I have a vivid recollection of a vaccine advocate stating, “The ideal vaccine would be formulated so that only five per cent of the population would need to take the shot and the remaining ninety-five percent would be vaccinated through shedding.” I cannot recall who stated this, but it was prior to Covid. I wish someone could find the source. Shedding is a feature, not a bug.

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It was Gates. He’s the one releasing the GMO mosquitoes in CA and FL. He’s a very sick man and needs to be stopped!

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Yes, he said it. However, he did not originate the concept.

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Well, if it's done via exosomes the mechanism is nature and they just made use of it, but the thing with these shots is the virulence of the mRNA LNP action in making the spike protein - and not stopping , maybe EVER. So the bodies of the vaxxed are shedding on steroids , especially immediately after the shot. How do we know when it is safe to be around vaxxed people again? I have avoided all mRNA- shot people (that I know of!) like the plague , ever since I heard of shedding ( I work from home ) . But eventually I want to hug my sisters again - I have not seen them in the flesh since 2020, they got the shots in early 2021, and I know one had a booster - 2022 I think.

Faith (below ) thinks that the 2 week avoidance should be reevaluated. Since I have no idea if I am a shedding "canary", I have to go by her recommendation and those of other canaries - for whom , I am extremely grateful!

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Gates parroted something similar in mid to late 2020, likely from an early comment of whoever your thinking.🤔😉

Gates hasn't had an original thought in his life, partly what makes him so dangerous-nothing like a well monied hack, desperate for approval, legacy and to be remembered😉🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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IMO the guy should be tied down and given 20 (minimum) mRNA C19 shots - all using the vials with the 3-digit code ! I'd like to see him giggle and smirk after THAT!

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Pozabljate Marekove kure, ki so nevarne za ves zarod naprej in morajo vse požgati . To so v bistvu prioni, ki so smrtno nevarni in kar nekaj smrti je bilo pred plandemijo in v času plandemije, ko so obolevali za bolezen norih krav

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Inventing a tool to measure spike protein in any environment would be phenomenal! Sometimes I think I’m developing that ability but it’s not perfected.

If anyone can create that device, and it can be a mobile option to carry. It would help us all.

Like an EMF detector but for spike.

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A badge that you wear on your shirt that changes color or produces an alert that you have been exposed to high amounts of Spike shedding.

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Sofia 2 SARS Antigen FIA rapid test? While much more specific, size exclusion HPLC isn't very portable.

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Thank you for taking the time to gather the Info regarding shedding. I do know for a fact that it’s been an ongoing exposure related problem since the very first brief exposure to my elderly neighbor after her first injection of the blasted gene therapy. It was brutal. I suspected my severe reaction was caused by her exposure. Deductive reasoning and breaking it all down, I knew it but how?? But no one wanted to admit or believe that reality at that time. My brief exposure was outside. Maybe 5 min. No direct contact but I did hand her an item. So outside, less than 5 min and I got vertigo. It lasted for 3 solid months.

I did whatever I could to improve my health. I was already taking vitamins, eating healthy, following the flccc, as well as my own knowledge of natural supplements and nutrition.

After 3 months - it happened again! And again from outside exposure to the sane neighbor, increased distance and I was hit again with another bout of months of vertigo. I never had Covid. I’m careful and stick to my own regimen and a kit I carry with me wherever I go. Which is limited due to the vertigo.

I have noticed in certain surroundings I can feel a heavy pressure in the air that feels like a spatial fog weighing on my brain... perhaps an early warning of my limit. If I push it any longer , exposure will turn into vertigo. This is my own paying attention to how I feel. And it was a transitional experience.

If I’m driving through a heavy traffic area, stopped at a light , 3-4 rows of cars, trucks parked all open windows or many open windows I can feel that pressure. It doesn’t quite turn into Vertigo. And as I’m able to wait out the minute or two at the lights it seems to be just enough time to drive away and in 15 - 20 min that pressure is gone.

Each time I’ve been around people who are injected with these blasted gene therapy injections my time frame is limited and it varies.

It is not about how recent their injection or the 2 week time frame to avoid them ( that 2 week time frame is an old flu vaccine method- it is not at all the same connection to the MRNA time frame. That’s comparing apples and oranges) with all

due respect please reevaluate that recommended 2 week avoidance. It’s so much longer with so many factors. The studies have already confirmed that the spike protein alone is found at a minimum of two months out. As well as up to 18 months. The dose of spike might vary but the time frame seems to be ongoing. Persistent and no indication of stopping individuals from producing their own.

If the gene therapy injected are in a group environment- be it an office for 8 hours , an airplane, a grocery store, in a car, a bus, a public bathroom, a doctors office, sweating in a sauna, a gym, that is the exposure that needs to be addressed. Not out of fear. Out of reality. Awareness helps us all.

If anyone is in any of those environments they are at risk. Period.

Not everyone is impacted the same way. Each individual has a separate immune threshold. But prolonged repeated exposure to these gene therapy injected individuals can cause a shedding reaction at any time.

Those more susceptible will react sooner, or more frequently. Others will also react at their own exposure limits. It can kick in any time. It depends on the exposure - and if you’re in any of the previously mentioned environments listed above the amount of spike protein, lipid Nanoparticles,dna plasmids, sv40 - and any toxin that can be carried and distributed by the LNP it all intensifies astronomically when it’s simultaneously being released by any number of gene therapy injected individuals into that one environment.

Walk into a grocery store and you’re shed on whether you feel it or not. I think, I’ll pass out if I stay in that environment for any length of time. Minutes can be serious and debilitating. It lingers for several days after exposure.

Others may feel nausea, fatigue , headaches and it goes away within 15 min after they remove themselves from the exposure but does the impact of exposure remain within our bodies even after the symptoms subside?

What about the length of time shedding can survive without a host? Is it possible if you have skin to skin contact it does linger on some surfaces? That could be true. It does happen with certain virus particles and contaminants. The ok’d grocery cart flu virus germs exposure happens. And our immune systems can build up a protection but when it comes to the synthetic spike, and the gene therapy it’s a completely different scenario. We are dealing with more toxicity within the spike protein and exposure than anything else prior in this mechanism.

All bets are off when addressing this issue.

Another factor is people who have prior allergic reactions to the ingredients in these gene therapies or other prior vaccines are at an increased risk of serious health issues

And if those individuals also have prior history of cancer, in remission- it is not far fetched for them to be exposed to others, shedding, repeated exposure can trigger their cancers to return and also be part of the turbo cancers that are occurring with such aggression that they are not able to be treated successfully. Add in the fact that they can’t receive safe blood in those emergencies because the very transfusions they need to survive and the number of them - they would end up with injected donated contaminated blood making it worse.

It’s one life threatening exposure on top of another.

This is why some people who are able to work remotely continue to work remotely.

Unless every single person grasps this reality and stops using these altered, mutated adulterated gene therapy shots and also takes the necessary detox supplements and protocol for at least a year or more - it’s going to keep causing all of these health issues to occur.

They knew! They knew about all of the adverse events , the heart issues, anaphylactic shock, kidney issues, adrenal, menstrual, pregnancies, hair loss, rashes, headaches, vertigo, arthritic pain and the various auto immune illness as well

As death BEFORE any of these shots were administered. We were all lied to, every step of the way.

Thank God for you, for the thousands like you who fight for the truth and open the eyes of the others who continue to sleepwalk.

This shedding info with all of its components needs to be known. The truth is the very people who believed in the shots from day one are the individuals who have a progressive degrading damage of their own internal immune system and they are damaging the rest of us.

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The longest study I have seen said spike lasted six months after injection. The study only lasted six months, of course.

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Yes, that is a problem.

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The Germans did a year. Spike still there.

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So, this was very interesting to me:

“Spike proteins have been found in the urine of some patients with a Covid-19 infection, and they are also found in flatus.”

Farting contains spike protein, too?! Oy yoy yoy! What have they done to us?! 😡

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I'm convinced (as an emotional mom) that shedding does occur. My 16 year old had perfectly normal periods for over three years until her father got that shot, and we got her low hormone birth control pills just last week in an effort to stop the HUGE clots and bleeding through her tampons that have affected her life these past two years (suddenly). It's not normal. But are you saying, Dr. Kory, that we should try Ivermectin first to get her back to normal? I actually have some, but would seriously need to talk to an open minded doctor about it and don't know where that would happen...

I'm convinced I got A-Fib a year ago just after four family members visited us from California. I suspect from the things they were saying that they got boosters to come to "unvaxxed Georgia" and they would not leave my kitchen table the entire time since we're "cavemen" and none of us (except their son) "got the shots." I've long suspected my A-fib originated with their visit, as it happened just a couple weeks later. I swim four days a week (for an hour) and am in great shape and never, ever had a heart issue previously at age 61. Since shocking my heart back, I've NOT gone back into A-Fib, and have been told that's unusual, that once you get it people often slip back in. I cannot get info from ANYONE who hasn't swallowed the covid shot Kool Aid though, so no way of knowing if the shedding thing is possible (nothing for me to really compare to).

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I think he does use ivermectin when treating shot related heavy or irregular bleeding.

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Lots of places to get ivermectin. Maybe someone has a link? Super safe and worth a try.

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I ain't gonna lie. I get it at Murdoch's. I loosely divide the tube (1.87% ivermectin) that treats a 1250lb equine by my weight. At 135lbs, I get 9 doses out of a tube.

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Visit Frontline Doctors...They can direct you as to how to get ivermectin.

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Here is what I know based on my experience: if you are unvaccinated and you don't do anything to prevent or treat the shedding, you can get sick if you are sensitive to shedding. This was my case. But thanks to Dr. Korry, I don't have health issues anymore. The interesting part is that there are people who don't have any shedding problems, and they haven't had covid either. This is the case of my neighbors who are both severely overweight and are unvaccinated. And when I was telling them that that our vaccinated friends were making me sick, they were telling me that it's my imagination. Well, now we know it wasn't. I also saw what happened to my child after visiting our friends( four of them and all vaccinated). The next day she started having strong stomach pain that was very scary. It came out of the blue! This must have been shedding because there was no other reason since it was during the weekend. We didn't meet with anyone else. After this episode I was extremely worried to let my daughter meet with them. I also had shedding from them that day, but nothing even close like my poor young child. These shots are criminal and it's even more criminal that they are still on the market. I pray every day that those behind this atrocities will be hold responsible one day and pay for all the pain and nightmares they have caused to all of us. Their time will come, they won't escape forever.

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What did you do to alleviate the shedding symptoms?

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In my situation, I have experience using natural products prior to any of these shots. For colds, flus, sore throats - and other things that can pop up. Used the products as needed and they always work.

When the shedding occurred, I got vertigo . the first time it lasted for 3 months.

The second time, i was exposed the vertigo returned and it lasted about 3 months but not quite the same.

The third and fourth time was the most recent exposure and to reiterate all of these exposures were outside. The last two times - it was also vertigo , it started about 20 min after I removed myself from the exposure and I could feel the beginning of it starting to develop. This time it lingered for 2 days after exposure. Significantly Much better than the 3 months of it each time prior.

I did have ivermectin prior to my exposure. and my daily regimen of vitamins.

I did use a combo of bromelain, Natto and turmeric after this last exposure and I noticed it lifted the heaviness of the fog that kicks off the vertigo( like a forewarning)

The following week, the 4th exposure I had the same type of reaction. And again it lingered for two days. It’s still problematic but seems to be more manageable.

However, because of I this problem I am reluctant to go into groups - grocery stores, homes, and spend time around people who are shedding. What is the shedding doing? Even after symptoms subside is it still doing damage internally. Do the individuals who have reactions have the spike the same synthetic spike manufacturing as if they took the shot as well?

One additional bit of knowledge- the neighbor who I was exposed to twice has developed diabetes and also recently was told that the drs found too much protein in the blood. This Information about too much protein - was not a requested test. However it makes me wonder if it’s a better way to keep track of more severe shedding. If we become aware of these illnesses that are occurring after people receive these shots... pay close attention. Maybe their dose of spike production and shedding is significantly more toxic or increased. This individual still believes in the shots and I cannot be near this person.

One person I was exposed to directly for 15 minutes outside only received 1 shot over a year ago and it’s a J&J shot. There is no shedding no reaction and it it THE ONLY individual that did NOT cause a shedding reaction ( still outside exposure but lengthy intervals and several exposures.

How am I ever going to be able to go indoors again and be able to breathe and not become ill from shedding?

Does anyone else feel that way? What do you do to stop it in its tracks? Is anyone still getting hit with it inside to the point where they don’t want to risk their health anymore?

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Dr. Stephanie Seneff out of MIT also confirms this in the aforementioned video, and this may also impact chronic inflammation, a major driver of human illness. Seneff says the DNA change has the cell create polymerase theta (which is involved in DNA repair and which is upregulated in cancer cells), and can cause “very big genetic mutations.” The polymerase theta is now shown to convert RNA to DNA. Seneff adds LINE-1, also associated with cancer, can convert RNA into DNA… and of course, LINE-1 is one of the nice “benefits” (if you are a fan of the now defunct Georgia Guidestones and want a world population of only 500,000) In the Lund Univ. study (currently being replicated at other institutions as part of the real science), researchers found the mRNA vaccine enters human liver cells to trigger the cell’s DNA in the nucleus to increase the production of the LINE-1 gene expression to make mRNA. We were told this couldn’t happen. The changes last forever, with a gene that has never been in the human genome. This means it goes into the sperm and egg. Study can be downloaded at https://www.mdpi.com/1467-3045/44/3/73/htm.

A second story covering this here, and CancerActive covers it here https://www.canceractive.com/article/human-cells%20can%20write%20rna%20into%20genetic%20dna%20code in Human cells can write foreign RNA into genetic DNA code. Will the human genome now permanently pass on spike protein generation to future generations, with attendant inflammatory states that this causes? Replication of the Lund study is being done, but it may well to be the case. WHY are we experimenting with human lives, and how does this differ, in essence, from Joseph Mengele and Shiro Ishii? Why are we playing Dirty Harry (“So punk, d’ya feel lucky? Well… do ya?”) with our health, and the health of the kids? Seneff concludes “We don’t understand enough about these things, and we have no business fooling around with this kind of technology with adequate knowledge of how it works.” Shades of CS Lewis’ fiction work That Hideous Strength come to mind. Dr. Lee Merrit, MD, and past president of the American Assn. of Physicians and Surgeons, says this was made with CRISPR Cas9, same tech used to make GMO crops (yes, you are indeed no more than a rutabaga to these mad scientists). This gene splicing has a problem. Let’s say you insert a gene to make a sweeter apple, you insert the gene, and mate it with a wild apple. Only 50% of that offspring has that gene, and subsequently, only 50% of the next generation (total 25%) and so on until it is even more diluted. So, it is not an effective way to do this. CRISPR does “double cuts” so that all offspring will now have the gene. This gene will then propagate outward cascading outward, and within 10 generations, the whole human race will have this gene. Y’know… the gene they won’t tell the complete details about as it is a “trade secret.” Dr. Nagase, ER doctor and microbiologist, also discusses this same issue, where, as we know from a Japanese study, summer, 2021, that for the shots using lipid nanoparticles, made in part at my old alma mater, Univ. of British Columbia, were designed to target the liver, the spleen and the ovaries. He calls it the biggest mistake he has ever been involved with, and not only does it cause cancer, it also will cost the future of a billion children, where reverse transcription alters the DNA of sperm and eggs, and lasts forever. “The entire human genome has been poisoned with gene that has never been in the human genome ever in history.” https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/dr-nagase-vax-gene-editing:5

Importantly, says Nagase, ovaries have reverse transcriptase too, meaning the spike protein mRNA gets changed into DNA, permanently changing the DNA of future generations. So… do ya feel lucky yet, punk? Worse, is this part and parcel of Tom Knight, professor at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, comment in 2007 that “The genetic code is 3.6 billion years old. It’s time for a rewrite.” Yep, God didn’t do the job right, so he – and his junior Mengeles will, apparently. Let’s hope they don’t give us the typical Microsoft “blue screen of death” or have us have to reboot our “system” every week with upgrade over goofed up programming. Nagase also talks about silent DNA, non-reading frames (a reading frame is where the body reads the DNA and makes proteins, for, say digestive enzymes, your hair, fingernails, brain function etc.), that is never transcribed int proteins until the next generation. If the Pfizer’s or Moderna’s spike protein mRNA gets put into a non-reading frame, that mutation is silent until the next generation, where there is now a hidden spike protein mutation in the DNA, which will only show up when the child becomes an adult and tries to have a child. The DNA does something called “recombination,” where nature mixes the genes from mother and father.. and the silent DNA segments from dear old Pfizer get reactivated. We won’t know what causes a problem until the kids and grandkids come of age. This spike protein has been put into at least 1.25 billion people. Concludes Nagase “This is the magnitude of evil we are dealing with. We are dealing with people who have the money, the power to pollute the entire human genome.” So people are dying from the shot now, and killing future generations with artificial, “blue screen of death” DNA. But, as the old TV commercials go, Wait! There’s more! In “Self-disseminating vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, Murphy, et al, here at PubMed talk about shedding their Frankensteinian creation onto others (looking at work done on – you guessed it – causing sterilization among mice).

Now look again at the Japanese data showing this distributed 64x in the ovary as compared muscle. Do you really think these Mengeles were that clueless as to this as they developed their shot? Worse, the lipoprotein (cholesterol and fat molecule ) coating that houses the RNA, from Novavax, were developed as genetic and oncolytic therapies, and as such ipso facto meant they were NOT meant to just sit in the arm, or randomly go places – it needed to be targetable. Their product was called Matrix-M. This means we have a targetable agent that goes to the ovaries and is at least similar to how the mouse depopulation agent

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I am an (unvaxinated) Optometrist, and despite working in close proximity to many people every day, I rarely get sick and almost never get headaches. After the Vaccine roll out, I became ill 5 times in a 6-9 month period. My symptoms were extreme fatigue, headache, and body aches. My symptoms always came on suddenly and lasted for 24-36 hours and were gone. I am a relatively healthy person, and at 54 years old, take no prescription medications and have no medical issues. I thought these illness were strange and I even had my thyroid checked and was tested for lyme disease. All my bloodwork came back fine. I knew in my gut I was sick from shedding. Thank you for speaking out about this, and confirming I'm not crazy! haha!

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Shedding exosomes is happening.

Cutting Edge: Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Are Induced by BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) Vaccination prior to Development of Antibodies: A Novel Mechanism for Immune Activation by mRNA Vaccines https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34654691/

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Here is a very controlled environment in this anecdote

My friend while working on ships 🚢 as a

Captain got nosebleeds while working on the ship offshore with the v’d crew

He quit because of this and his nosebleeds subsided when he wasn’t on a ship 🚢 full of vaxholes

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I am a retired MD and live 3 Km from a small town in southern France, am not vaccinated, and only occasionally come into normal social contact with others who are or most likely are vaccinated. During the past year I experienced acute vertigo making it impossible to get out of bed for 48 hours. Over the next few months I casually found out -- in normal conversation -- that 6 others in my area had experienced the same illness. My vertigo gradually lessened. ENT said it was a viral illness and that it would take more time to go away. It's been over 6 months, but it hardly bothers me any more. I do not know how may near me experienced the same thing, but it is certainly suspicious for shedding, even due to minimal physical contact. My significant other did not have it.

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Your comment about additional mortality among children when their parents were jabbed is absolutely what I found in the Philippines from the 2021 data. Pediatric deaths started rising concurrent with adult injections starting and accelerating. The relevant figure showing monthly pediatric deaths is at the end of the following article. https://open.substack.com/pub/supersally/p/review-of-doh-covid-19-death-tracker?r=l1r7e&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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What about The Wellness Company’s Spike Protein formula? Is that any help in shedding for the unvaccinated?

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I do have the spike support. It is an excellent combination of ingredients. I did not use it yet. Only because I have other supplements that I have been using with success.

I used a combo of Natto bromelain and turmeric which is of excellent quality. It helped me.

However- Natto is a blood thinner. It also has many other very healthy benefits but it’s not for everyone. Many of the healthy supplements we take daily do have some blood thing properties but not anything worrisome or significant.

If you take a prescribed med or blood thinner be Cautious and check with a trustworthy dr. Someone who is not only western medicine based but someone who is aware of and understands flccc protocols as well as natural options .

I believe Natto when taken with food acts as a digestive enzyme . When taken in between meals it’s benefits of detoxing spike protein are more effective. The bromelain is a natural digestive enzyme and the turmeric has anti cancer benefits, anti inflammatory as well as being good for your liver. So the 3 of them together taken in between meals have a synergistic impact. That combo is the base. If you are already taking ivermectin that adds even more detox, anti inflammatory, anti cancer, spike detox, as well as the many other beneficial mechanisms it supports.

There are other options and combos for individuals who cannot use the Natto.

Black seed- also known as nigella sativa can be used in addition to or in place of ivermectin in some situations and it’s been used for centuries - it comes as an oil or in natural seed form. It contains thymoquinine and that is where it’s potency and strength come from.

It’s a specific dose recommended-

Personally I do NOT like the oil form. It’s harsh on the stomach and it has too many omega 6’s.

I prefer the natural seed base in capsule form

And it should always be taken with 1/2 tsp of honey - each dose. The oil or the capsule/ seeds- The two are synergistic together.

Very powerful and incredible immune health benefits. Look into it.

I have used these combos long before spike support was developed. They do work but again each persons needs are different-

There is no one size fits all for anyone but the info helps us all and leads us to more knowledge.

We have to keep helping each other any way we can

I’m not a dr, but I have a very long in depth history working with nurses, nutritionists and natural health care practitioners.

Do your research, contact nutritionist, organic health markets, ask questions, and share your knowledge. You could help save someone or at least get them on their own healthy path.

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Thank you all this great information. It all makes sense. I appreciate your insight.

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God bless you Dr. Pierre Kory!

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Thank you Dr. Kory for this series of extensive reviews, that's the growing tragedy on top of what the covid injected victims are already experiencing... I can only confirm quite few of the side effects involving the exposure to the 'vaccinates', genetically modified victims. Did mention that already but my own experience is showing, that the more old style vaccines in ones own body, the worse is the influence of the covid shots. Without reading all 9 posts, I'd hope to hear what is the primary reason for the side effects spread, pure presence of the Spike protein or actually the nano's carrying the Spike genome??? The latter case would imply a hope of specific HEALTHY nanolipids, which could enclose the toxic stuff and eliminate.. The most recent article by a german molecular geneticist implies that supplementation with LITHIUM (~1mg/day) will affect the brain fog experience by many, unfortunately in German:



Some sources were claiming a presence of the radioactive Cs in the shots, which in turn make sense, that lithium eliminates the 'equivalent' valence metal from the body...

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