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One day the whole world will know of your courage against these evil people. There are many of us who have our eyes open and have the upmost respect and faith in you. Thank you Dr Kory 🙏🏼

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California passed a law outlawing speech that deviates from approved standard of care. I used to be surprised that competent doctors, the smartest people in the room, would tolerate such medical censorship. Then I realized there really aren't very many competent doctors, and they're really not the smartest people in any room.

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You rock Dr Kory!!! Thank you for defending Dr Marik so eloquently. He, along with you, are my Covid heroes — I’m a 71 yo unjabbed healthy woman who has been using your Ivermectin prophylaxis protocol since it came out, and after numerous exposures I remain covid free. Unfortunately I am friend and relative free as well in a few instances due to my outspokenness against the prevailing wisdom — no regrets, glad to be one of your foot soldiers trying to spread the word. I have learned to “not throw my pearls before swine” and now quickly move on if folks have closed minds.

Dr Marik holds a special place in my heart for another reason, and I hope you will pass this along to him. Years ago our son had a serious infection on his leg and was on intravenous injections of vancomycin every few hours. We were extremely concerned as my husband’s cousin, a Mayo trained doc, had just sat by the bedside of her ex-husband along with their children watching him die of sepsis and there was nothing she could do to save him. When our son got this nasty infection I was panicking so I started doing research and came across a Dr. Marik at Sentara Hospital who had developed a new protocol for sepsis. I called his office at Sentara thinking I would get an underling and be given the royal runaround … Dr Marik, himself, picked up the phone and spent 10-15 minutes with me listening to my story and giving me advice as to how to boost our son’s immune system with vitamin C, etc. He could have passed me on to someone else or spent 2-3 minutes with me and be done. I will never forget his patience, compassion and kindness and am forever grateful as we immediately supplemented the vancomycin with Dr Marik’s suggestions and the response was almost immediate. I tried to call after our son recovered to thank Dr Marik, and that time I did get an underling so was never sure if he received my thank you so would truly appreciate it if you relay it now.

There will be a special place in heaven for Dr Marik, you and all the other brave men and women who have stood against the unrelenting onslaught of deception and craziness that just seems to keep on coming. You keep us healthy and sane and thus able to fight back in small ways within our sphere of influence. KUDOS!

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Through validating ways to heal sick people you are a troublemaker, Pierre. We cannot thank you enough.

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Ivermectin is the new “dirty” word amongst internists and residents at the hospital I work at. The head IM resident trainer won’t look at me or say hello as we pass in the hallway. Their loss. So frustrating for you and Paul to not be able to pass your wisdom and knowledge to residents and other attendings. Thanks for explaining what happened at your respective jobs… again their loss. Egotistical jackasses.

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This post is in the category of "How could they have possibly done this to us?" It's simple, they are psychopaths. Here is the simple explanation: https://robertyoho.substack.com/p/ad409d5d-db8b-476f-acce-f9e521b3aa7d

Injure. Kill. Torture. It's foreign to normal people but exactly what these people do.

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It's been difficult these last couple years. I had to get a new doctor over covid. Due to concern over covid I bought ivermectin and HydroxyChloraquine from India and decided to treat right away. Guess what? We found the combination effective against colds & flu too. If you take those on day one of being sick, there is seldom a day two of being sick. Neither of us have had covid as we have tested negative for igg/igm antibodies for over 2 years.

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Take out the word “science” and substitute “reality”. The worlds current leadership in just about all things is an incompetent idiocracy. And, when reality reveals you to be incompetent, you have two choices: one: find a different line of work, or; two: pretend reality is not a valid concept and double down on your idiocy. We have entered the self-immolation phase of the idiocracy. The thing about reality is that it’s like a Kevlar rubber band-the snap back will take your head off.

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The brilliance and scope of your writing, logic and story telling is breathtaking. And of course your fierce dedication at all costs for presenting great truths is beyond inspiring!

I am fascinated to read of the previous medical debates. Oh may they please come again.

A question and a story, I had read that Dr. Marik had formulated a sepsis treatment protocol that included intravenous Vitamin C and thiamine. This was not mentioned in your manifesto here. I am curious about that.

After hearing about Dr. Marik’s court case, I flew down, carrying signs for the protest/rally and made it my absolute goal to attend the hearing. No cell phones or water bottles allowed inside. I left my unopened one outside hidden. I rode up in the elevator with a unimpressive toady looking man who was nervously shuffling through a disheveled small file. The hospital representative as I would find out later.

I was made it my intent to sit behind Dr. Marik. Minutes prior to the beginning of the trial as we were getting seated, I passed by him and gently touched his back in supportive affirmation. He turned to me and asked me if I could get him some water. I immediately ran out of the courtroom, looking for a source. Thought of my water outside and knew that wasn’t an option. Felt panicked, trial wasn’t starting and they don’t like late arrivals. I ran down the hall, found a water fountain, furtively thinking where to find a cup? Thought security guards on first floor. As I approached the elevator, the doors opened and a gentlemen in a uniform was exiting. I asked him for help, stating my need. He calmly and graciously took me to his office close by and I got three plastic cups. I was so grateful, he was a gift! Back to the water fountain. Let it run, run, clear out the old water sitting in there. Back to the courtroom.

The beginning of the trial felt so promising. I have been in court many a time. The judge was gracious and despite the protocol for objectivity, he appeared quite sympathetic to Dr. Marik’s case. And it initially felt strong.

But a alas a judge cannot rule on medical treatment decisions, only the “law”. The trial went on for 4 hours. In the latter half, the knives came out. Throughout the whole trial the attorney for the hospital must have mentioned Ivermectin at least 10 times. Despite the fact that Dr. Marik stating at the first mention that he was not allowed to prescribe it at that hospital. He had other tools in his tool box. That’s when I knew, for the press, the witch hunt was on about Ivermectin. I was disgusted and appalled. Their lawyer attempted to slander Dr. Marik. Didn’t work. He was able to defend and the judge dismissed the claim as not pertinent to the case regardless. They hammered away, hospital head spoke. I saw the case crumbling, they beat and beat away. Realized that the legal merits had no real teeth. It was a horrific experience as time unfolded. Justice there was merely a concept, a hope, but no true reality.

I have been filled with such bitter disappointment and grief since the Senate Homeland Security Hearings. But also fierce determination and commitment to Early Covid Treatment. These courageous doctors who came to the forefront of battle, the frontlines, are the true heroes. Risking all, more than they could ever have imagined.

But gaining so much more.

You have our hearts, 100%, our hopes, our faith, our loyalty, our commitment.

You are the five star generals and the infantrymen.

Truth is on your side, the darkness may appear great, but Light and Truth will prevail!

With my utmost gratitude I thank you All!

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Censorship of science is evil.

In reading the latest research in regards to Covid, I have a feeling that big Pharma and the rest of censorship gang have already begun to do their own research and sku the results as in the "Hill" Ivermectin case to fit their narrative.

After they have the necessary "fake" research then they will debate Steve Kirsch.

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Great article! When you mentioned the patient they accused Paul Merik of treating for covid without Covid but whom he HEALED from illness ON A VENTILATOR, it immediately reminded me of the Pharisees who were irate that Jesus healed people under the “wrong” circumstances. Never mind that he was the only one dramatically healing people, period! Hello - what kind of blindness does not marvel at healing or become so distracted as to not care?

Then I read an example (not on purpose) in my daily bible reading, just picking up where I left off yesterday...in Luke 13:10-17. It’s the same exact “spirit” or mentality present in both situations. It is not new. But for me it gives comfort that God sees and oversees and what is good will prevail in the end, because it comes from the maker of all things. The lying spirits are distortions and cannot persist forever because the light will shine on them and truth is its own solution. It makes plain what is and isn’t and clears up all confusion and illuminates what is beautiful.

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I loved reading this ode in praise of Paul Marik. Thank you.

Hopeful of seeing a future ivermectin debate: Alex Berensen vs Alex Berensen. May the best man win.

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Not sure if it’s true, & I’ve only found 2 news reports documenting the recent (2012-2015, I can’t remember exactly the year) change to it, but search up the Smith-Mundt Act. It’s a decades old law that made illegal the US govt, disseminating propaganda meant for US citizens ON US SOIL. It was in place literally 40-60 years.

I think it was a Buzzfeed story about how, apparently, in the mid 2010s, the administration in the WH at that point succeeded in getting into the NDAA (“Defense spending authorization bill”) a provision that essentially flipped that law. It was known as the Smith Mundt Modernization Act. Supposedly it legalized the use of propaganda ON American soil.

I’ll try to find it again. I knew a guy who teaches Constitutional Law at U Texas at Austin & asked him to look for it for me & see if it meant what I thought it meant. He came back & said no, it was just a way to deal with the whole digital way in which info is spread so I really don’t know, but during Covid it sure as heck has SEEMED that our US govt is spreading propaganda ON US SOIL, which made me think maybe my friend was wrong.

I’m going to find it & post the links I can find. I think you might be interested in it. Maybe someone on here can clarify or correct me on this.

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Aug 31, 2022·edited Aug 31, 2022

I think you forgot to mention the third new commandment:

Thou shall not have a personality--and concomitant discernment and creativity--as a practitioner of Medicine. (In Healthcare? Sure. Go for it and knock yourself out à la Tony Fauci.)

The late Mark Josephson comes to mind. I never met the guy, but attended his memorial service with a former student of his. That memorial was a hoot!

'Mark Josephson was a passionate educator who trained many of today's national and international leaders of cardiovascular electrophysiology. He was a creative physician–scientist, intellectually gifted, one who challenged existing doctrines and was usually correct in his predictions; and he was a physician–educator who cared deeply for his students and patients. Early in his career, he endured many criticisms of his pioneering efforts, almost always with a smile and a shrug of his shoulders. “They will see.”'


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🙏💕You said it all in your closing statement: The world has gone mad.

Thank you Drs. Pierre, Paul, Peter and so many other truth tellers. We hear you, we share you!

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As an ex health care worker I find this whole story severely depressing! It just makes me feel a deep sense of loss. Losing just the two of you means many do not gain from the wealth of knowledge and experience you bring. The future in medical looks bleak as unfortunately you guys were not the only ones ousted.

I read somewhere 90% of doctors got the jab. They just all lined up unquestionably for a brand new, highly experimental, rushed gene therapy based jab. We are looking at a future of doctors who will just blindly follow protocols handed down to them from corporate who got the order from NIH and big pharma. No real thinking involved. Never questioning authority! No independent thinking. It’s freaking scary!

We need a new or ulterior system. One where healthy scientific debate is not only allowed but encouraged. Where new isn’t always better. Where we incorporate nutrition and supplements into care. Use whatever is available that’s proven to help. Questions and debate encouraged. Research and thinking. How fantastic would that be?

A girl can dream.

I’m grateful your both on our team. In losing you guys they lost, we gained. 💪🏻

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