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I just read these 3 parts and I think it's a horrible crime that's been committed. When will these people ever pay for all the lies told and countless lives lost?

Looking forward to part 4. Keep up the good work. I've been following you for 2 years now.

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Could it be that “Public Health is a mere continuation of politics by other means.”

Clausewitz famously said “War is a mere continuation of politics by other means.”

Has the system been successful in making covid-19 an existential threat to justify a wartime total mobilization response?

These three substacks by Pierre Kory documenting “the system’s” effort to keep low cost, effective drugs off the market: he has documented a very successful political effort. This is my take on this issue and the broader issue of systems tactics to preserve the status quo of the USA and the West.

The system has successfully mobilized most of the journals, media, politicians, medical schools, colleges, military, doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, finance, and others, including people who are afraid of their own lives and wanting to be responsible citizens by following the dictates of the system which must include "vaccination." And don't question that the very definition of vaccination had to be changed to fit the experimental drug.

In the middle of a war, one must ensure that tactical losses are put in context of the larger political goal which is the total eradication of Covid-19. One way this is done is to put down protests, hide information, and bring to bear the most formattable mercenary, the one who has been the trusted warrior for the last several hundred years, THE SCIENCE. And because this is an existential war, slight modifications to scientific practice are just fine in the middle of the battle. Don't you remember the refrigeration trucks parked outside hospitals in NYC?

Barbara Tuchman's book "The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam" comes to mind.

Our bodies contain trillions of microbes without which we would instantly die. It is impossible to defeat microbes. So the political goal of defeating microbes was the Big Lie successfully used to mobilize most of the modern world in the existential fight against Covid-19.

If we cannot destroy microbes without destroying ourselves, the same logic says we can’t destroy Russia and China without destroying ourselves.

For me, the insight for the above comment is my seemingly full-time effort to grapple with both Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine at the same time. Below I link a substack that makes the case for Russia’ war in Ukraine. This article is one of many that point out the way that Putin has mobilized support within Russia for the existential war in Ukraine. He was justified to support the oblast, example, Donbas, that have been continually attacked by Ukraine forces since the US sponsored coup in 2014 resulting in over 14,000 deaths, and today the Ukrainians again shelled a giant nuclear power plant that Russia has controlled since March. It is folly to accuse Russia which learned lessons from the Chernobyl disaster would attack a facility that they controlled? And further folly to accuse Russia of bombing gas pipelines which they spent billions to construct and would be a continuing source of revenue? The propaganda against Russia has been the west's approach but this time most of the world is behind Russia. And since the US stated goal is to break up Russia and remove Putin and NATO has been mobilized in Ukraine, the Russian people know that this is an existential threat, and the state has been mobilized for war by the clear and present danger from the US and NATO. Putin has claimed that his goal is a multi-polar world which threatens the US empire. As the folly of empires in the past has shown, they fall apart internally first, and they try many strange attempts to survive. The Ottoman empire lasted for 600 years, half of the time it was in decline. It is unclear how soon the American empire will survive, but the statement by Morris Berman in “Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire” – his statement that in its final stages, an empire takes steps which hasten its decline. That seems to hold for militarism of the USA since WW II.

Here is the article I mentioned.

"Politics By Other Means: Putin and Clausewitz”

Big Serge 19 hr ago" (copied at 9AM EST on 10/5/22 note by Don)


My main source about Ukraine war is the site moonofalabama.org.

A couple of days ago, on 10/7/22 the headline article is about the threat of nuclear war and propaganda. The US has the option of first strike use of nuclear weapons, but the Russian policy does not allow for that. There is a US election soon and things are not looking good for NATO/US war in Ukraine. Many governments including US, Ukraine, and Poland are expressing fear that nuclear weapons will be used in Ukraine Well the us is ready as reported in a 2020 article: “Pentagon Deployment of New, “More Usable” Nuclear Weapon Is a Grave Mistake” https://www.justsecurity.org/68481/pentagon-deployment-of-new-more-usable-nuclear-weapon-is-a-grave-mistake/

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This story is so fascinating and so concerning! And Dr. Kory is a great story-teller! A critical thinker. a caring doctor, who is skillful with the written word and who cares about his patients and his colleagues and disseminates truth! Thanks, Dr. Kory

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Dr Kory are there any legal avenues that can be taken against these journals that are knowingly committing fraud? Many look at these journals and make decisions based off of them. Yes, many covid patients are dying due to the fraud in these journals but I suspect it doesn't end there. This didn't start with covid, it just became apparent with covid. Something needs to be done as crimes against humanity are occurring in vast numbers. The whole thing makes me sick.

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Well it’s crystal clear who controls the BMJ.

God if the public knew this there’d be a revolution. As with all the nefarious shenanigans that have been going on.

Science at the gallows, the death noose tightly bound.

Oh heck, let’s just bring out the guillotine! Perhaps less painful?

Oh fantasy world, if this were on 60 minutes that would be a delight. Probably not enough time. A feature film sounds about right. And Flavio could play himself, he’s got terrific appeal.

So here were are, living in two parallel universes. Akin to the darkness and the light.

We’ve got to hold on here. There is actually no choice. The mendacity of it all fuels the flame.

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Laws are often ineffectual because they depend on who does the enforcement and our current judicial system is corrupt. A better approach is: Their crimes must be exposed publicly and they must be banned from any position of influence. It is crucial to recognize that the persecutors of Flavio Cadegiani are the same kind of people who persecuted Galileo and Semmelweiss. They suffer from a disease named "The Emotional Plague" by the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, who was also persecuted.

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Hi Pierre, I just read all three parts in about an hour. It gave me an emotional angina; emphasis on emotional. I read Don Midwest's comment as well as others. Pierre, you are probably right, that there is no legal redress. I do think Don Midwests's references to war are relevant. Chris Hedges and others have written excellent articles on Julian Assange "The Puppets and the Puppet Masters" https://chrishedges.substack.com/p/the-puppets-and-the-puppet-masters?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=778851&post_id=77122463&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

Every level of government, authority, corporate, billionare class, WEF, UN, three letter agencies around the world have declared war on the Pierre Kory's, Flavio Cadegiani's, Paul Mariks of the world and all those who see right and know the terrible wrongs being done. Done far longer than most people are aware.

I feel sorry for all those who are injured, dying by these evil forces, whether because of the lack of early treatment, dangerous injections or the proxy war in the Ukraine. If there is no legal redress then in my extra-legal approach, in my emotional state-- Russia fires missiles into the High Impact journals, just so people ask "why".

I do think, Thomas Renz speaks for so many:

"At the end of the day, the crime that was and is COVID-19 will be revealed. We will win this fight and there will be accountability. There will be accountability for the disease, the hospital murders, the jabs, the lockdowns, and everything else and we will do everything we can to ensure that EVERY single person that profited from this crime against humanity pays the price."

"I end this article with this: for all of you that have made the trillions of dollars off of the death and carnage that is COVID in ANY sort of corrupt way, know this, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but we the people are coming for you. We will not deviate from our peaceful path towards accountability and you WILL be held accountable. So enjoy your ill-gotten wealth for today but make sure you NEVER stop looking over your shoulders because the millions dead demand accountability and whether from me or my betters, you will pay."


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We don't need BMJ. We don't need NEJM, or the others. Make a web site, post it, tell your friends. Viral in about 10 minutes. Problem solved. The popular journals are vanity productions intended to boost the egos of selected authors, and the pockets of the publishers. Those who claim to "need" them are either unable to think for themselves, or don't want to hear about research that undermines their comfort zone. It's a huge scam that inhibits human progress.

Groucho Marx would have made a good research scientist -- "i wouldnt join a club that would have me as a member."

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Childhood lost.

The gleam and shine in the eyes of wonderment. The innocence of goodness of trust and belief in kindness, caring.

The eagerness of sharing new discoveries, as simple as a leaf, as profound as discovering a glorious solution.

Shattered by those who walk in the daytime but prey on darkness.

Not shattered, perhaps fragmented. Only to reform again into its perfect state of being. Ever stronger.

Perfect science is harmonious, giving good to all.

Yield not to the darkness that tries to prevail. It is a mere shadow against the sun.

Believe ye not the speaking of men. Blinded by their dark masters

Behold the Truth, as the sunrise brings on a new day of promise, casting aside the doubt of night

May the light of truth shine brightly in your hearts!

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The Real Anthony Fauci MOVIE

(based on the best-selling book by RFK Jr.)

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Pass it on!


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Dear Dr Kory I am seeking a means to invite your participation through submissions both written and oral to a Governmental Inquiry into COVID responses in NZ. It is under the auspices of the Wakaminenga Maori Government and is considering whether there is sufficient grounds to then proceed with criminal investigations. There is an article published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory Practice and Research by Russell Blaylock that provides some background in the abstract but we would welcome your participation. We have already completed a first stage review of experience and evidence and reported to the Chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes who have directed that we complete a second stage. This is basically seeking input from Subject Matter Experts to the Executive Council who will then review the findings and prepare for a Grand Jury. Thank you Charles Tortise.

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Pamela Drew, You are so lucky. Photos are fabulous! Right in front of the Department of Injustice.

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