My goodness! I had no idea that any doctor was covering this issue!

In summer of 2021 I was helping a friend clean her air bnb cabins and became deathly ill. At the time I was 41 years old and still menstruating on a regular cycle. There are several health care professionals that frequent these cabins on a regular basis- and the shots were offered heavily at the time.

I changed all the bed clothes and washed towels that week and spiked a sudden and unexplained fever of 103. I recall feeling bedridden, vomiting, diarrhea, losing my hair in clumps... and I’ve not had a cycle since.

Living in a extreme rural area (population 91 “in town”) & maybe 20% Vaxxed... we are mainly exposed by tourists that come to the river or when we travel to the city to shop for necessities. Occasionally I can get terrible cramps when exposed at a Walmart or Costco or a pharmacy. Breast pain like I’m going to have my cycle again, but just vomiting and no cycle. I’ve lost so much weight since then. I was a size 4 but now a zero and wearing XS in women’s (or resorting to the children’s section)

This jab has stolen so much from me - yet I never even partook. Thank you for covering this issue.

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I Didn’t get the jab. Early on, my husband, after his second jab wasn’t feeling well and his left arm hurt. I started getting severe nosebleeds, came down with a red hot rash under my left breast which slinked down to my sacrum and up my spine to scalp. This is all on the left side where he spooned me each night. I was diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome and cutaneous T cell lymphoma. The severe nosebleeds have been off and on ever since. Every day is a blessing to be alive.

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Well, anything goes when you are trying to murder 7 billion humans. We are truly dealing with the most diabolical anti-humans to ever live on earth. These stories are especially bone chilling and mind numbing. Who needs to read or watch horror books and movies.

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I used to get this squeezing pain sensation at the back of my neck and head and then fatigue , everytime I worked at the hospital as an unjabbed laborist . Sometimes I would lay down in our call room when it got overwhelming. I started taking NAC with milk thistle ect … , all the things recommended by Zelenko and FLCCC and improved 100%.

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I am a non vaccinated french man... I saw a vaxxed masseur. A month later, sudden high blood pressure, fatigue, and chest tightness... I made no link with the masseur as I thought being protected with vitamin C and glutathion (but the doses were too weak). Second vaxxed masseur 6 months afterwards : huge fatigue, shortness of breath,swollen feet, titinus... and Rouleaux in the blood... Now, I try to fight with NAC high dose vit C, Zinc, Vit D... ans EDTA (suppos) chelation. It helps but nothing more. I am no more the same...

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I cannot thank you enough for publishing this research on shedding. I am in my 70s and was in menopause for decades till we got hit with CVD.

Early on when the shots first came out, my husband was "vaccinated" against my wishes.

I knew enough back then, thanks to people like Dr. Kory, McCullough, et al. that there was a possibility I could be affected due to shedding.

It didn't happen right away, but months later I developed tinnitus but even more disturbing, I started to have staining and bleeding (menstruation) like I haven't had for many, many years. Last year, despite the "vax" my husband got the worst case of CVD I've seen. I thought he was going to die.

Although I did not get CVD, all my problems mentioned above got worse. By the way, I am a Pureblood.

No gynecologist will even think for one second that the bleeding and staining could be indirectly from my husband's shot. Instead they have all kinds of other excuses that I know are not the reason.

I am taking your protocol of supplements, especially Quercitin, Vitamin D3, and others and they are the only things that help.

God bless you Dr.. Kory.

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Dr. Kory, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU for your work on the side effects of the covid vaccine. In the fall of 2021, my unvaccinated 18 year old son was in close contact with my in-laws who were both very recently vaccinated. Six days after hugs and kisses, he woke up with chest pain and was taken to the ER only to be diagnosed with Myocarditis. Thank goodness his troponin levels were on the low side, and doctors were confident that he'd fully recover, but it was a cardiac event that knocked him out of sports for six months. (If that was the worst of his recovery, I'm ok with that). While at the hospital, the nurses were happy to share that they were treating many young males who were being admitted with Myocarditis. I was dumbfound and never thought that the vaccine could have been the culprit.

Fast forward to January of 2023. This is about me. After being in menopause for some time, I too experienced heavy bleeding. Then again in July of 2023. And when I say heavy, I mean HEAVY that lasted for almost two weeks. My ObGyn said "I guess you weren't out of menopause?" Needless to say, I am taking a spike detox protocol by TWC.

Oh, one more thing that I forgot to mention. I suffered badly with Tinnitus for most of this year. After tests and more tests, the docs came up with zippo...nothing. I'll take the clean images and tests, but again, wth caused this?! Strange days indeed. I'm closing this post with a GIANT blessing for you, your team, the people reading this and anyone who has suffered because of the vax.

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I also believe I was a victim of shedding after my husbands vaccine. I had not had a period for 18 months. Then suddenly pain in both breasts (which I never ever had in my usually fairly unremarkable periods most of my child bearing years) followed days later by an extremely heavy period for 5 days and then another 28 days later then gone again.

My husband is recovering from HPV+ head and neck cancer which was discovered after his booster.

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On the table for 40 mostly naked, the masseuse assured me she was safe from infecting me with covid because she had just had her booster. I wanted to leap off the table. I was sick on the drive home, & the following morning was running a 104 temp, couldn’t talk, every joint hurt, cramps--called my doc & she prescribed Augmentin, Prednisone, a numbing agent for my throat. Took about ten days to feel better. Was exposed to toxic mold, took 7 months to detox. Went to a large event a few nights ago, i took IVM prior, did nasal rinse, while at the event tinnitus errupted, joint pain, headache. Have been in bed for two days, used a sauna blanket. It helps. I don’t want to live in isolation. What’s been done to people is pure evil.

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My 17 year old step-daughter (now 18), insisted on getting the shot so she could travel with her boyfriend. Her father relented (which nearly ended our relationship), and after her second shot, this then 55 year old post-menopausal woman started bleeding. Heavily. For over two weeks. And I got Covid (mild case). Shedding is real. I was recently in close proximity to two coworkers for about two hours who announced that they had just gotten their boosters. I immediately ordered a spike detox. So far so good🙏. I just wish everyone would keep their Covid Cooties away from me.

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At the end of 2020 rolling into early 2021, only two of my colleagues had presented and tested positive for the first time.

The rollout commenced 29th December 2020 here in Ireland.

It was only following the rollout that I witnessed a a surge in cases.

I wondered if this was my imagination…

I remember thinking at this point in time, why are cases suddenly exploding now?

I recall asking myself this same question over and over again.

I considered the possibility on more than one occasion, could the rollout be fuelling the rise in cases ?

Could shedding from the vaccine be the cause for increased symptoms in all cohorts ?

As the boosters rolled, so did the incident rate of sickness levels amongst staff and patients alike.

With each and every subsequent rollout the cases increased.

Another question that I am considering is the so called vaccine the very cause of this so called pandemic continuing.

This season, the uptake is low as are the cases.

These are just my simple observations.

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We are all not vaccinated and earl on we did not expose ourselves at all. We eventually did start being around other people as it actually hurt a few relationships and thought we can't hide forever. Last year, I was sick all year. My sinuses never unplugged and it would go from my sinus to my lungs. I also experience vertigo. My oldest who attended a homeschool coop with mostly unvaccinated people (although we found out some were sadly) was also very sick all year. Always having a cough that never went away. This started after we went to a large water park and I got a tons of water up my nose from a slide that was faster than I expected (August 2022). In fact, all this only stopped after I was prayed for (in January 2023) by a visiting pastor. I felt something physically leave me and we were healed. We have been good health wise until we took a flight (we allot sick) and now he is back the school, and he has been sick with that cough that does not go away, but not as bad this year. At this point, I keep praying to God for protection. Almost all our immediate family on both side are not vaccinated, praise God. Only aunts and uncles and cousin which we rarely see. No daycare. We are in Canada, so IVM is not easy to find. We are doing some supplement, but with kids I do not know what is safe for them to take regularly. I also do Elderberry syrup I grew/made and added a little NAC and Quercetin to it. We all take it daily. I appreciate you writing about this and look forward to more studies on what it is doing to us. My husband and parents barely have any effects although they are around people often who are vaccinated. The kids and me have far less exposure. We were so blessed that many did not take it (I am avery vocal anti vaxxer).

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I'm so grateful that Dr. Kory dove into the shedding w/ over eight posts now. I suspected shedding because I had way too many severe symptoms of Long-Haul, that appeared to ebb flow and never received any jabs, and I WAS very healthy and using ivermectin. Before information came out and the shedding I had been seriously exposed to all three vaccines during critical times since 2020 threw 2022.

prevent protocols, and later eyecare protocols that worked better than anything else.

2020-21 Moderna(was living w my now ex husband) profound auto immune responses with whole body edema.

Feb 4 2021 Pfizer

(I flew down to Florida when my father got his second jab, and had a major reaction the next day while I was there for three days giving him ivermectin and setting him up with protocol)

Dec 2021 JNJ

I spent a full day Dec 10 in close proximity of 2 friends that got the J&J vac approx in Nov and Dec 2021? On December 11 they called to say they weren't feeling well and probably and had Covid, I came down with symptoms on December 13 and ramped up my protocol and resolved respiratory temperature and body ache by the 18th, however my right lower leg was continuing to swell, was painful and hot to touch so I had no option but to check into an ER my only regret is I should've taken my ivermectin with me, and refused to let them give me a Remdesavere and caught them in so many lies and deplorable treatment that many of your patients have talked about and you have written about. So I will gather data and dates, and see if I can get additional information from my friends that had the J&J shots. Because of my last episode they found ground glass granules in my lungs and did nothing about it, and I'm still struggling doing the best I can with your protocols and one of the last chest scans showed atrophy of my upper lungs? Never had respiratory problems, vascular problems, nor auto immune responses prior to Covid. I will admit 30 years prior I had fibromyalgia, lactose intolerance, and IBS for approximately five years and I had resolved it all issues 18 to 20 years ago.

Sherri Koning OTR

debilitated and forced to retire in 2020 due to decline cognition and now experiencing all of the longhaul VAX problems except tinnitus that fluctuate and usually get profoundly better with THE FLCCC protocols.❤️

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I had it too. I reported it at the time...my husband got v and then every two weeka or 3 for 3 months i got a period. Full on cramps clots bleeding. I WAS 10 YEARS POST MENOPAUSAL. He never got another boost and it eventually went away. I will say my cat fell ill a couple of month later and no one could figure it out...i would swear thw v killed him

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But HOW to get you stragglers who refused the “safe and effective” VAIDs shot?

They’ve always had a plan for you.



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I would like to relate a personal experience that may be vaccine shedding.

In the first week of January 2022, I noticed that I had a muffled ringing noise in both ears, which I still have (it’s not debilitating but it is annoying).

Then, on January 10, I got sick with flu like symptoms (I didn’t get a PCR test) and followed FLCCC protocols with HCQ, which I already had for just in case. That lasted through that week, then followed up with gastro issues (again FLCCC protocol) and fatigue the next week.

My sister and some of my clients (I have a house cleaning business) all have been vaccinated; I don’t know when or how many times, but since I was around these people at that time, it’s now got me wondering.

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