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Back when the rollouts began I was a medical student early on in my clinical rotations (currently am a medical resident). I have a history of environmental illness so I already knew of the limitations of the allopathic model and shortcomings of its worldview. Thus I took a wait and see approach when it came to the shots and noticed some interesting things early on.

I remember being at an afternoon conference with the other students on that particular rotation, and suddenly feeling very tired, and on the verge of falling asleep. I never skimped out on sleep as a student and got at least 7 hours each night so found this very odd. I then realized I was sitting next to two classmates who had just received their shots (they showed up slightly late to the conference, out of breath from having rushed over from their injection appointments across the hospital campus). In 2021 I also had a lot of groin pain that one practitioner attributed to shedding (I did not have any other infectious or anatomic causes that could explain this). Fortunately my health has improved since then and I had less acute reactions over subsequent rollouts. Though recently I had a patient encounter where the patient's family member was giving off the shedding smell (see next paragraph) in extremely strong amounts and I began experiencing left chest pain. Fortunately it was reactivation of an old shoulder injury rather than anything cardiac (at least that I could tell).

After the rollouts I also noticed a new distinct smell present in public places (especially the hospitals) after the rollouts began (I used to be chemically sensitive pre-pandemic so remember the common odors). I attribute this to the smell of shedding given that it is strongest at hospitals and gets stronger whenever there is a new rollout (and is minimally present in places like a local business run by a narrative skeptical person with many similarly-minded clientele). I still have to wash my hair whenever I get home from a shift to get rid of this smell, despite otherwise not being chemically sensitive.

Additionally, while traveling in Europe I noticed that in crowded public spaces the shedding smell was a lot less than comparable spaces in America. But those people received the same shots (at least in some cases). So I wonder if baseline health differences in Europeans vs Americans impacted the level of shedding.

Unfortunately from what I have observed, the shedding seems to continue indefinitely, though the level is greatly reduced after the first few weeks. I have also been involved with autonomic response testing regarding this topic. If you are interested I can email you some info

Also worth mentioning - I have heard from a lot of environmentally sensitive people that shedding causes them (sometimes quite severe) generalized symptoms that are similar to reactions caused by other things like mold, EMF in the past. From my own experience I have perceived that shedding seems to induce a dauer state similar to high mycotoxin exposure.

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I’m a practicing physician who refused the injection, but was doing inpatient care. I never had any symptoms of shedding despite multiple coworkers and patients having been vaxxed. I’m not sure, but it may be due to my persistence in Vitamin D, Omega 3’s, Zinc since I had Covid, and over the last year taking NAC regularly after I watched a video by Dr. Seheult. He is a Pulmonologist who was over 2 ICU’s during the pandemic. He took NAC regularly and never got ill despite being around Covid patients on ventilators all day. I recently added Nattokinase and curcumin. For those people who are either in the medical profession or like the scientist in your story who have to be around students who are getting boosted, I’m wondering if Dr. Mcculloughs’s protocol with the Betadine or Xylitol spray would not be a bad idea as a preventive approach.

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I don't know if you want more comments but I'll chime in.

I am unvaxxed. I worked p/t at a local cannery, everyone was getting jabbed in 2021. The space was HUGE and I worked alone bagging biscuit mix listening to podcasts that would've gotten me fired from this woke workplace. I figured the distance was enough, even thought I was apprehensive being around jabbed people.

I came in one day to see my boss with a thermometer under this arm. After his second jab, he got a 104 fever and had to go home. This day, he had come to work straight from getting boosted. He was starting to run a fever. I quickly stepped away and went back to my corner. Within a very short time I felt like I had been hit over the head with an anvil. I was so woozy and dizzy, like I had just come off of a fair ride that spins you ceaselessly. I told my boss I needed to leave. I drove to CVS and got a rapid test. The blue line was solid within seconds. I don't trust the tests or believe in germ theory now, but this is what happened to me. I drove to get my daughter from pre-k and drove home. I felt like I had been drugged. I've taken some recreational drugs over the years, and this felt like I had been given something bad- like a roofie or something. I was so dizzy I couldn't stand up. I got a 103 fever that night. My body was on fire. SO MUCH pain. I've given birth, the pain of this was worse. It was massive inflammation. I had to take ibuprofen 800mg for days bc it was unbearable. I took all the FLCCCC protocols except IVM, I didn't have any yet. It took me 2 weeks to recover. 2 months to feel sort of normal. This was March 2021. My hair has been falling out in massive clumps ever since. I've lost 1/2 the volume of my hair. I've tried many treatments including IVM etc. My periods have become unmanageable- the clots and bleeding are severe. I had a miscarriage 4 months after the exposure (baby was about 8 1/2 weeks) The worst lasting symptom is tinnitus. I got this right after and it's horrible, it won't go away. Def worse in higher EMF zones.

I'm 41 now. Dr. says I need a hysterectomy and that all of this is bc of age. NOPE. This happened when I was around a boosted person showing symptoms. Why? I don't know. I'm scared for my 5 year old who is pure of all this- but what have they done here? What is in this shot? What kind of gene therapy is it? What is it shedding exactly? It's not a "spike protein" but what else could be delivered in those LNP's?? I hate feeling worried around vxxd ppl...I hate the thought of not going to gym but I do always wonder what's in the air when all these jabbed ladies around me sweat. Or what about my child at school, with all the jabbed staff? Lastly and most horrible, I have a friend who had a stillborn at 31 weeks. She is vaxxed. What a horrible tragedy this is...genocide by jab.

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Thank you for writing this series! My wife and I are unvaccinated and we both experienced reactions to being around vaccinated people. We also know of at least six other unvaccinated people who had shedding reactions.

Here are my wife's descriptions of each person's story:

1. I was paying attention to the deluge of women sharing their shedding reactions (many reproductive and menstrual in nature) via Instagram stories and posts throughout early 2021. I already deal with chronic health issues, including menstrual issues, so I resolved to avoid all contact with vaccinated people and the general public for as long as possible. My husband and I were out on a hike in late September 2021, and we happened upon a woman who was hiking alone and had been frightened by a pack of javelinas on the trail. She asked if we would walk with her back to the parking area, which was not too far. We agreed since we didn't know what else to do, although I felt uneasy about it since it went against my policy of avoiding people to protect my health. We ended up talking to her for a while once we got back to the cars, and it turned out that she was a traveling nurse and had reluctantly taken the vaccines for her next assignment. I had already been trying to keep my distance from her, but at this point I excused myself and got in the car, wondering what damage had been done. Within a day or two, strange dark bluish purple marks appeared on my upper arms. I would call them bruises, but they didn't hurt, and I've never had a bruise or any other mark on my body that has ever looked like these marks before this occasion or since. These marks stayed on my arms for months, eventually fading to green then yellow then just a faint hint of gray. It took over a year before they were fully gone. I have photos. I looked up what they could have been, and I believe they were purpura, bleeding under the skin without injury. This reaction occurred after perhaps 20 minutes of outdoor conversation.

2. In August 2021, my husband went to a family funeral and spent a lot of time interacting with many family members. He didn't want to be rude and ask people their vaccination status, but he did hear a cousin mention proudly that he and his kids had been vaccinated. When my husband left a couple days later, he was developing respiratory symptoms. We live an anti-viral lifestyle and know how to get these things under control with zinc shock therapy, vitamin C, thyme tea, raw garlic, raw honey, and other immune boosting tools, so he began implementing these measures and was fine within a day. However, dark bluish purple marks appeared on his arms a day later. Again, they were not bruises, they did not hurt, and we have never seen any mark on his body like that before or since. They looked almost identical to the ones I would experience, although his faded within a couple of months. We have photos.

3. Our friend, Tess, is unvaccinated and has a history of severe chronic illness which she has under control with diet, supplementation, and lifestyle choices. Her cousin came to visit in the spring of 2021. They were sitting in her living room talking for less than an hour when Tess started to feel very ill. She asked her cousin if he had been vaccinated. He said yes, recently. She tried to keep talking with him, but her body started to shut down. All of her old symptoms were returning, extreme pain, vertigo, fatigue, etc. All she could do was lie down. Her cousin left. As soon as he left the house, her symptoms started to subside and she was feeling completely normal again within an hour.

4. Our friend, Kate, is unvaccinated. She loves to dance and goes to public dances multiple times a week. She knew about the shedding, but decided dancing was more important to her than avoiding vaccinated people. Her periods had always been short, light, and regular, with a small amount of bleeding/spotting for only a couple days a month. Starting in the spring of 2021, her periods became extremely heavy with clotting and were lasting 10 days to a couple weeks with only a few days to a week without bleeding in between. She is still dealing with some of these issues 2.5 years later. Late in 2021, Kate had a vaccinated person stay in her house for a few days and Kate caught Covid within a day or two even though her guest showed no symptoms.

5. Our friend, Laura, is unvaccinated and has chronic health issues. In 2021, she also had an asymptomatic vaccinated person stay in her house. Laura developed Covid symptoms (severe respiratory issues, loss of smell, etc.) the next day and was sick for a month.

6. Our friend, Marta, is unvaccinated. In 2021, she had a massage from an asymptomatic vaccinated person and Marta developed respiratory symptoms within a few hours, which took several days to clear. She also developed large dark bluish purple spots all over her thighs, which again looked like bruising but were not painful and not from injury. I believe this is another example of purpura.

7. Marta's daughter, Freya, was 11 in 2021. Freya took a bath with her cousin (also 11) who had recently been vaccinated. Later that day, Freya had her friend, Ashley (also 11) over to play. That night, Freya started her period for the first time. Ashley's mom texted Marta the next day to say that Ashley had started her period for the first time. Ashley's mom thought it was a sweet coincidence that both girls would start their periods on the same night. Marta confided in me that she didn't believe it was a coincidence at all and that Freya's cousin had also just started her period after being vaccinated. Girls don't typically "catch" periods from each other...

8. Our friend, Zara, is unvaccinated and lives with her family. All of the family members went out and got their vaccines together. When they got home, Zara felt respiratory symptoms begin immediately. She was sick for a few weeks and believes it was Covid.

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In November 2021 my then 15 year old unvaccinated grandson participated in a 2 day Club Vollyball tournament with some newly vaccinated teammates. The evening of the last day he started experiencing chest pains which we thought was heartburn. When the pains would not stop we took him to the emergency hospital where he was diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis. He spent 3 days in the children’s ICU. Definitely shedding!

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i had pain and a feeling of intense congestion in my calves for a week after visiting my parents in 2021 when they were about 2 weeks post vax. i had never had that symptom before. got it again but less intense after my partner got a booster the following year. also had intense periods for a couple months after each exposure, with huge clots like i've never experienced otherwise. shedding is definitely real and this is frightening in its implications. i've been trying my best to ignore the substack from Ana Maria Milhacea examining blood clotting and self assembling nanostructures in not only the vaxed but also the unvaxed. it's been easy to ignore this as most of the covid substackers i follow have not acknowledged or chimed in on her work; additionally it's just too frightening to consider, if denial is also an option. if she's not a liar, then we are all at risk for all the same problems as the vaxed are facing. would like you to weigh in on this if you can. thank you immensely for your leadership and bravery.

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Also is there anything in the vax injury protocol that is not advised if you have Factor V Leiden?

Nattokinase: 100-200 mg twice daily

Resveratrol: 500 mg daily

Aspirin (ASA): 81 mg daily (in those with low risk of bleeding)

Magnesium: 100-400 mg daily

Omega-3 fatty acids: 2-4 g daily

Co-enzyme Q (CoQ): 200-400 mg/day

Melatonin: 3-10 mg at night (slow release/extended release)

Bromelain: 500 mg twice daily +/- N-acetyl cysteine (NAC); 600 mg twice daily

Berberine: 500-600 mg twice daily

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Dr. Kory,

At some point, can you please discuss why some people AREN’T harmed by the vax? Is it their genes, immune system, diet, etc. (maybe everyone is harmed to some degree, but in most cases it’s not noticeable)

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I was shed on through inhalation from a newly vaccinated man that exhaled deeply in my face as I was breathing in. I was down in 30 minutes and I couldn't stay awake (nerve damage) I ended up in ER in 5 days July,2021. Put on wrong medication for snake venom (spike protein) steroids, antibiotics, oxygen. Tried to order HQ from the front line doctors but it didn't get to me before the hospital. Blood clots developed throughout my legs and lungs (saddle pulmonary embolism). I coded twice in ICU and woke up on a ventilator for 5 days. They gave me tPA and it worked. 🙏 3 weeks in the hospital. 2 years to recover with nicotine patches, vitamins supplements, alkalizing my system. I had an enlarged heart. Only scar tissue after one year. Limping in pain for another ten months until I found Dr. Ardis and the nicotine patches to open the nicotine receptors.

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Which protocol do we use for shedding? The vax injury one? Or is there one specific for unvaxxed people who are trying to address or prevent issues from shedding?

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My mother is a house cleaner and experiences shedding symptoms pretty frequently. She hardly sees the owners, just touching their home does it for her. Fatigue, headaches, malaise.

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A personal obsevation; while renting a room at a friend's house, for 6 years after my late wife's passing in 2017. I had bouts of tiredness, and the runs, she had been Covid "Vaccinated" and Boosted, giving in to the Pandemic Hysteria. Since moving away, (2 months) my systems returned to normal,it's more than a coincidence.... Never had bruising, other than fatigue.

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I have been researching these 'musings' (which are excellent) and other sources I trust and I cannot find any reference to how long a vaccinated person is shedding spike protein. I am not vaccinated as I was highly skeptical from the beginning of the pandemic when medicine claimed there was no treatment for COVID and people were even being offered treatment for their symptoms! I'm an ER Nurse and in the decades I practiced I have NEVER seen abject denial of care like we saw during COVID! Then when I read up on the science of these new ModifiedRNA drugs and there was no way I would have one. I prefer not to be in close proximity to someone who has been recently vax'd for all the reasons Dr. Kory discusses in this series. But I cannot find even speculation about how long the freshly vaccinated are shedding. Can anyone help me with this question?

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Don't SHED on me... The new Gadsden Flag slogan.

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I knew Covid vaccine shedding was real because it was in the Pfyzer's original report. I am unvaxxed but had Covid in early 2020. I feel immune system is slightly compromised

since the infection.

My first shedding experience was when I had a ride with tow truck driver. We both had masks but I touched his cell phone to make a payment. About half day later I felt a sharp pain in my lower leg and internal bleeding (bruise) was there. I took IVM immediately and pain went away. Since then I felt shedding number of times, such as funeral of my friend who I assume died from turbo cancer, and talking to a vaxxed friend outside. I'm sure I was more exposed but I cannot determine what and who caused it.

Japanese doctor who specializes treating hemorrhoids has a policy that she doesn't see any patients who had vaxxed in the previous 3 months. Her name is Dr. Minori Sasaki. She is one of the founding members of WHC Japan. Even though she and all her staff are un vaxxed they experience heavy hair loss which IVM fixed. Does it mean that vaxxed people are shedding after 3 month?

I recently decided not to go to my relative's Thanksgiving because everybody is fully vaxxed and not doing anything to detox. It's ironical first they avoided me because I was unvaxxed and now I have to avoid them because they are vaxxed.

Now I realize this shot is a bio weapon. The world is getting a crazy place.

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I finally feel vindicated , no one believed me that it was a thing. I'm finally so much better and will still react but I recover so much guicker now then the 3 days it took a few years ago. I follow the medical Medium religiously and take the recommended supplements. Lots and lots of Vitamin C, zinc, B12, NAC...

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