicians like you & we fought the good fight against the captured CDC & a major insurance provider who claimed fraud. We won.

What you, Paul, your staff, Board have created in real warp speed time with FLCCC, is one of the greatest efforts to rise from the ashes of hell on earth.

When I lost my daughter to suicide because her doctors refused to treat a life-threatening illness, I lost the moon, the stars and the universe . I hated almost every physician until a humid afternoon in Charleston spent with the real souls & giants of medicine, irrevocably dedicated to saving lives.

What you do to expose the snakes is essential if we are to survive the venom of evil. God Bless you & Paul & all at FLCCC who give their all to bring brains, laughter, truth, hope and love to a world in desperate need of it.

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As someone who has experienced gaslighting and neglect and mocking by insurance dictated doctors for almost 20 years, I appreciate your helping the jab injured .

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I have a loved one suffering from both CFS (20+ years) and now long vaxx, and cannot say THANK YOU enough for shining a light on treatments, corruption, etc. “Medical gaslighting” is the exact right term. We need physicians with both brains AND hearts to help us. You have both in spades. 

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Dr. Kory, I'm so grateful you are seeing the connections between long-covid and ME/CFS. Four members of my family have ME/CFS. I have been sick for 23 yrs, my husband 21, our daughter 20, (she was 12 at onset), and our son, 11, who became disabled and mostly bedbound in his second year of radiology residency. Along with millions of others with this multi-system illness, we were shunted from one specialist to another, and when no one understood what was wrong, gaslit and labeled psychiatric. There are doctors who do care, but most have no idea how to help. Many paths lead to ME/CFS, and it's looking to us like long-covid and vaccine injury may be among them. It is heartbreaking to hear of more young people who are now so disabled, but we hope and pray there will soon be a funded, supported push to bring treatment before another generation loses so many and so much. My two young adults are starting to lose hope for a full life, but they have been brave and strong through much loss. Thank you so much for your commitment, for your willingness to endure loss yourself, and for fighting for those who are reeling from the shock and suffering of misunderstood, disabling illness!

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I reported recently on the situation in Taiwan, where the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is overwhelmed with cases.

Big tech stifles these stories.


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Has Been

Practicing License Without A Medicine.


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Dr. Kory,

I am looking forward to hearing and seeing you tonight at PERK I have been a follower of your as well as a patient ( actually Scott provided me telemed care and was excellent!) since I heard your Senate testimony in 12:20. I knew then you were someone who spoke the truth as well as was a grossly competent MD. I wish to ask you, do you not align yourself with the possibility that long haul and or the jab is a result of VAIDS as Dr. Judy Mikovits asserts? That what compositions of the jab and previous shots in the arm had the HIV virus as part of their composition? Inquiring minds request your reflection. :) see you tonight. Safe travels and God Bless you and your family! Thank you for your care concern and efforts! Dory O’Toole

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The gold-standard randomized clinical trials done by Pfizer and Moderna themselves had a 45% increase in cardiovascular-related deaths with mRNA vaccination compared to placebo, and a net result of "4 killed for every 3 saved" even at the height of the pandemic and at peak vaccine effectiveness.



COVID deaths: 2 vaccine vs. 5 placebo

non-COVID deaths: 29 vaccine vs. 25 placebo

Overall: 4 excess non-COVID deaths, 3 less COVID deaths (i.e. 4 KILLED FOR EVERY 3 SAVED)

Plus, there are the Rasmussen polls revealing that 28% of American adults (and 33% of Democrats) have personally witnessed an unexpected death that they believe was caused by the vaccine specifically. Since these poll respondents would have had direct, detailed, personal knowledge about the deaths that they witnessed, the information from these polls is extremely valuable.



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A friend of mine has had clockwork menstrual cycles for well over a decade. Every 28 days she bleeds for 5 days and her flow is light enough that she waits too long to change her tampon but she hasn't managed to give herself toxic shock syndrome yet. After her second shot of Pfizer she started her period 5 days early and bled heavily for 10 days. 18 days later she started her cycle again and bled heavily for 10 days.

She called her primary care doctor and they told her that the shots were safe and effective and that the changes to her menstrual cycle were all in her head. She called her regular gynecologist and they said the same thing.

Then she called another gynecologist and only talked about the changes in her menstrual cycle, she did not mention that this happened after getting the shots. Apparently, the first rule of getting treated for a vaccine injury is to not say anything about having had the vaccine. This gynecologist first asked if she had had any steroid injections recently, her last steroid injection was 4 years ago and it did not cause a change in her menstrual cycle. Then the gynecologist had the decency to ask if she'd had a covid vaccine recently and said that they had noticed some changes to menstrual cycles after the shots. This gynecologist also did labs the next time my friend started her period to make sure that everything was normal. Labs came back normal, a couple months later my friend's cycles went back to normal.

Since I have pmdd and I manage it by tracking my menstrual cycles and trying to schedule stressful appointments around it whenever I can, I was quite alarmed to find out that the covid shots were doing this to women's menstrual cycles. I straight up angry that doctors weren't taking it seriously. How many times did I get asked in my last physical if my periods were regular? But now it doesn't matter.

So I tried to find out why it was happening, and the only explanation I ever got was that any vaccine could mess up your menstrual cycle. I have gotten a flu shot every year for 24 years and no one ever told me that a vaccine could cause increase bleeding or more frequent cycles. Clearly, I hadn't been given informed consent for any of those flu shots, so I haven't gotten a flu shot since October 2020. I have also scrapped plans to try to get a shingles vaccine early, if ever, even though I have a blood relative who had shingles in their forties.

Even worse than causing people to refuse the covid vaccine, this whole mess has destroyed trust in all vaccines, even for people like me who got any and all vaccines offered without question prior to 2020.

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FYI --> the “initial consulting note” that we’d read for wall-punching...is private. would love to see it b/c i bet it tracks with years of my own experience as me/cfs/fm 😁

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Dr Kory and Scott Marsland my maiden name is Marsland very uncommon name! Scott is my brothers middle name. Coincidence? Anyway Dr Kory I have had long covid for over a year! I was perfectly healthy hiked ou mountain 3 times or more a week no preexisting conditions now have terrible SOB upon any exertion even talking!

Probably when I had covid and was hospitalized when they sent me home said you just have to wait till your lungs get better takes time!

That sure was a change in our medical practice when Drs were over prescribing antibiotics for a cold!

Now go home and die!!

Except for Drs like you hero’s! God bless you!


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Hey buddy. Great musings as usual. Read this when you get a second. I would love to know what you think. https://jessicar.substack.com/p/secondary-hemophagocytic-lymphohistiocytosis

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Thank you for all you are doing and thank you for having a competent Nurse Practitioner on your team. In 1993 as valedictorian for the Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s program at UCLA, I gave a speech about NP’s. I had co-authored a paper, while in Washington DC as part of an internship with OSHA, on the role and legal scope of NP’s and used a line from my paper which said studies have shown NP’s are as good as or better than doctors in some cases. The California Medical Association, at that time were fighting us tooth and nail, over our ability to prescribe. Thirty years later, NP’s are not only accepted by the medical establishment and its patients, but their privileges have been expanded and they have broadened their treatment base. I could not be prouder. A nurse practitioner involved in the care of the vaxx injured, is one more step in the right direction. Thank you Dr. Kory for acknowledging our abilities, including the right to practice.

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