Not funny as I read it.

Who does not have a nightmare tale about his or a friend's or a family member's recent hospital experience in USA? A Naples, Florida hospital admitted my brother to its ER for a minor infection and discharged him as a brain-dead quadraplegic 3 weeks later. They tried to kill him twice with indifference before they actually killed him with incompetence.

Professional and record-keeping fraud and deceit covered it all up. No foul, no harm was their attitude.

The system is not failing; it's not breaking.

It's broken.

The medical profession proved the obvious with its unforgivable failures during the China Virus pandemic.

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When my 10 year old child broke her leg the NHS refused to send an ambulance. I had to drive her 15 miles to A&E. Traumatic is the correct word for that journey. We were seen by triage and eventually an eye specialist turned up. Her notes said she had an eye problem! Astounding incompetence and callousness.

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I was an ICU/ER nurse for 30 years. There are so many things that have changed, and the healthcare system is unrecognizable as it was when I was nurse. It really gives one an impetus to take one's health care seriously, educate one's self, be responsible for one's health and how we live to ensure that we can stay out of the system. While this is not always possible, as one having been in the trenches, I would encourage everyone to be deadly serious about their own responsibility for their health. Thank you Dr Kory and Dr. Marik. I would have loved to have worked with you.

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I am so glad Dr Marik survived! 👍

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Good for Dr. Marik to come through the experience with his sense of humour intact. As a retired doc reading the letter is like fingernails on a blackboard. How horrific! i remember as a small child my dad always pointing out to me conscientious workers of all kinds, janitors, waiters, etc. and instilling in me how important it is to have a sense of pride in ourselves and in our work no matter what we do. It sounds like the NHS has worn down its medical workers to the point that little sense of pride or compassion is left. I fear that with the corporate takeover of medicine here in the US we are not far behind.

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Mar 17, 2023·edited Mar 17, 2023

That was 2018. It is even worse now. The problem is not the lack of funding. Lots of money gets thrown down the drains of the NHS each year... it all gets gobbled up by various external expert and consulting contracts and God knows what else. They spend billions on vaccines, millions on digital covid tracing apps, hundreds of thousands of pounds for 'diversity training' and 'patient identity sensitivity training' but cannot find the funds for ambulance stretchers. Next level shambles. The mismanagement is so bad it is beyond salvation.

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Having done a neuro-otology fellowship with Dr. Robert Baloh at UCLA medical school after my neurology residency I immediately recognized that you had benign, paroxysmal positional, nystagmus or vertigo. You were witnessing socialized medicine in its fullest form: inadequate and relatively unavailable modern equipment, frenzied and unhelpful medical staff for the most part, overcrowded facilities and unnecessary delays in diagnosis. It’s coming to America if Marxists like Obama and Biden get their way. Be warned.

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I love all the enthusiasm of the good researchers, doctors and scientists sharing very important solid research/evidence proving the treasonous BIOWEAPONS event…necessary for serious accountability of the maniacal global psychopaths!

BUT more importantly…HOW come the serious enormous elephant in the room is NOT being addressed YET after 3 VERY long destructive years of Treason everywhere?

Where is THE Freedom Movement to unite The People in 1 place, moving in 1 direction with 1 voice with SERIOUS strategic planners who can help with UNITED actions to shut down ALL Treason…absolutely NECESSARY to restore our Republic?

Our government regime is a complete reflection of the people in this country, ruining our lives and that of ALL humanity!

This quote is from Lex Greene’s piece for ALL who value Freedom and want to do something that matters…follow and/or contact this writer!


“No, the greatest threat to every American today comes from only two places, in two forms…

1. Our totally corrupt, compromised and unconstitutional government occupants

2. The American people who have been so intentionally divided, dumbed down and drugged up, that the cause of FREEDOM isn’t even on most people’s list of priorities at all anymore

Our government is now a horrific threat to freedom and liberty everywhere on earth.

But the American people, who continue to allow it, are an even greater threat.”

P.S. Divided our house is falling!

Is it because of lack of unity and serious strategic planning leadership, NO money (Freedom is NOT free), too busy complaining and whining, arguing, defending, praying AND doing nothing, attacking, etc, engaging in actions that CANNOT restore Freedom and Liberty?

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Pierre - thank you for sharing Paul's story. Not being a physician, I could not find it funny (but I can certainly understand why you and Paul would). It was heartbreaking and horrific to hear his story (love that it was Paul's own voice telling it). I had the honor of giving Paul a hug at CHD's inaugural meeting in Knoxville in October (sadly, I didn't get a chance to give you one that day too). I met you both the first time in Columbus, OH last May.

I wish he had known during that hospital stay that he would survive because he - along with you - have been vital voices for truth in this psyop we've been living for the past three years. I am truly grateful for the two of you.

"I might have to re-think the idea that spontaneous mass euthanasia by U.K care providers is inconceivable. Whoa." Your humility warms my heart Pierre. God bless you and Paul and everyone else at the FLCCC. My prayers are with you always.

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"With cuts in National Health System (NHS) funding…"

That seems to have been gratuitously thrown in. I 'worked' for the government in another life. If anything, there's an inverse relationship: The more you f**k up, the more money they throw at you to fix the problem.

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Hi Pierre, followed your work for ages. Bravo. I live in West London suburbs and it is Hillingdon Hospital, not Hillington. My kids were born there. It is not as bad as nearby Ealing (as in the famous film studios). The NHS is full of robots. I am a Video British sign language interpreter so do lots of hospital / GP (MD) appointments every day. Staff all wear masks and are nice but brainwashed. Tragic.

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The NHS is simply theft from taxpayers, theft and neglect. I am heart sick of hearing it's the envy of the world. Envy of PolPot types maybe!

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When I was a young pilot flying charters, I flew a passenger to the Mayo Clinic.. I learned that he had been visiting England when he experienced elbow joint pain. A local hospital administered a shot of Cortisol WITH A DIRTY NEEDLE. His arm swelled up immediately. He checked himself out and flew back to Milwaukee and I flew him to Mayo. They cleaned out his elbow joint of infection. The joint was not savable. They fused it at a convenient angle and sewed him up. He recovered but lost the use of the joint.

If you think such incompetence cannot happen in the USA, consider this. Last year I broke an arm in Florida and the local hospital put a cast on it so I could fly home. My home doctor discovered that the cast had been put on my elbow when my fracture was near the shoulder socket. I kid you not.

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Never had the pleasure of dealing with the NHS, but I had more than one frightening and nearly deadly experience in the mid-2000's--one at a Sutter Health hospital and even worse at a Kaiser hospital, where I did check myself out after harsh mistreatment and an unfeeling staff. It's a long story, but the main factors remain the same. Some staff are kind and compassionate (rent-an-ER-doc at Sutter--nope), but then some are cold, mechanical, and arrogant, and really could care less if you suffer and die. I've run into this several times, and realize corporate medicine can never provide human care any more. What Functionally, if you are going to be admitted, you have to have a personal advocate, or staff will mis-diagnose, mis-treat, inject stuff you do not need nor want, and ignore you--too busy, too overworked, too mechanical. Not only has this been my experience in emergencies, but when my wife had a brain tumor removed recently, the experience with a good local hospital was at first fantastic....the neurosurgical team was brilliant, skilled, and caring at a personal level, but later in a recovery ward, I had to be there to deal with a horrible, argumentative, and dead wrong nursing supervisor, while staff left a seriously injured and demented man in a nearby room to scream for hours. Essentially, contemporary medicine has great and skilled people, but the majority are cold, programmatic, and often wrong, and of course, most physicians are ardent members of the religion of so-called "science" and will blap back to you all manner of beliefs that have little or no basis in reality. To all I say: beware and prepare. Never trust people you cannot feel or who cannot feel you.

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With all due respect, you offer help to anyone but how many people can afford your exorbitant fees for a consult - $1250 and $1650 and that doesn't include supplements or drugs or whatever you're offering. I've suggested for free zeolite to a couple of people and their symptoms completely went away.

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My brother had a cardiac arrest while in the seminary in Italy, years ago. Sadly, the care Dr. Marik and my brother received is what we are watching happen to the American health system. During covid, what happened was horrific! I have been in health care for 30 years.......it is very sad.

I’m glad you know the humor side of Dr. Marik, but I have also seen the compassionate side of this man, who held back tears, when telling the story of his patients they wouldn’t allow him to save. Dr. Kory, I heard you speak about 6 mo ago. I hope you will stay in this fight and always choose freedom.

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