Pertaining to the Antifa/Proud Boys threats to the march, in which the people involved with those groups may be provacateurs, I remember watching Eyes on the Prize, many episodes on the Civil Rights Movement, and there was a story about a group that got cornered in a church basement by rabid inflamed Klan types. Someone there started singing hymns and spirituals, and it stopped the aggressors completely. That this would happen is born out by recent interdisciplinary research into the evolutionary nature of music. Just a strategy in case of emergency while backing away and filming. In Oakland and here in Detroit, the provacateurs often arrive after dark, and there's heavy Goliath investment in trying to channel this second civil rights movement into one of the binary political narratives. So many will be with you in spirit!

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I’ll be praying. Go get em!

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Pow! I watched the entire hearing. Everybody there nailed it and nailed it hard. Clips from that hearing are going to be going all around. We have to keep fighting.

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Hello Pierre, hope you are reading this.

I have subscribed to Substack just to post this message.

You obviously have a critical opportunity at the Senate Hearing and I'd like to give you some advice.

Firstly, prioritise your family above everything else.

Secondly, when you see many whistle blowers interviewed at the end of their saga they are often asked whether they are glad that they did what they did and secondly would they do it again.

The answers are often no and no.

However, I do commend you for your conviction.

My advice at the Senate Hearing is that whatever you say, try to say it devoid of anger.

You may feel you have every right to be angry but wild displays of emotion on the day will not do you any favours and in fact will give your naysayers fuel to say you are a loose cannon.

Brutal words said in soft tones have much more impact.

Walking away from that hearing as a credible, reasoned person who is neither zealous nor obsessed is absolutely critical.

Additionally, I think you have to ask yourself what is the best possible outcome here?

The FDA, NIH, CDC, Fauci etc all reversing their positions, adopting the FLCCC protocol and issuing you a public apology?

None of those things, put simply, are going to happen.

For if they do, those organisations will have to explain why suddenly they have changed their mind given that not much new evidence has come out in the last few months. They would then probably face a multitude of legal actions if not a class action as to why they didn't approve those medications months earlier.

You may well have the moral victory but I think it is worthwhile to always remind yourself that widespread public vindication may not come.

Your best outcome may be getting a Intensivist job at a large hospital, somewhere that allows you to prescribe what you want with the support of your colleagues.

But I genuinely admire your conviction and I believe that early treatment is an under utilised tool to fight Covid.

All the best

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Dr. Kory, thank you for everything. quick question regarding updated protocol, why was Nitazoxanide taken off the document?

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Good luck! Thank God for doctors like you! Now, help us in NY!

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Superb presentation and testimony!

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Bravo to all of you today!!!!! Absolutely captivating testimony that had me glued to the screen for 4+ hours.

As I have written previously, you are speaking for those of us who cannot and our appreciation cannot be overstated🙏.

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David Kessler, MD current scientific officer to Dr Fauci, was FDA commissioner in 1990s.

Hates AltMed, wants to destroy all CAM docs, would put you in jail if he could and he

did in 1990s. See other comments sent. Behind FDA, Behind No License for Disinformation

where group contacts state medical boards building cases against any doctor who dares

to prescribe IVRM or varies in opinion about COVID and aggressively DEMANDS their

licenses are taken away. Jonathan Emord sued FDA many times in 1990s as out of control

w. supplements & destroying doctors lives. Today FDA:



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IVRM (6cents) has same mech of action as Paxlovid ($700). Show Senate should Rx IVRM

as early intervention to treat COVID, better outcomes than Paxlovid with serious side

effects vs IVRM 75 clinical trials show safe, effective

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Paxlovid, same mech action as IVRM, has serious cardio side effects. Consider IVRM. Bring up in Senate hearing please...

OpEd "After looking closely at the drug-drug interactions listed for Pfizer's new oral COVID-19 drug ritonavir-nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid), I realized that a large percentage of my patients are taking medications on the list."

Op-ed by Anthony Pearson, MD


Opinion | Caution: Paxlovid Interacts With Many Heart Meds

The Skeptical Cardiologist asks clinicians and patients to take note

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Good Luck at Senate Hearing tomorrow.

Please read 2 emails below I sent you on David Kessler, MD - Chief Scientific Officer reports

into Dr Anthony Fauci, MD. Note- neither of them see patients or have. They work w. policy

not people. Kessler behind attacking doctors as he had doctors arrested in 1992 for IVC.

See emails sent. Also when google IVRM, FDA flyer comes up with cow and horse saying

this is veterinary drug and dangerous for ppl to take. Lot of propaganda. Kessler involved.

Watch youtube videos Kessler on like Rachel Maddow peddling disinformation. He should

be called into Congress as Fauci has. They both need to be deposed.

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Continue on David Kessler MD. Scary now as Kessler successful in having strangle hold on media to Fauci and President. He represents BigPharma. When saw FDA flyer with horse and cow saying Ivermectin is a veterinary drug and dangerous for human consumption. That is Kessler MOI. When google Ivermectin this FDA flyer is first to come up. FDA and colluding entities can be sued.

Read NPR come out with smear on Quack Wellness doctors selling snake oil thyroid alpha that has no scientific documentation. The snake oil wellness docs are ripping the public off selling snake oil for covid treatments and dangerous as peoplexwill die if they do not take the vaccine. Wellness docs are evil. This is Kessler MOI. NPR just put out article stating reputable scientists and doctors wrote letter demanding Spotify remove evil Joe Rogan . Very bad misleading article on Joe Rogan.

Rachel Maddow and dozens on corporate media and newspaper warn of dangers of a horse deworming paste poisoning patients. Their medical source is Rolling Stone inaccurate article peddling lies about Ivermectin. Trail Site News and you did excellent job in calling out. Rolling Stone board member has deep investments in BigPharma and Vax. Attacking anyone like Eric Clapton or any entity like Ivermectin that stands in the way of profits. Yet they turn it around saying destroy docs that sell snake oil for Covid and are killing people steering them away from the miracle vax program.

They fire doctors and Healthcare workers. Kessler MOI group NO LICENSE FOR DISINFORMATION that contact medical boards reporting any doctor that is not in line with Fauci federal vax policies. This includes prescribing IVERMECTIN. Dr Nass excellent example. No license as prescribe Ivermectin. Now psychiatric evaluation. Kessler will go as far as putting doctors and Healthcare workers in jail. He did have histic doctors arresested back in 1990s. He has stranglehold on media FDA CDC the president in partnership w Fauci. Driven by BigPharma. They must be stopped.

Kessler has been on Rachel Maddow show. Watch those Google you tube Kessler and cnn msnbc and other shows he has been on. Anderson Cooper master at destroying Joe Mercola MD and company.

Have Senate hearing on Kessler. He must be called out and stopped

Need to pass federal legislation.

Jonathan Emord with grp I worked for APMA sued FDA many times and won in 1990s.

Lawsuits must be filed to stop them.

This is very serious. So much more to report on.

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Have Senate hearing on David Kessler MD, Chief Scientific Officer to Anthony Fauci MD.

He has same MOI as he did in 1990s when he was FDA Commissioner. Scary he is achieving his goals in dismantling and destroying Integrative Medicine through COVID which he views as snake oil sales that must be obliterated.

He hates at time in 1990s called Holistic Medicine. He had doctors and nurses arrested for giving IV Vitamin C infusions in their clinics. Ie Jonathan Wright MD.

Kessler passed bill in 1992 as FDA Commissioner outlawing all vitamins minerals botanicals amino acids homeopathics.

American Preventive Medical Assn where I worked countered him with DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) bill with bipartisan passage in 1994 with 85% vote cosponsored by Orin Hatch R Utah and Tom Harkin D Iowa.

Scary this time around he has gotten control of DEMs and corporate media. In 2020 Google NPR.

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What happened to Bret Weinstein?

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Watch out for Kristina Fiore at MedPage today. wrote scathing article on you on Nov 21 2021 and on FLCCC on Jan 6. Doc Took 'Miracle Drug', Still Got COVID; St. Jude Has Billions as Families Go Broke medpagetoday.com

Doc Took 'Miracle Drug', Still Got COVID; St. Jude Has Billions as Families Go Broke

This past week in healthcare investigations


Really Kristina?


IVRM 46 yo Nobel Prize win drug 4 BILLION PPL use, 75 clinictrials show safe, effective, crush 2 ww pandemics.12 GOVTS give IVRM to treat COVID. https://trialsitenews.com/catalyst-indian-bar-association-serves-legal-notice-on-whos-chief-scientist-dr-soumya-swaminathan/ Dr Lawrie publ metanalysis IVRM treat COVID as ANTIVIRAL July2021.IndiaBr SUES WHO


MD is triple certified in Pulmonology, Critical Care & Internal Medicine training residents at academic hospital 4 decades, author of prestigious medical text, etc. Your medical credentials are ZERO CORRECT? Paxlovid same mech of action as IVRM

How about Fair Balanced Accurate reporting interviewing doctors before slandering them?

Prem Jaypal <premjoynow@gmail.com>

5:50 PM (1 hour ago)

to k.fiore

Dear Ms Kristina Fiora,

As you know, you are not a licensed medical doctor but you are harassing them including jabbing Dr Kory while he was recovering from COVID. Would you like that done to you, your son or husband? Would you think this is a violation of HIPPA laws not to say a violation of civil decency from one human being to another. CRUEL!!!! Dr Kory got COVID, took his protocol that included IVRM and recovered without hospitalization or death from the Deadly Delta COVID. Gee why did you not report on this that Dr Kory recovered and did not have to go to hospital or die as many thousands of patients that did not need to be hospitalized or die using FLCCC protocols. Much better statistics than the hospitals. Gee you think you would want to find out what they are doing to save thousands and thousands of lives while many are dying at hospitals when early intervention protocols keep patients out of hospitals and from dying.

17000 doctors and scientists have verified use of IVRM to treat COVID. It is a 46 yo Nobel Prize winning drug that 4 BILLION PEOPLE USED WITH POSITIVE OUTCOMES. July 2021 Dr Tess Lawrie MD PhD pub AmTJ metanalysis on IVRM as an ANTIVIRAL to treat COVID. Did not get press coverage in USA but Pfizer went to make a drug with exact same mechanism of action, Paxlovid that costs $700 a pill versus IVRM costing 6 cents. Could that be what this is all about? Smear campaign on excellent doctors and an outstanding medication to suppress as stand in way of billions of $ in profits?

Why aren't you reporting on this story? Have you heard of balanced fair reporting? Perhaps you should interview these doctors before condemning them. You may want to slander them before interviewing but they are speaking at a Senate hearing tomorrow. They are respected in Congress and why cant you have the decency to interview them rather than slander them? Why is it in 12 countries, GOVT are distributing IVRM to their citizens with successful outcomes? The Indian Bar had to SUE WHO as they blocked dissemination of IVRM that was saving lives in India from the Deadly Delta COVID. Well you can't defame17000 doctors and scientists world wide that approve of Ivermectin. Most people want early intervention in addition to vaccines. They are sick of vaccines are the only answer when a combined approach is far more effective. Why aren't you investigating and reporting on this?

Largest study of IVM in COVID passed rigorous peer-review & was published this week. Found IVM use led to a massive reduction in infections, hospitalizations, & death. Crickets from across the worlds major media. The global war on repurposed drugs marches on

Quote Tweet

FLCCC—Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance


· Jan 18

A new, peer-reviewed study from Brazil of over 150k subjects finds regular prophylactic use of IVM “was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates." https://cureus.com/articles/82162

The Epoch Times


· Jan 21

#NewHampshire is poised to become the 1st US state to make #Ivermectin available as an over the counter medication and sanction it as a protected treatment for #COVID19, under a bill before the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee. https://theepochtimes.com/new-hampshire-

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