Wow, this really took me through the gamut of emotions. When I read statements like the following, my blood boils, and I want these “doctors” on trial for violating the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code as well as second-degree murder for every patient they indirectly killed:

“He asked about ivermectin and was told by the doctor, that it’s for horses, threw him out and said he’ll be back in 3 days on a ventilator. They were mad because he was unvaccinated.”

Having covered hospicide in this piece (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-governor-ron-desantis?s=w), I know remdesivir is basically a death sentence. When I read testimonials like this in which a patient recovers via IVM, even after being subjected to attempted murder by remdesivir, I do wonder if these patients will suffer long-term organ damage or if they’re out of the woods since they managed to escape organ failure.

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Mar 28, 2022·edited Mar 28, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

It’s way past time we help you & Dr. Marik. The FLCCC protocol saved my life…I want to do something to thank you…please. Tears, here. When the woman’s swim team was consistently whooped by a transgender male & began to complain, all I could think about was you & every physician who put their careers on the line to save others. I got tired of reading about how the women worked so hard most of their young lives to become expert in their sport. I screamed to myself, “Walk away, damn it, & the statement you make will create a wave you’ll be real champions. They bitched, moaned, didn’t quit. And Governors like DeSantis stepped up to support the unfairness of testosterone competition.

What about you and the rest, who never complained, were pilloried, fired, treated like rodents? And you never quit, either. Together with saving lives, you told the truth.

Who stood up for you and the rest, whose enemies are ethically & spiritually bankrupt?

Some of us want to show public thanks for putting it all on the line for people like me, my family, friends & strangers.


With a grateful heart…

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Thank you Dr. Kory for your bravery in speaking out about Ivermectin. I am grateful that I have been following you and the other courageous doctors who believe in early treatment and repurposed drugs to treat Covid. Both my husband and I came down with Covid this past December. We were fortunate to find physicians to prescribe Ivermectin and recovered literally within a few days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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I live in senior housing where there have been several covid outbreaks mostly in fully vaxed residents. For over a year I have taken HCQ,zinc, vits C and D3 and I am unvaxed and healthy. I am 84 with asthma and several 10 year old heart stents. I am a retired MD. Thanks for saving so many.

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Same story here....many a family member and friend, colleagues, etc treated with your protocols, all of them completely fine and singing the IVM and FLCCC praises. I am an ED PA, unable to treat my own patients for this, but in early Jan this year our youngest came home from school with vomiting, fever....I only tested myself later that weekend when i started feeling achey...started my IVM and the hubby prophylactically....he had NOTHING, I had 2 days malaise, myalgias. Our other kids, nothing!! No one vaxxed and not one IVM adverse issue was had, no long covid. Hubby prides himself on following the FLCCC vitamin protocols for nearly a year prior to our covid and as such is likely why he had no symptoms. My 70 yo Mom, same thing, and I could go on and on for days with same outcomes.

My brother and SIL as well as my entire in law side...all triply vaxxed, around same time all had 2+ weeks of covid/PNA, mABs, abx, ongoing misery, but by their own doing, all MSM followers and all ridiculed us for “choosing not to protect” ourselves early on.

My most heart wrenching personal story is of a friend’s 70 yo FIL who was in our local ICU, within the first few days of his hospitalization we had his covid annihilated, his son would sneak the IVM we dosed into the unit leaving it in his glasses case, etc...he was DNI and on/off bipap then, able to take his meds. All the docs and nurses were in total disbelief how his covid severity/inflamm markers plummeted within 48 hours of admission, total shock by all staff, but not to us.

Sadly, he spent the next 2 weeks of his life carrying out “the protocol” that ultimately took his life. I have never seen family members push so hard for their loved ones, and I have most certainly never seen anything as disgusting and malicious as this suppression of early and ANY treatment.

Thank you for Everything Dr. Kory and Colleagues....you are saving more lives than you’ll ever know, keep fighting!!!!!

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This latest post with all the letters was fabulous. I'm overjoyed at those whose lives were saved because of the very cheap and very safe IVM. We are fortunate to have had plenty of 12 mg. IVM on hand and shared with so many. My neighbor, 48 had a bad case with cough, and gave her IVM to take for five day, and her husband the same. She was better in two days, and her hubby never got C-19. Same story for so many others, and yes, we have had to give IVM to family members to smuggle into University of TN hospital to give to parents to save them. These physicians who believe the rot from the FDA, NIH and CDC and are doing no homework to save their patients have lost their right to even practice for they have failed to "do no harm."

Too many physician groups have flashing signs on the back door of patient rooms saying:

Get the COVID vaccines

They are Safe

They are Tested

They do not change your DNA

Stay Healthy, Get Vaccinated

And then the doctor tells you to keep your mask on when he comes in the room. Needless to say, I don't trust these docs. They know that 45 years of mask studies prove they're worthless, and they know the FDA, CDC, NIH are lying, but they'd rather save themselves from losing their jobs than save their patients from the adverse effects of COVID vaxes and mask wearing.

Our medical system is going down the toilet and the destruction has been in the works since 1906.

Thank God for the few dissident docs who are willing to stand up for truth, freedom and the health of their patients. God bless and keep you all!

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Thank you for pushing on no matter what comes. Brother. Shannon’s Ire 👍🗣🌎

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I love to read these positive stories. My mom started covid symptoms on Saturday, took IVM on Monday and Tuesday, and was completely recovered on Wednesday. Sat: scratchy throat Sunday: fatigue and muscle aches Monday and Tuesday: EXTREME exhaustion and no appetite, slept for 20 of 24 hours both days. Wednesday: fine, like normal!

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Dr. Kory, I subscribed to your substack but never was able to set up an account but I was able to link to this comment section through my email. Just want to THANK you because you recommended corticosteroids for my husband who had a cough post Covid in January for 7 weeks before we got him on Medrol 4 ml/ day for two weeks. Cough was gone completely after two weeks! The internist here in Atlanta just put him on Advair and it was not helping. It took me running into my brother's former roommate, who is a pulmonologist at UABirmingham who conceded that steroids might help, where upon I asked my brother who is an internist if he would prescribe Medrol. Since his former roommate was OK with it, he prescribed it. Just took a minor miracle to get the Rx as I have not seen his roommate in 30+ years when I ran into him at a funeral. SO thankful for your guidance on this. I would not have known what to ask for. Now my mother is very ill (88), never tested positive for Covid but did get fully vaccinated. She has always had autoimmune issues with allergies. I am recommending ivermectin once a week,but my father (retired internist) "doesn't have any faith in it." He did let me give it to her a couple of weeks ago and I think it helped, but he was also putting her on prednisone, so not sure if it was ivm or not. What a mess we are in when the journals are discrediting doctors who are thinking outside the box. I am trying to find articles on long covid or vaccine adverse event treatments you recommend that I can show my father and brother from sources they will respect. Very frustrating. But thank you again for the steroid recommendation. I will continue to follow you with the paid subscription. Never heard of substack until you mentioned it in an interview.

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I read them all. The level of collusion and inhumanity is astounding. Why would Indian Health ban a doctor from prescribing something he deems is helpful to recovery? It's just so evil. I pray this "ban" and the oppression of physicians and hospitals from properly treating patients will soon end.

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Bless you Dr Kory!

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I managed to smuggle some IVM into New Zealand. My neighbor had hers seized by Customs. Meanwhile P and Cocaine pour into the country. I haven't had to use the IVM yet but we are into a massive Omicron wave. 95% of the country double vaccinated and 79% triple jabbed.. A lot of them in hospital...

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My youngest brother, who was active, healthy, mid 50's, with no comorbidities developed COVID in late Aug 2021. Once he realized it was COVID, he was only able to get a couple of doses of Ivermectin before he was admitted to an Austin, Texas hospital because of difficulty breathing. I don't think that he knew about the FLCCC protocol then. After close to two weeks on high levels of oxygen, he had to be intubated, put on the ventilator, and things went quickly downhill from there. He'd gotten Remdesivir, and developed kidney failure and needed dialysis.

At this point, his wife and stepson became fierce advocates for him because he was unable to speak for himself. His wife fought for the right to visit, and was granted 1 hr/day, at 1PM only. The stepson researched everything he could find COVID-related, so he could discuss studies, medications and protocols intelligently with those overseeing my brother's care. The physicians said that so far, none of their ventilator COVID patients had survived. (Not sure if that was ALL COVID, or just Delta COVID ventilator patients) Despite this total history of failure, the physicians refused to consider trying even one medication from the FLCCC protocol.

We were able to contact Dr. Varon, of United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, and he was willing to review my brother's case, so we could possibly transfer him to a hospital which used the FLCCC protocol. Unfortunately, the Austin hospital, continuing to be obstructive, sent only partial records to Dr. Varon. There was a huge meeting (likely prompted by the message sent by Dr. Varon's record request), which included the ethics committee, the medical director, the physicians overseeing my brother's care, hospital board members, and a patient advocate. There was a show of concern from the hospital about the communication problems and antagonism with some of the physicians. Apologies were made. One physician was removed from the team.

However, they continued to refuse to consider any medication outside their already ineffective protocol. My brother was dying, and this was all they could say or do? Finally, Dr. Varon was sent the full records, but we weren't even sure my brother would survive the trip to Houston.

But, then my brother inexplicably began showing small signs of improvement. He was eventually transferred to a rehab hospital, and then a rehab facility, and was home by Thanksgiving. I believe he is with us today because of the prayers of the multitudes of people across the U.S. praying for him; NOT because of the COVID medical care in that Austin hospital. He is alive DESPITE the efforts of those physicians, who used drugs like Remdesivir, which is toxic. People like my brother have been unnecessarily harmed or died - not just in Austin TX, but in hospitals all over. Dr. Kory and others have very eloquently explained the factors behind that; I won't repeat their efforts.

It's almost April, and my brother still needs supplemental oxygen for sleep and exercise. He is extremely motivated, and even with working harder than most (once a Marine, always a Marine), he has required extensive OT and PT. There continue to be limitations. He has been very positive throughout his recovery, but I often think - how can our health "care" providers allow this to happen? Over and over again? I am a (retired) critical care nurse, and the senselessness of this often overwhelms me.

I am so grateful that my husband and I had Ivermectin (and supplements), and a nebulizer machine from the first day we became ill with COVID. I have multiple comorbidities, and I knew that it was unlikely that I would survive a hospital admission. We are here, thanks to FLCCC and their commitment to do what's right.

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Will never know for sure, but think my cousin was an inoculation fatality. Not long after her shot, she went to the ER to report seeing blood in her stool after using the bathroom. Her oxygen level was somewhat low, I don’t know the number, so they admitted her “for testing”. No one was allowed to visit so we don’t know what happened, but she walked into the hospital on Friday and was deceased on Sunday. 🙏

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Dr. Kory, would you mind please telling us if you’ve had time to review the study mentioned in this news story & lots of others? https://www.kare11.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/ivermectin-study-shows-drug-did-not-reduce-covid-19-hospitalizations/89-6edd2ba0-7e2e-47fe-94ca-802369f87696

What’s your take? Was this another gerrymandered study, or does it look like it was done according to generally accepted scientific methods & principles?

I know a bunch of my friends & doctors are going to use it as evidence Ivermectin doesn’t work, & I am curious about your take on it.

P.S. every time I hear you speak in a video, I literally want to get up & cheer. The corruption is RAMPANT in this industry.

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Here is a case study about a prominent billionaire in Australia who was able to access treatment by US doctors which included ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Ordinary Aussies are not allowed to have these drugs to treat Covid. https://oversixty.com.au/health/body/that-won-t-be-happening-why-clive-palmer-refused-icu-treatment

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