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Awesome write-up Doc. But I feel like you're talking sense to a brick wall. Quite like your last post of talking sense to a zombie pharmacist.

Doc Malone's popularization of the "mass formation psychosis" model has been like "emotional therapy" for me. Under the model, 30% of Americans are "hypnotized zombies" ... like this asshole editor you're responding to above.

Another 30% are we, the Resistance.

Then there's the middle 40% who are not "hypnotized", but who follow that crap for pragmatic reasons. It is this 40% that we, the Resistance, can reach with logic like the above.

Example from a couple of weeks ago in my life: I "talked down" a 30-something friend from taking the booster shot, and gave him a "cover story" to tell his hypnotized parents and co-workers. He thanked me for "saving his life". He's in the 40%.

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You are so patient and enduring and persistent--I so admire that! I read this this morning and just flew into a rage. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jan/17/arkansas-inmates-lawsuit-covid-ivermectin I become a vervet monkey! (evolutionary biologists say swearing comes from the place in our brain that is analogous to the alarm call place in the brains of vervet monkeys) This is the same kind of machination by the giant tick of tyranny as the "y'all are not horses' gambit was, and notice how they throw back the accusation of medical experimentation (can anyone say Mrna Mr. Rogers?) on doctors trying to save people. Then I thought, well maybe it could be a place to make a stand for FLCC lawyers. Hoist them on their own petard sayeth the vervet monkey.

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Oh brother, some inmates bored, and get into playing uproar, thence enter the fallen so low ACLU to up the uproar. Wow. Geeez. That place wasn't going to spring for other treatments or prevention. I saw at the state prison in my state the inmates all got the virus, and they didn't get squat for the symptoms other than some acetaminophen. I'd like to contribute to that doctor's legal defense. Prison medicine can be interesting because that's a place to see end stage disease and try to figure out what can be done before the authorities kick the inmate out to die, while claiming it is humane.

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Dr. Kory,

From the first moment I saw and read about you and your group, I began to feel safe and confident again after the months of fear and panic that our media and our own government helped create about the virus. I read your cv so I knew about your qualifications, that you were a critical care specialist, and were triple board certified in internal medicine. I thought 'finally someone with courage is stepping out to lead physicians in this country to help people'. Every clip of you on tv and the youtube presentation you were in displayed your passion, confidence, and conviction. I can't thank you enough for what you gave me -- a plan, a feeling that I could beat this horrid disease because I was afraid of it -- I'd been sick in a pandemic before. In 1958 when I was in high school I caught the Asian Flu. BAM, I went down. I've never forgotten how sick I was. I couldn't help thinking, if this SARS-Co-V2 is as bad as that flu, at my age (80) I won't make it.

I followed your and the FLCCC's advice so when it hit us, we were prepared.

My 84-year-old husband and I had been on the zinc, D3, and quercetin since last spring, and I finally convinced him to join me in getting a doctor from your list. Within one week of receiving and starting the ivermectin prophylaxis, he caught Covid. I followed your treatment plan for him during the following week, plus I took the ivermectin dosage that is recommended after exposure. He recovered. I never got sick. I feel so lucky. I feel so grateful. Thank you and Drs. Marik and Cadegiani and the other members of your team for your bravery and skill.

The other day a gentleman posted on twitter that at the beginning of the pandemic he had been abroad, probably a business trip, and one man in their group said he wasn't worried about the virus. The man said, "After all, it's only going to kill the old and the weak," shrugging away that Covid was of no consequence. The gentleman relating the story said, 'He's a successful man, with a great job right now,' and he was sickened by the experience.

It's funny, even though I'm elderly, my head, my heart, even my body isn't old or worn out. Most days, I think the same way I did when I was 30, 40, 50, etc. I do yoga, tai chi, and I walk for exercise. I self-published a YA book the other day, mostly for our grandchildren, but it was fun and I'm going to enter it in a couple of contests. I sing in a group. The ladies wear pretty, sparkly dresses, and the men wear evening clothes. We perform for assisted living and nursing homes and community clubs. Saving people like me, as well as other older people, is worthwhile, no matter what some on the left might think.

I'm sorry this is so long -- I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you. May God continue to bless you and yours with strength and courage and success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

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Dr. Kory, I forgot to tell you one more thing. I got a doctor who prescribed prophylaxis ivermectin for me several months before I convinced my husband to get one. During that time our daughter, who was vaccinated with Moderna, caught covid. I sent my husband over with zinc, quercetin, melatonin, aspirin, etc., and I checked on her every day. On the third day she said, 'I don't feel very good.' I could tell by her voice she was very ill. We took her my ivermectin. Within two or three days, she got better. I know it was because of the ivermectin. Thank you again. :) I'm sorry to take up so much space, but I do appreciate you and the FLCCC.

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Thank you joan for your comments and how well you have handled covid.

I have similar feelings that the turning point in reducing fear was flccc, Dr Korey and Dr. Marik. I have the ingredients in the flccc prevention and early treatment kit. I have told a few people about it.

A couple of days ago I talked with a friend in CA who is about 80 years old and has a chronic lung condition that sounds like congestive heart failure, but he doesn't have that diagnosis because it takes a couple of systems in the mix to get that diagnosis. He can walk 100 yards at most before out of breath.

He lives in So. California so I suggested that he get in touch with the Tyson and Fareed doctors in Imperial County CA. For him, it is essential to not go to the hospital and he needs a kit of therapeutics and out patient treatment.

This is how bad it is. A friend with a serious condition and the CDC official treatment would probably kill him. He gets information from a friend living in Ohio rather than the normal health resources of So. Calif.

Here is an article about their work


The flccc doctors have experience in the hospital but were led to preventative care. Tyson and Fareed have always been in a clinic outside a hospital and treat people directly, use Xrays, etc. so have some equipment. And it seems with their track record they are able to get ivermectin.

Isn't it unbelievable that the CDC, FDA, NIH, are recommending murder and long covid rather than early treatment. And most people go along with the vax, vax, vax ideology

I sure would like to have ivermectin

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The FLCCC site has lists of doctors who will take patients, as well as prescribe the ivermectin. Good luck.

And, yes, we are living in unbelievable times. It's important to remain optimistic or we'll all get depressed. We must be as resilient and tough as the people who lived in our parents' and our grandparents' generations.

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When is this Covid insanity going to end? I don’t even feel safe in my own community anymore. How many of my neighbors are actually completely bonkers?

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People wake up slowly. Every little bit of counter-propaganda gets some number of people to question the narrative. Desmet told us that a necessary part of breaking the spell is for people to speak out.

Plus, it will age well. "Wow grandpa! You're in the history book!" :)

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Last August sure seems like a long time ago with all the stuff that has happened.

What has happened to Matt Walsh or the Journal since then?

Maybe a letter from Matt could be posted with this substack.

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Paxlovid starting to dispence, need to get word out same mech of action as IVRM which appears safer that Paxlovid as Cardiologists are cautioning NOT to take if have Cardiology condition and on cardiac meds as serious contraindications Really need to get news out IVRM same mech of action as Paxlovid cost 6 cents vs $700.

Really need to call out FDA with flyer I am not a horse, I am not a Cow IVRM is veterinary drug

and dangerous for human consumption. Who is peddling DISINFORMATION? David Kessler and current FDA commisioner need to be called out. They issued demand to all state medical boards to suspend license of providers prescribing IVRM or promoting Disinformation. Further to suspend license of any Pharmacist that dispenses IVRM. David Kessler was FDA commissioner in 1990s where he had doctors and nurses arrested for giving IV Vitamin C. He tried to outlaw all supplements as he thinks Integrative Med docs are snake oil salepersons and what they peddle is all snake oil. I see the same Witchhunt going on now that he is Chief Scientific Officer to Anthony Fauci. It is scary. Google NPR article on quack Wellness docs peddling thymosin alpha a peptide that shows decrease in viral replication. They took off the market and now is a prescription drug Zadaxin. They are saying quackery yet know it works and is now a drug. This is just one example. They are going after outlawing anything sold OTC. NAC another example. Senate really need to investigate David Kessler MD and call him in for a hearing.

I do have to say I lean towards early intervention protocols with vaccines. UNVAX patients with Omicron are concerning, one in particular who took the IVRM and supplements. She wound up in ER with pneumonia. Many other patients needed inhalers and antibiotic as coughing and inflammation in lungs concerning. I think VAX patients needed antibiotics and inhalers but not as serious outcomes as the UNVAX. Not seeing patients VAX having these serious health issues.

What about the statistics that most patients in ICU with Delta were UNVAX? Yes most probably did not do early intervention. But VAX were not needing to go to hospital? With that I lean like Dr John Campbell to getting vaccinated as well as doing early intervention protocols along with aspirating when giving jab. NOVAVAX has COVID VAX and is conventional vax given nasally I believe used in Europe sitting on FDA desk why not approved as other countries are using......

open to discussion and proving me wrong but what seeing with patients and statistics

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