I believe it should be painfully obvious by now the true motive behind the plandemic and mass rollout of these gene-editing shots: global depopulation, pure and simple. Once viewed through the lense of premeditation, there is no other satisfactory explanation. I pray my hypothesis is incorrect, but fear it is not. I believe we are at the beginning stages of a mass culling of humanity. This was always the objective. Thank you to everyone who put their careers, reputation and livelihood on the line in the name of the truth. You are owed a debt of great gratitude. May God help us all.

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Sooooo relate. Here’s a sampling of my ‘anecdotes’ in just the first year. I’m one primary care provider and a new author as well. I wrote to remember the injured and fallen in this war, tell truth and especially, to honor my ppl!


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Dr. Kory - Your a hero. These evil people have blood on their hands.

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Thank you Pierre. Very well written but horrific sad and scary content. OMG this is going to get ugly at some point when the social awareness tipping point is finally reached.

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Dr. Kory thanks for this post. So glad to know you continue building strong and growing alliances out there in the world; I know that will benefit us all. You are doing something right as you are looking healthier and trimmer than a few years ago. Amidst the tragedy and horror I hope that there is some happiness that also can be found in doing all your good work and having great colleagues.

My stepdad's 45 year old nephew with 2 young children was perfectly fine then over a few weeks felt bad, couldn't keep up with family and diagnosed off the bat with stage 4 lung cancer. Same story: trim, fit, happy with life. That was a year ago, and despite treatment has metastasized and he is now on short term disability plan he maintained through a work policy. For a few weeks he couldn't swallow. I don't expect him to live. I will send his death notice along to Dr. Makis when it happens with shot lot#s if I can get them.

I am wondering if you have any anecdotes about one of these types of cancers that found a treatment approach with a doctor or team who understood the likely vaccine contribution to the condition. I know FLCCC has a great cancer protocol out, but does it work for these rapid onset, aggressive, often multifactorial cancers? It would be great to find a few examples of some modest success at extending life.

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People want to say, "it's over." The apocalypse is only beginning. Just lost my brother to turbo cancer. He had covid in January of '21 with beautiful antibodies. Under "the greater good" argument he had three injections and promptly got cancer of "unknown" genetic origin. Strongly influenced by the Mayo Clinic to get those injections....and he suggested we send our Memorial gifts to them, not sure whether to cry or LOL.

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I've known two people recently have aortic aneurysms. One died. One was saved during emergency surgery. This is way out of hand. And now, these vaccines are being promoted for the coming fall/winter seasons.

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Thanks for sharing kind regards Paul

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What are the lies they use to counter these facts?

You know they'll make up fake studies to counter it.

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These Doctors Are As Dumb As Dogs.

- But Even More Obedient.


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Dear Dr. Kory,

One of the mechanisms that can explain turbo cancers is cell-cell fusion (cell fusion). Cell fusion is known to be caused by spike in COVID patients, which is not surprising as fusing cellular membranes is the primary function of this protein, and has been implicated in cancer development and metastasis.

In brief, spike can cause cancer by fusing neoplastic cells, including dormant cells remaining post treatment, with migratory normal cells, such as bone marrow derived cells or mesenchymal stem cells. This fusion produces hybrids that inherit the ability of one "parent" to proliferate and the ability of the other to travel in the body freely. As an additional complication, these hybrids are highly unstable genetically and epigenetically, a feature that enables their rapid evolution.

This paper explains how cell fusion can cause cancer:


This paper warned that cancer can be a consequence of COVID, or vaccines that express spike in cells: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34917266/

Thank you.

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Cat's Claw Glycerin Tincture in combination with Ivermectin is working against the Bio Weapon injections!

How I detoxed my double vaxxed, double boosted 90 year old mother.

Cat's Claw is an 'AntiMutagenic:' Capable of stopping the frequency of mutation.

Cat’s Claw stops the mRNA from mutating the cells into spike protein factories.

Not only that, it also stops the mutation of cancer cells.

Cat's Claw benefits against the death shots:

Cancer, Heavy Metal Poisoning, AutoImmun Diseases, Heart Disease, Internal Bleeding, Blood Clots, Fatigue, Glioblastoma Brain Function Impairment, HIV, AIDS, Poor Blood Circulation, Angina, Blood Impurities, Heart Attacks, Whole Body Antibiotic, AntiCoagulant, Immunity Booster, AntiViral and AntiBacterial Infections, AntiImflammatory, Analgesic, Detoxicant, AntiOxident, Blood Purifier, AntiParasitic, Immunomodulator, and so much more:


Cat's Claw has Quercetin in it: (https://draxe.com/nutrition/quercetin/)

Quercetin is a type of flavonoid antioxidant that’s found in plant foods, including leafy greens, tomatoes, berries and broccoli. It’s technically considered a “plant pigment,” which is exactly why it’s found in deeply colored, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables.

My Experience Healing My Mother:

I do not have a lab and or diagnostic medical test equipment so I am unable to run the test and studies to prove what I have observed. I can only tell you about my experience healing my mother with Ivermectin and Cat's Claw glycerin tincture.

My mom came to visit me with grey skin, painful edema in lower extremities, the palms of her hands were black, she complained of Angina, she constantly complained of her injected arm hurting her to the point she could not sleep, the tips of her fingers were numb, a metal spoon would stick to her arm at the injection site, her kidneys were failing because of the spike proteins, all her internal organs were swollen and the swelling was visible and palpable.

She had a strange smell to her urine whenever I took her to the bathroom.

All these symptoms have dissipated with the Cat's Claw and Ivermectin.

Cat's Claw appears to be removing the graphene oxide from my mom. The palms of her hands went from black to a healthy pink. Shortly after taking Cat’s Claw she started having black specks in her urine and in her diaper.

It looks like Cat's Claw is tearing down the white amyloid scaffolding structures with in the veins and arteries of her legs. Her legs are no longer in pain or swollen.


Cat's Claw Herb Uses,Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients:


Protocol I Used On My Mother:

My mother was double vaxxed and double boosted with the Bio Weapon Shot;

She took 4ml Cat’s Claw glycerin tincture 5 to 8 times per day. (More if needed).

She took Ivermectin, 1 dose per day, every day (We used equine Ivermectin, and followed package directions according to her weight).

While she was taking Cat’s Claw and Ivermectin we did not give her any blood pressure medication because, Cat’s Claw lowers blood pressure and Ivermectin raises blood pressure. We allowed the Cat’s Claw and Ivermectin to regulate her blood pressure.

It took 3 months to detox my mother from the Bio Weapon Injections. All her previous symptoms went away.

We live 5 miles from the Canadian boarder in Washington State Highlands of the Okanogan. There are no cell phone towers, no cell phone reception, no 5G, no G anything. This could be a factor in my mother’s detox. I am surprised we have internet. Our closest neighbor lives 1 mile away.


Cat's Claw Bark

Botanical Name: Uncaria tomentosa

Origin: Peru

$ 4. 45 for 4 oz. lbs of Cat's Claw Bark

$ 11.13 for one pound of Cat's Claw Bark

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Recently found out an old friend had gone to hospital with a brain tumour a few months ago, had it removed, then they found out he has stage 4 lung cancer. Previously quite fit and healthy, mid forties, never smoked. I know things like this happened before the vaccine but I can’t help wondering. Didn’t want to ask him if he’s jabbed. So sad.

Another friend mentioned her intention to get a booster soon, I tried to say something but was met with disapproval, silence and a tense atmosphere. I really don’t think you can get through to most people.

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Dr Kory, the thank you for sharing this substack. I sent you a message on instagram of my mother’s story battling lymphoma post jab after 25 years of remission. Spread like wildfire and took her life just 18 months post mRNA

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