Dr Kory, thank you so much for tackling this issue! I was waiting for someone to finally address this. When vaccine mandates camein May of 2021 to colleges in US - I was working in one as a molecular lab manager. Im molecular biologist and worked in that field for over 30 years. At that time - summer of 2021, I worked with numerous students daily in the lab setting, in close proximity to 5-10 freshly vaccinated students at any time. M-F 9-5. I refused to be vaccinated. In a matter of days since the vaccine mandates rolled out I started to feel sick. Migraine, low grade fever, dizziness. After two weeks my body began to hurt. After a month I was literally incapacitated, couldn’t raise my arms to comb my hair or brush my teeth. Joints im my upper body were on fire. Intense, burning, throbbing pain, constant. Went to ER and was promptly diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica (PR). I knew at that point that it was vaccine shedding. I observed that after a day of close contact with several young healthy adults who just got vaccinated a few days prior- my symptoms were most severe. Pain was subsiding on weekends. I asked students about dates of their vaccination. They got it anywhere from 3days to a few weeks before and vast majority was Pfizer. I was myself faced with decision to get vaccinated or lose my job. I chose the latter, I retired early. My health was my priority. I went to rheumatologist who promptly put me on massive doses of prednisone. I ask him how many new cases of PR he usually gets per year. Answer - maybe 2. How many since vaccines rollout, half a year ago? 24!!! I said- you realize that I’m vaccine injured? He asked me to find another doctor.

I took a test offered by dr Bruce Patterson for long covid. My score was 10.5 which is very high. Except I had covid a year and half prior and recovered within two weeks.

I went to my FP and asked for some blood tests. My inflammation markers CRP and ESR were very high. I took a d-dimer test and it was “borderline “.

My FP told me to accept the fact that I’m getting older and need to stay on prednisone for the rest of my life. I am a very healthy, active, now 66 years old, no medical conditions, no medications.

There is so much more to this story, I’m trying to be brief. As a scientist I found myself observing my symptoms carefully and decided to stay away from mainstream medicine. Now I’m almost completely recovered- combination of supplements, PEMF therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic massages. I took ivermectin, NAC, nattokinase, etc. I will be happy to share more information with anyone interested.

God bless you Dr Kory for addressing this! I knew I wasn’t crazy but your articles are so reassuring for me.

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This explains what happened to me. I am unvaxxed and in July 2021 I agreed to housesit for my brother while they were away, which included sleeping in their bed. His wife has just been vaxxed with Moderna prior to them leaving. I spent the first night and woke up the next day feeling like I could not breathe. It was deep in my lungs. This then progressed into COVID. I found out later that they had not changed the sheets on the bed I slept in. My brother flipped out when I told him I got COVID, told me I was crazy, and now I learn this. So I understand that the spike can be transmitted, but could it cause Covid in that way?

I went through 2 rounds of Ivermectin (God bless Dr. Robert Apter) and one round of HCQ. I have also been on Nattokinase since early 2020. I have not had any issues with Covid since and thank God no issues with Long Covid.

However, in 2022, I had a wicked case of Shingles come up about 2 days after I took an exercise class next to a woman who told me she had just been vaxxed for Shingles. Is this all in my head or what is going on here?

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So much gratitude to you Dr Kory. Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness. Thank you to your family and loved ones for lending you and your time to the rest of us. Bless you.

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Re the 187 days, there are 2x preprints, the most recent was this year-2023. Both showed persistent spike presence long past 187 days. The most recent being 28 months.😐😐🤐

*sigh* my personal assumption is that they wanted a sure fire "airborne" vector. But current technology only allowed it to reach target respiratory transfection AFTER inoculation saturation point had been reached. Essentially though, I feel they underestimated nature's adherence to balance and preservation of equilibrium. BTJMO😉🤷‍♀️

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so if I understand well, all could have this spike in our system even if not injected, never tested, and did not get sick? Is there a way to find out, preferably without going to the doctor LOL

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At this point, I jus want to know what to do to protect my family. I have tried and tried and tried to warn people, who refuse to listen. I now have a - yes, REALLY - 2,500 page, 10k footnotes paper on the subject. You would think people might say "Gee, what did you learn?" but you would be wrong. I cite Kuldorff at Harvard Medical School, Bhattacharya at Stanford Medical School, Risch at Yale Medical, Makary at Johns Hopkins, the CDC, FDA, Lancet, BMJ, NEJM, etc etc etc etc etc. No one is interested, inlcuding a rich, arrogant brother who, when I GENTLY emailed him once every 4 months with a gentle note, tersely replied "Quit emailing me." Even has a guy in church demand to know if I got the shot. "Gee," I told him, "I have this (now) 2,500 pp, 10k footnote paper on the topic, and and not getting it." AGain, no "Gee what did you learn?" but rather he simply turned on his heel and stomped off.

Normalcy bias kills. So does arrogance.

At this point, I just want to know what to do for myself and family. I know McCullough has bromelain, curcumin, nattokinase (I also do lumbrokinase); shikimic acid, dandelion, etc. So I have a good handle on protection. But Kory should do a specific article on his updated take on what to do to protect ourselves from the arrogant, ignorant lemmings.

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Radio active tracers are used in medicine. If added to the lipids and separately to the mRNA payload one could have definitive proof to shedding. Therefore such a test will never be done.

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This is pretty terrifying. Truly. Thank you for explaining!

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Paragraph "At this point...hermetically sealed room or waring (wearing?)a P100 respirator...

Q: "So this study found that DNA encased in the LNP integrated and became active in the recipient."

Does above statement answer Jessica Rose's question about whether or not, "...any of this DNA

got integrated into any human genomes." ? (from linked article of Jessica Rose's...)

BTW, I just subscribed and am so grateful for your deep dive into this "shedding" nightmare, amongst

everything else you've been responsible for throughout these past 3+ years! Your integrity and tenacity in doing what was right despite the Dark Forces threatening your actions, makes you deserving of a Green lightsaber, IMHO. :D SC

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One of the questions I had at the outset of the mRNA experiment was that if the researchers know exactly the genetic structure of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, why don't they make a traditional vaccine, which surely must be easier than making a regular flu vaccine, which requires the researchers to guess at the genetic structure of the likely strains?

The answer I get was that the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 is too toxic to inject into people even in an attenuated form.

Which begged the question, if this spike protein is too toxic to inject into people, why is it safe to provoke the body's cells to produce it? Doesn't this get to the place you're trying to avoid?

The answer I got was that the injection would remain localized in the deltoid muscle, and on a relative scale, this was fairly safe. Only for several reasons, this has turned out not to be true.

What I'm wondering about the risks of a toxic spike protein being everywhere in the body, i.e., in places it oughtn't be, is what happens if it infects a cancer cell, so that the cancer cell becomes a viral cell and begins replicating in the manner in which viral cells replicate?

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"As the independent pathologist Ryan Cole has said “you can’t find what you don’t look for.”" the very same Cole who dare negate Graphe, Hydrogel, Nanotech in the vials. I do not trust this man...

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Haven't seen this discussed anywhere... esp. in writing for 'normal-not-medical' folks... IS there a test (yet? currently?) to determine IF one has spikes? I'm a "PureBlood," having had covid (a mild version, Dec 2022) but no shots and am seeming normally healthy. I still wonder if it's possible to have, from the original "infection" or from shedding by others spikes or LNPs. If I knew I do, I'd pay closer attention (and act better!) about prophylaxis and nutrient support. I'd' also be able to recommend such a test to family and friends -- IF they wished to know...

I always guess that inventing such a test could be less-than-successful: if the spikes have set up house kee... er... house WRECKING in the spleen or brain, say -- a blood test might not show anything useful?

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Bravo! A couple typos in case you want to correct them. Top of this article, second paragraph, right before the outline of 1, 2, 3... you are missing links to "here and here". Also, this is the second time you have quoted this line "Huge amounts of mRNA are injected compared to the circulation of a virus during a natural infection: up to 10 to 7 times more, according to Professor Jean-Michel Claverie [27].”)." should that be 10 to 17 times? You are missing the 1 in front of the 7? Same issue in whichever previous post you used it. You were already my hero before this series. Not sure what the right word is now. Uberhero?

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I’m not aware of any other Covid skeptic who has asked this question: WHY would it be so important to push the start date of virus spread back several months? In this speculative deep dive, I identified several possible answers to this question.

One of my answers/explanations: The producers of this faux pandemic HAD to have all these excess deaths. The most important parts of the program couldn't commence until the excess deaths happened.


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For those who want a crash course in immunology 101, check this out:

Where is the protection of infection?...hint - it's not in serum antibodies. 29 minute video by DR. KEVIN STILLWAGON (NOV 3, 2023) does a phenomenal job of explaining all things antibody + why inhaled vaccines are destined to fail. https://open.substack.com/pub/drkevinstillwagon/p/where-is-the-protection-of-infection?r=14nzxn&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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So, is the spike protein just as dangerous for unvaccinated ppl with natural immunity?

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