The Pierre Kory Experience. Now that is a podcast I really want to listen to. Stay in this fight Pierre. The walls are crumbling. All in God’s perfect timing.

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Your buddy is right, Dr Kory. You have the “IT” factor. I worked in TV news 20 years, being coached about my on-camera delivery, diction, writing, appearance & image by ABC/Disney-hired image & delivery consultants & coaches who’d coached US presidents & CEOs worldwide. They taught me that authenticity is almost impossible to fake in a way that people can’t perceive. Viewers can see through the lies. Eventually they realize who’s telling the truth. It took me a while, but I did.

You come across sincere, honest & caring while backing with legit studies what you say. We desperately need you to keep doing what you are doing.

I’ll continue pestering my lawmakers to get them to help Senator Johnson get the ABIM off your back (& the others). You tell us what else we can do to help you.

Personally, as someone raised in a medical family by a surgeon, as someone whose life was destroyed 11 years ago, at the peak of my news anchoring career — with a dependent young family — by two drug company products that had been marketed as “99.9%” safe & effective for more than a decade, I appreciate you so much & will do anything to stop the witch hunt against courageous doctors like you. The HC professionals who know but are staying silent need to leave healthcare. I’m disgusted. Yet, I have a few MD friends & relatives who honestly seem not to see it. It’s bizarre. Are they not reading the studies, like the rest of us are? These are caring people, who are now getting into ill health situations themselves.

My story (if anyone’s curious):


Trying to warn people this industry cannot be trusted has become my life, after my former one was destroyed & I attended two civil trials (couldn’t get answers from doctors) and learned many of the studies used to sell the products I had gotten implanted in my pelvis & legs were rooted in 110% FRAUD, covertly funded by JnJ itself.

If companies run their “charitable contributions” to unscrupulous researchers through sham 501(c)3s, even doctors will never know who really funded the research… unless they want to sit in on other people’s civil trials, as I did.

Sadly though, with vaccine injuries, we will never have any of these truth-revealing civil cases. No discovery process = nobody figures out that “the science” was really Pharma-funded fraud. I think this is why the federal law passed in 1986, protecting vx makers from defending against civil claims… so that discovery would never happen & internal company emails etc would never be seen.

Nobody realizes Pharma began buying our news media in 1997, when direct to consumer ads on TV, etc., began. Only the US & New Zealand allow this. Everyone else sees these ads for what they really are: Pharma’s way of buying itself into bed with the media, so the media is less likely to report on the bad things it’s done. As a doctor’s daughter & a former professional in news myself, this has been a slow, staggering realization.

Add to all this the fact that the SUPCO Citizens United ruling in 2010 allowed Pharma to begin purchasing our lawmakers too and … well, you see why we are where we are. The whole game is rigged.

If you ever get to Austin, my husband and I would love to take you out. You’re our hero. You are, plus Dr. Marik, McCullough, Malone, and all the others we’ve seen at Senator Johnson’s hearings and on The Highwire, Infowars (some of you), the Last American Vagabond, and being interviewed by Sharyl Atkisson, Lara Logan, Ivory Hecker, and the few real journalists we still have… for now. We appreciate all of you.

I’m trying to be fearless, but seeing the people who destroyed my health, mobility and life at age 39, now destroying others’ lives, & considering my three teens who’ve had a hellish childhood because of what happened to me (kids who are about to “launch”), it’s scary. I want the next generation of people to be able to seek higher ed and work somewhere besides Amazon, Walmart or Disney, so they don’t have to choose between buying food and taking a potentially life-ending, mandated, sham-“tested” medical product they don’t want.

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Etana’s casket story punched me in the gut. It’s so damning, I may add a question about it to my Retrospective in Whys in my last piece, which pairs powerfully with your poignant article:

• “A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-mostly-peaceful-depopulation)

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Amazing, as always. I was part of an original group of hold-outs when the vaccines were announced. We were all going to wait six months to see outcomes and then make our decision. At six months the Provincetown Mass. fiasco occurred (1000 vaccinated individuals infected in one weekend in a less than 1 square mile area - and the term “breakthrough” was born) and I smelled a rat. Now, two years later, I, hubby, and two other friends are the only remaining hold outs. Out of several dozen initial “refusers”.

If it wasn’t for your weekly broadcasts and brilliant commentary, we could not have survived the relentless pressure. Every day it becomes more clear. Thank you thank you thank you !❤️❤️❤️

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Wow - I have no words. There seems to be no limit on how far the Predators will go to implement their magic juice program. We all know that young people are dying at unprecedented rates and the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge it, much less try to explain it. Keep going, Dr. Kory. You are doing amazing work, and I hope that you receive amazing rewards in the end for all of your efforts. I'm also glad that I got to hear you share your insights with a few of us who are obsessively worrying about & studying the excess mortality situation.

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How can we ever thank you enough????

So painful for an empathetic doctor to know all this and feel unheard. But we hear you here, and appreciate you so much.

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Thank you for all this important info! Thank you for your brave work. Looking forward to reading your book. Pre-ordered it months ago. Praying for you and your family often. - Kellie

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We need a new hospital system. One that never allows administrators to exist. One that is run by a collaborative health care team. Telehealth is great for now but imagine an institution free of asshat administrators; a place where patients come first, and healthcare workers get paid a decent salary, and have safe patient ratios. We’ll call it Utopia General 😂…one can dream…

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Dr Kory,

Thanks for too many contributions to list.

I would like to comment on what I think is a 'weak link' in the FLCCC protocol that I hope many will plug up.

I am a person who uses the FLCCC prevention protocol, followed you since the Senate hearing and now actually a patient of your practice.

The 'weak link' applies to Newly infected COVID patients. I don't think most patients (even Ivermectin believers) are properly prepared.

When a patient gets infected their supply of Ivermectin and other recommended supplements is probably too low. Also, they are likely missing some of the newer and even more serious phase 2 recommendations.

So, here is what I recommend to the listeners:

1) Contact a doctor that is well versed in the FLCCC - like protocols (Dr. Kory's office was supreme). Order the recommended doses of all of the medicines in the event of sickness. ...building up a First- Aid Covid kit.

2) In the event of sickness, the patient can call the office and get the recommended latest doses. There would be no wait since the medicines are already in your kit. In most cases of people I talk to, they may have a 4 or 5 day wait before they get their prescriptions in the mail. Remember: EARLY PREATMENT IS EVERYTHING! This method would prevent the wait. Also, if you get sick consider your in home family. Are you ready in a real world scenario?

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I’m at a loss for words to convey how deeply I appreciate all that you are doing. I pray for you and your colleagues regularly. Keep fighting for truth in this mess we’re all in. I just pre-ordered your book, and look forward to reading it. “The Pierre Kory Experience” certainly would be well received. Think how many would tune in to “mock”, but instead be drawn in to the truth. Give it serious consideration, and let us know when the first podcast debuts :)

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Dr. Kory , I know this is not your field but I work in a labor unit. There has been an increase in cloacal and genitourinary/urinary defects in vaccinated mothers . Of course there is preterm deliveries and abruptions and stillbirths. Finally.. the staff is starting to talk, maybe the dam is starting to crack!

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Can you please so an audio/audible version of the book? Love to listen and drive or on a walk! dr McCullough did not do an audio version yet and RFK Jr did!

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Thank you for sharing your information with us all. I am sure that, eventually, the Truth will out, but it is encouraging to see what you shared to evidence that it is happening.

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Jul 9, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

Shady? We are all going to get filthy rich off those Amazon smiles. They are just jealous.

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Dr Kory, you are amazing for hanging in there w all of this sh*t being flung at you! My heart swells when I read supportive comments about you, made by your other readers. And…, SO grateful to read the support provided to you by 1 of your former interns. I’m so sure there are others, but they sadly are far to fearful to stand up for themselves & you.

The RN “insider” you’ve indicated, calms my anxiety. Thank you for sharing her information with us . She is such a blessed gift! Her confirmation regarding all these unspoken “inside-the-hospital-whispers” gives us such hope as she let us know that not everyone on the “inside” has been fooled. Some “medical-personnel-performers” most certainly do deserve Oscar Awards though. Ha!

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Ignore the neigh 🐴 sayers! They are just horse paste!

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