Right now RFK Jr. may be the only hope for reforming the democrat party. That said, I fear the real "powers that be" are not going to allow Kennedy to become the candidate, nor are they going to allow Trump to be the candidate for the republicans. A truly sad state of affairs for our nation. Are legitimate honest elections even possible?

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I’m a former journalist and I approve of this message.

See you on Maui next week. Keep up the excellent work.

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The fact that RFK can even do a pushup, and command falcons, puts him way ahead of 99% of other candidates and past presidents.

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The smear campaign against Ivermectin was so well done. I used to be on Twitter and I tried to just say 'hey this is a real medicine' and I got rolled by folks saying..'no people are literally taking veterinarian medicine and that's the result of misinformation' It worked on me. It made me realize how intense commenting on health related matters can be given you don't know how people may take it and made me keep mum.

The thing is I think it was meant to work on me...on scaring moderate people away from this crazy thing those people, probably MAGA, are doing. I don't think it was in any way, shape, or form meant to actually reach out to right leaning people and get them to not take the animal version of the product. It wasn't failed out reach to the vaccine hesitant. It was a warning shot to moderate people that this was a radioactive subject to dare lend an open ear to the other side on.

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At only a week away from 64 it still amazes me people trust government and or the media. In grade school I was the historical outcast always asking and challenging authority and its shills. High school was even rougher. Almost failed history because I wanted to know what the difference was between fascism and communism, as I seen none. Both lied, both enslaved both murdered and committed mass murder. The Marxist sympathizer teacher did not take kindly to my statement above. So from an early age I knew government lied ALL the time. Their was never a government in history that did not or does not. Full stop.

So it's hard for me to understand any adult capable of basic thought processes just swallowing the in your face lies told by government on just basic things let alone wars, covid or bigger things. I seldom do anything without asking why and looking at it. Dr Cory is multiple times smarter than this barely made it through school dumb a$$ yet I see the scam everytime. Ahead if time. It's not how long you go to school, how many sheep skins you have or letters on the end of your name, it's all about being inquisitive and not accepting because I said so.

Im glad so many like Dr Cory and others have somewhat awakened. It's late but their is hope that we can still salvage our freedom.

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Dr. Kory, I honor your integrity... So many caved for the almighty $$$...those of you who hold firm to your moral convictions have been beacons of light in a very dark world!

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I don't know if Kennedy will be "allowed" to run and I don't know if Trump will be "allowed" to run. I do know this...Kennedy's voice on the v@x and other matters are allowing for great discussions and conversations that our country hasn't had in 20+ years.

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Great piece thanks.

However, it fails to acknowledge the fact that these techniques have been used to create a fake pandemic. The crimes didn’t start with the suppression of treatments.


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I must admit I lost some respect when I read you voted for Biden. How anyone with even a little knowledge would vote for that racist politician known to be on the wrong side of issues for 40+ years, especially foreign policy issues. I guess voting for ‘party’ outweighed any oversight of Biden’s horrible decisions and behavior. He basically hid in his basement for a year. I guess democrats vote for whoever the party selects. 🤦‍♀️🤬

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Thanks. Great article. I'm Republican but I had just donated to RFK when he started doubletalking on gun bans.: ~"I'm a Bill of Rights minimalist, so I won't take your guns, but if there's a consensus to ban assault weapons and it passes by majority, I'll sign it." Too much like Trump, contradicting himself in the same sentence. RFK opposes "consensus science" on pharma issues, but he's all for it on rapid climate change. I was already hesitant because he never retracted & clearly disowned his statement that "climate deniers" should be prosecuted. He's for constitutional rights until a majority ("consensus") wants to override them. That was the last straw. I canceled the check.

Hey, any thoughts on this:


The patch trial is extremely small and lacks a control group - 4 patients, but interesting. However, I looked over the science papers and studies of published statistics in France, China, US etc - they seem very compelling. Like 50-75% reduction in covid death in smokers compared to non-smokers if I'm reading it right. Sad there haven't been any other trials (if there haven't been). But nicotine is even more politically incorrect than HCQ, IVM, D, C, K2, Quercetin and Zinc, probably mainly since there's no Big Money for Big Pharma in nicotine patches.

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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Oct 1, 2018

Vitamin D acceptance delayed by Big Pharma following the Disinformation Playbook

Commentary by William B. Grant, Ph.D.

(OMNS Oct 1 2018) A "Disinformation Playbook" has been used for decades by corporations to delay government action on matters of public interest that would adversely affect their income and profit. Some well-known examples include the big tobacco companies, the coal and oil industries, the sugar industry, and the National Football League. The Union of Concerned Scientists has outlined five "pillars" of the Playbook [Disinformation Playbook], [Alvord 2017]. Big Pharma may be using the Playbook to slow the adoption of strong support for vitamin D. This article is the product of my further analysis.

The Disinformation Playbook

1. The Fake

Conduct counterfeit science and try to pass it off as legitimate research.

2. The Blitz

Harass scientists who speak out with results or views inconvenient for industry.

3. The Diversion

Manufacture uncertainty about science where little or none exists.

4. The Screen

Buy credibility through alliances with academia or professional societies.

5. The Fix

Manipulate government officials or processes to influence policy inappropriately.

Background and evidence that vitamin D improves health outcomes

Big Pharma and its allies in the U.S. and perhaps also in Europe are opposing major recommendations for increases in vitamin D intakes and higher serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] levels [above 30 or 40 ng/ml (75-100 nmol/l)], apparently because such measures can significantly reduce the burden of human disease and, therefore, would reduce income and profit from treating disease. Healthcare in the U.S. now consumes almost 20% of the gross domestic product......................

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But why doesn’t the producer of Ivermectin go to court, with a billion dollar lawsuit, due to lost turnover.

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When did we cross the Rubicon?

We now live in an environment in which a) the authorities have no liability, b) the people have no say on what the authorities do od don’t do, c) the media create fake or ad hoc stories, d) politicians are appointed to carry out specific operations, and not for a term of office, e) and remove from position when they get burned, f) the state is no longer bound by the continuity principle, g) health services do not exist, h) laws are being put in place to enable specific operations, and not for the better organisation of the community, i) deep fakes are impossible to detect, j) including speech creation, k) firearms are forbidden for registered citizens, but completely freestyle elsewhere, l) wars are being made up for fancy reasons, not even for raw minerals, m) mass social transformations are being unleashed to destroy the homogeneity of communities, n) parties and colours are no longer in peaceful cooperation for the better good of everybody or even somebody, o) public funds are being redirected, transferred, lost, unaccounted for, re-assigned, granted with no oversight and no accountability, p) the elderly are being targeted and annihilated by those assigned by law and professional “ethics” to care about them, q) science is officially repurposed and relabelled contrary to scientific views, tradition and principles, r) governments kill more of their own citizens than international wars, s) technological concepts are being implemented worldwide with zero future vision, zero sustainability, and zero integration with the existing infrastructures, t) but we are happy burning trillions tons of fossil fuel in fake rockets traditionally fired out since 1960s with traditional zero point zero zero benefit (as at today), u) and we are extremely happy driving 70-t heavy metal vehicles carrying 3 persons and zero useful load while consuming 500 litres of high-cost fossil fuel every 50 miles, and scrapping these vehicles after the average of 5 minutes in the field, v) and we are absolutely happy flying giant airplanes burning more fossil fuels with the actual fuel consumption worse than an average all-terrain truck, w) and we are orgasmically happy producing more waste than useful products and leaving said waste all over the place, x) and we are so self-satisfied with killing and destroying the only source of life on the Earth: CO2, y) which we gladly support by destroying whatever live organisms we can wipe out without any conscience, z) the media create and promote temporary figures of authority while completely neglected primary education leaves everybody a helpless kid for lifetime.

Can a single person wake up from this daymare? Or tapping a smartphone is more important? Or uploading a non-contributory text? Or throwing out all personal matters all over the place?

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I have watched you since you began to speak up nationally. Thank you! You and the actions you took are what makes America great! I’m a big fan and a big follower. We can make a difference in the world!

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People have to want to be educated and most of them would rather get drunk while watching trash television, the most modern form of propaganda.

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We may not know the number of people who died from the suppression of Ivermectin and other existing methods. However, we do know that every person that died from the gene therapy shots, died as a result of the suppression of safe and effective treatments.

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