Pierre, you freaking MURDERED Alex, who was so terrified, he tucked tail and made an excuse to skedaddle as soon as you finished pulverizing him in the most gracious and gentlemanly way possible. I offered my synopsis of the debate (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/i/65406374/watch-the-ivermectin-debate) at the end of the letter I wrote to him on World Ivermectin Day:

• “Letter to Alex Berenson on World Ivermectin Day” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-alex-berenson-on-world)

As I wrote in that letter:

“The failure to recommend ivermectin is not a side story, as you suggested in your debate with Dr. Kory.

“It is THE story, Alex. Because with ivermectin, every injection, every death, every injury, every infringement on our rights in the name of ‘saving’ us from COVID wouldn’t have happened. Indeed, it would have made for a very boring story.”

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt for months, but there is NO WAY even someone as megalomaniacal as him can be so fiercely obtuse about the scientific evidence on this issue. The fact that he has been aggressively shilling for Pfizer’s Paxlovid makes his motives even more dubious. I can no longer extend that benefit of the doubt after he has been repeatedly served with mountains of irrefutable evidence. I know he read my letter because many of my readers tweeted it at him, as did I multiple times, and he‘s too egotistical not to read something written about/to him 😆 I wonder why he hasn’t responded yet 🤔

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Sep 1, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

Just pre-ordered your book! It's my 50th birthday present! My 19 year old son (whom I'm pushing hard not to vaccinate himself, even though all his friends and precious 18 year old girlfriend has had 3-4 shots, ugg) is questioning me a lot on Ivermectin. I have The Great Reset Book, Dr. Breggin's book, Dr. McCullough's book, RFK's book, etc. I hope he'll read all of these. Thank you for (co)writing it!

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Love it! And so grateful for you, the FLCCC and all those who continue to save lives and fight for truth!

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P.S. Next: ICE HOCKEY!!!! (totally not kidding. You think hitting golf balls is fun, hitting pucks definitely helped me channel my Pharma-focused anger after my decade of Pharma product-caused harm). You're in WI, right? So you probably played growing up. I don't play games, of course. I just go to Stick and Puck, skate a little and whack the pucks (which I may or may not imagine as medical device reps and Pharma execs). I learned between my first and second set of hip replacement devices, when we knew the first set was causing systemic cobalt toxicity, ruining my personality/behavior/mood and destroying my heart function, yet no orthopedic surgeon would touch me, once he found out I had "problematic" implants. My reasoning was, "If this cobalt in my blood's going to kill my heart anyway, I want to have some joy in the last year or so I have left, plus if I fall and break a hip, someone will have to take this toxic crap out of me." Then 4 years ago, I found a surgeon who'd never used cobalt-containing implants (his ortho father had warned him the train wreck they were in the 1970s) and was willing to revise both my hips. All my symptoms of systemic toxicity vanished, save the tinnitus! I can't recommend shooting hockey more highly. My husband and I are thrilled you're doing something to relax and step away from the fight. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Now Dr. Marik needs to write his book and join you at the driving range!

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Happy to read your disappointment with Berenson. He must be benefitting financially from his refusal to get behind IVM. He comes off as such an arrogant guy. Where are his critical thinking skills? On another issue with HCQ and IVM, who was it that told the Governors/politicians to make it virtually impossible to obtain either medication? And they knew right from the get go. Very suspicious!

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I think there may be strings attached to Alex’s payout from Twitter. His wife is also a doctor. Is he singing to appease she who must be obeyed?

I ordered and started reading his book back then. I stopped after his sloppy analysis about his reasoning for vaccine acceptance. Commented on his substack about it. Cancelled after he criticized Dr. Malone. May rejoin to do some poking. There’s definitely something that doesn’t add up with that guy. More than a blind spot. His smug attitude is so grating. Reminds me of Jha who I refuse to acknowledge as a “doctor”.

Curious, after your loss of Ivermectin use in the ICU, how did your survival stats change? Were you able to use other repurposed drugs?

That scenario is sickening. Akin to Dr. Marik’s take down. But obviously his consequences much worse.

So glad to hear you are hitting the balls. Reminds me of the advice given to a newly elected president years back. Sorry I can’t recall the names involved. But point being, a critical stress reliever.

Keep it up Dr. Kory! Looking forward to attending your conference in Florida!

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Berenson has a personality disorder. He deeply misses his status of acceptance among his elite liberal friends. He admitted on Rogan not having any friends. It’s because he is two-faced. He also threw shade at Rogan back when they were trying to de-platform him in a coordinated takedown, this despite Rogan having him on his podcast twice. Joe gave him a pass and had him back on because even though the guy is a two-faced douche, it is paramount to expose our crooked government who is pulling the levers of these social media companies while funneling billions to the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

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Pierre, are you aware of the amazing “compendium of EVERY Scientific Study on EVERY well-known COVID-19 treatment” I shared in the footnotes of my letter to Alex?


It comes from physicist John Droz’s c19science.info site:


John is a subscriber of mine (and likely yours) and produces the Media Balance newsletter. He recently joined Substack along with his collaborator Jo Highet:


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Berenson also dinged Malone on national TV when they appeared together (forgot who's show)

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Sep 1, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

This is why I always get my information from MEDICAL EXPERTS!!!! I would never ask a reporter how to treat an illness. LOL...SERIOUSLY PEOPLE !!!

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Sep 3, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

As I commented earlier today on Malone’s substack, I wasted 3 hours of my life listening to Alex on Joe Rogan last night (I promised my friend I would listen even tho I didn’t want to). He is a pompous, misogynistic, narcissistic ass who doesn’t know sh*t about f**k (for those of you Ozark fans) when it comes to IVM. Three hours I will never get back 😩

Pierre. You were so calm during that debate hosted by Steve. I applaud that calm. I’m sure it was extremely difficult. Keep up the fight. Redemption is coming.

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Sep 2, 2022·edited Sep 2, 2022

Dear Dr. Kory, I'm an avid reader of your Substack. I really hope that you can write an article about the nagging question that bothers me: are there any papers available on the issue of to what extent the spike protein is transmissible through sexual intercourse if one doesn't use a condom? My son, who did not take the shot(s), is currently 'working' with his wife to see if they can have their second child. Our son's wife, however, *did* take the 1st, 2nd and booster shot and now, as a dad, I'm worried for my son's wellbeing. My apologies if things get a bit too intimate here, but I'm desperate, I can only be blunt about it. To what extent can the spike be transferred over to our son through the 'bodily fluids' of his wife? And, I can't believe I'm actually writing this, what are the risks for him if we think about not just the vaginal intercourse, but also orally? Again, my apologies if I'm a bit too straight forward here, but this notion keeps me up at night and if it turns out that the above *is* a risk, I want to talk to my son about it. At the same time I worry for our youth (spring break jumps to mind), 'cause what if they end up in bed with a jabbed person when they themselves are not and 'forget' to use a condom? This is a serious question and I've not been able to find anything about it. The only published subject is that the spike has been found in breast milk, which means that it's 1-on-1 transferred to babies. I'd really appreciate your view on this. Thank you, -Adrian Summers

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Dr. Kory,

So glad you started a tele-health clinic. Do you and/or your partner docs consult on other medical issues, or just covid related? I’ve lost confidence in my doctor and am seeking a new approach. I have no health problems- haven’t even had covid- just trying to line up for the future. I realize that the best care will cost $ and not involve insurance or Medicare, but it’s worth it. Let me know if your group only does covid consulting or is broader.

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Doctors have been relegated to the role of salesman of someone else's product. High tech drugs and high tech machines. Doctors design, invent, manufacture, assemble, or compound none of it. They are just salesmen now. Technology has stripped doctors of all power, and if they want to be able to pay for their expensive degrees and licenses, they have to act like good little salesman. Doctors aren't allowed to doctor.

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I am reading 'The Real Dr. Fauci' by Kennedy. This entire scenario seems to be a repeat of the HIV - AIDS story. There is a big difference in that COVID got heavily involved in Society lockdowns, etc. which is a much bigger deal.

The routine seems to be:

* Wait for an infectious illness....

* Find a vaccine or drug from big Pharma that can make people lots of money.

* Suppress the findings of the few genius doctors that offer alternative treatment by

- Controlling the media, hospitals and Scientific journals (already captured a long time ago)

- Reminding Universities and researchers where there funding comes from. Any dissenting opinions

will result in loss of funding and professional shame from the controlled media.

* Contacting colleagues to push out the dissenters ( don't allow them to speak, etc.)

** If the truth does somehow break out a little too much, then run false trials. Publish them and give

the captured people something they can cite when writing and speaking.

I assume it is too late for this suggestion. Kennedy's book is too wordy. I hope you can put in some illustrations showing the timeline as events unfold --- perhaps calendar style.

Your writing style is much easier to follow and interesting as is.

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Hi Dr. Kory, I'm a big fan of you and everyone else who has been, and continues to be, articulate, outspoken, and courageous in the midst of the crazy narrative, and are making a real difference. The tide is definitely turning! What I'm not a fan of is the continued promotion of fluvoxamine in the FLCCC protocol. Too many people experience brain injury even in small dosages and for very short amounts of time taking SSRIs (and any psychotropic drug, for that matter). I would ask that you delve into this more and reconsider including Luvox in any part of the protocol, as the risks could outweigh the benefits. I know that Steve has put a lot of time and energy and money into seeing that this drug works to some extent, but are the potential negative side effects worth it? A quick online search will reveal many stories of severe injury even in short time periods and small amounts for more than a few people. It is my strong opinion that not only should Fluvoxamine be deleted from the FLCCC protocol, but that a very public statement be made about its retraction, since it has become pretty ingrained in people's thinking that Luvox is a common and safe early treatment method. Keeping the status quo would be, in my humble opinion, a great disservice to the public.

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