Ivermectin is the new dirty word . As for Bill Gates he’s a megalomaniac , discusting human … me myself and I and he is quite good buddies with Qualcomm Jacobs family who donates to Scripps and UC San Diego. Just keep following the money 💰.

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This is why we need to decentralize medicine - have a decentralized portal for doctors and patients to share notes - free from the centralized control of these corrupt organizations.

Like Ivermectin and Covid, the same thing is happening with autoimmune diseases and diet. Thousands of people right now are beating auto immune diseases with carnivore diet and strict elimination diets. Everything from Multiple Sclerosis to Psoriasis to Ulcerative Colitis to Chron's Disease to Rheumatoid Arthritis. They are also able to beat mental disorders such as clinical anxiety and depression with elimination diets. I know, because I am one of them (carnivore diet now for almost 2 years).

We need a decentralized platform where we can share experiences that the corrupted centralized monolithic entities don't have control of where both doctors and patients can share information.

Here is more on my experience with carnivore diet: https://joshketry.substack.com/p/does-carnivore-diet-really-work-for

Here is more on decentralization: https://joshketry.substack.com/p/decentralize-everything

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Great post! I thought once infected, you take IVM for 10 days. Why only 3? Is 3 for preventative measures? Also didn't realize you could take Azithro with it. Interesting that is for only 3 days too. Did they find it harmful to IVM for longer?

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Bill Gates visited Modi? I thought I saw awhile back that Gates and WHO scientist had been indicted for murder by the Indian High Court, for having suppressed IVM?

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Those Uttar Pradesh medicine kits contained a lot more than just Ivermectin. I'd like to see some discussion of the other things in the kits.

It's these kinds of stories from around the world that led, in my opinion, to "Our Word in Data" stopping their collection of COVID test data from different nations, with some weak excuses for why they are doing that. "Our world in Data" is seemingly in favor of COVID shots, and has Bill Gates attached to it.

On a similar note Reuters website of international COVID data stopped being updated a few months ago with not explanation. The international data does not sell COVID shots. Reuters is also in favor of COVID shots.

Some have said this Indian data is bad, and that the Indians are dying in larger numbers than the official data which is altered to make officials look good. They say Indians go off to die of COVID by themselves and their deaths are not counted. I guess those deniers would also say the COVID test data is a lie.

On the other hand, it seems life goes on in Uttar Pradesh as it did before COVID, with few worried about it and obsessing over it like in the U.S. I doubt they have any mandates for masks or shots like we do in the U.S. And I doubt their hospitals have many COVID patients like we do here.

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Hi Pierre, what do you make of Nick Mark and Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz who both claim to have thoroughly debunked the role of Ivermectin in UP?



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The paragraph in Part 2 before the graph of Vaccine Coverage begins “In this article based on an extensive interview with Yogi Adnithayath …”

However, the October 2, 2021 interview report is actually with “Jai Pratap Singh, the minister for Medical and Health, Family Welfare, Maternal and Child Welfare in the Uttar Pradesh government”.

Yes, the ivermectin is not mentioned in the report. But why is the state’s health minister reporting so favorable about vaccines, if the same state’s chief minister Yogi Adnithayath is supposed to be “anti-corruption”?

Additional comment: This three-part series would benefit from knowing the continuing usage of ivermectin in 2022 in Uttar Pradesh, given the continued low reported levels of Covid-19 deaths, and also analyzing why the reports for Covid-19 deaths for 2022 are so low for India as a whole (recalling limited use of ivermectin elsewhere in India).

Thanks for the work.

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Your links to part 3 and some links to part 2 are “private” links. You have accidentally linked to internal drafts and not published version. Blocked even for paid subscribers like myself.

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Dr. Kory

Bad link at start of Part 2 article:

'The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh - Part 2'


Bad link:

"In Part 1 of this post on Uttar Pradesh (UP), "


Should instead be:


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