This is such an important point that the propagandists don’t want out there. I remember way back when I used to attempt to argue with Covidians on Nextdoor (a futile habit I kicked around a year ago since every comment I made with a reference got disappeared instantly), I explained that vaxx mandates disproportionately discriminate against black and brown people (I think blacks had a 23% vaxx rate at the time, iirc). Macron had just been hinting that he would require a vaxxport for voting, and the media was pushing for something similar in the US. I provided the ethnic/racial statistics of vaxx uptake and asked how would it look if 77% of blacks were prevented from voting. Radio silence followed by comment deletion.

On another note, Pierre, I was able to use the reference you shared about German birth rates in the post I published yesterday:

• “Letter to the German Bundestag” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-german-bundestag)

I would be grateful to you and anyone else who is willing to help amplify this message and fulfill my dream of getting Karl Lauterbach fired, the Infection Protection Amendments rejected, and all COVID-19 legislation in Germany reversed. I am asking people to use the hashtag #FireKarlLauterbach on social media to help get it trending.

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I can’t believe these people are getting away with this. This vaccine isn’t just dangerous, it’s also useless otherwise.

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I can’t even begin to express my love, gratitude and thankfulness for Dr. Kory. He deserves a giant statue in his honor next to Lincoln’s in D.C. He has saved countless lives along with Dr. Zelenko and a few other brave souls willing to take on this evil that overtaken our nation throwing real science out the window. We need an ad campaign in DC at the grassroots level to get these parents to say he-l no!!!!

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Aug 24, 2022·edited Aug 24, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

My thoughts exactly; I feel as if I am living in a horror movie. I told my husband earlier today that these mandates will inordinately affect those who have no other options, who cannot homeschool their children, nor afford another alternative, not to mention that the parents have been so brainwashed that they don't realize their children are in peril. I am nearly in despair at times when I think about the human toll we have seen and are continuing to see.

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This is the real systemic racism in the country - lockdowns, vaccine mandates, school closures, restrictions all disproportionately affected minorities, and horrifically. And the ballooning education gap is unlikely to recover even to pre-covid levels for the foreseeable future.

Besides for which this policy is aggressively and intensely evil as applied to everyone.

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Aug 24, 2022·edited Aug 24, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

We have to Just Say No to Drugs. It’s hard. I live near a big, dumb, blue city and I feel like a Jew living in Nazi Germany. I’m not kidding, it’s feeling like 1933 Germany, early days. Last week, a store clerk told me I was welcome to shop unmasked if I was fully vaccinated. This IS a horror movie. And it’s not over yet.

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Thank you, Dr. Kory! My family and I appreciate you so much! And I’ve just switched my subscription from Berenson to you. 😀

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Aug 23, 2022·edited Aug 23, 2022

I guess I am subscribed. I hope so. Your writing is great and informative. We need you and I appreciate you very much!

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Aug 24, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

God bless you Dr Kory

Thank you for saving lives from the beginning of this democide/genocide 1984 roll out.

More horror than the devils demanding child sacrifice is the willingness of any!!! to deliver their children into the hands of these monsters [either the school or the satanserum needle holders] Many are alive now because of you and others - who endure the heartbreak of seeing other MDs complicit in the mental and physical torture/depopulation of human beings worldwide

We owe you and we thank you. Jesus sees it all

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The horror show continues. Some days I am so mad I feel like Dr Angry sometimes looks (who is Dr Angry? You know who I mean- and he's angry in a good way). Just how are we all "following the science" with all the different recommendations in different countries?

I'm from NYS but live in Sweden. People tend to trust their authorities and are very compliant. Most adults are vaccinated and it's recommended for young people 12 and up. Safe and effective, right? Having managed to get through the first year of the pandemic after being slammed for our crazy Swedish strategy (which nobody seems to remember now, and we didn't all fall down dead), people RAN to get vaccinated. Go figure. As of 18 Aug 85.2% of those over 12 have had 2 jabs and 66.6% of those over 18 have had three. For kids 5-11 who are extra sensitive for respiratory infection it's possible to get the jab. Under 5, no jab. Covid vaccination here is free of charge and voluntary.

Of course it's been tough for folks in healthcare to say no and keep their jobs, as for many of us vaccination was NOT voluntary. Not to mention the horrifying treatment non-compliant people got from their employers (mostly the state) and workmates, and extra social distancing rules just for them. It was also tough for the kids whose families who said no at the time the first 2 vaccinations took place at school. There was a short period of vaccine passes to attend larger events. There is no sanctioned early treatment available here and most people seem to accept that as a normal state of affairs. You prescribe, let's say ivermectin, you risk your reputation and your license.

Sweden has had no lockdowns or mask mandates (certainly not for schoolchildren), and the younger kids have had no disruption of schools/preschools. Kids being kids any attempt at social distancing was doomed to fail and did. Kids didn't die and the virus didn't spread like wildfire. Older kids and colleges/universities with remote schooling had similar mental health issues as other places in the world, but here it was a brief time in comparison.

Things have been totally stupid in Sweden too as far as fear and vaccination go, but what is going on in the US has looked certifiably crazy from over here. As a lifelong Democrat I despair. What will Make America Sane Again?

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I like your regular writing style!

Also, a great post.

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Yes we are Doc. Keeps going eventually public will stand. But this much stress can release a torrent of good intent to a place very dangerous. Courage matters! 🇺🇸🌎

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Dr. Kory, I could write a dissertation on the mess that has been made in fighting COVID-19. I ended up with longhaulers in March 2020 because I could not get early viral treatment. My ENT, who is now retired tried to treat me. Dr. Mahon Rx azithromycin, steroids and tried to Rx. HCQ or Ivermectin. The state of SC refused to honor either Rx, they were considered off label. Then he tried to get monoclonal antibodies for me. The hospital refused to give them to me unless I signed myself in as a COVID-19 patient ( $$$$$$) and would allow them to intubate me!

Several family members, friends and neighbors got the clot shots due to the propaganda from the federal government and the MSM. Several have had serious vaccine injuries. They would not listen to me. I was labeled a conspiracy theorist by all of them. The truth will out. Some of them are dead from clot shot deaths from strokes and cancers that were previously in remission. It boggles the imagination that people can be so ignorant.

Now they are after our babies and school age children. If these parents buckle to this mandate, they better never expect to have grandchildren, due to infertility problems in these children. And, these children may die premature deaths due to the clot shots. As a 78 year old retired nurse and clinical MSW social worker, I never cease to be amazed at what these morons will try next with these jabs.

If not for Dr. Antonatos of the FLCCC group, I would likely be dead. I love and respect all of the doctors of the FLCCC who are courageous enough to put their careers and livelihoods on the line for what you believe in medically about the COVID-19 debacle. You are swimming upstream against these evil people who want “to thin the herd”. My hat is off to you Dr. Kory, you are my hero!

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Aug 28, 2022Liked by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

God Bless you Dr. Kory! You are the single most brand awareness organization (FlLCCC) and I’ve watched the impact you have made since first watching you on Dr. Mobeen.

Living in SC, no pharmacies would fill early treatment. Moving to Fl., different obstacles yet 2 yrs later the data is clear! My heart aches and is vocal on no vax on children.

The Democrats have been bought in DC by Pfizer and Moderna. The Dutch, thankfully can review data and have no greed in the game. It’s pure disaster and discrimination. There is no EMERGENCY.

Vaccine should be choice. Flying thru ATL airport, the owners of the bistro, African American knew not to vaccinate. They knew your organization. The elitist are not so clever.

We need need Leadership in DC and no Mandates that harm. There is no emergency.

Thank you for Steadfast Work. ! Making a huge difference!

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Thank god and Glenn Youngkin that we live across the river in Virginia!

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"DC’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate will hurt those its meant to protect"

Wrong! These mandates would do their job: kill people - they were never meant to protect anyone...

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