Thank you, the worlds needs to understand this was a CRIME

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"Anatomy of Pharmacide"


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I’m speechless 😶… for all those people who think we lie cheat and steal to keep this “conspiracy “alive, what total scum they are….A MUST read of your essay today. Horrible horrific Crime against humanity. Sincerely can’t thank u enough and Dr.Marik and Dr. Tess and others.

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I’ll start with the important part - my daughter, who just turned 11 and is in 6th grade, is watching where you go and hoping to one day be a medical student of yours. The future of medicine is paying attention.

Where did this come from? My daughter had an emergency appendectomy in Nov 2021. There are 3 “esteemed” teaching hospital in NC, which are all in reality today bastions of woke rot and mediocrity. However, the actual physicians on staff are still pretty good.

In undergrad I was an outdoor adventure guide, and I knew from my outdoor emergency care training it was most likely her appendix. The pain hadn’t moved from the lower right quandrent for 18 hours, she couldn’t sleep, and the previous day she threw up even AFTER I gave her Zofran. So at 4am off we go to one of these “world renowned” children’s ERs about 45 minutes from home (skipping the 💩 children’s ER closer to home).

The nurses were great, though somewhat suspect as my daughter seemed too calm to them, even cracking smiles. I explained she tough as nails and we needed the ultrasound diagnosis because I wasn’t planning on putting radiation on her early stage puberty abdomen. We went to ultrasound, a great tech who took the time to get it right, and 30 painful minutes later confirmation mommy was right. On the antibiotics she went preparing for surgery.

During the antibiotic drips in started rolling the medical students and residents. One after another nagging her about Covid, threatening she wouldn’t get the operation if she tested positive (which, 1 - wasn’t true and 2 - the chair of the Emergency Department who is also ED faculty at this hospital is a personal friend. While he is sadly a Covidian, he loves my daughter and would have put her first even if she tested positive for Ebola. He’s also well aware my husband and I have the means, connections, and guts to have that place crawling with attorneys if we were concerned they’d significantly delay this operation if she did test positive for Covid - at this point well over a year into the “pandemic.”)

So med student after med student and resident after resident, all more angry she wasn’t “vaccinated” than concerned about her appendix, tried to bully her about Covid. The last interaction with one of these morons after my daughter had already explained she wasn’t scared, wasn’t getting an experimental vaccine she didn’t need, had pointed out her parents were standing right there and clearly were fit and healthy and also not afraid of any of us getting Covid, that she’d been in private school full time in person without a mask since August 2020. When the pestering kept going, she finally looked up at this resident and said “I’m 10. I’m not scared of Covid because I’m not at risk from Covid. I’m scared my appendix burst and I could die if it isn’t taken out.”

Fortunately the operation went very well. She had an amusing argument with the surgeon - she wanted her appendix back in a jar and didn’t see why he couldn’t just cut a little off for the pathologist and give her the rest. At one point she pulled out “don’t I have a legal right to my own organs?” followed by “whatever happened to my body my choice?” She then got to watch my familiar argument with the anesthesiologist explaining absolutely no narcotics period (it’s not our first surgery rodeo with our kids).

The appendix was enlarged and had only leaked a bit, better than they expected, so they could get the appendix and yuck out and we were on our way about 10 hours after we arrived. When we were leaving the hospital my daughter looked at me, eyes darting from Ketamine, and said “mom, I’m going to have to be a doctor when I grow up. If that’s the future of medicine we’re all gonna die.” 😂😂😂

She’s stuck with it. She has been reading an introduction to integrative medicine textbook (which fortunately warns of pitfalls and the need for individualized evidence based treatment). Her not a Covidian pediatrician was beyond elated (we know our pediatrician entirely too well).

This is a girl who has read over 750 books (I started counting with Harry Potter), gets straight A’s at her academically actually elite conservative private Christian school (1,200+ students) where she is also the youngest in her grade, helped lead her school team to the state battle of the books championship last year (continuing the school’s state championship winning streak), and who is one of the top 3 swimmers and top 10 soccer players her age in our urban county. Last year she also won the character award for her grade, and 5 other awards, at her school that does not believe everybody gets a trophy.

The child came out of the womb ready to compete and win life. There is not a challenge or competition she has ever backed down from. Her feelings are most hurt when we remind her somewhere on the planet there is always someone faster, smarter, better and that’s ok - she says that’s us not having faith in her level of determination and work ethic. 😂

She’s watching where you and a handful of others end up teaching in a few years. She hopes it’s a southern university because she has no faith in any school that implemented student vaccine mandates. She points out “how can they teach me to figure out what works when they forced a bunch of students to get an experimental vaccine even though it clearly wasn’t working?”

She cannot be the only child like this in the country. At the very least, there must be thousands of kids like her around the country.

As dark clouds hang over us, you and those like you hold the key to a better tomorrow - for medicine and society. Please don’t give up and please start working on a plan to save the next generation by passing on your knowledge and experience and understanding. These kids are out there, fighting for their own futures, fighting for their generation, and waiting impatiently for their own chance to step up with the personal agency they will not fully gain until adulthood. Please hold the line and keep the space for them to have a fighting chance. Please remember the future of medicine lies in the hands of the few willing to protect its better aspirations against the many seeking to destroy it.

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Truly, we love you doctor Kory your words and the works of Dr. Marik and the FLCCC reverberate,

like a huge GONG they penetrate the minds across this land and are FELT deeply way beyond

and we are grateful even joyous

well Van Morrison sings it best:

Didn't I come to bring you a sense of wonder?

Didn't I come to lift your fiery vision bright?

Didn't I come to bring you a sense of wonder in the flame

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I had to drink a beer after reading this. Thank you. This will be good info for a talk I’m preparing on parallels between opioid epidemic & Covid pandemic. Reading empire of pain now…highly recommend if you haven’t read it.

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Aug 29, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

Pierre. I hope you know how grateful we all are that you and Paul are still alive. I pray for you and Paul and all those at the FLCCC daily. You are all brave warriors. Keep up the fight. The narrative is starting to crumble. Did you see what Tucker Carlson had to say two days ago? https://rumble.com/v1hcznd-tucker-carlson-blame-trump.html

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To Dr. Kory, Dr. Marik and the rest of the FLCCC. Please stay safe.

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As someone who believes in integrity, I often forget that few people have it. The evasion of your question was done (almost) seamlessly, except for those two pauses. Keeping records like this will be important when the forensic study of these crimes against humanity begin. I won't hold my breath that those forensic studies happen in the USA, likely it'll be a European country.

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What a crime - I am contemplating if you had succeeded in January 2021 I assume almost no one would have taken the vaccines and instead would have chosen the treatment.....the whole world needs to learn about this!

I do have vaccine regret.....I believed when they told us it has 80-90% efficacy and we get "herd immunity"

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The way the efBeEye is working today, please backup all your data, make multiple copies, and store(not on the cloud) in an undisclosed vault somewhere. Also, the big "P" and efDeeAye could be worse than them. Let them know you will release names if something were to happen to anyone in the FLCCC world.

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Does anyone have the original Hill preprint article saved as a PDF they could publish somewhere for the world to be able to see for their own eyes how it was changed?

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