Thank you for collecting and sharing these poignant stories, Pierre. I think these accounts are especially powerful when they come from medical insiders.

Have you considered turning this series into a book? Pairing anecdotes with hard-core data is a one-two punch only the fervently hypnotized can ignore.

Speaking of data, are you aware of Denis Rancourt’s latest excess mortality analyses indicating 17 million people’s deaths (1 death per 470 living persons) can be directly attributed to the injection?

“We quantify the overall all-ages vDFR for the 17 countries to be (0.126 ± 0.004) %, which would imply 17.0 ± 0.5 million COVID-19 vaccine deaths worldwide, from 13.50 billion injections up to 2 September 2023. This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic event that killed (0.213 ± 0.006) % of the world population (1 death per 470 living persons, in less than 3 years), and did not measurably prevent any deaths.” (https://denisrancourt.substack.com/p/covid-19-vaccine-associated-mortality)

As I shared in my latest piece (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/dissident-dialogues-margaret-anna), I consider Denis’s National Citizens Inquiry presentation from May 2023 and the accompanying 894-page book of exhibits among the most compelling pieces of evidence for wide-scale mass murder (he calculated 13 million at the time, so his latest report showing 17 million deaths-by-injection makes it even more damning).

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You, your research and commentary are a blessing to us all while we wait for others to wake up to the corruption .... thank you ... love and prayers to you and all at the FLCCC! 🙏❤️🙏

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"It is easier to fool a man than to convince him he's been fooled." - Mark Twain

As case in point, I have a very wealthy family member. Once perhaps every four months I would email him VERY gently about the shot, noting I have done what is now - yes, really - a 2,500 page, 10,000 footnote paper on the topic (that is today; back then it was about 700 pages). Rather than say "Gee, what did you learn (as I would have about anything), instead I got a terse "Quit emailing me." So I did. Last report his wife was on her second round of serious Covid.

Another guy marched up to me in church, demanding to know if I got the shot. No, I told him, I had not gotten the EXPERIMENTAL, PHASE IV TRIALS SHOT, and told him about the paper. Again, rather than say "Gee, what did you find out?" rather, he turned on his heel and stomped off

Mark Twain, quod erat demonstrandum. Or... ya can't help **arrogant**

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Ed Dowd, being a quant/data "nerd" will keep accumulating data that is already persuasive at the p is less than .001 level. I beleive and pray that his work will eventually cause the dam of denial among all the employees of our western governents' "idiocracy" to burst,

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So sad this continues. Thank you for fighting for the truth.

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So it's a pickle for them in their plot to murder as many Americans as possible via the jabs, because admitting the jabs don't prevent long-covid, (often leading to a swift death) isn't the best advertisement for the vax.

Pharma's insane argument is that these people just needed MORE jabs - on their way to an early grave.

I have a sister who has 6 daughters, only one of whom took the jab. The daughter's husband pushed her into ignoring her mother's warnings. Now both this daughter and her husband are suffering "long-covid" - code for severe vax-injury likely leading to early death. It is a horror. They have 3 young children. One of them was breastfed by the koof-vaxed mom, and also not doing well. The other two kids are not doing great either, as this one daughter made sure they got ALL of the other/older jabs. She called her mother (my sister) "crazy" for saying the jabs are not safe.

In this instance, none of my sister's other kids vaxxed any of their kids, and THOSE unvaxxed kids (who are in the majority of these cousins) are ALL perfectly healthy. In this particular community/extended family (comprising a total of 24 cousins) who are all very close-knit, the healthy unvaxxed are in the MAJORITY. So it's now impossible for the jabby-family to NOT notice the difference in their own health vs. the rest of the extended family who refused ALL jabs. (This is a very close family-of-origin.)

The father of the "jabber-family" is the REASON this one family took all of the jabs. Now that everyone in his own family is obviously suffering severely (and literally wondering how much longer they have on this earth) dad finally says "we won't take anymore boosters" but he STILL won't admit it was a bad idea to take any of the jabs.

NONE of this could've gotten this far if not for the fact FREE SPEECH was the first thing to go out the window - particularly the free speech of doctors and others in the medical profession, many of whom not only kept their mouths shut (under extreme duress) but who ALSO continued lying to each other and to everyone else.

There's a reason the 1st Amendment is the FIRST Amendment.

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I have primary immune deficiency and both of my doctors strongly advised to get the shots since covid would certainly kill me. Instead, the shots nearly killed me: Myopericarditis, POTS, lyme and viral reactivations including shingles, and now amyloidosis. I don't know if either doctor is fully awake, even now, but at least I have gotten care. It is the med techs who seem to know know what is going on. By the way, they found a mass between my liver and stomach on a ct scan and it took nearly a full month to get scheduled for a PET scan as first available. Apparently, lots of people are needing PET scans!

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Aside from one solitary case of cancer in my inner circle of friends and family (due to JUUL vaping and not shots/covid), I do not personally know of a single person with severe adverse events from the clot shots, am I just incredibly lucky?! I am starting to believe that certain geographic areas received placebos, or, it's just a matter of time?

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“Guidelines” are the death of Medicine.

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Dr. Kory I am out of working in the hospital as a laborist ( canned on my ass for discussing Ivermectin and disciplining residents when they don’t come to work ) . I am in an ob/ gyn office ( like minded) , anyway , various skin lesions , STDs are recalcitrant to typical meds . Jabbed patients cannot mount appropriate immune responses.

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Sep 29, 2023·edited Sep 29, 2023

You're a true hero Pierre Kory, please keep up the good fight. I try to talk about these issues with friends of mine who are physicians (who all went to UW med school) and I thought they were all progressive and liberal and cool with open discourse... but nope – they have gone full protect-the-establishment and become pharma-apologists. Someday I hope my physician friends wake up, but until then you're carrying the fire of honesty and seeking the truth with courage!

Also, a childhood friend of mine is a cardiologist at Stanford Medicine. I asked him about a recent paper shared by Peter A. McCullough and my Stanford friend's response was a bizarrely unscientific concession to logical fallacy: "How could the vaccines be bad if so many people had taken them?" was essentially his "Ad Populum" appeal-to-popularity response. Amazing, and disturbing.

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I have two observations.

First, I recall reading, many years ago, an account of people living in the cities closest to the death camps in Germany. They all claimed ignorance of the activities at Dachau, etc. The author said they had to have known. They were later led in to the camps and forced to look at what had occurred there. The same is happening here with the setting slightly altered.

Second, those who claim they don't know anyone who has been injured or died from the vax are willfully blind. I am an older athlete and have the following observations: 1) a 68 year old friend of mine, in top shape, worked at the local Y, a runner and fitness coach, died suddenly from 4th stage, undiagnosed leukemia. He had had his first two shots. No one said a word about how he died until I said, "sounds like Covid and they need to notify his contacts." Another friend then reluctantly and angrily said, he died of sudden onset, undiagnosed cancer. 2) A close friend's father was found dead on the floor where he was independently living, two days after his vaccine. 3) An acquaintance, athlete, who had a pacemaker, died several weeks after the vaccine. She was 55 years old. 4) Another friend, a retired attorney, still very active and fit, admits she was vax injured. She is now suicidal. She has neurologic, pulmonary and other issues. 5) An acquaintance who played in world masters baseball tournaments suddenly developed cancer and pulmonary issues. He has not yet died but is in extremely poor health. 6) One young man at another gym I frequent, died suddenly after the vaccines. 7) The star of the Vax show, however, is my father. He is 102. He maintains the mental competence of a 70 year old. He took the vax from a bad batch; then a second vax at the same time he took a flu shot; then he took the booster. Somewhere in the midst, approximately 18 months ago, he was diagnosed with high grade bladder cancer (previously undiagnosed.) He has slowed down a little bit, with age, but otherwise seems unaffected. 8) We interviewed a 22 year old, part time house cleaner for him. He was to start the next day. The agency called and informed us that he had gone to the hospital. A week later the agency called and told us he will never work again.

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Every day I am shocked at the “protocols” being reinstated even in our pretty low-vax status state. We do concert staging and the number of acts still requiring masks is absurd, esp at the outdoor amphitheater. None so far on vaxes, thank goodness, as our employees are mostly young men.

My dad is currently in the hospital “with Covid.” He is mostly bedbound with dementia and my stepmother had been out of town for a week with her daughter and s-i-l staying with my dad. Stepmother came back on Sat and tested positive and (this is what they’ve decided) by Sunday morning my dad had it. Only symptom? Weakness that led to 2 falls. Nothing else - no fever, cough, congestion. But the hospital says it’s Covid (and she goes along with it). They’ve had ALL the shots. She had “2 months of long Covid” last year but my dad had never tested positive before.

Many of my mom’s friends are sick and dying from incredibly rare cancers now. She emailed me the other day that “she can’t get the Covid/flu shot yet because she’s on antibiotics.” She knows my stance on the vax so no arguing with her but since is a cancer survivor it scares me to death.

It’s a slow rolling - and completely avoidable - tragedy (crime?!).

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Since I posted that comment (thank you Dr. Kory for sharing and all the work you do), I found out someone else died suddenly and another person had a major cardiac event.


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This has gone from manslaughter to murder.

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I went directly from reading this to checking Facebook. This is the first thing I saw. "Please be in prayer for my little brother Sam! He had a heart attack this morning and based on what they found when he had the heart cath. he will be having triple bypass surgery early next week. His troponin levels were extremely high so they want to run tests over the weekend to see if/how bad his heart is damaged. Sam is very emotional right now and his anxiety levels are high so he’s going to need lots of support and prayers!!" I don't know Sam and don't have any more details at this point, so I have no idea if this could be due to the toxic shots. UPDATE: Sam is only 50 years old.

Last week, a friend shared that her cousin, around 60 years old, was in hospice care due to aggressive liver cancer, which was diagnosed in March. He died on September 27. Before being vaccinated and boosted, she said he was perfectly healthy; was never sick.

A couple of weeks ago our friend and his daughter packed up and disposed of belongings from their home in Central America. The family of five had been missionaries there for about 7 years, until the wife got a booster in May 2022, while in the U.S. She was so severely injured she was never able to return to Central America and they recently decided she probably never would be. She had their three daughters jabbed also. So far they seem to be fine. The wife has improved somewhat and I wonder if her improvement would be greater if she would have sought treatment from one of the FLCCC doctors. Her doctor recognizes vaccine injury, but does not know how to treat it. She's never been given ivermectin, for example. I sent information to her, but she ignored it and I gave up. She had no idea the vaccine had caused her problems until I mentioned it.

I'm so tired of this horror movie.

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