This fraud was directly responsible for millions of unnecessary deaths around the world. Nuremberg time. It was directed by governments entrusted to protect us from such travesties. Nuremberg time. It was revealed by many media outlets, but most buried it or rejected it. Nuremberg time. It was greedily enforced by tens of thousands of doctors duty and honor bound to first do no harm. Nuremberg time. Our civilization will not recover until severe punishment is meted out, all the way down to pharmacy nurses who injected babies. America created the fraud and propagated the fraud, but the blame must be global. Nuremberg time. Maybe this time the tribunals should be held in Washington. Or Wuhan.

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Did you see that Betsy McDonel Ph.D posted the ingrediants of the jabs. Look on Dr. Malone's substack. I wish I could have come to Florida this last weekend. Please consider spreading out your conferences across the states. Not that I don't love Florida.

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As I recall the NEJM in one of their so called reports, started testing Ivermectin on day 7! Yes day 7! What a joke!

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Oct 19, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

I wish every doctor, nurse, medical specialist and bio scientist was required to read your work instead of Yahoo's front page. Thank you for another insightful and thorough review of the Ivermectin Covid debacle.

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I have purchased and used Ivermectin repeatedly since 2020 to prevent and treat Covid-19. I live in France, where the authorities confiscated one of my Ivermectin orders from India. I am currently being prosecuted for illegally importing Ziverdo kits. I feel almost like this is a badge of honor. Keep up the good work FLCCC.

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check out Meryl Nass's hearings about her censure by the Medial Board of the state of Maine.

There is an excellent statement by her attorney that summarizes her position.

I think both Pierre Kory and Paul Marik are goin to testify in support of her case.

Look her up on substack and other places.

She was on a flccc.net weekly update several months ago and after listening to her and reading her material, I came to a decision that I had been resting which is

the way Covid-19 was handled was Murder

the rejection of early treatment and the use of IVM and other drugs led to death that was avoidable

who will be held accountable?

how many years until it becomes the accepted wisdom that the vaccine was a failed medical experiment?

While the next link is just one of many articles about the failure of the medical cartel, this one begins with how he knew at the start that mRNA vaccines were a fraud

"Why the COVID-19 Vaccines Could Never Prevent Transmission

The history behind "Herd Immunity" helps to explain why each of our officials lied to us when marketing the vaccines.

A Midwestern Doctor Oct 16, 2022"


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Unfortunately I cannot see change coming quickly. I agree it was mass murder, but the people who did this number in the thousands. Faucci is leaving, but I doubt his replacement will suddenly do a 180. At least JFK's book and people like Russel Brand aand Pierre K are reaching millions of people and raising awareness.

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Hi Neil. This following may help your legal defense: Section 37 of the WMA as part of the Helsinki Accords and the recently published and revised ivermectin study out of Itajai, Brazil published by Cureus, which included thousands of patients.

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People who have studied the JFK and MLK, Jr. murders, as well as those of RFK and Malcolm X, reached similar conclusions. Go to September 11th, also. Or Iraq wars, our pushing Ukraine into NATO, or pushing vaccine mandates, or destroying the climate. The point is that, while shocking to some, the message is repeated in U.S, history, each generation learns. As long as a few people can pocket billions of $ they can use it to control the political establishment, including not getting those $ taxed away (Trump is just one example among many, many). The CATO institution Kory mentions is no exception, but supportive of capitalism pretty much as it is., likewise the Supreme Court.

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The Germans were held accountable for criminal experimentation in the Nuremberg trials which led to the Nuremberg Code, The first few lines are:

"Nuremberg Code

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. ...

The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature. ..."

I have been posting this recently

Clausewitz famously said “War is a mere continuation of politics by other means.”

My modification: “Public Health is a mere continuation of politics by other means.”

The victor in war writes the terms of the settlement. We are now in the midst of war but the tide is turning with great work like this substack which I trust will be in the book.

I just went to the web to check on my references and when searching for a topic one gets a bunch of short statements along with pull down menus with short statements. This one seems particularly relevant:

"Why is Clausewitz no longer relevant?

Clausewitz has routinely been declared obsolete throughout the ages, usually after some significant evolution in the conduct of war, often driven by new technology. This is always short lived and his teachings are inevitably resurrected.Dec 18, 2008

von Clausewitz : still relevant?https://www.defenceviewpoints.co.uk › reviews › von-cla.."

Note that technology is claimed to make Clausewitz "no longer relevant."

Well, we have the gee whiz technology of mRNA vaccines in the context of technological determinism coupled with financial gain for Big Pharma and power to the Public Health intuitions connected to a world-wide rollout of a new vaccine that the FDA tried to hide the trials data for 50 years ....

you get the picture.

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We CANNOT WAIT to get your book, Dr. Kory.

An aside:

Have you seen the 2018 Johns Hopkins PDF that includes (on page 47, I'll attach it below) the information about self-spreading vaccines? Do you know anything about this?

I ask because my 19 year old unvaccinated son came down with severe heart issues four weeks ago. He was terrified. His heart did not sound right at all (to me). We spent two nights in the ER and had to call 911 two different times in the following days, because he was certain he was having a heart attack. Chest tightness. Chest pain. PVCs, PACs (which the ER docs say are no big deal). He swears he is unvaxxed and I searched for evidence to the contrary but could find none. I know his girlfriend and her family have been very forcefully "encouraging" him to get vaccinated. They've all had two primary vaccinations and have gotten all the boosters they can (what's that... 4-5 jabs total?). He could be lying to us about not getting the shots of course, but since he knows what two JnJ hips did to our life, I'm fairly certain, in this case, he's not lying to us... and he's not actually vaccinated... but he does spend a ton of time with his girlfriend and her family including right after she gets her latest booster. Could there be any way these are self-spreading vaccines? No way, right?

If my son exercises at all, a few hours later, the heart issues come roaring back, and they last for weeks. His heartbeat anomalies are terrible at night, especially when he tries to lay down, so he ends up staying up all night, because every time he lays back to sleep, his heart does flip flops for hours.

I bring this up to you only to see if you have heard of any documented cases of someone not being vaccinated but developing myo/pericarditis due to exposure to a recently vaccinated patient.

The ER docs we saw said my son's EKG showed PACs but otherwise were unremarkable. He's seen a cardiologist who wasn't concerned at all about what he was seeing in my son's cardiac stress test. The cardiologist said viruses like SarsCOV2 could cause "heart issues," and even told us he'd "seen a few weird heart things from the covid vaccines."

My son's echocardiogram was last Friday but we've not been given the results yet. I'm thinking of trying to get my son up to Dallas to see Dr. McCullough for his opinion.

I'm the hockey mom in Austin, TX who's commented to your posts previously. My son was playing AA men's league hockey, hoping to make a college (D2) team this coming fall as he leaves for his freshman year, but because of these brand new heart issues, he's had to stop playing and cannot work out at all. (Even going to the gym with his dad or skating very slowly while he coaches his team of ten year old hockey players causes his weird feeling heart issues.)

If anyone knows of published papers about self-spreading vaccine technology or any evidence of it having been used for these covid vaccine products, please respond or send me links at barbraphillips@aol.com or havekidssendhelp@me.com/512.960.7788. Thank you all so much.

Please read page 47. This seems to have been published in 2018. Anyone know anything else about this?


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CIDRAP just reported on another JAMA study which claims ivermectin doesn't work:


That they only gave ivermectin for three days I think indicates that they wanted a negative result (or a statistically insignificant positive one). If someone is sick the only reason not to treat for longer is if there is serious concern about toxicity, which I believe there shouldn't be based on numerous other studies.

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Thanks Laurence, I'll check out your reference and discuss with my lawyer :-)

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