Thank you for all this. I know it is an issue. It is hard because we also don't want to live in fear and isolate ourselves. So we try to live as normally as possible. Most of the people who are close to us did NOT take the vaccine, praise God. I am definitely sensitive to shedding and struggled a lot last year. My big concern is my child. We already homeschool with a group who we thought was mostly unvaccinated. Turns out many are including some kids (one boy collapsed last month and lost consciousness). Many times I thought of pulling my child out but then what, just isolate him? He is sick all year when he goes to school with a cough that never goes away.... For us,I know we can fast and take supplements, but for young children, we don't know what is safe. This information is so important and needed, but very concerning. I don't even know what to do.

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I am a retired clergyman/chaplain. I quit my last job early in 2020, when I feared I could bring home Covid to my 43 y/o disabled and terminal son. I've been at home largely 24/7 except short drive trips to a P.O.Box. I have spent 8 hrs daily reading everything that cites references and source addresses on Covid-Wuhan, Jabs and now shedding (the subject I wanted to best understand already in 2020).

I would also go to Church on Wednesday nights (least attended); and at the end of the service I would walk out a side-door because I was aware some members were vaccinated. Earlier this Spring 2023 I decided to shake the clergyman's hand walking out of the service (not using the side door). That night I had chills in bed followed by three days total of day and night chills and feeling very cold. I just shook his hand and walked on by myself! I thought it was just a fluke thing, and went back two weeks later; and after that service I shook the clergyman's hand and bantered with him for about thirty seconds. Less than one minute afterward, as I was getting my keys to get into my car, my nose started running profusely (and I had learned from Dr. Thomas E Levy, MD/JD also with the FLCCCA that this is the first sign of a viral or bacterial exposure. I never have pollen problems. There was no dust or odor in the outside air. I decided then and there that the clergyman, who had told me two years earlier that he had had the full double-shot course and intended to get the first booster in order to get into hospitals to visit his sick members (a requirement back then) was still shedding; and he had had three variant Covids since his first shots in 2021. I knew immediately to get home and start nebulizing 0.015% hydrogen peroxide (H202) diluted with Normal Saline (9.5% rock salt only in distilled water). I had done this alot when I had most of my teeth removed to get rid of mercury amalgam and heal lymph infections just under my ears from rotten root-canals that I could not feel. That second time I still had 3 days of chills night and day. So I am toying around in my mind starting a Church service for the non-jabbed and with a non-jabbed minister. There are too many jabbed folk around (God bless their souls--they were lied to, pressured, etc). But very few of us can afford to get minimally sick like me (for just 3 days, and then only chills). There are plenty of aged folk who already have one and more health problems.. My Church does have the whole service filmed and a service bulletin comes out weekly by email. But it is not the same thing--no social contact, no Lord's Supper (or Mass, such as for Catholics). I will try one more thing: boost myself with several liposomal Vitamin C's and Quercetin before Church, and Nebulize H202 as soon as I get home, and maybe add a second Quercetin. If that doesn't work, I had better quickly start that "unjabbed worship service".

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The experts say nattokinase is a great help against the spike. I can't help but thinking this whole murderous charade was deliberate. People can't be this stupid to make such a stupid vaccine to help humankind. Eh, eh.... we are suppose to get negatively affected by this poison..

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Thank you for taking the time to gather the Info regarding shedding. I do know for a fact that it’s been an ongoing exposure related problem since the very first brief exposure to my elderly neighbor after her first injection of the blasted gene therapy. It was brutal. I suspected my severe reaction was caused by her exposure. Deductive reasoning and breaking it all down, I knew it but how?? But no one wanted to admit or believe that reality at that time. My brief exposure was outside. Maybe 5 min. No direct contact but I did hand her an item. So outside, less than 5 min and I got vertigo. It lasted for 3 solid months.

I did whatever I could to improve my health. I was already taking vitamins, eating healthy, following the flccc, as well as my own knowledge of natural supplements and nutrition.

After 3 months - it happened again! And again from outside exposure to the sane neighbor, increased distance and I was hit again with another bout of months of vertigo. I never had Covid. I’m careful and stick to my own regimen and a kit I carry with me wherever I go. Which is limited due to the vertigo.

I have noticed in certain surroundings I can feel a heavy pressure in the air that feels like a spatial fog weighing on my brain... perhaps an early warning of my limit. If I push it any longer , exposure will turn into vertigo. This is my own paying attention to how I feel. And it was a transitional experience.

If I’m driving through a heavy traffic area, stopped at a light , 3-4 rows of cars, trucks parked all open windows or many open windows I can feel that pressure. It doesn’t quite turn into Vertigo. And as I’m able to wait out the minute or two at the lights it seems to be just enough time to drive away and in 15 - 20 min that pressure is gone.

Each time I’ve been around people who are injected with these blasted gene therapy injections my time frame is limited and it varies.

It is not about how recent their injection or the 2 week time frame to avoid them ( that 2 week time frame is an old flu vaccine method- it is not at all the same connection to the MRNA time frame. That’s comparing apples and oranges) with all

due respect please reevaluate that recommended 2 week avoidance. It’s so much longer with so many factors. The studies have already confirmed that the spike protein alone is found at a minimum of two months out. As well as up to 18 months. The dose of spike might vary but the time frame seems to be ongoing. Persistent and no indication of stopping individuals from producing their own.

If the gene therapy injected are in a group environment- be it an office for 8 hours , an airplane, a grocery store, in a car, a bus, a public bathroom, a doctors office, sweating in a sauna, a gym, that is the exposure that needs to be addressed. Not out of fear. Out of reality. Awareness helps us all.

If anyone is in any of those environments they are at risk. Period.

Not everyone is impacted the same way. Each individual has a separate immune threshold. But prolonged repeated exposure to these gene therapy injected individuals can cause a shedding reaction at any time.

Those more susceptible will react sooner, or more frequently. Others will also react at their own exposure limits. It can kick in any time. It depends on the exposure - and if you’re in any of the previously mentioned environments listed above the amount of spike protein, lipid Nanoparticles,dna plasmids, sv40 - and any toxin that can be carried and distributed by the LNP it all intensifies astronomically when it’s simultaneously being released by any number of gene therapy injected individuals into that one environment.

Walk into a grocery store and you’re shed on whether you feel it or not. I think, I’ll pass out if I stay in that environment for any length of time. Minutes can be serious and debilitating. It lingers for several days after exposure.

Others may feel nausea, fatigue , headaches and it goes away within 15 min after they remove themselves from the exposure but does the impact of exposure remain within our bodies even after the symptoms subside?

What about the length of time shedding can survive without a host? Is it possible if you have skin to skin contact it does linger on some surfaces? That could be true. It does happen with certain virus particles and contaminants. The ok’d grocery cart flu virus germs exposure happens. And our immune systems can build up a protection but when it comes to the synthetic spike, and the gene therapy it’s a completely different scenario. We are dealing with more toxicity within the spike protein and exposure than anything else prior in this mechanism.

All bets are off when addressing this issue.

Another factor is people who have prior allergic reactions to the ingredients in these gene therapies or other prior vaccines are at an increased risk of serious health issues

And if those individuals also have prior history of cancer, in remission- it is not far fetched for them to be exposed to others, shedding, repeated exposure can trigger their cancers to return and also be part of the turbo cancers that are occurring with such aggression that they are not able to be treated successfully. Add in the fact that they can’t receive safe blood in those emergencies because the very transfusions they need to survive and the number of them - they would end up with injected donated contaminated blood making it worse.

It’s one life threatening exposure on top of another.

This is why some people who are able to work remotely continue to work remotely.

Unless every single person grasps this reality and stops using these altered, mutated adulterated gene therapy shots and also takes the necessary detox supplements and protocol for at least a year or more - it’s going to keep causing all of these health issues to occur.

They knew! They knew about all of the adverse events , the heart issues, anaphylactic shock, kidney issues, adrenal, menstrual, pregnancies, hair loss, rashes, headaches, vertigo, arthritic pain and the various auto immune illness as well

As death BEFORE any of these shots were administered. We were all lied to, every step of the way.

Thank God for you, for the thousands like you who fight for the truth and open the eyes of the others who continue to sleepwalk.

This shedding info with all of its components needs to be known. The truth is the very people who believed in the shots from day one are the individuals who have a progressive degrading damage of their own internal immune system and they are damaging the rest of us.

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Some additional info... when we drink alcohol or consume sweets, sugary foods they immediately wipe out all of our vitamin d levels and magnesium. And when we are sick those levels are depleted even more during illness as well.

Vit d 3 supplements takes aprox. 1 week for our immune system to process and build back up protective levels.

In addition to the healthy preventive protocols I also meant to mention that near infrared light therapy helps detox spike protein from the body also. It’s very good option.

If you decide to pursue infrared lights therapy, invest in a quality device. They do not all perform the same. And for some people you can get an rx to purchase them as therapy device depending on your individual needs. It helps with other health issues in addition to detox spike protein.

They are expensive. And there are a handful of quality options out there.

Start using very low, 2 min at a time per session about 3 times a week and gradually increase as you adapt snd per dr or health recommendations.

Going too much, too quickly can cause negative reactions and nausea so stick to gradual low use as long as you need to. Many people find it helpful

Others have used ozone therapy - I haven’t used that therapy myself so I cannot speak on it. But many people swear by it’s detoxing benefits.

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My friend's sister is non-vaxxed, but works in long term care and all of her patients and co-workers are vaxxed ... my friend's sister developed large, life-threatening blood clots in her legs. If that's not evidence of shedding, I don't know what is.

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I’m so sorry. It’s definitely shedding exposure and also what happens after repeated prolonged exposure over time. This is why it’s so scary. It doesn’t always show up immediately it’s accumulating exposure.

It’s necessary for all of us to remain on a preventative protocol to protect ourselves from the daily exposure around us even if we don’t realize it’s happening. The protocols are healthy, immune support and needed.

Every work day, every seminar, church, Bible studies, weddings, dinner parties, restaurant, funerals, shopping, grocery stores, public bathroom, car rides and if you invite people to stay overnight in your home, or go to any events ... think about who you’re exposed to during any of those times or events mentioned indoor or outdoor. How long this has been going on and the fact that not only is it real , the cause is still being put into people who are now on their 7th round of these injections. It’s fueling perpetual shedding.

Knowing this disturbing reality - Take the knowledge to use the healthy preventive protocols as a part of our daily regimen. It’s not really an option anymore, it’s a need .

It’s been going on for close to 3 yrs since the first mr na and look what’s happening.

Please don’t think any of this is behind us.

God gave us all the knowledge we need to utilize the healthy preventive protocols. We need to use them and not go about our lives as if it doesn’t matter. It’s not about fear, it’s about reality.


Keep the faith, use the preventive options He has helped provide and do what you can to help others find a way to protect their immune systems too. It’s ongoing.

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Isn't that the truth??? I say that all.the.time ... that God gave us everything we need. Just trust the truth.

And, I've been on preventive protocol for awhile, ("Before it became popular"), and I'm parasite cleansing right now, (THAT'S really fun).

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A very regular occurrence with me now is that after going on a crowded bus or train among the vaxxed, where there are always without fail at least one or more people who seem to be programmed to cough horribly on other passengers, very often indeed I get massive eye bleeds in one eye or the other, sometimes in both eyes shortly after coming home, and the whites of my eyes are now permanently red with conjunctivitis-like small red veins giving the whites of my eyes a constant general pinkish appearance anyway, but the bleeds are like the colour of fresh blood over large parts of the whites of my eyes.

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Long COVID is simply code for "poisoned".

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I agree..

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Quote Broun: "All these studies show that EVs carrying mRNA and spike could therefore be excreted by different body fluids and could enter by transcutaneous or inhalation route in unvaccinated individuals (as well as by breast milk in infants and by transplacental passage in fetuses and why not by semen). Naked mRNA could also be excreted and entered. "

Oh HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! I've been still following the FLCCC prophylaxis protocol, albeit in a desultory fashion. I work from home, I see few people for any length of time, I've had "something I called mild covid" (Dec2022). I've paid little attention to "shedding" cause I'm rarely around humans!

This 'stack -- this whole SERIES! -- is horrifying! I've been 'focusing my attention on how I might reach my sisters, the one surviving husband, and the two sons -- ALL shotshotboosted! The 'missing' (shotshotboosted) husband died some months ago (just six months shy of being declared in remission from some rare/weird blood cancer), after a month of torture in hospital. "His doctors were baffled!" ARGH!!

(Back in 2020) both sisters had put anything-covid on their lists of "things we (meaning me) DO NOT discuss"! But I have had a ... lack of concern for myself ... (esp. 'cause, apparently, fenbendazole may be "curative" for the next likely bioweapons: Marburg AND ebola). My lack of self-concern MAY be a less than optimal choice. {sigh} Thanks for the heads-up?

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is shedding is definitely occurring. i experience a very specific set of symptoms when in close proximity to the vaxxed in groups or for longer than an hour or so.

I know it's not coincidence bc it ONLY happens in these instances, which are infrequent, and once happened severely when a houseful stayed for 3 days and i thought they were all unvaccinated but once my symptoms started i actually asked and discovered the whole group was injected.

Ivermectin pre and post exposure helps noticeably.

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Dr. Kory: you are in the The Hall of Fame of our unsung heroes: who’s who in the global #FreedomMovement


Shedding proves that all COVID vaccines were in fact haccines to hack your cells'DNA to turn you into a walking self-spreading vaccine factory:

WARNING! Weaponization of vaccines:




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Why AM Sun exposure and building our anti-inflammatory powerhouse of melanin is so important, as melanin can help chelate many of the toxins floating around:


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Thank you for posting this info. I use near infrared light therapy. I forgot to mention it in my info regarding detox. I believe there is a significant difference between infrared and Near infrared therapy. It’s the near Infared that is beneficial and provides detox from the spike protein. Not everyone can get sun exposure. Finding a good quality Infared device is important as they are not all good investments. And some will be sn option to pursue and get an rx referral to help the cost.

Never use it too long, too frequent - always start slow and protect your eyes during use. 2 min to start and gradually increase time as you adapt.

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My personal anecdote concerning heavy menstrual bleeding from shed vax.

Iafter the FDA approved covid vax for 5-11 year olds schools made it mandatory and that time period was when this happened to me. my menstrual bleeding got super heavy like going through a super overnight pad in an hour during the day. It has large clots like many mentioned in vaers. Not like a dime size like a quarter or silver dollar. Never took the jab nor did my husband nor did our three close friends. So public exposure is the only way the vaccine side effects could have reached me.

Period lasted 9 days. And came back two weeks later. After two months of this it went back to normal timing a bit heavier most months but every few months it will bump back up to super heavy and big clotted. maybe in relation to public getting boosted. I notice that kotex u overnight pads are now twice as big as the heavy overnight ones they are huge like diapers. Like this is a common thing having heavy heavy periods.

My questions are:

1. To get the yucky transmitted stuff out of me do I just follow your same cleanup your system regime for vaxxed people? Ivermectin?

2. If it is transmitted why do those unvaccinated impacted with shedding caused effects not test positive for covid?

3. How far away must it be you can catch it from if I caught it in public where I come no closer than cashier-customer or holding dogs leash while people pet her? Could I catch it at CVS waiting to get my prescriptions where they give the vaccines 8 feet from the pick up line?

And most interestingly:

4. If vaccinated pet your dog if it licks them can the dog then breath it onto you?

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Great questions, thanks for asking.


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I don't doubt any of the testimony / evidence about shedding.

The main point of the following comment is that the patients or some of the patients may additionally be developing chemical sensitivity especially to personal products and may be unaware of this (especially if they have lost their sense of smell). Hair salons and church being mentioned several times in this post is consistent with that.

Some of the difficulties with hair salons sounds like chemical sensitivity (which I have). There is heavy exposure to chemicals, including strong fragrance, perm solutions, hair dyes, etc. that are in the air in hair salons. Also mentioned was actually getting the treatments on hair/scalp which is direct contact. It is also possible to be chemically sensitive although not able to smell the offending chemical(s). Headache (including severe headaches) is a typical reaction for chemical sensitive people.

Patient 1 (while I don't disbelieve the shedding issues) reported some things consistent with chemical sensitivity: severe issues from a hair salon and headache from daughter's boyfriend (what cologne, body wash, hair products might he use - many young men use very strong products).

The patient with brain fog from church (while I don't disbelieve the shedding issues) is also consistent with chemical sensitivity to other people's personal products. I have had severe neurological problems (notably inability to speak, think, or slurred speech) from other people's personal products. It being easier for him if he sits on the periphery than in the middle is consistent with chemical sensitivity. It seems to me that help from the glutamate antagonist is also consistent with chemical sensitivity.

Anyone with severe issues with fragrance will recognize the pattern of having to stay distant from people because getting too close to them or in a confined space with them is enough contact with the fragrances involved in their personal products, their clothes, and places that they have been that it will make the chemically sensitive person sick. Having lived with that sort of thing I am horrified to learn that vaccine shedding could act that same way.

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I agree, Holly. Those chemical sensitivities could be happening.

However if it is only in those areas and is suddenly happening when exposed to others who are shedding the spike protein after these shots were administered.

If it’s something that was already happening prior to the injections, that sensitivity was already there.

It’s also a very good way to keep track of those areas. If it is shedding and in those specific locations is it because of the number of individuals shedding simultaneously into that sane area which significantly increases the toxic dose of spike released from multiple individuals all in the same room or building area.

Or are the chemicals adding to it and triggering it more.

The number of chemicals in the injections are more toxic than any other. And the lipid Nano particles can carry them anywhere, as well as shed. So it’s possible it is increasing chemicals released. It’s all toxic.

Keeping our own individual exposure data would be a great way to help each other and compare what others are experiencing over time.

But no matter what... try to use healthy preventive protocols that work fir you.

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But the person said she has been visiting the same hairdresser for a long time and it seems if she is experiencing these problems only since the vaccine roll outs?

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Shedding is definitely occurring in salons quite a bit. It’s usually because in a salon there are simultaneous things occurring - close contact proximity., skin to skin contact, exosomes released, the possibility of hair dryers blowing it around. It’s all close proximity to nasal and open airway passages. In addition to others who could be there also shedding. There are many factors. If I overlooked or misunderstood i ask for details of the situation to have clarity.

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Chemical sensitivities are like a bowl. It may not be this or that specifically, but after you've "eaten" enough toxins, the bowl fills up and spills over into symptoms - at which point, ***anything*** can set you off.

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The pattern of chemical sensitivity seems to be something she’s familiar with and noticed a similar association.

The timing matters, the exposure being triggered by shedding matters and recognizing both.

So if it is shedding, it can occur outside the salon, with direct contact or not.

If there are individuals who have taken the injection and they are not in a salon but still - for example in contact with the same chemical sensitive individual - is there still a reaction outside of that environment?

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I didn’t know if she was talking about chemical sensitivities separately comparing it to the way the shedding is impacting people she knows. Or if she was specifically talking about the shedding only occurring after others were given the injection and then the shedding reactions occurred in those places.

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I was avoiding hair salons before all this business. Found an organic salon which used only plant matter for dyes. But - post covid - I'm worried that she's been jabbed like all the other lefties. I do know other clients of hers who are jabbed to the max.

Guess I need to learn to colour my own hair.

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If someone gets the shot, how long do they emit their spike poison? Has anyone done any research on this? So for instance, is Covid Karen gets her shot on a Monday, does the transmission of her poison continue for a week? two weeks?

Here is something that recently happened to a friends family.

I happen to teach riding lessons and 2 weeks ago, the mom walks into my barn and tells me she is sick because she just got the flu shot earlier that day. She said she was feeling not well so instead of watching her daughter ride, she went and rested in her car. Mom was so sick, I was afraid I would come back to her car at the end of our ride and see her slumped over and possibly dead.

The student who is 11, told me that her mom also got the clot shot and that she (the student) couldn't have her boosters this time because she is only 11 and that she was sad that she would have to wait until she was 12 in February.

Fast forward to the next week, mom texts and tells me the student is sick.

This week mom texts me and tells me she is ill and her husband will be bringing out the student for her lesson.

Dad is a professor at a local college. Mom was a nurse with a BSN but chose to stay home with kids. These are two highly educated people with beautiful children. Why do they want to stand in front of a loaded gun like this and play Russian roulette with themselves and their children? BTW, their oldest daughter is 14. She is on her 3rd shot.

I am sure there are millions of kids and families out there. How do you wake them up or is it too late?

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After reading the latest from Dr. Thomas Levy I'm wondering if the variation in reactions to vaccine shedding is related to the toxic metal load of the individual patient? http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v19n41.shtml

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Great article, with so much helpful info on what to test for, and how to treat heart problems from covid/the jab/shedding. And it also addresses mitochondrial dysfunction. Thank you for sharing this!

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This is a great (and horrifying) series to read: Thank you for compiling it.

Is there a protocol specifically for prophylaxis from shedding? I am familiar with the various FLCCC (life savers!!) protocols, but am interested in recommendations for protection from spikeopathy for healthy, unshot individuals who are just trying to live a somewhat normal life amidst all the craziness.

Thank you!!!

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Yes, the protocols for preventive also help with shedding.

The specific combo of Natto turmeric and bromelain help as a bare minimum detox for shedding.

Bromelain is a natural well known digestive enzyme, turmeric is cucurmin- a powerful anti inflammatory, anti cancer supplement which is also good for the liver. Natto - is short for

Nattokinase and it has many health benefits, it is a natural powerful blood thinner and breaks down the fibrin in the clots that form from the mr. na injections. It can also act as a digestive enzyme if taken with food. Taken in between meals it is more of the detox breaking down clots and eliminating spike from the body.

The spike support from the wellness company is also an excellent combo. One of the best blends I’ve seen.

I do have it. But I haven’t used it yet, only because I already have been using other products before I purchased the spike support

Natto isn’t for everyone- if you’re taking rx blood thinners be sure to cross reference interactions and ask your TRUSTED health care provider or natural health practitioner/ nutritionist - most will know about Natto and additional questions or I go you may have.

Of coarse the vitamins and ivermectin is still part of that protocol for shedding. And an added benefit with all of its health benefits and targeted detox.

I hope this info is helpful.

Stay well.

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Thank you, Faith!!

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Yes, prior vaccines do shed. But they are not made with the synthetic spike protein and modified rna. They said it was messenger rna and even that was a lie. They did not administer the same injection we were told it was.

Prior vaccines shed and have always but for a limited time. About 2 weeks and again not the same type of injection

The synthetic spike protein within the injection is more toxic than any other and once injected it teaches our cells to produce and manufacture the spike protein. Individuals become self producing spike protein factories - each individual producing and shedding indefinitely at different levels.

There is quite of bit of detailed information about this available to look at which breaks it all down.

And there is a difference between shunning others with intent and being impacted by health issues from being around them. If you yourself feel sick when you’re around certain individuals or in certain groups, you’re going to try and do what you can to improve your health.

If it means you have to separate yourself until you figure it out. People who care, will understand and support you.

If they shun you, it’s because they don’t understand. It’s not an easy situation to understand until you get hit with it yourself and know others who are also going through it too.

But if the healthy preventive protocols do help, and you can slowly introduce yourself to those individuals and situations again - it’s worth it.

There is a reason to be aware, to be careful and Pat attention to how you feel. It matters.

I know I individuals who passed away as a direct result of taking the injections , I also know people who developed an aggressive form of cancer after the Injections, it’s real and it’s happening frequently. I know a child who was overloaded with toxicity from shedding and could not survive.I also know of surgeons who became ill after performing surgery on individuals who are injected ( that’s within a sterile environment) yet repeated exposure from shedding caused a reaction several times.

Doctor’s are also being shed on and experiencing symptoms too.

I know several others who are also trying to heal themselves from shedding exposure. Some of that exposure is daily from their own family living in the same environment and it’s not an option to completely separate while trying to recover.

Everyone has to figure it out.

There is no one size fits all.

The healthy preventive protocols do help. And it is important to be able to help each other as much as possible.

I sincerely wish you well and that you never are impacted by any of the shedding or injuries caused by these specific injections.

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Please forgive me for saying this, but it seems many are suffering from these debilitating symptoms. Could it be that they are experiencing "microwave syndrome" due to EMF exposure? We have all had some kind of exposure to LNP'S whether it was from the vaxxed or Arial sprays LNP'S combined with heavy metal exposure, graphene, and whatever else is out there are all contributing. But why aren't we all getting sick then? I believe taking positive steps in one's health is crucial. There are many holistic remedies as well as spiritual. Here are a few of my favorite Bible verses: Isaiah 54:17

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper."

1 John 4:4

"You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world."

So stand strong in your faith. Please do not isolate and live in fear. Put on the whole armor of God Ephesians 6.

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