Thank you so much for cross-posting A Midwestern Doctor's (AMD) substack. I've earned my online medical "degree" from your substack, AMD's substack, and others. Always love learning from great critical thinkers!

Dr. Kory, you generally are funnier than AMD, but you both are so very amazing and greatly appreciated by readers who want to learn and do their own critical thinking. AMD is particularly adept at explaining how he tests his own hypotheses rigorously. You both are great teachers. Dr. Ryan Cole and others remind us often that "doctor" means "teacher".

Links for sharing:

- A Midwestern Doctor: https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/

- Pierre Kory's Medical Musings: https://pierrekory.substack.com/

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Dec 5, 2022·edited Dec 5, 2022

About 2.5 years ago, we pulled the kids out of elementary school and started homeschooling. I’ve been impressed and amazed at how self-motivated they are when they get to determine their schedule and do work in any order that suits them as opposed to being told what to do and when. But now the oldest is ready for high school and I’m torn about whether to send him back (for the socialization and for subjects beyond me ability.) I’ve had no issue skipping Jr High. For me, Jr High was a time of fist fights, anxiety, sexual experimentation I wasn’t psychologically ready for, drug experimentation, cigarette smoking and stealing…all bad things, especially for kids. With my kids, I’ve never heard either one so much as utter a swear word or even get angry with another human for more than a few minutes. I cherish their sweet innocence but wonder if they need some real world wake up?

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If you don’t know them you might LOVE looking into the world of & interviews with John T Gatto & John Holt.

After I was hurt by two “safe & effective” pharmaceutical products made by Johnson & Johnson, we had a whole-life meltdown starting with the decline of my physical & mental health & thus the loss of my career and the job keeping us afloat.

My kids (10,10 & 8 at the time) then showed they too were under significant stress at school. Not knowing what else to do when my 5th grader started talking suicide, we pulled them all out of school).

But being a creative, I knew I couldn’t be one of those “institutional school at home” moms so I was so stressed I was ruining their lives.

I was curious about the history of compulsory education in the US & started learning, which led me to the teachings of Holt & Gatto. I read everything they wrote & listened to every interview/speech. Gatto & I actually became pen pals. We had the kids do “self directed learning” (aka unschooling) & it was shocking but it did what I hoped: it fostered a love of learning & turned their curiosity back on. They wanted to go back to school in 9th grade & eased back in with no problems and are all ready to head off to college, the twins receiving significant academic & merit scholarship! All this because of giving them back their autonomy when it came to learning.

Everyone with kids in their lives whom they love needs to investigate Holt, Gatto & unschooling.

This process also helped me be more skeptical when the Covid news first started.

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This essential (wonderful) quote by A Midwestern Doctor in this post is why I decided to subscribe to the substack:

"I decided to have my 'purpose' be oriented around understanding the truth of the reality we reside within regardless of where it took me."

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Students in medical schools live through the idea of obedience and worshipping of authority (the professors). They have the fear of not graduating and never get their medical license if they don't follow the general group thinking. Those who dare are ostracized by the others as black sheep. This feeling and fear of being criticized and persecuted by their peers persist through their whole professional life. They turn themselves blind for what is not the present group consensus and even the crazy idea of making human ribosomes artificially produce a synthetic protein is passively accepted and promoted, if it is the wish of the group.

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The fasco-Marxist "fact checkers" **ARE** the disinformation.

And that Mikkelson dude from Snopes is a joke

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Dec 5, 2022·edited Dec 5, 2022

I have a genetic connective tissue disorder. I figured it out on my own in my early 40s after seeing many doctors about various problems stemming from it for years. None of them was able to see and understand the significance in the obvious signs of it because they all were following some sort of mental checklist, apparently. Because it’s said to be rare they disbelieved their own eyes.

So when the story of Covid first broke, I was aware I was once again in a position where I would need to be my own doctor. The rushed frenzy for a so-called “vaccine” was bizarre and highly suspicious. Sadly, all my doctors fully support the lethal jab and were shocked when I told them I’d never take it.

Their training has failed them and their patients. I expected better from them but now have only pity for them.

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Dr. Kory, you very astutely identified many errors committed in educating and training doctors. However, I do not think these are the result of ignorance or a mistake in judgment. I believe they are features of a plan to brainwash doctors and other professionals. It is a plan to change all of society. I wrote an article to explain what is happening and what to do.


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“ I spent years teaching post-graduate fellows critical care medicine and was highly regarded for my teaching methods. The main thing I did differently from my colleagues was to explain my thought process for each patient to my trainees and highlight where I was uncertain, rather than making a few pronouncements about each patient that was expected to be taken as medical gospel. I always thought it was quite strange I was one of the only people who taught in this way, and I found once in training my graduates were much more equipped to handle challenging cases than their colleagues.”

Sadly, this way of teaching is not likely rewarded by the current administrative and reimbursement structures, as this way of teaching requires more TIME.

It is indeed odd that more drs do not teach this way. Particularly with all the lip service given nowadays to “patient-centered” care and “shared” decision making. Which implies that patients are not uniform, nor are disease processes uniform.

Of course, many of those drs were probably not taught this way. Just follow the rules. No reason to discuss.

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Try posting your videos to Rumble. They do not seem to pull anything except for pornography or advocating violence. There is an embed code option, which I use to share videos.

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Since social media websites consider "Fact Checks" to be a valuable addition to their site shouldn't the sites be changing for this service?

Those who have the money can pay to see the "Fact Checks", while those who are poor would be forced to use the site without seeing the valuable "Fact Checks".

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Fun fact I had to share before reading since it's at the very top of a long piece and will be forgotten. Quackwatch .org have a long history waging war on "anti-vax" parents.

Run by Stephen Barrett, M.D., a retired psychiatrist who resides near Chapel Hill, North Carolina & details for his featured writers and pharma shills is in Mathew Crawford's Campfire wiki. :~)


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The function of logic (the set of necessary conditions of meaning or ‘making sense’) is not to tell us what the truth is, but to delimit what cannot be true by identifying nonsense. There is a narrow category of a priori truths: truths that apply necessarily and always because to deny them would be nonsensical.

There is nothing subjective about logic; if we ‘apply logic’ subjectively we are committing a logical fallacy. There are more than 100 recognised logical fallacies, but they are all reducible to just 3 laws: the law of non-contradiction (two opposite claims cannot be true at the same time and in the same respect, or, no claim can be both true and false at the same time and in the same respect), the law of excluded middle (a claim can be either true or false with no intermediate possibility), and the law of identity (everything is identical ONLY to itself, or, no two things are identical in every respect). The 3 laws are in fact just different articulations of the same One law of logical sense/meaning, and one could simply rely on non-contradiction to reach the same conclusions. Every misleading claim, every assertion of certainty or truth where the truth is not certain, is associated with a logical error.

The 3 laws are not taught at schools, apart from University courses in philosophy or law; institutional dogmatism and the fallacy of ‘trusted sources’ are taught instead, under the guise of “critical thinking”. Understanding of the laws of logic makes one powerful, able to identify and defeat lies; the lack of such understanding makes one weak and psychologically dependent, a vessel for propaganda.

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We need to embrace a new culture in order to fix this. As Balaji Srinivasan says, “Innovation follows culture.” For example the late 1800’s cultural shift that “cleanliness is next to godliness” lead to the invention of sewers and running water. We need something similar. A new code.

We need to relentlessly and en masse demand transparency in the systems that govern over our lives. The lack of transparency leads to corruption. And that is where we are now.

We need a TRANSPARENCY MOVEMENT. And then we need to - decentralize everything.

Like this


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Marvelous article! I just spent a few days with my nephew and was infuriated as he used several of the techniques you outline to "win" debates with me. He rapidly focused on searching for weak points as he ignored what I was saying. He also asserted premises that were narrow and not proven to frame his arguments. I came away thinking he was not very bright but it's more like he lacks curiosity. Or maybe to entertain the idea the vaccines could change one's DNA is just too unpleasant and it's more comfortable to believe the herd is correct.

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Solid plug from AMD, and wonderful essay by Kory. Thank you both.

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