I'm sorry this happened to you and other medical heroes from the pandemic.

The medical cartels like ABIM is why I avoid allopathic medicine. If I have a broken arm or need emergency surgery, thank god for hospitals. But if I want better health, I'll go see Drs who practice holistic medicine. I'm happy to hear that Dr Kory has moved over to that field of medicine.

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CDC and FDA pushed BS information that made its way into the general medical conversation as "established truth", a hammer with which they abused many.

Now that the truth is being revealed that ivermectin was actively propagandized by the "leading medical authorities", sue the board members individually for assuming the mantle of truth when they had nothing but rumormongering to lean on. Sorry, strict liability! Defrocked a doctor based upon hearsay, causing distress, loss of reputation, loss of livelihood, and immense financial and emotional suffering.

You deserve to sup on their collective estates.

P.S. Your and Paul's work and subsequent papers on dexamethasone, methylprednisolone and ascorbic acid IV saved a life against the work of 4 hospital critical care physicians intent upon CDC/hospital protocol. An elderly, crashing, DNR covid patient was advised to be taken out of critical care and consigned to hospice with imminent expected demise, 40L O2, total kidney failure, and an estimated remaining period of consciousness not to exceed the next day. In consult with one physician, a plea for ivermectin was rejected, methylprednisolone rejected. Only ascorbic acid IV was granted, as was a maximization of dexamethasone dose (from 6mg to 10mg), with zinc thrown in gratis. Patient embarked on v-shaped recovery within hours, never looked back, today healthy mid 80's mule. Fastest wean off 40L O2 the hospital staff had ever witnessed. Called him their miracle patient.

Paul Marik and Pierre Kory have made a mark in history as bonafide saints. Lives of untold numbers of people have been saved by their work and their words directly. A physician who saves lives one by one while practicing his profession is highly admirable. A physician who saves a fraction of mankind against and in spite of the destructive headwind of his misguided and corrupted profession and government is God's grace in action. These men have suffered persecution for doing the honestly correct acts needed at the time when others lost their heads. Whatever injury and insult they endure, they alone among mankind may rest their heads at night knowing that they met life's toughest challenge, head on, defeated it, and saved millions of souls. Saints, indeed.

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Do you know if any of the members of this board have relationships with specific pharma companies or the NIH? The motives here appear to be protective of both the pharma companies and government agencies. They purport to be independent, but I seriously think they have financial interests that are not disclosed. Exposing conflicts of interest and increasing the transparency of these boards actions will exert a response from them as they run for a dark corner to hide in. Thus far, they are doing this in the dark. Light needs to be applied to this process and to the members of the board when they attack for “political “ purposes.

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They write the vaccine safety data contradicts your statement, and they quote the CDC and WHO website. That CDC and WHO info is total nonsense. The real vaccine safety data- VAERS,V-Safe, UK yellow card, ect... all show a total lack of safety. Dr. Kory-Keep up the good work putting people's health above pharmaceutical profits

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